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  • ckeerthana 3d

    Life Goals

    Before getting down frustrated
    Just remember
    1. Not all will see the things the way
    we think & observe
    2. This world is not filled only with kind hearted people but also with selfish people
    3. Even this situation will change,
    nothing is permanent
    4. You can't always offer yourself to be free and happy, give some time for yourself
    5. Your inner voice is your reflection and your first best friend, listen to it

  • darkmoon696 2w


    She stared and stared,
    As my body twitched,
    As I am left alone, scared,
    With my teeth clenched.

    I lay there, impotent,
    Remorseful, seeking her help.
    She stood still, gullible and innocent,
    And lingered till my last breath.

    Little did she know,
    She would fade along with me.
    I Consumed pills hoping it wouldn't show,
    "You are adhered to me, and yet you couldn't see?"

    After all she was a mere reflection,
    Restricted and forced to be a clone.
    But her pale eyes, after the pills,
    Changed my mind but it was too late.


  • yesenias_song 2w

    Here I lie again, in bed. With thoughts and glimpses of you in my head.
    Dizzy spells of the past that seem to forever last. I'm Exhausted. At times consumed by the memory of my hearts crippling pain. All those sacrifices just in vain. Shadows of the version of you I once loved still dwell. They make me want to yell. Vision turned into a nauseating delusion. So sick of feeling this way. So much to be said but knowing you could careless anyway. Prayer is my solace. Pain is my darkness. The recent events just broke me even more. I'm so insignificant to you that I'm the one you still choose to ignore. Not worthy enough to be seen by you. So easy to make a promise to but in the end you still choose not to pull through. You're not the man I fell in love with. You've retracted to that insecure man that I met. Instead of building yourself up, you've let darkness be your everlasting breath. In the end, I want to forget. Not love you or loathe you. I just want to not look back with regret. I pray to speed up the healing process to bring forth indifference.
    That beautiful notion is all I crave because only then will my heart, mind, body and soul be anew.


  • enchantedmedium 4w

    Self Reflection

    Taking inventory of your own thoughts is a process of self reflection. This is an opportunity for you pull forward what you like about yourself and analyze what you don’t and how you can make changes.

  • close_stranger 5w

    In the darkness
    People look happier than the day
    Everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be
    But only I walk without purpose
    But still, blending in with them is more comfortable

  • poems_by_k 6w


    Girl you wanted green sky
    I wandered searching
    Like a mad man
    In an unknown land
    I soon realised
    It was in your green eyes
    That reflected the sky.


  • tenderkisses 7w

    She is glad he is in a good place..
    He is happy again..
    He has moved on..
    He is over her..
    She is forgotten now..
    So she wonders why..
    Why she still thinks of him..
    Why she still wonders about him..
    Why she sometimes longs they could talk..
    Is she obsessive, yes..
    Is she a deep thinker, yes..
    Is she deeply emotional, yes..
    Does she miss him.....sometimes, yes..
    Did she once fall in love with him, yes..
    Could it be because she was rejected, yes..
    Because he never talked with her, yes..
    Because she had no proper closure, yes..
    Because he just blocked and hides, yes..
    Because she is just an annoyance, yes..
    Because she is just a mistake, yes..
    Because he didn't believe her words, yes..
    Are these all the reasons, no..


  • tenderkisses 7w

    Even now I contemplate..
    My actions caused you pain, I am truly sorry..
    My deceit broke your heart, I am sincerely sorry..
    My attempts to explain made it worse, I am so very sorry..
    My heart, feelings, love poured out, I am deeply sorry..
    Your distain, disgust and assumptions about me, I am extremely sorry..
    Your ignorance, your rejection, your cold rebuffs and blocks, I am immensely sorry..
    But I express, I feel, I Ioved, I missed, I persisted, I tried..
    And for that, I am NOT sorry..


  • 11amthoughts 7w


    Staring at herself through the tainted hospital glass window
    Plump, curvy body clad in patterned summer dress.
    Eyes blank, nose carrying the small weight of her sheer glasses

    and mind swirling in reflections
    like the dry sandstorm in the sunny desert.
    Her once robust and meaningful soul
    like an adventurer on the lookout for a new emotion
    in a standstill, in unwanted hiatus.

    Gained weight and with not so perfect skin.
    It's not that these sentiments are unfamiliar somehow it matters, now.

    Staring at the reflection of her calm face
    with not so perfect life and unaccompanied.

    A long list of friends, busy in faraway cities
    living the life and contemplating their own rains.
    An estranged lover, with possibilities and deeply hidden passion
    One Elijah with subtle feelings for her dear friend.
    And one big lovable family with judgments.

    Thinking about her own negative thoughts
    she winced, mind playing dirty
    and with no referee.

    She has to make decision, or not
    the nurse is here and she drew the curtain.

  • tenderkisses 7w

    She reflected on the paths and actions she had once chosen whilst emotional..
    How could she have wanted to talk to him once so badly when he constantly rebuffed and ignored her..
    His responses cold, short, hostile and wrapped in dripping untruths..
    But yet she persisted, spilled and poured out her heart and soul to an empty glass which never filled..
    And every time she was wounded, even though her vulnerability and fragility displayed and sincere..
    Her humble humiliation and feelings, simply tossed and blocked like worthless annoyance..
    But she tried and tried until she had nothing left to give, her wells emptied..
    Her back now turned, her heart healing still, she accepts his lack of anything for her, his nothingness for her...
    She cries, she thinks, she reflects, she accepts, she moves forward..


  • tenderkisses 8w


    Two people were at fault..
    Two people got hurt..
    Two people express things differently..
    Two people handle things differently..
    He got his ego bruised, pride trampled, heart broken and felt humiliated...
    She felt abandoned, used, tossed aside, heart broken and blamed..
    Both suffered, both hurt, both haven't forgotten..
    He shut off, hid away, became hostile and cold..
    She wanted to talk, cried alot, sent endless apologies but then give up..
    Both handled it their way..
    Two people have learnt..
    Two people still remember..
    Two people still think about the other..
    Even if it passes in waves..


  • althearuth 8w

    The younger you wants you to start dream big again.
    #poem #dreams #past #dreamer #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #englishpoem #reflection #sadpoem

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    Little Dreamer

    What if you meet the young you?
    At times like this
    Now that views have been altered
    And now afraid to take risks

    She'll wipe her tears with little hands
    As sad as it seems
    And with her small voice she says,
    "I thought we had dreams."


  • heartylight_20 9w

    The world isn't aware of all your problems. Even if they are known to some of your problems, they turn away. It's you who needs to be your own courage. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Don't expect from others. Limit your expectations to yourself.

    #selflove #reflection @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    I see her smiling through the mirror,
    Her lips patterning in crescent shape
    Just like the crescent moon;
    Not deep but placate;
    Not limpid but consummate.

    I gaze deeply into her eyes,
    Too far to reach into her anima.
    She is just happy, happy with herself.
    Such is the vibrancy,
    For me, it's brimmed with enigma.

    She's still smiling through the mirror,
    Gazing coequally into my eyes,
    Looking closely at her reflection.
    Our eyes twinkling in unison.
    Our hearts breathing in equal beats.

    Not only our physique cum,but our psyche too.
    For, together we have passed many darker nights.
    Though the world betrayed, she stayed.
    Jointly we broke through the darkest paths
    And into glossy epoch the dusk died.

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 10w

    And Then

    And then she did,
    Find her way through.
    And then she did,
    Grow in into the shoes made to fit her.
    And then she did,
    Look the other way from negativity.
    And then she did,
    See from all new perspectives.
    And then she did,
    Learned from her pain.
    And then she did,
    Lose her mind at times.
    And then she did,
    Know better than to trust anyone.
    And then she did,
    Know better, than to look back.
    And she did,
    She finally understood.
    And then she did,
    Grow into her shoes.
    And then she did,
    Find the solitude she craved.
    And then she did,
    Recognize her reflection.
    And then she did,
    Accept herself, as she was.
    And then she did,
    See herself, in a different way.
    And then she did,
    Know how it felt to just be.

  • nevermoreending 11w

    The Meadow

    A meadow of flowers sat untouched,
    till those who died after
    being called away to war
    were buried.

    Now where they lie
    a quiet,
    untouched meadow
    weeps with those who come and go


  • czarcasm 11w

    dancing on the moon

    Pool of silver
    I dive
    Surrounded by bubbles
    I smile
    Unable to breathe
    I'm calm
    For a moment

    Under the moonlight
    In water

    I breathe in the cool air
    Shivering skin

    Fireflies above
    I look down

    From the reflection it almost looks
    As if I'm dancing
    On the moon

  • the_healer_idealist 12w

    Not all poems are written to be read.
    Some are meant to be scribed and hidden instead,
    Whether it's hidden in our hearts,
    Or it's hidden on paper,
    We can pen our feelings,
    Or lock them away in our heart or in our head.
    No one else needs to know our secret.
    People don't always need to know how we feel.
    Paper, pen, ink,
    They don't judge,
    They'll never reveal it.
    My poems don't need to be read.


  • akshay_vasu 12w

    Every time I stare into those eyes of yours, they shine like a broken mirror with sharp edges, piercing through every bit of my reflection. It makes me feel like a child lost in the woods. And all of a sudden, I hear a song somewhere, and a shiver runs down my spine. A song that I had heard somewhere before. A song that makes all my demons dance forcefully at once.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • tenderkisses 13w

    When I look back at poems I have wrote, words that have spilled, it makes me wonder how I felt that way, it feels vulnerable to have exposed such a side of myself. I contemplated removing them, but they are part of what makes me who I am, a reminder of what I am finally over..


  • chefchizuru 13w


    There are six kinds of personality you might see when you look into the mirror sometimes; sometimes it could be a reflection of you or someone else, or someone you miss or you feel for, or someone you never thought you could be again or sometimes it might just be the you you are finally ready to be.