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  • porcupine 6h

    Lockdown extended

    Restrictions increase
    Businesses closed
    Protests in peace
    But patience outgrows

    Rules are in place
    Parks now empty
    Is this just a taste
    Of not being free

    Facemasks blocked
    And diapers as well
    Shelves not stocked
    A problem you can tell

    Random questions
    If you're not at home
    Government decision
    Only essential to roam

    Many have refused
    To follow this time
    That number grew
    We still need outside

    This is too much
    Open back up today
    Lift the rules a touch
    Or it's not going away

  • shrihari_nandini 1d

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    A Major Theft
    - Bhavya Gogia

    Who made the rules my Father?
    And why did you let'em implement?
    Why are you so cruel Oh Father?
    You used to be my sole opulence!
    Who is someone to say,
    That I don't belong to you,
    Who are they to crush my belief
    Who gave them the authority if not you!
    Karma Bhumi is this world
    That's what you chose to call,
    And strung us in the web
    You made the rules for all,
    You made us all unpaid servants
    By showing your mercy first hand
    You left us in debt which can't be paid
    And no option for reprimand
    Why Oh Father, you call yourself 'Great'
    If you leave us with nothing but hope
    That one time you're ours then not
    We dont own you cause you're the God
    And don't you smile, you cunning mind
    I won't heed to ill refutations you give
    Or your devotees or whatever whoever
    Cause I am tired of being just submissive
    Nobody heard what I had to say
    Just clinging to the hopes, I'll be alright
    Oh no what you ignored all along
    Was in real, my actual sight!
    Yes I dont care to worship you,
    Yes I dont heed to do any thing,
    But I knew I adored you, I knew
    I loved you with my everything!
    Why is it, who made it so,
    I hate that love, if that's how it's defined,
    To suffer immensely is never love
    All rules of bliss, its you who defied
    I am dead from heart which sang about you
    My spirits cling to last bits of hope
    Love is not a half way road,
    Dont come to me, if you've to be God
    I was clear then, and am clear now
    Mistreated perhaps by my own foes
    But all I wanted was my Father, his love
    Never all of your opulent fancy shows!

    On 11th November, 2017, I got the best gift of my life. But its stolen from me now.. I got the gift of innocent love. Well, not ordinary though, love of God. (Though it never qualified as love, I choose to call it love for now)
    But as I say, it wasn't ordinary, it was so much more, my personal attachment to him, I never knew came to be of social importance.
    Everyone praised me for devotion, they do so till now.. But I was never a devotee..
    I tried my best to follow all the rules, be a devotee, do what not, think what not. But all this just stifled me.
    And one day, in the blind chase of becoming a 'good devotee' I lost my past innocent self.
    You can see from my old poems and recent ones.. How I tried to incorporate the rules in me. How I tried to make my Father as the King of Universes.
    How the one reciprocating my childish acts became a Supreme Personality refered to as 'Sir'.
    Well, I've come a long way. And I am in no way posting myself superior to all the genuine rules abiding devotees.
    All I ever want is, my innocence back, and that's why I am leaving all thoughts of being good and perfect.
    I'll be what I am and I'll see God as I saw before even if that makes me the worst sinner of all times.
    Thank You for reading..

    Yours truly
    ShriHari Nandini

    In the picture- All I ever wanted- my mother & father ❤️

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    A Major Theft

    - ShriHari Nandini

  • wandererinkorea 2d


    You just need a good deed.
    So that you can feed.
    Be gentle or be humble.
    Doesn't matter who you grumble.
    You just need a good read.

    You need to break, so you can create.
    Life is about breaking and creating.
    Doesn't mean you pause.
    You just live by hope.

    On the land, its just a business.
    Whether you or me, his or her.
    They dont care, no shit anywhere.
    After let us suffer, life goes on life goes on.

    Is this hell, making everyday well.
    You are there, to spent your time everywhere.
    Keep on fighting, give you some lighting.
    Be a boss or be a fuss.
    Doesn't matter, you go by that.

  • porcupine 1w

    Lockdown again

    Just finished my quarantine
    Fourteen days of isolation
    Now another lockdown and
    The streets are in desolation

    Stores closed all around now
    And so many rules to follow
    What are we supposed to do?
    Stay at home to become hollow?

    Phone calls and computer meetings
    With doctors and physicians
    Is this what the future brings?
    Who is it that made this decision?

    Virtual schooling for the kids
    Parents must work from home
    Doing their jobs if they still can again
    With a computer or with a phone

    Many more rules are yet to come
    Several more and stricter than before
    When will this end is the question
    We just don't need this anymore

  • slaughtered_heart 2w

    I live by some rules,
    the ones that aren't
    always on my side.


  • juju321 2w

    Dream without fear,
    Love without limits

    Is one of my rules.

  • backstorypoetry 3w

    You can wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just don’t stay there.

  • backstorypoetry 3w


  • james_taumas 3w


    I don't care
    Do what I want
    No rules for me
    Queues for the peasants
    I am my ruler
    Laws need not abide
    Judgements I pass
    Obedience demanded
    Membership to the elite
    Make way
    You can't arrest me.


  • shaakira_kaja 7w

    The rules you set to live your life by should be liberating to you and not restricting the liberations of others.

  • akshay_vasu 8w

    Society will wear a mask as your close friend and start walking with you. It knows how to lure people into the dungeons and chain them by its rules. On the way, initially, it will paint everything around you the way you like to see it. And slowly, it will begin to create variations in them. Someday you will stop and begin checking everything around you, and you will feel nothing has changed, but when you turn around and look, everything will be different. From that moment of realization, your whole life depends on whether you continue to get influenced by your masked friend or you begin influencing him, making him accept your rules as a part of his own.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • sgt_sumit_sharma 9w

    It is not the Destiny,
    That lies ahead.
    But the denouement
    Of the game I played.


  • thecuriouspen 9w


    "Everything happens for a reason."

    This is the expression used frequently when something goes wrong, right?
    They tell you to believe in fate.
    They tell you to think of it as a positive thing.

    But when you're falling apart, does this sentence sound sensible? Or it just annoys you more? You take it more as a crap, people want to get inside your head.
    Because when you are breaking,You are breaking! And nothing could make you feel better at that moment, no piece of moral science will help you stick to your wellbeing.

    "You fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into"

    The expression which sounded like shit,starts to make sense gradually and you start to look for the positive reason of why it happened.
    You start to find answer to why you had to go through the rock-filled road.You become powerful, wiser and more empowered to face the world with greater strength.

    The thing that makes no sense right now, is going to be a topic you 're going to smile about, a year from now. You will find that understanding yourself better and making you what you are now was much needed.

    Just be yourself.
    Trust the process.
    Don't lose hope.
    Everything will make
    Sense one day.

  • jeetspeaks 9w

    Happiness is a jewel

    Happiness is a jewel, very precious, sometimes, pretty much invaluable. Everyone doesn't find the address. Only those select ones who strive hard for it (I don't mean chasing it), are eventually successful. But, for them too, it doesn't come so easy. They may have to pay some price in exchange. Some of them have to sacrifice their families, some have to sacrifice money, or some may have to sacrifice their time. That is how it is. This is the rule of this game called Life.

  • kriti_dinesh_shukla 9w

    Be a Risk taker

    Risk anything! Care no more for the opinion of others ... Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth."

  • charithaburri 10w


    Ab bas bhi karo yaar aur poncho en aansuyon ko, ye bachpan nai hai, yaha rone se kuch milne wala....

  • brokenheart001 12w

    Freedom is to me...☺

    Having my rules for my lives,
    sitting alone on a bench,
    with a bright smiles....
    no worry what others done for me or with me....❌
    but want to live for myself for a whiles,
    do what i want to do..
    have to bring happiness for loved ones,❤️
    that all the freedom i want in my lives...


  • mrspectacular 12w


    When I look back at this life of mine,
    My eyes run with water like the brine
    As anguish tears at me with its powerful canine
    And I am condemned to, with it, dine
    Maybe i would have been fine
    If I had, even a little bit gone over the line.

    My greatest regret is I never really lived
    In stringent rules, I so much believed
    That somehow I aborted, with my own hands, life that was in me conceived.
    Yesterday, I took stock of my life and discovered I was deceived
    Deceived into doing things, by which I am now aggrieved.

    I caged me to the extent that whatever was not done, I believed was not meant to be done.
    I stayed in the circle of rules until time had, with all of its best, gone.
    Of the extraordinary elements he came with, I got none
    Because I followed rule number one
    Never go out of this area, son!
    Hence I never left that zone
    Even when good called my phone
    I checked with the given rules etched on my heart.

    I could not find a provision for it
    So I thought it a worthless bit
    But now that I think of it, it pounds me to grit
    Because that which I called a worthless bit is now a hit.
    I forgot I had the Creator's kit
    That could make pita out of a flour pit
    But not seeing it in the rules, I quit.

    I quit it just like that
    When by now, I could have earned a pat.
    It has not been done before?
    Maybe it was waiting for someone like you to reach the shore
    So take on it.


  • kskarishma 13w

    I slept inorder to avoid your thoughts,
    I woke up to realise that my dreams reflect what's deep inside my heart.
    My heart is my villain
    as it gives shelter to you.
    My cells being influenced by my blood
    vibrate to create waves
    which always connect you and me.
    My nerves pass signals only to convey
    that I should forgive you.
    Punishing you tears my own heart
    but it's fine to make you realise your mistake.


  • shubham_20 20w

    Shaadi ke vade aur kanun ko log follow hi nahi karte hai