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  • ruthvik_kadsur 52w


    The sun is going down while I see the black clouds approaching,from my mirror.
    I know this is no game. Approaching me is a nightmare filled with lot of horror.
    The scent of the first drop hitting the rich soils of my land fills my heart with sheer pleasure.

    I roar through the ghats trying to reach the sea spread across the distant horizon,
    trying to move away from the rains while my mind locks out into a state of a spiral oblivion.

    My efforts go in vain, the good heavens pour on me, lashing out on today's reality.
    My engine groans, tries to take the beating in this battle against the tropical thunderstorm.

    My wet hands still holds on to the throttle,
    "This is it!! This is my calling!" I tell myself.
    Savouring every curve then on, munching on miles and riding through this beautiful Shangri-La!Oh Shangri-la, a creation of the creator as thyself.

    This is my moment, this is the new reality.
    The open roads, the mighty ocean,
    the steep hillocks and the coastal monsoon
    keeps calling me and i'm ready for this insanity.

  • ruthvik_kadsur 52w

    Lost without you in this wilderness,
    all that is left now is bitterness.
    I see you when I count the stars,
    now it looks like it was a bad dream in the morning hours.
    In this journey towards the unknown we severed our paths,
    I shall see where the road takes me now as i'm barely scathed.
    For all I know i'm not yet beaten,
    I have got a devil’s soul and I shall take the path less taken.

    #SayNoToPlagairsim #Lost #Goodreads #Ridertribe

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