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  • kp_singh 3w

    आखरी पंख जब तक है तब तक परवाज़ की कोशिश करूंगा,
    मैं ऐसा परिंदा हूं!
    मुश्किलों से कह दो ना टकराए मेरे अपनो से,
    मैं अभी ज़िंदा हूं!
    Till the last wing is there,
    I will try to fly,
    I am such a bird!
    Tell hardships, do not mess with my loved ones,
    I'm still alive! -Kps©2021

    #family #love #siblings #nevergiveup
    #kpsspoetry #kpsquotes #Iamstillalive

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    आखरी पंख जब तक है तब तक परवाज़ की कोशिश करूंगा,
    मैं ऐसा परिंदा हूं!
    मुश्किलों से कह दो ना टकराए मेरे अपनो से,
    मैं अभी ज़िंदा हूं!
    Till the last wing is there,
    I will try to fly,
    I am such a bird!
    Tell hardships, do not mess with my loved ones,
    I'm still alive!

  • angel_sneha 3w


    बहन हो चाहें कोई
    अपनी या पराई


    हरदम उसका मान रहें
    आज भाई की रक्षा हेतु


    बहन करती हैं प्रार्थना
    तू जहां भी रहें


    हरदम तेरा सम्मान रहें .... !!


    May God bless you with prosperity, health, wealth, happiness throughout your life. Let us pray for each other and hope we stay safe all the time.

    HaPpY BhAi DoOj ....... ��❤️

    Love uhhhh Brothers ��������


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    I always pray for your long life and good health. Cheer up and stay a blessed lifetime ........

    Happy Bhai Dooj !


  • shadowofthoughts_ 4w


    when stars twinkled and we blinked, were we looking for the sunlight or starlight, were we solving our miseries or were we creating another story. those days, do you remember?

    a look in the eyes, and skies would light-up. a fight and we would be lined to recieve moral lectures from granny, do you remember?

    we played with clay, we played with dolls and cars, more than a fair play we troubled each other, remember?

    the way we hate each other yet can't stand anyone's hate against each other. it's how we care, but again we don't care. siblings, haters, and rarely friends, I remember.

    Running in circles, we knew no diameters.
    Staying up late, we would team up to solve problems and then again we would quarrel to create them.
    r e m e m b e r ?

    But hey, when did we grow up, I don't remember.


  • sayuki 7w

    Sometimes it's better to find out the reason for your unhappiness even if you fear being rejected... Or so life has taught me
    So face your fears though your heart might be preparing for rejection, the real outcome might be better than you imagined
    #lifelessons #faceyourfears #fights #siblings #love

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    Guilty lies

    All the lies you keep feeding yourself,
    All the sadness that needs justification..
    The loneliness that never received an explanation,
    All the excuses you knew were never true..
    Convincing your heart that there's a reason for their actions,
    Which...Might have never been true..
    Which might have been a hidden box of happiness that had never been opened..
    Because the fear of being rejected outweighed the suspicion..
    Ruled by our hearts rather than reason,
    Might not always be the right way to live...

  • dee_kye 11w

    One thing

    I've seen the sun smile, the moon wave and the stars sing. There were colourful winds and beautiful beats.
    Yet there's only one thing, that astonishes me in a thousand ways. Watching my siblings shine, bestowes upon me bewildering joy and lifey fest. Aye, I can sense the crack in time. And I also feel the unhurried ripening of some souls. Souls as gorgeous as the crystal, and rare as the middlemist. Little, by little they are climbing the "sparkling" stairs. Delivering reasons to smile, they keep holding the string of life. Admiring them and treasuring their enchanting ambiance, is something I always do.


  • jules_ 14w

    I am happy that this Rakshabandhan turned out to be the best day in many ways, one of them being, I got my best friend back. He is the best person in my life. ☺
    This is my Rakshabandhan story I wanted to pen down to remember one day the good feelings I had yesterday.

    I am late posting this I know but I was so tired yesterday.

    #writer#writing#siblings#elderbrother @miraquill

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    He has been my best friend ever since.
    He is more of a best friend than brother to me and it's the best thing.

    I heard that siblings drift away from each other once they get married and have their families. I never wanted that thought even to cross my mind.

    I have been bothered with the fact that we aren't talking properly since three months and the fear about "drifting away" grew up on me. I wasn't showing it outside though, which I always do.

    Even though you have own sorrows, you still worry about them, you want nothing but happiness for them, that's family.

  • chowang 14w

    “Love for my brother is like oxygen to humans and animals”

    #Siblings #families #smile #poem

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    Two mountains between us
    Bright blue is the sky
    Sun being the direction
    Stream walking with me
    Seeing the curve on your lips
    Kills the tiredness and
    Cleanse the soul.


  • lee_min_saho_ 15w

    The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

    For the world you are only a person but to your family you are the world.

    Friends are the family you choose.

    I love my Family and I always make own rule and follow them.

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    Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.


  • anushreesaxena_ 15w

    “You broke my favorite mug. I won't ever talk to you, again!”, yelled his 13-year-old sister.

    Still, she saved him an extra laddu, like always.

  • _neel_ashiya 16w


    I really miss you sometimes
    I hope that you'll come back soon
    A good soul but still mischievous
    Big Brain for a reason ( lol ), you are ingenious!
    It's hard to believe that you are still talking to me
    since the day you left.
    I feel depressed and stressed
    that's why I always come to you
    Because you are my sister and also a helping hand,
    I look up to you
    It's ineffable how much love and respect I got for you
    I'll always be thankful to you and I'll always appreciate you
    Whenever you'll comeback
    I'll give you a munch ( chocolate )


  • anushreesaxena_ 17w

    Ek andheri raat mein jab darwaze ki ghanti baji toh m gabhra gai. Do ghante ho gae the light gae aur m ghar m aakeli thi. Socha pretend karti hu ki ghar par koi nhi h, jo bhi hoga apne aap hi chala jaega. Par yad aaya ki shaam ko grocery store se aane ke bad maine main door lock hi nhi kiya.

    ‘Dhekna toh parega’, yeh decide karne ke bad m finally apni comfortable position chor couch se uthi, but just my bad luck I miscalculted my step aur dharam lulak pahri. Choot ke dard se jyada mujhe uhu kadmo ki aawaj se lag rha tha Jo full speed m mere kamre ki taraf aa rhe thi.

    ‘You silly silly girl, you should have locked the door,’ aaj vo din hai jab koi serial killer tujhe tere hi ghar m mar dalega. Bajrang bali k naam lekar maine Hanuman chalisa shru kar di. And then I heard a familiar voice...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARLEEN!! Oh My God, har bar tere birthday par surprise deta hu aur har bar tu darjati hai! You are such a kid.

    ‘Bhai, I was prepared this time par aap ak hafte phale aa gae’, maine gusse se aapne bare bhai se kha, jo aab tak hass rha tha.

    Finally, I cracked up too, ‘ise bar aapko 2 gifts dilane hoge’. Har bar ki tare bhai ne mere yeh birthday bhi special bna diya.

  • faulty_puppet 27w

    This is dedicated to my darling little sister. Without who, the second chance would not have been there.
    #sister #faultypuppet #siblings

    @fromwitchpen @darkerthanblack @love_whispererr @tamanna3 @niviee

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    Wise man said you'll meet an end
    It's a door to another start
    Through that door you'll find a friend
    Someone who helps you walk
    You'll hear a voice from inside
    Hold the hand never let go
    The one you meet won't let you go
    Even though you're falling apart

    Here I am
    Will you send me an angel?
    Here I am
    In the land of death and scars

    You came around delaying death
    Standing there holding my hand
    Everyday I saw your face
    You're the light in my heart
    Pushed me slow to start again
    Break the chains of my past
    Your voice keeps the demons away
    You walked me through all these years

    Here I am
    Did you send me an angel?
    Here I am
    In a world that's falling apart

    Wise man said you'll never be alone
    Someone will always look after
    It is you, you made that choice
    To be around and in my heart
    So far today with me you stay
    I'm holding on to my lifesaver
    Sister mine with you I'm fine
    In the land of death and scars

    Here I am
    I've met my angel
    Here I am
    Walk with me to the end and afar


  • sheikh_huzaifa 28w

    Some guys are busy in their lives and are not spending time with Mother... We are grown up! But the feel to asleep in Mother's lap is so cool.....
    I spend more and more time with my parents, siblings and even with all family members.....
    People sometimes say! Childrens of this generation are very bad... They don't respect their elders and especially parents, teachers, etc.... They are going in bad company, etc... You people better know what some people thought about we people... But, I don't say they are wrong! They are right... But, few of we are good and innocent..... And respecting elders, teachers, parents, etc.... Spending time with parents and family members...... Due to some guys! We people get involved.......
    I must want to say spend a lot of time with parents and family members... Instead, of searching for a guy... You will be more happy when you spend time with parents, siblings and family members......
    I can't compare my family members with anyone..... They are worth less and god gifted..... May Allah always make their health and always they people stay with us..... And those guys who are doing bad things or habits... May they all become good, loveable, respectful and caring to elders, parents, siblings, teachers, etc........ Insha-Allah... Ameen...
    #islamic quotes #islam #muslim #respectful #loving #caring #good #spend #time #love #respect #care #parents #elders #siblings #family #pod #share

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    The fragrance which is in Mother's lap is so soothing and so relaxing!
    Mine eyes fall asleep!
    We say we are grown up
    But in our Mother's view of sight,
    She feels mine child is as small as baby
    She never feels mine child is grown up......

  • _oj3y_ 31w

    She said YES

    Would you trust me
    Even if I hid from you
    Would you believe me
    Even if I lied to you
    Would you jump
    Of a cliff into the abyss
    Hoping I will catch you
    Even when I'm unsure I'll miss
    With innocence and trust like no other
    She looked and said....

    " YES...
    my brother"


  • sharls_glad 31w

    Brothers are born
    To tease their sisters.

    Sisters are born
    To torture their brothers.


  • sharls_glad 32w

    Girls always need a Brother

    Because he is the one who
    Supports her like a brother
    Cares for her like a Father
    And always there for her
    like a True friend.


  • heshva_1006 32w

    The best dialogue of Childhood is : I KNOW WHAT U DID, I WILL TELL MOM....!

  • sonu99 33w


    The lens through which we can see our childhood,the joy and amusement,friendly strife and competition with love bounded by connection of soul and heart is growing up with SIBLINGS.


  • hoorbanu98 33w



    It's a matter of those days
    Yes, those delightful days,
    Those miracle days,
    Those days were unforgivable and lyrical.

    The circle of siblings and cousins
    Round with unconditional pureness life
    Found of fairness shine
    Push us living immature sudden fun.

    Where cool one's heel to my home
    When ever they come's my question for them
    Don't go too fast, stay with me longer
    With them was a heaven.

    Once in a day I hugged childhood days,
    Cuddles those cool one's heel blankets
    Those days were not meant for couple of days
    Dailys were care free, loved, enjoyment, traveled..ll

    It's a matter of those days
    Yes, where intention doesn't praise
    Where suggestion stays
    Where tension certainly not portrait.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #hoorbanu98 #memories #childhood #siblings #cousins #thosedays

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    Childhood was for faithful days♥


  • doesntexist 34w

    From fighting over tv remote
    to feeding each other.
    From complaining things
    to hiding our secrets.
    From trying to annoy us
    to trying fix our broken heart.
    We all understood
    a soul like no other.

    These are the things
    Only siblings will know.

    #11thpost #mirakee #siblings #pod #qod #wod #tod

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    Siblings make your life more cheerful.
    They act every role when it's needed.
    They become friends,
    they show agression,
    they act protective,
    extra careful,
    and those fightings.