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  • akshay_vasu 11h

    Pieces falling apart

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    Every piece of her had begun falling into a different place. Once everything had fallen apart, she began connecting all the pieces by drawing a line from one piece to another. Once she was done connecting all the pieces, she climbed the mountain she had always feared and looked down. The image she saw was the same that she had seen in her dream all these years and wished to witness in reality.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • __my__random__thoughts__ 18h

    Eyes hugged each other
    She blushed ,He smiled
    Love at first sight was in making

  • tumaku 1d

    something strange
    a joy burst sort of happens
    within the entire body

    every time
    i see her

  • kaach_ka_panchi 1d

    Didn't know what love is?
    But when I found her, I got the meaning.

    With her, those two or three weeks seemed more than a century.

    Those weeks that I have come after spending with her.

    Now I've missed every minute, I want to relive every moment I spent with her.

    That living feeling.
    That goosebump, that crushing.

    Do you know how it was?
    It was as if she had filled life in me with her soul.
    It was as if the wounds within me had been healed.
    And of all the precious things, I found her smile the most precious.

    My heart was never filled with the joy of talking to her and being with her.

    I have retained the feeling of her being till today.
    I will never let that feeling gone and die.
    I felt a butterfly,
    I felt rose petals,
    When I saw her smiling, her Bluffs, and when she murmured.
    And when she suddenly touched me, her sense of touch gave purpose to my life. Her touch makes some current flow within me.

    Like She thrills me.
    Like she pulling madness inside me.

    But I didn't know before she came,
    My wandering heart used to be completely broken and lifeless.

    But then she is.

    She came into my life for a few moments and then all of a sudden she left,
    but as she left, she filled the emptiness inside me with some of her memories and gave it noise.


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    Feels like Ishq//caption


  • perdu1992 2d

    ( warning - child sex trafficking )
    Jingling Of Hope

    Jingling of coin.
    Works on my broken hope to join.
    Even in this hypocritical society.
    Where men came to kill their sobriety.
    "What's your dream?" , My teacher asked.
    To which I proudly said , "To buy my mom the bangles she sold so that my studies could last."
    Going back home.
    Enjoyed the tamarind candies while I roam.
    That my mum kept as a reward in the lunch box tin.
    Cause I always threw left over food in some bin.
    While wandering freely, destiny had some other plan.
    That's why few men abducted me and took away in a van.
    I kept screaming ," Leave me alone , let me go."
    Little did I know it was just the beginning of my woe.
    "What part of world is this!" , I wondered.
    Where men were outnumbered.
    I was shivering with fear.
    When she welcomed, "Have this candy and come with me dear."
    She reminded me of my mother.
    So I held her firmly while she was taking me through rooms decorated in bright colour.
    She added , "This is your new home."
    And asked me to get ready before gloam.
    "I want to go.", I cried.
    To which she took my lunch tin and put a coin inside
    She shook the box and asked me to focus on chinks
    "Go home once the box is full.", she winks
    While sending me in the room , she whispered ," Obey the payers,
    Even though they may give pain while entering your layers,
    Still make yourself likable. ", she said.
    But what happened next led my tears to shred.
    How couldn't he see my suffocation when I groaned under his grunting and gasping breath.
    That Led my soul to death
    She granted another penny
    That's when I realised the tin still needs many
    With dreams in eyes
    Body bleeding more than its size
    I shook the tin
    That reflected hope of a brighter tomorrow away from this sin

  • ranndomthoughts 3d

    She handled every situation with strength,
    Troubles streched like thread of long length.
    She used to pay attention on her deeds,
    Her life was like as ship sailing in a storm which she leads.
    The pain pumped out her strength and patience,
    Fighting with courage to her life's villains.
    She is the queen of kingdom of love,
    Beautiful soul like a white dove.
    A beauty with a golden heart,
    She is now a complete sweet heart.

  • akshay_vasu 4d

    She isn't suffering because nobody loves her. She is suffering because she has so much love inside her, but she isn't able to give it to anyone.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • nikhilkhandare 4d


    She approaches & He took a chance.
    She spent some time with him & He found his lost happiness in long conversations.
    Ultimately He fell in love & ........ she left him.
    He gave an unusual smile with trembling lips and utter a word, "PERFECT".
    An exact meaning of Perfect.


  • unkordinatedthuts 5d


    There she sat,
    Beautiful as ever,
    Grinning like the rising sun at 9am
    A sight to behold for eternities to come.
    Her voice; melodious like the stars at dusk,
    Breaking down high walls raised like Delilah did in the holy book,
    Smooth in her gait, like a stream overflowing in magnificence.
    Her gaze, like warm silk,
    Those beautiful eyes that tell stories untold,
    Yet, a safe haven to find the reflection of love.

  • feelingsbynikita 1w


    She is a piece of fine art wrapped in a hard cover..
    Who needs someone to open that wrap and see
    The natural unbelievable mesmerising beauty she has...
    She is sensitive like a baby
    Asking for nothing more or less than love
    She is the charm,the eternal beauty

    She is a piece of fine art❤

  • akshay_vasu 1w

    The light inside her struggled to keep her alive while the darkness was consuming her from the outside. The only way she could survive that darkness and fight against it was to cut herself and bleed that light out.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • kirukka 1w

    While on the terrace! I am the only one who has the gift of seeing millions of stars with a favorite song for a glowing star!

  • thecrumbledtales 1w

    Cryin on the inside
    Lookin for the places to hide
    I told her I could do it
    But I am feelin like i lied

    She thinks that I might be broken
    And I fight telling her otherwise
    All through the night
    But i am feeling like she is right

    I see her with her judgy eyes
    Looking at me through the mirror
    Her words are as cold as ice
    Even if she tried, she could never be nice

    She thinks I am worthless
    And a complete mess
    And we start again, bickering
    But I am feeling like she is winning

    She keeps mocking me
    Like a constant noise in my head
    And I yell telling her to shut up
    But I am feeling like giving up

    She keeps me involved in her stupid fights
    Making me loose myself
    In endless nights
    And I loose track of everything in surrounding
    But I am feeling like I am whining

    She keeps giving me doubts to keep me busy
    And I fall into her trap everytime
    And I am stuck again
    But I feel like I will not get out this time

    I tried rejecting
    I tried ignoring
    And she makes me suffer
    But now i am feeling like accepting her

    She is frightening
    And makes me paranoid
    She thinks she is right all the time
    But i am afraid she has convinced me this time..

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #miraquill #pod #she #selfdoubt #overthinking #writersnetwork #overthinker

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    She thinks I am broken


  • shinereverie_ 1w

    She is an open book
    Her pages are linked
    With honey and & lotus hue
    But she is readable to only those
    Who knows how to read it
    Sach veres
    With patients & pure love muse
    To contrive rhymes in
    every single word
    Impressed on her skin
    That sounds a sterling shmooze
    As she moves like violin

    #she #poem

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  • _rantings_of_a_shy_soul_ 2w

    Ode To The Quiet Ones

    She tries so hard but never feels a part of anything. It seems that she's an outcast, that her friends are better off without her. And even though she doesn't say it, it kills her from the inside. She feels no one really needs her, no one wants to listen to what's running on her mind. She's always the one who is left behind because she never nags to hang out as she thinks it might bother them if she tags along.

    She feels alone even when surrounded by people, she feels she doesn't belong or matter to anyone. That if one fine day she disappears people would even fail to notice that she's gone. That's how much invisible she is. Perhaps she craves for assurance, and security, to feel that she too is important, that she matters and is not as invisible as she thinks she is.

    People assume that she's happy alone, she's content in being with herself, and that's am image she herself has implanted in everyone's mind. And yes, it might be somewhat true but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to make new friends, she just needs time to open up. But in this fast-paced world, who's gonna give her the time to open up? To dig deep within her heart and find out all the treasures she has been hiding so far from everyone. Who's gonna listen to her when everyone is busy sharing their own stories? Who's gonna break her high walls and explore what's inside? Who?

    How long will it take for people to understand that even the quietest ones have things to say, tons of bottled up things to share? How long till these loners drown themselves in their own loneliness?

  • bewildered_lyricist 2w


    The phase where you are not happy not sad
    You just can't feel anything and remain numb
    Is more depressing than the phase of Depression


  • love_was_my_breath 2w

    I'm the tune she skipped for not being worthy , meanwhile enjoyed by someone else .


  • mehna_2006 2w

    When she came back
    After almost losing herself completely.
    But some of her self remained
    Because she had to lose a part of her
    To save her from fading .

    The whispers and murmurs grew
    Hitting her new ears .
    If it was the 'old' her ,
    She would've been broken
    before they spoke .
    But the 'old' her didn't return this time
    So instead,
    She kept walking with those cold eyes
    And warm heart
    That thawed from the
    Ice memories that froze there .

    She knew
    People can only talk
    And assume
    To cover their cluelessness
    About what happened.
    They could talk and judge
    But are too lazy to find out the truth
    Afraid they have to help .

    What she learned from
    The moonlit nights
    Was that
    Nobody gets to tell you
    That you changed ,
    When they weren't beside you
    When you struggled to
    stay the same .



    It's been too long
    I know
    And I'm sorry ��
    Hope y'all are fine
    And never forget
    You're worth it.

    #me #life #she #changes_that_forgive

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    When she returned ,
    But not the same.

  • madmans_diary 2w


    "Give me your sorrows and stay happy , I will deal with it "
    He said ,

    She gave him a new set of pain and left

  • love_was_my_breath 2w

    Let me live in the same dream till my last breath