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  • mydilbeats 90w

    My River.

    There's a huge river, and in it, people swimming, fearless. Some are on the bank, not at all ready to even go near the river, they dont want anything to do with the river as it's too much effort..they just wanna watch.
    Some take the boat as the river had tried hard to drown them the last time..but they have to go in! And catch some lil fish for dinner. They know the river well as they've been watching it for the longest..Ks and Ks of years. They worship the river, offer so much love, consider it as a motherly figure, and hope to only catch some lil fishes for dinner. They like the river the way it is, as they very well know that the change in the river's flow can cause chaos.

    Big picture: Spend some time in the river and reach back to the bank ALIVE.

    Small picture: swim/sail safe, dont drink the water, dont get hurt by immersed rocks, and if you see a croc or anything dangerous, GET BACK TO THE SHORE.

    Current picture. In India: People have not only sided with the crocodiles who've come to eat them, they're carving holes in the boats of people fishing for their lives.

    IN THE MEANTIME, EVERY SOUL IN THE RIVER DROWNING TOGETHER.. crocs waiting to feast on all of them!!
    The people watching from the bank also would soon join them.. As there's nothing except the river, and the bank.

    @Mydil Beats