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  • kanungoswati 2d


    Flights of Feather
    graces the sky,
    homewards do they go,
    Cacophony in the air.
    I watch them enthralled,
    myriads of emotion
    etched on my heart.
    The deceit and bitterness
    was all there,
    the sugar coated tongues
    jounced at me;
    And the
    Endless drama of hypocrisy.
    Would we ever learn?
    I ask myself,
    From Nature and
    birds around,
    being Selfless, Modest and

  • a_gentilischi 2d

    Not sure if it makes sense, but had to write it when I saw the pic.

    (because sometimes, parallel lines do meet)

    The sun sighs its flames
    As roseate clouds murmurs love
    Waves drown in shames

    Nearing... receding...
    Through each petrichor filled dawn and
    Glorious gloaming

    The lone boatman lies
    Caught amidst the dazed silence
    Under trembling skies

    Thinks they're forever apart
    Till he sees blue waters blush

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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    #wov4 #near #far #sea #clouds #sea
    #evening #reflections #multiverse
    #silence #parallel #meetings #dawn
    #agentwbwov #love #flames #water

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  • akshay_vasu 1w

    He stood in the middle of a room and saw thousands of himself staring at him. He banged the walls made of mirrors, but they wouldn't break. Their laugh filled his heart with chaos and fear, and he curled up and sat in a corner. Then she appeared next to him out of nowhere and wrapped her arm around him. She held his hand while he gazed into her eyes. Together they got up and walked towards a wall. He raised his head and looked at the reflection again. All he saw there was only himself and not her. She looked at him and smiled once before touching the wall. As soon as her finger touched the wall, it cracked and shattered into pieces. She inside him broke all the walls around him. He was free, and he was not held and haunted by his reflections anymore.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • az_zahraa 2w


    I see her smiling through the mirror
    Uncertain, yet proud of herself
    Life hasn't been the best
    And she doesn't even know what's coming next...

    I see her smiling through the mirror
    I wondered if it was a masked smile,
    For her face doesn't always reveal what's inside
    But again, could today be the beginning of a new bright ride?

    I see her smiling through the mirror..
    I don't know what you see or think
    But as for me, I see a beautiful woman with a heart of gold
    And of course, either faked or not, a smile never gets old...

    © _the flower_

  • _astitva_ 2w


    I see her smiling through the mirror, spellbinding my senses and shrivelling my sorrows.

    I see her smiling through the mirror, camoflouging the scars of her soul seeping saline from her sunken eyes.

    I see her smiling through the mirror, mesmerizing the monotonous monsoon with her myrrh mingling with the mistral.

    I see her smiling through the mirror, reflecting the radiant reveries of romantic reminiscences reverbing the rhymes of relish.


    #wod #reflections @writersnetwork @mirakee

    PS: It's too late for wod consider it for won ����

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    I see her smiling through the mirror, in the moonlit nights mocking the moon with her mesmerizing moonie mien.


  • seersucker_beaux 2w

    a Tanka 5-7-5-7-7

    reflections of life,
    liturgies of  unhurried,
    contemplative prompts,
    a source of inspiration,
    anchors of stability

  • asmita_chakraborty 2w

    I see her smiling through the mirror,a chimera of my soul fading with doldrums of hope.

    #reflections #wod
    Okay no #temp

    I'll read you soon!

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  • jayanthdeshmukh 2w


    When I look in the mirror
    I see the reflection of someone who failed
    Someone who was famous in yesteryears and hailed
    I see the reflection of someone who is fat
    Gluttony personified ,always munching on kit-kats
    I see the reflection of someone with no courage
    Unable to write or speak up, always being discouraged
    Meeting you changed that
    You finally became the mirror I always wanted to look at
    When I am with you, I see the reflection of someone who can succeed again
    Someone who can love his body and not worry about the extra pound he gain
    I see the reflection of someone who can be brave at times
    Facing my fear, no longer afraid of the steep climb

  • purewine_75 2w


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    Girls compromise easily...
    हमें सिखाया ही यही जाता है,
    सबको भूख लगी है; तुम बाद में खा लेना।
    घर के बड़े जो कहें चुपचाप मान लेना।
    शादी करोगी तो सत्ता के नाम पर घर का काम संभाल लेना, पति कमा कर ले आएगा, तुम बस पका लेना।
    चुल्हा-चौका, बर्तन, झाड़ू-पोछा करके दर्पण निहार लेना।
    सरकार ने तो बोल दिया लड़की पढ़ाओ, पढ़ने से नहीं रोकेंगे बस नौकरी का फैसला परिवार को लेने देना।
    पैसे का हिसाब किताब तेरे बस का नहीं है, तुम बच्चे संभाल लेना।
    बाहर ज़माना खराब है work from home बेटा, नहीं तो wait for a job where you'll be secure.
    इतने डर मन में बिठा देते हो फिर बोलते हो, बहुत जल्दी घबरा जाती हो...
    अब इतना कुछ सिखाकर कहो भूल जाओ सशक्त हो जाओ, तो जनाब ज़रा समय तो लगेगा।


  • mainakbasak 3w

    The cruel hands of time

    conduct a violent orchestra

    and the sound of death lingers on.

    Bit by bit,

    I start to lose my sense of wonder.

    Love's soft cadence

    introduces anarchy in my cage,

    but like a guillotine above my head,

    some unknown fear makes its descent.

    The temptation is great-

    To put our woes side by side,

    and pour them into measuring cups.

    But as a golden rule,

    I always give the other person a headstart.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #reflections

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  • amatullah_bm 5w

    The moment you start categorizing whatever responsibility you have in life into what's a MUST for you and what's an OPTION for you then life becomes easier to manage and enjoy.

    Most of us indulge ourselves into so many sunnah activities (which I truly encourage) just my advice is do not get lost along the way and start neglecting what's obligatory upon you.

    This differentiation goes down to even your relationship with your kids and spouses to your relationship with your friend.
    Someone who is your blood relative and someone who is a close friend. I know some may argue that some friends are like family.
    But there are still others who are literary are just friends, so Identify the classes there and level of closeness you have.

    This even targets our ibaadah acts. Our Salah, our Sawm, Our Zakaah, Our Hajj ...and so on...

    It's simple algorithms. You cannot take number 2 highly when number 1 is there.
    You cannot take highly of certain sunnah acts whilst you neglect your fardh acts.

    This goes further more to even your parenting responsibility. You cannot take your kids for granted and take other students in class/work highly. Your kids are your number 1 category.. You are their first teacher.
    Prophet taught us:
    "O Messenger of Allah! Who is most deserving of my fine treatment?" He (ﷺ) said, "Your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father, then your nearest, then nearest".

    [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

    Even your own parents have levels as long as they ask you to do what is right, forbid what is evil and do not ask you to disobey Allah.

    Whatever you've indulged yourself into, continue doing the sunnah acts just don't neglect your fardh responsibility on you.
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    Your Fardh (obligatory) acts are rewarded. Your Sunnah (optional and reccomended) acts are rewarded.
    Do not prioritize your Sunnah acts over your Fardh acts.

  • shefali_neeshe 5w

    she kisses the dusky sun,
    with her scars & tan lines,
    perhaps she walks in the moments of
    slumber at twilight.
    may be she creates, or shift and change,
    hoping for gentle damage but
    a little bit strange.
    no stars in the blue curve
    Of the heavens,
    light turns into an unchanging reflections.

  • pallavi4 6w


    And the strangest thing is when you
    Look in the mirror and cannot
    Recognise the person
    Staring back
    At you.
    You try
    Your best to
    Peer into the soul of the
    Reflection just to gauge if the
    Essence is still of the person you knew.
    Sometimes the madness I see in the eyes
    Of my own reflection scares me as
    Though that person I see has
    Secrets I know nothing
    Of at all.
    Deep, dark
    Secrets that are like
    Mazes- labyrinths of clandestine
    Clues that are as decipherable as
    An almost invisible scrawl on the wall.


  • porcupine89 7w

    Fool's Truth

    naivety rests calmly
    scattered everywhere - in patches
    like sakura through frosted glass


  • angelfizz88 8w


    Love is only found when greatness is finally seen.


  • emceemb 9w

    I'm going through a period of losing important ppl in my life for various reasons and this is about a woman I've lost but can not get out of my head.

    #reflections #MB

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    Reflections of your perfection
    As seen from a imperfection-ist
    Painted in art
    Composed in melodies
    Surfing brain waves as the moon does the ocean
    Ripples, of your aura
    Are constant reminders of that I do not wish to forget.

    What can heal and hurt simultaneously
    What strives on being overflowing but dies if it's overbearing
    What causes an imperfection-ist to accept flaws
    And recognize diviness
    Without ever making it's acquaintance?

    I wonder if the moon is acquainted with the sun
    Or does he only feel her warmth
    Longing to hug what he misses but knows not enough of,
    I imagine him screaming to the stars
    With every star replying
    Except, his star he misses
    That's I without you.

    Fuck a love song I cook chicken and I think about you
    Do you know how often I cook chicken
    Almost embarrassed at how many times I've relived that one walk in the park
    Memories longing for more
    My 5 senses missing yours
    drives me insane on the daily
    I feel you, even though you are so far away
    And these reflections are either a gift or curse
    Because one memory I'm happy
    Another I'm hurt
    And I'm constantly reminded of how far away
    You are,
    As a reflection is
    Perfection to an imperfection-ist.

  • differentlywired 11w

    The Mellifluous Melancholy

    When your breath has been sucked out of you,
    When your rhythm has been scrambled,
    And all you hear is the sound of silence,
    When you no longer feel the rush of your blood coursing through you,
    When your spark has been drowned by waves of despair,
    Let yourself get buried and hit rock-bottom,
    For only in that stillness can you remember why life was worth it,
    For only the flashback can set you ablaze once more,
    For only the right pieces of your past can make you whole again,
    Let yourself sink to find your anchors,
    'Cause only then can you unmoor your ship and set sail once more,
    Let yourself be shattered,
    For only then can your core resurrect you in the right way,
    Embrace the pile of earth above you and become one with it,
    For only then can you emerge as a new sapling,
    Give in and fall into the abyss,
    For only then can you climb towards the light above,
    Let the guilt and regret fracture your soul,
    'Cause only then can you discover love that fills the cracks,
    And meaning that binds the splinters of your soul,
    Life was your mirror but you chose to only see everything and everyone around you,
    The present was your music but you danced to the tunes of your past,
    While waiting to sync with the rhythm of an unknown future,
    Let the tears swallow you,
    Let the oblivion engulf you,
    Let your muted wail resonate within you,
    Lose yourself in the chaos and become evanescent,
    For only then can your form be distinct on your messy canvas,
    And your heartbeat reset by the mellifluous melancholy.


  • differentlywired 11w

    The Binary Man

    Floating between states,
    Held together by the tug of opposing forces,
    Swinging between extremities,
    Sometimes seamlessly knit into the fabric of ordinary life,
    Sometimes swimming through the mundane to find the extraordinary,
    Soaking in the ambient noise,
    I transform it into my orchestral notes,
    Trying to compose music through words,
    Scurrying to grasp flashes of searing insights,
    Steering multiple lives while short of reigns,
    A part of me an echo chamber for everyone,
    Times when I'm clueless about who I am,
    I run through the tunnels winding back to my center,
    As I breathe in the balmy air of dusk,
    I settle into a steady rhythm guided by a focal point,
    Waiting for the waves to wash over me,
    Tearing through my metallic web of thoughts,
    Burning through the crust to melt into my core,
    Traversing a thousand journeys in every circumambulation,
    Chasing mindlessness to become mindful,
    Desperately clinging onto an ephemeral trance,
    Pulling down the sensory shutters to switch back to my binary form,
    I wind back the tape until it falls in place with the present,
    All I need now is a flywheel of perpetual motion,
    To unravel my story into the future.

  • bookdrunkard 77w

    Her soul is like a mirror,
    vulnerably delicate.

    But, strong enough to,
    reflect positivity no matter what.


  • pslmstts 244w

    Choose Jesus.

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    John 10:10 (reflections)

    Going rogue by choice is something shameful afterwards. Knowing that we have ran away from God in some moment. My prayer today is that we continue on living a life that glorifies Jesus. Lets fight a good fight of faith, strong to turn down the works of the enemy and never succumbing to the temptations he is bringing. Lets choose life. Lets choose Jesus.