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  • susann 17w

    Day 105

    Full Moon

    I'm feeling things I can't explain
    My body feels like it's shutting down
    My soul feels like it's being reborn
    My mind and spirit trying to keep up
    I'm hoping the water running down my spine realigns everything

  • loftydreams101 17w

    For a Sister's Valiant Return

    A gift
    From the blue spacious day
    Familiar rhythms descend
    Stirring marrow deep
    As once safe and solid ground, gives and gives
    To the rising of the tide
    Beneath the full moon's rays
    We carry on conversations
    Spun in ancient times
    Seeking swift backroads
    To our claim beneath the stars
    As the days stride onward
    And over the hills
    Leaving us here to gather
    Every second we’ve lost

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • thelonesurvivor 18w

    Yes. And I will make it more magical because you are special. ❤️��

    #wod #twelve #love #reunion @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you @writersnetwork ❤️��

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    Let the moon and stars
    be the witnesses
    of our awaited reunion.


  • sproutedseeds 20w


    On the day of farewell we promised each other to stay connected.
    But with diverse courses spread across the globe we got scattered and
    lost in search of our ambition.

    Social media is a great source of getting connected back.

    All the alumini were connected through one another and a reunion was arranged of the whole batch.

    Some could attend, few got connected through zoom calls.

    Recollecting the past happy days
    Reunited again near and far
    Reunion of emotions now in present.

    The class photograph hung on the wall
    whispered memories of our innocence.


  • unknowingly_a_writer 22w

    So many people in this world...i am trying my best to cheer people and thats where my happiness lies ! Eventhough deep down I feel lonely and no one around me to share what I feel...once upon a time I had a good friend who is almost a stranger now just because we haven't spoke and I couldn't still figure out why we got so distant in our friendship...but till the silence holds us and somewhere I am trying to find balance in my life so that I can speak with my friend...I fear that I might lose the silence if I speak something wrong... I don't know when we will reunite...but no day passes without thinking about our beautiful memories!

    I still believe that everytime we had small fights our friendship took us closer day by day...

    Hoping this silence will strengthen our friendship even more deeper...

    Waiting for that day with hope!

    Don't be like me I am struggling with my life and balancing it...just straight away meet ppl and speak up with them if u r in a situation like this...

    Anyway...keep going ❤


  • poetrynz 39w

    One lifetime is not enough for our reunion

  • japsjk 47w


    Passion swirls as my listless eyes
    behold a vision of you
    dulcet storms ensue.

    Tangerine hues embalm
    the brazen skies gaudy
    tremors rake my body.

    Lying on the hardened crust
    amid infinite stars
    mind recounts the cosmic scars.

    Like meteors blazing
    Your vision haunts_____
    A twilight zone_____.

    Holding on to the last remnants
    the fringed curtains drop
    as slumber time warps.

    A divine melody resonates
    within the encumbered Bowers
    of my soul-like flower.

    Silken mesh of entwined memories
    cascading warmth 
    drifts over the skeletal swathe.

    Holding your hand
    I smile at the peaceful form beneath
    shrouded in an eternal sheath.

    Your soul, my haven
    I drown in a timeless abyss
    imbibed in an eternity of oneness.

  • d_soul_capturer 49w

    Yet Again!

    Hills Of Uttarakhand. "School Friends Reunited" after almost 10 years.

    - "So what's the toughest thing to do in life ? What do you guys think ?

    - Umm, of course "achieving your dream job", having the things you always wanted or maybe a perfectly balanced life ! , The cacophony answered.

    - Well, I think "Believing in love, YET AGAIN", that's the most difficult thing to do in life ! , He replied.

    - The melancholic words kept on echoing in the hills, while the cacophony suddenly silenced.


  • thelostone_ 51w

    Dead soul!

    I don't know how I'm alive even when my soul is already dead!

  • thelostone_ 52w

    As long as,

    As long as, I will breathe,
    My soul shall be your shield,
    I don't believe in forever,
    But I believe we will reunite in the hereafter


  • thelostone_ 54w

    Let me know in the comment box should I write part 2 of it.
    #pod #writersnetwork #readwriteandunite #love #mirakee #mirakeeassistant #breakup #hope #reunion #loveyou

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    And went offline...

    It was a Saturday morning when I heard two birds chirping on my window. As it was the month of October I opened up my eyes and with a blur vision, I saw a couple of sparrows sitting there close to one other. I just closed my eyes and started to listen to their chirp. It was somehow very soothing to my ears. Just when I  was having my time someone was banging my door so hard that I almost felt my heart came out of my mouth. "Hurry Up! It's almost 7 o'clock and you're still in your bed. Don't you have your classes in one hour? You lazy head wake up! " Yelled my mom outside the door.
    "I'm coming. Just give me 15 minutes and I'll be there by time." I said.

    I got up from my bed, went for a warm shower and got ready in 15 minutes as I had told her. In this rush, I realised that this morning was not usual. I felt something different, something that I felt after a long time, I felt good, I felt happy. This feeling was unusual for me for the past four years. It was somewhat strange for me now. I felt that warmth in my chest because of happiness. I was cheerful and relaxed.

    I had a problem of low appetite, so I usually used to skip my meals but, today I was forced to have my breakfast. It wasn't good at all. I headed towards my room while adjusting the taste of my mouth. I started my class and it was history. History is the mother of all subjects and was the reason for my low appetite because remembering all those dates and events, used to take the maximum space in my stomach and there was no space left for the food. While we were studying how Napoleon Bonaparte lost the battle of Waterloo on Sunday, 18 June 1815. Here my mind was losing its capacity to bear this class anymore. Finally, it got over after 10 minutes and now I was a little bit at ease. But this comfort didn't last long. I had to attend another class and it was English. Although, It wasn't boring but I was tired because of history.

    While I joined my class I came to know it was combined with the other two sections. First of all, I was completely pissed off. I was sitting on my chair and messing around, going back and forth, until I heard a voice of a boy with a low pitch but the heaviness in it. I started looking for my phone around the table. It was under my books which I was reading just when my class started. I picked it up and I saw the green colour going up and down on the mic of the boy. I felt my heart was beating three times faster than usual. I hadn't felt like this before, not at all, not for anyone. This was the first time I felt like this.

    My heart was beating at a high rate. I almost thought is this a thing that happens before a person experiences a heart attack? My chest was warm because of happiness. Happiness that I have never felt. My eyes were welling up. I wasn't sad but something was going on in me which was stimulating all these feelings that I was feeling in me.

    I looked at the right side of the mic and his name was displayed there "Aaron Brooks". I started reciting it as a verse of my favourite poem of Robert Burns, 

             "O my Luve is like a red, red rose

               That’s newly sprung in June;

               O my Luve is like the melody

               That’s sweetly played in tune."

    I kept reciting it until the class got over. Just when the class got over I opened up my Instagram and went to search his name. I typed his name on the search icon and it showed a lot of stuff but my eye catches the second person on the list. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Here is he. O My God! I can't believe I got it!" I screamed out with joy. I clicked on the follow button and my follow request was accepted within 6 minutes. I was amazed to see that he had requested back. I accept the request and started to look into his profile. Unfortunately, there was nothing in it. 199 followers with zero posts. But his profile picture was quite attractive. Anyways, I put my Mobile phone down and it beeped. He sent me a text message. I opened it and he had texted "Hey! " I replied with a normal "Hi" hiding my excitement and then we started to talk.

    He then asked me, "Have we met before?!" And I told him no. But he didn't stop there he went on and on. He started giving me his whole introduction and introduced me to his choices, what he likes and what he doesn't like. He told me to tell him about what I like. What are my choices in life and all? I felt at home while talking to him but there existed sadness deep inside him. He made me laugh out loud for the whole day but I was able to feel sadness coming from his side.

    I asked him if he was alright? He told me just a body ache and nothing. He told me not to worry and he was feeling sleepyhead so he wants to sleep. I didn't insist him to tell me what was wrong. He sent me a goodnight text and went offline...


  • thelostone_ 54w


    I will choose to stay in dark for rest of my life but I won't even dare to go out in light without you!


  • barasiya__ 61w

    Chandler - Joey × I'll be there for you ft. Aastha @aastha_bhowmik

    Dear Chandler and Joey,
    This world might fall off into pieces and I know you will still hold on to each other. To fall in love and marry and have kids is another thing, but to share a bond you both do, is the kind of heavenly thing I would always look into. There would be enormous stars in the night sky of New York but if you will want to trust me, nothing can ever come between you both. You are a little red string which connects this world to some parallel universe where best friends never have to live without each other. Offcourse, you don't do it ever here, because Chandler won't buy a house which won't have a Joey room in it.
    You know, I don't want to say it, but boyfriend and girlfriends will come and go but what you have is special. You are the key to each other's happiness, you are the smile to each other's success, you are the stars to each other's sky and you are rain to each other's deserts. You hold each other, in the sky, you see each other in hopes and prayers.
    To Chandler and Joey,
    To something, that will never get lost. To something that can never run away. To something that will be counted like stars. To the strongest string of each other's favourite guitar, and to the perfect lyrics to each other's music. To the brightest name in each other's wall, and to the happiest smiles in each other's arms~
    To Chandler and Joey,
    We owe you, we owe you a world where friendship holds an ultimatum. We hold you a world where best friends never give up, to a world which is made up of special bonds,
    To Chandler and Joey,
    Promise you will always stay? Double promise?
    Okay, call me when you land.
    I mean-


    Dear Chandler to my Joey, @aastha_bhowmik I love you♥️. There's nothing more precious than what I hold with you, there will nothing be. Oh God stop me!

    @poeticgirl I might have never said you this, and I might have never written a poetry for you,( I definitely will) idk if you have ever watched friends, but you are the Phoebe to my Joey! And if you have watched friends, you will know what that means. And I love you. ♥️

    This is such a temporary post, oh god, but I am crying!

    #friends #reunion

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  • mrittikaghosh 63w

    And 5 years later I find myself watching the reunion of your favourite show. I wonder if your are watching it too? I remember how you talked about it all the time and how I used to make fun of your obsession. But five years later here I am, clearly obsessed, maybe more than you ever were. I now see why you loved it so hard. Its been long since then and with you gone, I found my solace in the show. Not gonna lie, it even lifts up my mood just the way you used to . And I wonder whether I'd have ever watched FRIENDS if it weren't for you. Exactly 5 years later here I am, wishing you'd be here for one last time as they bid goodbye to eachother. Bidding 'us' goodbye one last time.


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  • preetha_jagannathan 74w

    நினைவலைகள் வந்ததால்
    திரும்பிச் செல்ல துடிக்கிறது
    அவளின் மனம் கல்லூரிக்கு....


  • wiredweirdly 75w


    If I'm no longer around
    don't be so hard on yourself
    for the timer went off
    and i had to return where
    i actually came from
    Send me off with smiles
    and flick of longing in eyes
    Set me free of those expectations of yours
    which i couldn't fulfill during my stay
    Leaving out the regrets
    Bury me with all the love and warmth
    which you could or couldn't give me
    for the graves get cold and lonely at night
    If there is afterlife
    I'd like to have trace of you
    in the new me
    If there is afterlife
    I hope to meet you again
    be it in the form of tree, wind or bird.
    so till then take care
    and let's meet again,,,


  • mrspectacular 89w


    'Alright dear. Meet me downstairs. We need to talk', Chief Mrs. Simpsons says before going down the stairs to one of the living rooms. Gina takes off her night wear and walks to the bathroom for a bath. Turning on the shower, she begins to wonder what exactly her mum would want to discuss with her this early morning. When she is done bathing, she picks up her towel from the railing and wraps it around her chest.
    Gina picks out a purple dress along with a black skirt from the large wardrobe at the side of the spacious bedroom and puts it on. Walking down the stairs, she can see her mum patiently waiting as though she is not going to work today. Chief Mrs Simpson looks at her, she could sense the uncertainty in her hair.
    'Have a seat, Gina' she instructed. 'What is the matter?'
    'Nothing Mum', she answers unaware that the game is up and she has been found out
    'About five months ago, I asked you about the man in your life and you assured me he was present and we would meet him soon. Isn't five months later than soon? Is there something you are not telling me Gina. Talk to me, I am your mother', Chief Mrs. Simpson cries.
    'Mum, I will bring a husband when I will bring a husband', Gina replies almost losing her temper on her mum. 'Please you should all cut some slack okay'
    Gina picks herself up from the chair and walks out on her mum feeling very embarrassed at the discussion she was just forced to have with her mum. Getting to her, she falls on her bed looking at the ceiling thinking about a way to sort this marriage pressure issue out. She would need to get someone in at least a month for introduction and subsequently marriage to get her parents off her neck.
    A week after, she is out attending a friend's birthday party with one of her father's cars. While at a table eating a dish served at the occasion, a cute young man in his early 30s dressed in a very nice blue suit with some shades on walks up to her table,
    'I could not help but notice you are sitting alone. Can I join you?' Bernard asks politely hoping to get a 'Yes please' but the response he receives shocks him to his spine. She sizes him up and angrily goes back to her food. Bernard feels disappointed and disgraced, he turns but as he leaves, she grabs him by the hand.
    . 'I am very sorry for the attitude I put up there. I have just been under a lot of pressure lately' she says feeling very horrible at the way she had treated him. 'Please by all means, you can sit down please'
    She can see through him and verify that he is a nice guy. The exact specification she has been waiting for since all these marriage talk began in her ears.
    'How would you like to meet my parents?', she said staring at Bernard with a big smile. Bernard is shocked, he cannot believe his ears. How can one just meet another for the first time and love the person enough to get married.
    'Slow down Ms....' he says trying to decipher if she had told him her name in the course of the conversation.
    'Gina. My name is Gina'.
    'Yes slow down Ms. Gina. I do not even know anything about you yet and you are talking marriage?
    'Ok, fine. I was wrong to have come at you like that', she apologizes. 'How about we make this our first date and go on about maybe fifteen others and then get married to each other'
    'Excuse me', he pretends to object, picking up a piece of paper from a sticky notepad in his pocket. He writes down something. 'Here, I think you need help. You are going crazy' dropping the paper on the table he walks out of the party venue.
    Picking up the paper, she imagines it would be a mental counselor's number because even herself thinks she is going crazy but to her greatest surprise, it is Bernard's number and underneath it is written-Call me when you get home. Bernard-.
    Gina is flattered at his method of pick-up because he makes it seem as though he was angry at when he leaves meanwhile he was actually hitting on her. Picking up her car keys, she bids her friends goodbye and congratulates the celebrant before leaving the venue for home.
    Getting home, she goes up to her room without saying a word to anyone and shuts the door behind her to call Bernard so she could keep the ball he had pushed earlier rolling. They talk for hours even Chief(Mrs). Simpson is surprised.
    Five weeks later, she comes home to another nagging from her mother about marriage but shuts her up when she shows her the engagement ring Bernard had just given with a promise of a wedding in a month. Her mother cannot hide her joy as she pulls Gina in for a tight hug.
    Gina knows she has found love when she notices how joyful Bernard seemed to be each time she speaks about the wedding. She cannot believe she is getting married in a couple of weeks moreso to such a perfect man as Bernard.
    A month later, it is finally the day. There is so much pomp in the atmosphere for the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Daniels. Bernard is so happy to finally have her for himself. The officiating organizes the wedding, they say their vows and the priest declares them one forever and they both live happily ever after.


  • mrspectacular 89w


    'Ehmm...Dad...Ehmmm....', Gina stammers trying to think of the best way to save herself from her father's feeling of disappointment. This time she could feel her words becoming ice in her mouth constricting her throat to the point of choking. Chief Simpson could only imagine what is wrong but would never really be right in his guessing attempt.
    'Gina...Talk to me', he says frantically wondering why she suddenly could not speak. Was she involved in accident. This and many more questions runs through his mind as he awaits a response from Gina.
    Gina looks at herself and wonders why she would need to lie to her father for any reason. There is a small part of her that feels the need to tell the lie whilst the remaining part still wants to be that girl her father would always to tell the truth. If she does tell the truth, worst case scenario, her father would be disappointed in her but if she does tell a lie and is discovered in the lie, her father would be disappointed and never trust her again.
    Having weighed the pros and cons, she decides to come clean,
    'I was feeling very bored in the house dad so I just decided to go look around for somewhere to catch some fun but I am on my way back now and would be with you in a minute'.
    'You know what? Don't worry. Enjoy yourself. I just came to get something to eat but I guess I would just eat out because I am not quite done in the office yet. We will talk when I get back from work officially with your mum'
    'Alright Dad. Thanks...I love you so much', she says with great cheers on her face she almost cries.
    Jumping back into his SUV, he turns it around and heads back to the office making a brief stop at the Chicken Place to get lunch for himself. He is quiet as he enters into his office, only waving and smiling at the people he meets in his pathway to his office. Everyone feels the chill he emits that afternoon and tread cautiously for the rest of the day.
    'Sweetheart, I am done at the office. Please can you kindly come and pick me up', Chief (Mrs) Simpson says with a very noticeable fatigue in her voice.
    'Alright...I will be with you in a moment. Please wait', he says with a forced laughter. Picking up his car keys from his glass table, he runs into the lift to take him down. Getting off the lift at the ground. He walks towards where his vehicle is parked. Jumping behind the steering wheel, he drives out to meet his wife who is waiting at her company's car park for him.
    Driving into the company, a 17000 hectares of land tastefully furnished with a massive building that covers 6000-hectares of the land, he speeds down to the car-park on the right side of the 17000 hectares compound. Driving into the carpark, he could see his wife waiting patiently for him.
    She walks over to the car to meet you with a very bright smile on her face.
    'How was work today?' he asks with a straight face, void of smiles as he pulls the car out of the car park.
    'It....was....fine', she says troubled at the way Chief Simpson, her husband is sounding. 'Is there any problem? And how was your day too?'
    'Oh well....to answer the second question, my day is not over yet', Chief Simpson remarks. 'And on the other question, Yes there is a problem?' There is tension in the car as Chief Simpson spills out his greivance to his wife. He sees the action of Gina as very disrespectful to have left the house without informing any of them but Mrs. Simpson thinks he overflogs the issue positing that she is a grown woman.
    'I will talk with her when we get home but I need you to relax, otherwise you burst a blood vessel and I do not want that', Chief Mrs. Simpson advises as she gives Chief Simpson a peck on the cheek.
    Getting home, Chief and Chief Mrs. Simpson meet Gina slouched on the chair. Chief Mrs. Simpson immediately asks to know where she was when Chief Simpson, her father came home for lunch.
    'Welcome Dad.... Welcome Mum, she says as she opens the door to let Chief and Chief(Mrs) Simpson.
    'Where did you go to?' Chief Mrs Simpson fires back without acknowledging the greetings given by Gina.
    'I just stepped out for a bit'
    'I just stepped out for a bit', Chief Mrs. Simpson ridiculously mimicks Gina. 'To where, Gina Simpson. Your father came back for lunch to meet your absence and he waited a long time before leaving so it could not have been short as you claim'.
    'Mum, the house was boring so I just thought I could go out to meet some people and catch some fun', she said with a smile.
    'Hmm....Hope you caught enough fun and also caught a husband as well? Chief Mrs. Simpson asks. 'Because you are not getting any younger you know'
    By now, Chief Simpson had snuck out to return to his office. Gina feels surprised at the question which sounds really awkward to hear. Why was she being asked this question now, she has only just finished her first degree. She reclines into the chair and looks Chief Mrs. Simpson, her mum wondering it was all coming from. 'Mum, I just finished my first degree but if you would make you happy. I'll do it soon'.
    'Oh that's great news!', Mrs. Simpsons screams happily giving Gina, a tight hug. 'You have already found someone. Who is he? When do we meet him? I can't wait to meet him'. Chief Mrs. Simpson feels so ecstatic about the news.
    'In due time, mum....in due time', Gina posits wondering how she would pull off the lie she has just told. She feels dirty having told the lie and earnestly prays and hopes that she is not found out by her parents. A little tear drops from her eyes watching her mother walking away feeling so proud that her daughter is getting married soon knowing it is all a lie. She struggles to get through the rest of the day while devising a plan to escape being caught in her lie.
    Four months go by and there is still no sign of her fulfillment of the promise she made to Chief (Mrs) Simpson. She is in her room on a Thursday morning by 6am when Chief (Mrs) Simpson comes to knock on her door for a little chit-chat.
    'Good morning Gina....Are you up?' asked Chief Mrs. Simpson knocking on the door of Gina's room.
    'Yes mum...I am up', she lies again yawning after a few minutes because she was actually woken up by the knock on the door.

  • mrspectacular 89w


    The pressure is not all that pronounced yet as Gina is only but in her semifinals at the Westminster University, England doing her bachelor's program but there is a hint of it in the atmosphere. She has been called by her father suspiciously several times asking when she would be returning home from England. To her, her dad and everyone else misses the princess as she is fondly called by her family members.
    She is busy with her academic work when her dad calls again asking when she would be back in the country. Her father Chief Simpson asks,
    'When did you say you are coming home again, Gina?' Chief Simpson asks
    'Dad, I said at the end of the year' Gina says wondering why her father is so keenly interested on knowing when she would return from her studies in England
    'But can't you make a little bit earlier? We really want you at home here with us', he says trying to see if he could force her hand
    'Dad, I do not control the calendar here. I work with the dictates of the school and not the other way round', she posits trying to make her dad quit insisting on her quick return home.
    'Alright my daughter. I understand. We'll be expecting you any time you choose to return and we will be very prepared to receive you with open arms.'
    'Thanks dad..I love you...My regards to everyone at home'

    Two months pass that they do not hear a word from Gina. Her father believes she must be busy and therefore does not have the time to call her but her mother, Mrs. Simpson is wondering sick thinking Chief Simpson, her husband and father to Gina had worn her out with the persistent insistence to come home and she therefore decided to shut them out.
    Six O'clock on Thursday morning, it is a warm weather, the sun is up in its morning glory. There is a knock at the door, Mrs. Simpson yells sleepily from the inner chamber of the master bedroom where she & Chief Simpson are woken up by the rude disturbance 'I'm coming' but it seems the visitor does not hear and so continues knocking so persistent.
    Opening the door, Mrs. Simpson is surprised to see who it is, she throws her up in the air and onto the person at the other side of the door. It is Gina.
    'Gina, My dear. What a surprise to see you? Mrs. Simpson asks with so much joy in her voice. 'Your father would be happy to see you. Come in and sit down'.
    Mrs. Simpson leads Gina into one of the sitting rooms in the house to properly welcome Gina who has just returned from England. They talk and talk. Mrs. Simpson gets informed about Gina's school, her life in England and her trip back. Some five minutes into their discussion, Chief Simpson appears in the stairway, in pyjamas and his thin frames pair of glasses resting on his nose, having heard them chatter from upstairs in the bedroom,
    'Ah, my daughter. You're home.' he says ecstatic. 'Welcome back'
    Getting up on seeing her father, Gina moves towards him to give him a hug,
    'Yes daddy. I am back and it sure feels good. Indeed I have missed all of you'
    Gina treads cautiously in her speech hoping that the talk on marriage does not come up in the conversation. Surely enough, it does not come up; at least not today. Her father would allow her some space to relax and feel the home vibe for a while, maybe a week before popping the big question if she does not come up with the answer beforehand.
    They talk with so much happiness and vigor till about 8:30am when Gina asks to be excused to go take a shower. Chief Simpson and his wife permit her while they both go to get ready for the day themselves. In a few minutes, Chief & Chief(Mrs) Simpson are both ready to leave for work. Coming out of the master bedroom of the Simpsons mansion, Chief & Chief(Mrs) Simpson alert Gina on their departure and she screams 'Alright Dad, See you both when you get back' from her room.
    The Spleen SUV which Chief Simpson had just acquired only a few days ago is parked under the cool cover nearest to the building. In the compound, each car has its own cool cover and the Simpson had cars to the tune of 30 including the brand new spleen they had just acquired. It is a large car with sophisticated technology, with the click of a button, the car could do whatever you needed except of course, drive itself.
    'Wow, look at the time.', Chief Simpson observes. 'We are both running late. That reminds me. Please remind me to talk to Gina when we get back'.
    'Alright dear. I will' ,Mrs Simpson says as she hops into the passenger seat of the Spleen SUV.
    Mrs. Simpson could tell what the discussion would be about but she would pretend not to until Chief Simpson brings it up because as the man, he wants to be treated with respect even to the point of his thoughts. He finds it disrespectful to tell his thoughts before he says it.
    Arriving Mrs. Simpson's office first, he drops her off and then rushes off to his as though he is being chased by a demon or he has been offered some very giant cheque for getting there before 10:30am. Arriving his office at exactly 10:28am, he walks into a lift that takes him straight to the floor that houses his office. Acknowledging greetings from his secretary, Miss Peniela, a 29 year old chocolate skinned young lady, he walks into his office with pride. Taking his seat, he calls his secretary on his intercom to bring in some coffee so he could start his day the proper way.
    At the Simpsons residence, Gina gets ready to go for a little sight seeing. Being alone with the rest of the cars, she picks the keys to the Druper from the key holder area that hangs on the wall. Ready to leave for her outing, Gina stands at the exit door looking at the rest of the house to know if she is forgetting anything. Finally ready, she walks to the Druper. Starting the engine, she revs it twice and then slowly pulls out of the gate and drives off for a fun time.
    A few hours later, Chief Simpson comes home for lunch. He loves the comfort of eating in his house only and not outside for any reason. Driving in, he notices one of the other car is not on ground. He rushes to the door to get in but he notices it is locked. On that note, he calls out to Gina to ask her to come open the gate but she cannot because she is not home,
    'Hello Gina', he says to Gina over the phone as soon as she answers the phone
    'Yes dad', she says so ecstatic
    'I'm home. Please come and open the door'
    'Ehm...okay I'm on my way.

    Gina quickly goes to look for her car in the parking lot. After about 10 minutes of searching for it, she finds it where she had parked it earlier but forgotten. She quickly clicks the remote to open it up and right then Chief Simpson calls to ask what is taking her so long,
    'Gina....Where are you? How long would it take you to get to the door', he asks quietly trying not to lose his patience