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  • littlemaster 2d

    Dear people, take a single moment from your 24/7(365) and think how many people are/were there in your life who has try to make you smile, make you happy, to support you & most importantly to be with you for forever.

    Just like a MOTHER who never leave you, no matter whatever the circumstances are.

    #Gratitude #Respect #Love #care

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    When you fall in life then only few people are there to be with you no matter how harsh the situation is for you.

    When you value more your ego then your relations there are still few people who bow-down just for you and there relations with you.

    When you bluntly talk with some people for your own mistake not every person will bear your burnt but few people are also there to apologise you for your mistake.

    When you are in pain and torment with the scars over you soul just few people are there to heal your sufferings.

    When you hurt but with your own misunderstanding then there are very few people who try to make you understand things others don't give you a damn.

    When your fate laughs at you & mock your actions in life there are few people around you to make you understand things.

    When everybody is leaving you with reason or no reason there are few people who cry while fighting you to be with you.

    When others blame you for everything and cut your innocent heart with their sharp words there are people who stitches your heart with positivity.

  • geet_a_collectionofpoem 3d


    उम्र निकल गई लिहाज़ो में हमारी
    और.. वो कहते हैं कि -
    हमसे ज्यादा बदतमीज़ उन्हें आज तक कोई नही टकराया!!
    -गीतांजली कपूर

  • poetviviyanniki 4d

    What Is a Vaccine Passport?

    —SEE 2022. A world that obtains ONE GLOVE FITS ALL MENTALITY is disapproving for bold. Lawful reason. Fact. System —misleading. This letter is standing up for our silenced voices. Silenced #Landofrespect. What works for you may not other due to different belief towards personal roots. Health Care. I send gratitude to all people who standing up for free-will. Respect towards belief on personal wellness. Herbal. Protects. Heals. Maintains us wisely. No need to promote Herbal. No need to for one belief on one system. To save us from outbreaks. We respect all beliefs towards all health care. We DO NOT respect mandating. It discriminates. History needs to stop, repeating its discriminating, mass destructive actions. #EndALLmandatesGlobally.
    Mandated passports. Mandated certificates. Mandating our every day, work ethic duties. Socializing communties.
    Discriminates towards our belief. Herbal. Traditonal. Rooted. HERBAL. HEALTH CARE.
    Facts. TIME NOW #RemoveVaccinePassport. #RemoveAllMandates. Due to —belief towards personal #roots, traditional —wellness! #HealthCare! Globally. Natural. Organic. Healers. #Herbal Drs. Global—Herbal communties
    —beings. Do not value, do-not believe in the vaccination passport; mandates. In need leaders who respect ALL #Humanity's #freewill of belief on #HealthCare. What may work for you; loved ones. May not others. Respect. In need. Towards personal roots. Personal belief—health care.
    Take good care. All. Much gratitude. -ViviyanNiki.

    (A statement from last year)
    (( What Is a Vaccine Passport?

    ((A vaccine passport is proof that you’ve tested negative for or been protected against certain infections. It can be digital, like a phone app, or physical, such as a small paper card. You can carry it with you and show it if required, like before you go into the office, board an airplane, or visit a restaurant, movie theater, or gym.
    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the idea is that with a vaccine passport system in place, companies could fully open for business to anyone who shows proof of vaccination. Countries might resume international travel without requiring quarantines. This would help boost economies while limiting the spread of the disease.

    It’s a new play on an old idea. For years, people who’ve traveled to certain areas of the world have needed to show papers -- or a medical passport called a yellow card, created by the World Health Organization (WHO) -- to prove that they’ve gotten vaccines against diseases like yellow fever, cholera, and rubella.


    But there are some big concerns about vaccine passports. WHO has said that international travelers shouldn’t be required to show proof that they’ve gotten a coronavirus vaccine. There are “critical unknowns” about how effective the vaccines are, the group says, especially with the spread of more infectious COVID variants. The Royal Society, an academy of sciences in the United Kingdom, agrees that a vaccine passport system should take into account how well different vaccines fight the COVID variants.
    WHO also says that because the supply of COVID-19 vaccines is still limited, “preferential vaccination of travelers” could lead to a shortage of shots for people who need them most: those at high risk of getting severely sick from the virus. And because a large percentage of the supply is going toward people or countries of higher socioeconomic status, the system would be tilted in their favor.

    In addition, the Royal Society says it’s important that any vaccine passport system allow people to share their medical status without revealing more personal health information.


    The U.S. doesn’t have digital vaccine passports yet, but President Joe Biden has issued an executive order that asks federal agencies to look into the possibility.
    Some organizations and businesses are developing their own digital health pass programs. The International Air Transport Association, a trade group of 290 airlines, has a Travel Pass app that’s promoted as a way to help travelers store documents that show they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.
    Several countries have also created some form of COVID-19 passport, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Israel, China, and Bahrain.

    WebMD Medical ReferenceReviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD on August 09, 2021 ))

    #Herbal Thrives us well. Mandates discriminates towards - personal belief - towards personal health care. Wellness. Respect all beliefs. 2022.

    You thrive with your belief. While we thrive with ours.

  • jpwriter 1w

    When You Find Her

    When you find her,
    Hold on tight & don't let her go
    This is a reminder,
    In this life, you reap what you sow

    Life is a journey,
    Supplied by your maker
    Treat her with respect
    & Make sure that you thank her

    No bravo's for acting  Macho
    Parading pride, to prove you're not weak.
    We'll see who's the head honcho
    When her side has cold empty sheets

    So put passion in the words I Love You
    The moment she wakes to speak
    And If you are asked to cuddle
    Say yes baby, and say it so sweet

    If you clash, then the crash is not Subtle
    When you are so fast to leave
    Down the drain like a  human funnel
    Save yourself the trouble & take it from me


  • goravgs 1w


    Now it's just to earn money, because the world is only in front of money and supports the money people. #goravgs

  • reign_unleashed 1w


    Feels like I'm never gonna be ok
    My mind will always wonder
    Waiting for u to go astray
    Anxiety on my bacc
    Worse than a plague
    Words are empty
    Heart is blank
    Inside my mind
    You'll always play
    Replaying the lies
    Deceit and pain
    How many more
    I can't take the ache
    Wanting to move forward
    But bacc here I feel safe
    Reminding myself
    You're a ticking time bomb
    Set on pause
    Until u break
    At what point will u retreat
    Bacc to your old ways
    How can they be considered old
    When dormant they lay
    Am I supposed to wait
    For u to be triggered
    Or pull the trigger
    And blow what's left of us

  • the_secret_pen_style 1w

    No matter how much you disown someone,
    Atleast respect their opinion.

  • meghapal 2w


    She was a free bird trapped inside a cage.
    A cage that trapped her body but not her soul.
    Though her soul was free, yet trapped.
    Trapped within the claustrophobic cage of this society.
    "Let me free! Set me free!" - The voice within cries.
    "Let me free! Set me free!" - The voice gradually dies.


  • divya_patel 2w

    It breaks my heart whenever I see this gentleman getting older day by day, his shaking voice whenever he speaks, his whole body starts like vibrating whenever he walks. God should make some heroes immortal. They should never get old. Always an inspiration. :)✨


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    What's heart breaking?

    "Seeing Ratan Tata Sir
    getting older day by day."


  • ramyaashree_29 2w

    Everybody said RESPECT plays an important role. I corrected them as "SELF RESPECT".

  • anuradhasharma 3w

    हम लिबास की लंबाई तो बढ़ा ले ,

    पर सोच के छोटे कद का क्या करे ।


  • eyeenma 4w

    Secret to love #6

    Love Starts with loving yourself enough.
    To respect yourself
    To care for oneself.
    Love is to build oneself.
    Love is not a path of self Destruction

  • riyagupta__ 5w

    This short tale depicts my feelings for my love after our breakup

    #miraqill #writersnetwork #love #relationship
    #care #respect #trust #breakup #brokenheart #sad #depressed #worthless

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    One day

    Your name doesn't hurt me anymore,
    Those love songs doesn't haunt me anymore,
    Seeing couples holding hands on streets, doesn't make me remember you anymore,
    Seeing you with someone ,doesn't make me cry anymore,
    I don't stalk you on social media now,
    Your one text doesn't make my heart flutter in happiness,
    I don't wait for you on metro's now
    I don't crave for that love , neither for that care,
    Now the sky doesn't seems pink anymore,
    Neither the rains seems romantic,
    Moon doesn't seem beautiful now,
    Neither wishing on shooting stars for togetherness makes sense now,
    You're not the rainbow after rains, neither the sunlight in my dark life,
    nor the prince charming travelling on chariots to meet his bride,
    With time I've realised
    That trust and respect are mere words
    With no connection to real lives,
    I don't miss the echoes of your laughter
    Or your sweet snorings late night,
    Everything started with your smiles
    And ended on my tears,
    Finally I reached the destination of my first love,
    Now embarking on a new journey,hoping to meet new people
    But not you makes me smile,
    Without you I can travel miles,
    Long gone were the days when you seemed to be my addiction,
    Sweetheart ,now I'll never fall for drugs of love.
    Your voice doesn't make me blush
    I don't miss you anymore
    I don't love you anymore
    I don't ......
    Not anymore.

  • succomber 5w

    If you think that after you cheating on me, I will forgive you?
    Then you are Right.

    If you think I will put a (,) after it. You are Wrong.
    Baby I wouldn't even put a (;)
    I WILL PUT A (.)
    The End.


  • dovefeather 5w

    अक्सर हमें कुछ चीजें जिंदगी में उनकी कीमत चूका कर समझ आती है,
    व कहते रहे और हम समझते रहे,
    वह जताते रहे और हम बदलते रहे,
    कुछ वक्त यह लगा कि क्या यह हम ही है जो बस समझ कर अपने आप को बदल रहे,
    क्या यह हम ही है जो अपने आप को बचपन से इतना बड़ा बनाकर आगे बढ़ते रहे
    अपनी पहचान ढूंढते रहे,
    क्या यह हम ही है जिसको दो पल में ही कोई और उसकी पहचान जता देता है,
    क्या यह हम ही हैं
    खैर वक्त ही था जिसमें हमने खुद को भुला कर उनके जैसा बना लिया और फिर एक एहसास उठा
    की कीमत तो हमने चुकाई और खुद को एक चीज बना लिया
    उस वक्त में महसूस हुआ कि कितने खुदगर्ज है वह कि जब हमने अपनी कीमत अदा की उसमें भी उन्होंने हमको कर्ज अदा किया☆

    #selflove #love #respect #goodreads

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    अक्सर हमें कुछ चीजें जिंदगी में उनकी कीमत चूका कर समझ आती है,
    व कहते रहे और हम समझते रहे,
    वह जताते रहे और हम बदलते रहे,
    कुछ वक्त यह लगा कि क्या यह हम ही है जो बस समझ कर अपने आप को बदल रहे,
    क्या यह हम ही है जो अपने आप को बचपन से इतना बड़ा बनाकर आगे बढ़ते रहे
    अपनी पहचान ढूंढते रहे,
    क्या यह हम ही है जिसको दो पल में ही कोई और उसकी पहचान जता देता है,
    क्या यह हम ही हैं
    खैर वक्त ही था जिसमें हमने खुद को भुला कर उनके जैसा बना लिया और फिर एक एहसास उठा
    की कीमत तो हमने चुकाई और खुद को एक चीज बना लिया
    उस वक्त में महसूस हुआ कि कितने खुदगर्ज है वह कि जब हमने अपनी कीमत अदा की उसमें भी उन्होंने हमको कर्ज अदा किया☆

  • mahajantrish 5w

    "You love her?"
    "How much?"
    "Enough to let her be happy with another"

  • manvi123 6w

    #family love.
    #respect family.

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    Mohabbat vale log

    Mohabbat me log aise kaam kr jaate h.....
    Woh apni khushi k liye do parivaron ko badnaam kr jaate h......

  • enxzone 6w

    It is your Smile that Cheers me Up,
    But Your Sadness that Motivates Me to be Better,
    It is your Matureness that Keeps Me in Check,
    But Your Childishness that Sweeps Me Away,
    It is your Scepticism That Fascinates Me,
    But Your Confidence that Keeps Me in Good Faith,
    This Feeling Towards You Makes me Autistic
    At Times,
    People Say Love is Complex,
    Rather I think It's Such Diversified feelings that Makes it Complex.

  • holybible 6w

    मत्ती 7:21

    "जो मुझ से, 'हे प्रभु ! हे प्रभु !' कहता है ,
    उनमें से हर एक स्वर्ग के राज्य में प्रवेश न करेगा,
    परन्तु वही जो मेरे स्वर्गीय पिता की इच्छा पर चलता है।
    © HolyBible

  • kabir_aakash31 6w

    For some,
    I will be remembered
    as "CHEAP"
    For some,
    I will be remembered
    as "BEST"
    Here, I got to know about me that,

    "CHEAP" yet "Best".