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  • supasesh 3h

    Cold heart
    I was just tryna make it last
    New start
    Don't get reduced by the past
    Our time
    It will never move to fast
    New line
    With the same brave cast
    Same kind
    If I end it now will that make it last
    Wonder why
    Can't lie
    Won't die
    So please beautiful, don't cry

  • porcupine 2d


    Endless ,
    Conspiracies ,
    What is wrong with the trees?
    Countless ,
    Suspicions ,
    Why aren't things still fun?
    Senseless ,
    Audacity ,
    Is this what it means to be free?
    Useless ,
    Conditions ,
    Why is nothing ever done?
    Shameless ,
    Intermittently ,
    Why is it so hard for them to see?
    Mindless ,
    Submissions ,
    What are they doing to the sun?
    Emotionless ,
    Subsequently ,
    Are we now not allowed to dream?
    Heartless ,
    Permissions ,
    Can we not make our own decisions?
    Congress ,
    Silently ,
    Should we all follow along blindly?
    Numerous ,
    Intermissions ,
    When do we get our vacations?

  • jpwriter 1w


    Alright, I write this just for the righteous
    Site on the lightness
    Don't hide from the brightness
    The night is when I'm the hypest
    Making words like a typist
    With verbs of the tightest
    From Titus, to Revelations
    The revocation, we're tasting
    To better days we're facing
    From Haitian to Hebrew
    They're saying what he knew
    So let's ride like a sea Doo
    The creator of the sea too
    Llamas & the emu's
    The drama i see through
    No commas or read-throughs
    It's common I'll meet you
    At the halfway
    Rather have it that way
    Fathom of the last days
    I had it with them bad days
    Like callus that my hands make
    Man-up with the handshake
    Mannish till the sun makes
    Vanish in the sun ray
    Ran it like a runway
    Dammit there's just one way
    No Handouts like on Sunday
    I standout like a thumb makes
    Done with all bunt cakes
    I show one, the home run
    Till you're coming home son
    Ok, this flows done


  • supasesh 1w

    You can catch me on the highrise
    Catch a bag when the sun shine
    No hold ups from the old time
    Payed dues to the stars now they all align

    No lies baby I live for the hard truth
    3 lines, pretty eyes and I'm the living proof
    3 cards, play em well and you won't need a roof
    You can catch me on the highrise
    Catch a bag when the sun shine
    Payed dues, new rules, you can see the change within my eyes

  • supasesh 1w

    Cold nights in October
    Reminiscing on all the shit I never told ya

    Smashing pumpkins, Do you trust me with your heart?
    Vampire bit my neck
    but the bite looks like art

    Skeletons in your closest
    Your body in my bed
    Warm hearts fade out,
    But a cold one stays dead
    So let's freeze this love
    Make it last
    Halloween all year, but the cold october will come and pass

  • supasesh 1w

    I just want to be dead
    Hate all these thoughts inside my head
    But fuck, mama ain't raise no quiter
    Trying to make some sense but I don't see the figure
    So Imma fuck off
    Hide myself inside my room
    Nothing new like I always do
    Fix my self sell my health for some love
    I need wealth, strategic stealth and to move with the shove
    But shit
    I just wanna be dead
    Hate all these thoughts inside my head
    Looks like when an angel begins its fall
    Bruised knuckles and blood in the hall
    Whatever it takes to get it all
    Water up to my chin
    Smiling becuase there is where the fun will begin

  • jpwriter 1w

    The Still Lion

    I've been as patient as a still Lion
    While some around me are still lying
    As each day I still deal with who I am
    And you and I together is U I, am
    A man who stands for what he believes in
    Even when people's sins have me leavin'
    I've dealt with the tails of the demons
    And smelt the hells of the heathens
    Now I am well as the poet named Steven
    And I am not going back for no reason
    So this is the tale of no treason
    Like Jonah in the whale of the sea, man
    No drowning astounding, I'm the he-man
    Only the lonely believe it
    So I'm roaming the coast like a seaman
    To achieve and conceive like my seed brings
    My loco motive is like a locomotive to what he brings
    And stay in motion like the coasting of a Sebring
    The potion in my throat is how I see things
    So know that i flow just like what heat brings
    With my Lord and my sword of the three Rings
    I stay with my faith for the keeping


  • supasesh 2w

    New life
    Killed my old self
    For a better me
    I've been finding
    In myself
    all these different

    So it's
    Both ends lit
    So I
    might as well
    Enjoy my time
    Now I
    Know I can't
    Fuck, I'm halfway
    Up the climb

    Clean teeth
    Pearl vision
    Got rid of
    Old habits
    I lost

    Latest edition
    Thank the stars


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    The sprites whisper of good times coming

  • supasesh 2w

    Holy shit
    Quick dip
    Now it's five times a week
    Can't quit
    Right tip
    Still I don't like to speak
    New trick
    Don't blink
    Finding hills after the peak

    New wave
    Lavish faze
    Butane and match to the power
    Old maze
    Fresh pace
    Force 61 mins into an hour
    Sober face
    Loving place
    A weed turned to a flower

  • malificent 2w

    Jhut bolne ka koi reason nahi ��

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    Ohh my god
    Tu badi hot

  • faerie_fox_poetry 3w


    I just need some sleep

    But I have to let it in again
    Because it's getting ever louder
    So I'll ease the rapping at the door
    That tell-tale heart I can't ignore
    And it lingers in my veins

    Wandering these empty halls
    It will blow out all the candles
    And invite in the gloom
    Darken each and every room
    To make it more inviting

    I will carry it around with me
    Yet as empty as it feels
    The weight only grows
    And time never slows
    But I will be fine

    I just need some sleep


  • supasesh 3w

    I Always just got by, by being always just alright

    Realized it's still loosing, even if I refuse to fight 

    Now I want to be buried in a gold coffin, jewels in my casket makes the fit tight

    A burnt out boy with a dim light recieved a vision that reignited the fire so bright

    No longer slide by, it's time to slide through

    No longer applying the least, it's time to show all that I can do

    Its literally insane to stay in this dark haze it's time to start a new

    They say If the boot fits then wear it, but mother fuckers i've outgrown that shoe

  • theburgerknight 4w

    My Phone

    An object never left unbothered
    With feelings more than anger
    An obsession more than standard
    But the cries of worry don't matter

    It yells because of its tiring work
    Without pay, without reward
    It tires of how I lurk
    And now there is a discord

    The anger in it blossoms and they worry
    For the obsession has gotten less steady
    You never will be ready
    Because it will already burry me

    Although there is no life without fun
    It goes more farther than happiness
    It is more than done
    And it goes into the realms of sadness

    But it is an object
    But the impact it has is worrying
    The blossoming effect
    Has everyone crying

  • tmdisarro 4w


    You sip your tea
    Staring at a sky that looks so different
    As September dies in the distance
    Setting as a marker for your indecision
    Perhaps more honey
    Sticky sweet memories
    Sensations for a tongue
    Nothing satisfies
    Craving bitter dregs instead
    As twilight turns to evening
    The cup is resting on the table
    And the night looks so different
    As November's waiting to be born
    Somewhere in the world she lives already
    Premature to your reality
    She exists five hours ahead
    As I try to catch up to nothing
    Time is a demon
    Walking to the back door
    Stepping into the kitchen
    It looks so different now
    To my right the living room is empty
    No furniture to speak of
    Boxes of another life
    Piled in the corner
    Books and other people's dreams
    Stories never read
    Poems to strangers
    Collections of wasted time
    Notebooks filled with self-indulgence
    Lovers, ghosts, and fantasies
    Nothing to build a life upon
    Words as wedges, walls and bridges
    Words as match heads
    Sparking flames of love
    Flames of anger
    Fires of passion
    Of poison
    Of nonsense
    Burning down
    To embers
    To nothing
    Leaving only ashes that get caught up
    With Autumn breezes
    Blown as kisses
    From the lips of distant lovers
    The taste of tea and honey lingers
    As nothing special
    Only as something to do
    A ritual of habit such as sleep
    I awake to November
    She was up before the dawn
    Stepping outside the air is chill
    A cold cup resting
    On a table of my discontent
    Half empty and tasteless
    Staring at the dark of morning
    My life is so different now
    The sun rises and looks
    The same as when it sets
    I walk back into the kitchen
    And make another cup of tea

    TM DiSarro
    ©2021 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing



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    TM DiSarro

  • one_minimal_universe 4w

    Washing face
    To remove disgrace
    Trying to get rid of that stain
    I got while loving you
    With endless pain.

    But something
    Never changed
    And remained the same
    Like time...
    On my mind
    You and me
    Laying down on a bed
    Gazing in each others eyes
    Like infinity.

    Now when I seek
    My existence
    In your life.
    For something I wasn't
    Like your priority.

    You left me to rot
    Like a tarakota pot.
    Used, crushed and dissolved
    Back to where
    It came from.
    A paradoxical event occurred
    Rarely in my lifetime.

    It hurts
    It is something I never deserved.
    But fault is mine
    You moved
    I stayed

    A part of me evaporated
    In this cosmic incident
    The only witness I am left with
    Is time...


  • passionate_prism 4w

    A big glass window
    Young girl searching for rainbow

    Returned from work, alone at home,
    Keep talking on phone with her mom

    Dark cloudy sky,
    Birds flying very high

    Sounds of thunder,
    Creating big blunder

    Shot circuit in the light pole,
    Giving my heart a deep hole

    Thundering and rain started,
    As if some giant monster farted

    Frogs started singing a song
    As if Don’t know from where they belong

    This is a story of girl living alone
    Who finds even fireflies as drone 🤭😅

    #mirakee #writers #writer #network #poetry #rhyme #word #words #poet #content #like #share #comment #support #b #a #wed #week #weekday #India #world

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  • jpwriter 4w

    Piece of Mind

    I seem to find peace of mind
    When I find the time to write a piece of mine
    A piece of time, can ease the mind
    When I seem to write a decent line
    I believe in mine as you should believe in yours,
    Just finally write a piece of course,
    Find some peace and seek what's yours
    Writing down your secret stories
    Keep in mind, it may need some time
    To find a rhyme that peeks and shines
    You see life, we need this time, to see and find,
    That little bit of peace of mind


  • marija__jo 4w

    My rhymes are so good
    Like I'm in some hood
    But I don't like that mood
    Cause it seems so rude
    Are we screwed?
    Let's get tattooed
    Don't look at that food
    It looks so nude
    I'm like dude
    Better have that viewed
    You look so glued
    But that's what I conclude
    I might be wrong
    But this ain't Hong Kong
    So don't bang that gong
    Now would you play that song?

  • jpwriter 5w


    Dangerous. Like angel dust
    The pain is just 
    Unbearable, so Terrible
    The variable, 
    is X, but Y
    Seroquel is next, 
    He gets to try, 
    Another way to die, 
    Chasing all these highs
    Wondering just why, 
    He's always hated life
    He takes the loaded pipe 
    & Pulls a puff, 
    The pills he loaded up 
    With oxy's & Roxies
    Talking him softly out his body
    Being cocky & naughty
    As He mocks the Godly, 
    Party crew like Montley
    Till it stops him oddly
    Off four pills mollie 
    Some yak and a coffee

  • sophia_figueroa 2w

    Bluer than Blue

    I’m bluer than blue, blue as can be
    If roses are red and violets be true
    Then true to the name I'll be the same
    Fair in square, the fairest of fair
    Light as air, quick as a dare
    You’ll see me run
    You’ll see me hide
    Over the brush and through the woods,
    To hide and seek; to play in time
    So give what is due then pass it on
    Only be true to the truest of true
    If you’re feelin’ blue then you’re truer than blue
    Blue as can be you’re bluer than blue