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  • june_margot 1w

    My brain and heart are in constant disapproval of each other. But they have one thing in common. They like to make me dance on their strings. I feel like a puppet to my own body which is scarily me and not me at the same time.

  • shalu281096 1w


    Maturity is a word
    That describes to be grown up person,
    The heart is unheard,
    And be a different version.
    Be fake to the world
    Hide the real you in front of everyone.
    And that is what is preferred,
    I guess an adult life is a scary one.
    The child inside the person
    Gets buried somewhere inside them,
    Like this the life gets worsen
    But they themselves are to be blamed.
    Hope someday people be true to themselves,
    And enjoy the life without living in shells.

  • saevenia 2w

    Saevenia Facts

    There's a city below Veralin called The Underground, which houses a prison, water ways, dangerous creatures, and paranormal happenings.

  • unnatural 2w

    Not sure how good the vocab and grammar is ��������
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    Was walking alone on a scary night,
    Not sure of a path which is right,
    Indeed, there was moon light.

    Felt a sense of touch on my behind,
    "RUN RUN RUN", gossiped the wind.

    Pounding heart told me there is something,
    Hell, I was feeling everything.

    Turned around to see what was it!!!
    Happy to see it was my "CRIT".

    BTW, You know who is CRIT?!!!
    He is my friend's DOG ❤

  • sheena 5w

    Terrified !!

    What's more scary?
    The way people doll up for Halloween,
    or the way people have turned scary?
    The way they get dangerously close
    blurring the boundaries in your heart
    just to leave us scarred is scary,
    The words they throw against you,
    to break you in a million ways is scary
    They are scary;
    Scarier than the ghosts that seem to be
    People themselves are scary


  • hafisha98 5w

    Having Someone is Owen
    Sometimes So Scary...
    Being owen by someone
    Sometimes scary too ...


  • wifey_suicide 5w

    Happy early Halloween everyone
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    Haunting Nightmare

    This nightmare is haunting
    Each person is chasing me around
    Myers and Jason
    Super frightening
    Jump scares got me screaming
    Trapped in a room with a time limit
    Dodging knifes and chainsaws
    This isn't my blood
    Where did my ring finger go

    Help me, I can't wake up
    Even if you shake me
    I think I just herd Freddy
    Please awake me
    Even if I hide they can hear me breathing
    What happened to just dreaming

    A doll just tried to hex me
    I don't want to kill anybody
    Who's this tiny man on a tricycle
    How is this all possible

  • jigyasha_ 5w


    Some nights you get scared.
    Really scared. About everything.
    Your worst fears coming true.
    You're trying to cry but tears wont come out,
    youre trying but there's no voice..
    Trying to hold on the straws while you're sinking.
    You feel like going down. Its dark everywhere. You cant move, something's pulling you down.
    You cant breathe. You're forcing your lungs to expel the air, cz its burning inside.
    Everything is at fire.
    You're on your bed. Its 2 am.
    And You're stiff. Like dead.
    Your ears wont listen. You whisper. "Please"
    Whispers turn into panicked cries for mercy.
    But you cant hear your voice.
    Noone can.
    There in the corner of your room you see darkness.
    You're looking at it, staring right back into you.
    Youre scared.
    Really scared.
    Some nights youre helpless.
    All you can do is lay there holding yourself tight waiting.
    Waiting for all of this to end.
    But Some Nights just never end.


  • pallavi4 6w


    She’d always been a sickly child
    Right from the very start
    Something was twisted inside of her
    People suspected something was wrong with her heart
    Her mother would fuss a lot
    Protectively taking care of all her needs
    With medication and doctors aplenty
    Administering her story book reads

    She’d go out to play with her friends
    And after a little while start feeling faint
    Something was twisted inside of her
    A grim picture of health she would paint
    In the evening she would be too unwell
    To sit with the family at the dinner table
    She would spend her time throwing up
    Always nauseous , forever unstable

    In no condition to attend school like the other kids
    Her mother was her entire world
    But something remained twisted inside of her
    That refused to let her be just another girl
    Her mother would feed her food and medicines
    Slowly watch her slurp the hot soup
    No matter how many drugs were given to her
    She was asked to be kept cooped

    Somehow she dragged on till she reached fifteen
    People would tell her ma how sorry they felt
    That something was twisted inside of her
    How they were sad they couldn’t be of help
    Her mother would weep, be comforted
    And then go back to attending to the sick
    People would rally around her mother
    Who tried to make her better using every trick

    And then one day after being unwell for a while
    She finally died and was at peace
    Something no longer was twisted inside of her
    Her soul at last found the much needed release
    At her funeral her mother was inconsolable
    Her father serious and heartbroken
    He’d managed to dig up her medical records
    And was left with a horrifying token

    The following week her mother was arrested
    For having kept her daughter perpetually ill
    For that something that had been twisted inside of her
    She refused to go quietly until
    She was shown how she’d fed poison slowly
    To her unsuspecting, trusting little girl
    Ruled a homicide she was thrown in jail for life
    Her nasty mind finally to the world unfurled

    A dark place is the mind of a mother who manages
    To twist something inside of her own child
    Just so that more attention can be drawn
    To herself and more sympathy derived
    Labelled a mental illness it survives
    In parents who outwardly look loving and upright
    Munchausen by proxy is a disease that takes
    The life of an innocent and naive child

    Munchausen by proxy is a mental illness in which a person acts as if an individual he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness when the person is not really sick. Often the victim is made to look sick by the person in order to gain attention and sympathy. As a result, they do real harm to their children in order to fabricate symptoms.
    Munchausen by proxy is a serious mental condition that should be reported in order to stop the person from being a caregiver to a child who naively accepts the help thinking of it as love and affection.


    20th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Igor Morski

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  • nocturnal_enigma 9w

    * 29.9.2021; 3.19 P.M (Malaysia)

    #NuEmHometown (See also my haiku on Hometown Cha Cha Cha)

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    #dissappearance #Scary #goosebump

    * "Eeek" An #onomatopoeia #NuEmOnomatopoeia

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    Hometown ~

    A mysterious...
    dissappearance; Scary ghost...
    lurk in the hometown.

    It gave me goosebump...
    when one of the ghost's eyes seems...
    like looked at me! Eek!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • pallavi4 11w


    She was all alone one night
    Walking home solitarily
    The streets were lonesome and deserted
    The moon asleep wearily

    She sauntered home in the dark
    Frightened, frazzled and scared
    Afraid of her own shadow, she was sure
    Someone would have her ensnared

    As she was walking she felt
    Someone behind her begin to chase
    She quickened her steps into a jog
    Petrified to turn around and him face

    She could hear footsteps trailing after her
    Accelerating as she increased her pace
    She wasn’t very far away now thankfully
    From her own place

    As he closed in she felt
    A gust of wind whoosh past her ear
    She was forced to turn around
    And stand face to face with her fear

    She opened her eyes she had instinctively
    Closed to keep herself from seeing something bad
    Shivering she searched for her attacker
    Only discovering a black robe in which he had been clad

    Shaking as she picked up the black robe
    She looked around the abandoned street
    Nothing but the sound of crickets could be heard
    And the sound of her own heartbeat

    She breathed in deeply to calm herself
    And the pounding heart she could feel
    A draft twirled around her as she turned
    From her head to her cold feet

    It was as though she was being embraced
    In a passionate hug by something she couldn’t see
    She wondered if she were going crazy and said aloud
    “What the hell is happening to me !”

    The minute she was released from the tight grip
    That nearly squeezed the life out of her
    She ran to her house soaked in sweat
    Inspite of wearing a coat lined with fur

    Unsteadily she unlocked the house
    And collapsed after shutting the door
    She sat bewildered at what had happened
    Puzzled and staring at the floor

    Unable to grasp the contents of the night
    And make out what had come to pass
    Slowly after braving the shock she stood
    And poured water for herself in a glass

    All her life she would wonder if or not
    She had seen what she thought she’d seen
    The cloak hung behind her bedroom door confusing her
    A symbol of what had really been


    18th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Late night drives in Alaska” by Hannah Kemp

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  • czarcasm 13w

    Terrors of the night

    The feeling came, a moment of happiness paused in a sliver of time
    And they wished they could save it, capture some of that light to cherish
    But as quick as it came it went
    Leaving them in complete darkness
    And that was when true fear settled in
    For the dark is the monsters friend

    They made no noise as they stood there, taking in the noise of the dark
    Waiting to sense any movement
    Their hair on their forearms stood up
    And they could feel someone, something watching them
    Blood pounding in ears they stood fast
    Hoping it was only nerves
    As the wretched feeling settled in their gut

    They were being stalked by the night
    A scraping sound filled the air to their right
    And they winced, stopping themselves from running
    'It was nothing, absolutely nothing'
    Yet the noise after that thought countered it

    Something was out there, and there was nothing they could do about it
    For they found they couldn't move
    Something was holding their feet into place, making them stay
    To attest to the horrors in the night

    An unearthly roar filled the air and they shook
    Skin covered in goosebumps, their breath caught
    Was this the end?
    And there, before they could blink, the demon ran out at them

  • deepikasarma 13w

    Ghosts no longer scare me. All thanks to my thoughts, for they have horrified me in a way that nothing else have.


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    The night scares me
    it brings into my life
    all the monsters
    I thought I had killed.
    The nights breaks me
    into fragments that
    become more dismal
    with each cut.
    The night feeds me
    with all the gruesome
    agonies it grew in the dark.
    The night attacks me
    with claws of silence
    and bites of loneliness.
    The night shatters me
    it polishes all those weapons
    that I can't resist to use
    against myself.
    The night haunts me
    it grows the wild
    that sucks all off me
    The night chases me
    into an unending spiral
    that has no way out.
    The nights eats me up.
    it swallows me
    second by second
    bit by bit
    until I forget what
    the day looks like.
    And all I do
    is deeply wonder-
    "why cant it just kill me instead"?

  • iampraveena 15w

    Dedicated to my parents whom I miss dearly.
    #scary #thought #alarming #memory

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    It's both scary and alarming to look back and see how the very people we used to live with have turned into memories.


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  • darkmoon696 19w

    A Cage

    Walls tightening,
    Monsters all around.
    Couthy looks turn frightening,
    Forcing her to the ground.

    Bodies filled with lust,
    Importuned until she gave in.
    Unable to bear the disgust,
    Hung in there, helpless.

    Athirst, blurred mentality,
    Contemplated her as an object.
    Vandalized victims of  depravity,
    Made the entirety of her emotions complex.

    Solicited for aid her whole life,
    Ignored, and plunged back into the cage.
    Bruises and lesions turned out rife,
    Paved way to the end of her page.


  • uttkarsh_15 19w


    From A Little While , They're Hitting me So Bad, And scaring Me A Lot

  • darkmoon696 19w

    'The mom had a miscarriage after she had the protagonist. During the miscarriage, the doctors were unable to save her. The girl would have been in her teenage if she were alive.'

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    Legion of Demons

    Cozy and comfortable, I finally sleep after an hour's struggle.

    At around 3:30am, I feel a strong presence beside me. I slowly open my eyes to a girl, who appeared to be in her teenage, standing still at my bed.

    Red and glowing eyes gaze at me. "She isn't real", the girl says, pointing to a portrait of my mom on the wall.

    I quickly close my eyes and start to scream, hoping to wake up from this bizarre dream.

    "What happened, my son?", my mom asks as she enters the room.

    Completely shook and terrified, I try to understand what's happening.
    I have been living on my own since the past 10 years.


  • darkmoon696 20w

    Physical abuse is a very serious issue that needs to be surfaced more.

    First Quatrain- A girl looks at her bruised mother in search of an escape from the man that has been abusing her mother.

    Second Quatrain- The mother blames the lord for creating such a person that has bruised her both, physically and mentally.

    Third Quatrain- The mother expresses that she is continuously abused in front of her child and witnessing his doing, the man smiles.

    Fourth Quatrain- Mother hopes for a day when she can get away from him and also get her daughter to safety and isolated from all the people like him in this world.

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill
    #pod #wod #abuse #hurt #scary #sad #hope

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    Hollow eyes gaze at me,
    In search of solace,
    Exhorting to set her free,
    From this noxious place.

    O'Lord you created a heartless soul,
    Bruised me on the outside,
     Lost his self on the whole,
    Damaged me from the inside.

    Every minute passed,
    A new bruise took it's birth.
    She stood there aghast,
    As he expressed mirth.

    I hope for a day,
    When I could express glee,
    When she is far away,
    Isolated from ye.


  • beensn 21w

    Small is scary

    First and the second waves have shallowed down,
    The third is expected to be more powerful and less known.
    The more we talk about it, the more it spreads,
    The more cautious we are, the more it slows.
    Small is not only beautiful but equally scary,
    Exhibit thoughtful behaviour not to feel sorry.
    Virus may be a micro organism to record,
    But can act and mutate on its own accord.
    Stay away from rumours and negligence,
    Take all precautions, not to show ignorance.
    Don't underestimate the power of antivirus,
    Vaccination on time frees you from all the stress.