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    -aps ~

    This is one of my raps.
    Like cats, I get naps.
    I give myself face-slaps. ‍♀️
    I run.‍♀️ How many laps?
    Give me some claps!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • kai_heavens 34w

    Maybe I am a rapper

    Sometimes I force write

    Sounds just like

    Walter Cronkite

    Sitting bare before the court

    I stand up

    Dick forthright

    Ready and able

    For dog fights

    This dark sight

    Is brimming with

    Its alright



  • vasqora 45w


    sleepin at 11am i wake up at 3
    fighting my daemons im on a killing spree
    depression this bitch dont know me
    DID lol that cunt owes me
    batteling my way through these loosers i cannot pause
    gotta keep pushing forward its the battle of the gods
    suicidal tendencies stab at the intricacies
    of my brain the pain is numbing
    upside tho you can't feel sad if you feel unfeeling
    reeling in my thoughts, im fishing for opinions
    trying to enjoy life but life's a fucking bunion
    others get lemons but all i get are onions
    but fuck that ill make life suck my honey 'n'uts

  • am_a_ran_thine 85w

    Overlooking all your needs like they did not exist
    Turning your entire world into an
    At this point you don't even have
    the patience
    For dealing with this man and his
    hurtful accusations
    That he's making everyday for
    no reason
    Now he's crying begging you to
    stay but you are leavin

  • ensymi_1329 85w

    Scribbling down my emotions,
    I am trying to write verses.


  • rachelezell27 101w

    Chess & Dynamite

    You got nothing on me,
    Aint nothing you can do,
    This life is a chess game,
    Its time to make your move.

    I been waiting to feel something,
    Anything from you,
    Cause I brought down explosives,
    dynamite, KABOOM.

    Don't wanna say you're stalling,
    Maybe that's your strategy,
    Don't stall and hold the bomb too long,
    that'd be a tragedy.

    You've been telling everybody,
    Saying your coming after me,
    But talk is cheap little bitch,
    and best believe I charge a fee.

    Got everybody looking nervous,
    naw, you don't bother me,
    Cause you dont stand a chance,
    It makes me sad, honestly.

    You been following me round,
    Lil bitch what you gonna do?
    You see that I fly solo,
    You ain't seen without your crew.

    That's cool with me bitch,
    Go head and bring your weak ass crew,
    And when I'm done with them,
    I'll still beat you black and blue.

    Hell, why just one crew?
    Why don't you go head and bring two?
    Then when I'm done with you nigga,
    I'll stomp their asses too.

    Don't act like you can't hear me,
    Punk we know you ain't confused,
    Got that fear in your eyes,
    Fight or flight, it's time to choose.

    This trap life is a chess game,
    Bitch its time to make your move,
    warned you not to play with me,
    Every time you'll fucking lose.

    I'm telling ya, I'll spit this shit at ya,
    like bullets flying out my mouth,
    Cause bitch I like to play with my food,
    I'll chew you up and spit you out.

    The shit I just spit was explosive,
    It was dynamite, KABOOM,
    Could see the cloud for miles and miles,
    Looked like a giant shroom.

    Now the whole world gonna know it,
    cause they'll be choking on the fumes,
    That's what happens when you come at me,
    Must be fucking loony toons.

    I'll stomp your ass so fuckin hard,
    You'll go soft like mush, turn to goo,
    As I turn to leave I'll stop and say,
    "Somebody wipe this nigga off my shoe."

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell


  • rachelezell27 101w

    The Queen

    You say that I'm a bitch
    You say that I'm a cunt
    Yeah, you know I am
    But I pull it off just like a stunt.

    I am a damn queen
    A lioness on the hunt
    I'm coming after your pack
    And sweetheart, you're the runt.

    I know I'm ice cold
    I've got a vicious attitude
    And I say some fucked up shit
    I don't care bout being rude.

    You won't catch me saying sorry
    Not for a single fucking thing
    I might be a ratchet bitch
    But I spit poison, feel the sting?

    My tongue is sharp and cold
    Just like a razor's edge
    I can slice and dice a bitch
    Till they lay there like they're dead.

    I don't care what a bitch said
    I'll get inside your head
    I'll warp and twist and fuck shit up
    You'll be screaming for psyche meds.

    I'll infest your brain,
    and scramble up your wits.
    Finger your fucking thoughts,
    and leave my fingerprints.
    Move into your mind,
    put up a property fence.

    When I'm spittin' my venom,
    Every word is slick.
    It's almost like spewing vomit,
    My rhymes so fucking sick.

    So honey don't you test me
    unless you want a lesson
    My mouth'll drop you so fuckin fast,
    It'll leave a lip impression.

    Quick, call your therapist, schedule up a session,
    Tell em you got a confession, this bitch she wasn't messin',
    Done fucked around and gave you a case of full blown depression.

    When I'm done with you,
    You won't be the same,
    You won't remember shit
    But you won't forget my name.

    Up and down,
    Left and right
    You won't know which is which
    Hot and cold, in and out,
    Just keep messing with this bitch.

    Honey you done been warned,
    You should know that I'm comin',
    There ain't no gettin away from me,
    So there ain't no sense in runnin'.

    One look at your face and your mental state,
    And you'll know that you done got smacked,
    Your mind's outta wack and your face's got a crack,
    Get this bitch some thorazine and makeup, STAT!

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell


  • tnaum44 105w

    Mic's are hungry

    Yeah I'm some special type of breed, Mic's come to me to feed, I can never repress, put this to the test, I'm steady making raps, making bass slap, shaking the ground, crowd gathers around, waiting in suspense, keeping shit intense, give you a taste, without disgrace, I'm on a different wavelength, go ahead save your strength, hard to fathom this is for sure, yet I'll be your only cure, one who wishes the best me, better keep wishing test thee, I will never falter or be destroyed, those who've heard me will avoid, stepping to me is not a game, I've been known to Ignite the flame, my words will put u to shame, I'm like fuel, you'lll get handled in a duel, this is your only chance to prove, I'm not scared got nothing to lose, wishing is as good as it gets, this will be something you won't forget.

  • wolfiewords 105w

    Ron Weasley

    Trying to figure things out everyday,
    I am a mess, unrest, it's a fucking relay, of problems, no solutions, its far from away.
    This way that way, which way should I sway,
    My issues aren't trivial, my thoughts astray.
    I am weak like a twig, I get snapped very easily,
    My mental mettle is like his wand to ron Weasley.

  • tnaum44 105w


    my words come forth corrupt, I'm flowing it just erupts, not caring for those in harm's way, I'm in my groove what can I say, I I'm so dope I make your pupils dilate m, so vicious I'm going to rip ya till I annihilate, the future has been told, no other scenario will unfold, no chance of life or survival, I'm the only known cure or revival, I'll leave your mouth open with the stare, unable to breathe gasping for air, I'm a gruesome gorilla, hunt you down to kill ya, never letting up, never a flaw, one who upholds my own laws, wishing to be rescued shooting a flare, I'm like an animal with my teeth bare, so don't oppose my serving, your one that's quite deserving, my style is rare it's obvious, those who oppose are oblivious, given this lyrical ability, with the sense of tranquillity, I've been known to turn heads, most the rappers seem to dread, I seen the fear in their eyes, when they come around to realize, that those who have spoken, were not playing or joking, cuz It's my written, It's venom I'm spittin, this my flow, I'll be the one y'all sure to know, shits right, cuz my beats tight, I'm fresh, I'm fly, I'm one hell of a sight, dope is my game and I'm your guy, some call me the baker, even the maker, there's haters for the Creator, throw up the middle and I'll see you later, I stack paper, you think ur girl locked in but Imma take her, got her on my penis, because I'm a lyrical genius, she fiends this, got it her on knees like she's praying to Jesus

  • vish535 111w


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  • wingsofmaverick 115w

    Fake Mumbling

    Damn I don't give shit about anything,
    Damn I don't give shit about anything,
    Mumbling for the first time doesn't expect much hits,
    Mumblers say get the hell out u don't fit,
    It's ok I get it u don't understand my words,
    I m too fast for u to understand u chirping birds,
    Yes you may own this industry,
    But ur not doing anything so much differently,
    Some mumblers say "u can't mumble u r not so real",
    This is not my one of the hits but still a real deal,
    All you guys wear long chains with fancy cars,
    U have many hoes and even have a lunch of caviar,
    But still I rap and write better and mean better than ur mumbling raps,
    You are just a Gucci gang of fake rappers and I m maker of some great lyrical raps,

    Damn I don't give shit about anything,
    Damn I don't give shit about anything,

    Oh I'm done mumbling can't do it anymore,
    I can't be those ass clowns anymore,
    I can't do so fake mumbling anymore,
    I can't try to be lil pump anymore,
    Fuck it

  • kabrinia 118w

    True Story: Real Shit & Complementary Moons

    Theres a fuzzy boy that loves me
    And is hoping soon to cuff me
    He is inbound in a sad town
    But loves when im around

    Hes not scared of the ground
    Hes not scared to come around
    Hes scared of my frown

    He hates every tear that's come down my every pound that i hate on my waist and face
    I have chubby cheeks for days
    And matching nutmeg legs
    Do you understand

    I want to finally go back to the mother land
    My skin
    Is not a sin
    I have to be the princess, love
    You have to defend
    Protection protection
    No soul tie infection
    I oil my hair in parted sections
    God have mercy for my actions
    For every time i went bat shit
    And for all the broken fabric
    And the unrealistic plan attactment

    He said I'm a ball of love
    He believes i can fly
    Its amazing he still wants to try
    7 years later i might be a wife; he never wants me to cry
    He knows I got his neck covered in about fight
    Stomp a bitch to death and back to life
    Livid with light
    Im fire your ice
    I pasted anger management
    I dont want to fight
    I surivived in a house full of savages
    And smoked hella nugs of weed of cabbages


  • boy_in_luv 119w

    I'll be Yours

    She got that style
    A cute little face,
    And that pretty little smile
    That I just wanna taste.
    Something I ain't gonna waste,
    Cuz girl, you're my beautiful saint.

    Be the man you wanna embrace,
    I'll be the one you wanna crave,
    The person you'll enslave,
    The only guy who'll make your heart race.

    Break anyone who comes near you
    I'll take the lives of those who hate you
    I know this is all a sin, what I do
    But I guess I'll be an atheist for you

    Cuz you got me girl!
    You are my world!
    You're my life through present and future,
    I'd say it again til the day I stop getting older.

    Dear beautiful girl,
    Why are you crying?
    If I gave you the world,
    Would it stop you from hurting?
    I know that ain't much,
    But would this be enough?

    I'll be yours.

    I'd take a bullet through the brain for ya
    A knife through my heart for ya
    Let the devil take my soul for ya
    I'd do anything for ya

    I'll be yours.

    Cuz girl you are my angel,
    The only one I can go to when I see the devil
    You are my light
    The stars in my nights
    That shine brighter than the daylight.

    I'll be yours.

    Cuz you got me girl.
    You are my world.
    You're my life through present and future,
    I'd say it again til the day I stop getting older.

    I'll be yours.

  • kcarson 140w

    Won't find me pinned against the desk, opportunities only depending on sex.
    Progress is mental stay outta your head.
    Skip to my Lou, stay away from the edge.
    Everything I love, everything else is dead.
    Fuck your drugs, let worlds play tricks instead.

  • sunn12 140w


    You kiss you mother with that mouth
    Do say you love her with that mouth
    Spitting those rhymes maybe in time
    You'll shut that mouth

  • vasqora 156w

    Kabhi Kabhi

    Kabhi kabhi mere Dil me
    Khayal AAta he

    Verse 1-
    Ki jese tujhko, banaya gaya he mere liye
    Tere ankh jese andhere me mere diye
    Dikhaye raste, na gum ho saku me
    Tere sath me, rahu salo keliye
    I‎sliye, me kehta na rooth tu mujse
    ‎teri har khayal rakhu me khud se
    each guy says these lines
    to the woman he loves
    Till they reach a point where she finds
    Another guy to say the same lines
    He pays the price 7 folds
    You may love her but there aint no honesty among hoes
    These bitchs be runnin afta the gold
    Pesa Kya cheez he?
    If money is a flower, bitchs to bas bees he.
    Iss Andhere duniya me, esi koi cheez nai
    Jo hame chaiye aur mile vo free mehi
    Pesa pesa har jagha, pese ki he duniya
    Na kush hoge tum unless you're a baniya
    Funny na? Hame sikhaya Pyaar karo,
    Hame bataya man bano.
    Respect your elders, woman and children
    Bache bas lardke, so what? Should we kill em?
    There ain't no end to these unjustified arguments
    Bole ye bole vo, Karne ko bolo to Sab bole, no
    These hoes, I want em no more
    Real love now sounds like folk lore
    Relationshits these days revolve around money
    Got cash in your wallet and everyone calls you honey
    Thats why in the end your unhappy and lonely
    It's the same problem from rikshaw walas to the Ambanis.

    It's just life tho, that's how it's always been,
    Peaks and valleys, no alley is even clean.
    The thoughts in these lines are just words spat out from mind
    Don't wanna start a fight, that'll leave the whole world blind
    No crimes, just want us to see eye to eye.
    Don't fight, don't want an eye for an eye.
    It's just these thoughts they keep rotatin in my head,
    In it's stead I keep singin, kabhi kabhi,

    Verse 2-
    I stick to that one thing my ma always told me
    Do the right, never wrong. That'll save you in every journey.
    I'm done with that now tho, time to flip the coin
    Been being good forever, don't see no point
    Time to be the bad guy
    Fight, even if you get a black eye
    But don't dwell in sorrows, that shit'll just fuck up your tomorrow
    Got no homie who has this back of mine
    My girl always in the back of my mind
    Tho when I look back in hind sight
    Hoes will be hoes, so dont be too kind
    Or you'll find yourself in another pit of doom
    Wallowing in self pity, sorrow and gloom.
    But that's every teen right? It's just in our age.
    This anger we have, our rage is just a phase.
    Well fuck you adults, for belittling our emotions
    You're all so big and mighty, all you do is run behind promotions.
    Don't judge us fuckers, you don't understand us!
    We're free in mind n spirit y'all just stand under us!
    Don't blunder us, or tell us what you think is right.
    You don't know what it feels when each day is a dogfight.
    Our minds are like typhoons battling a desert tornado
    Agar samjhane bhi jaye, tum bologe bas rehnedo.
    This is a message to every adult out there
    We get enough hate, try to show us some love n care.
    Try just asking what's wrong and be a friend.
    You want us to open up? Then stop saying our anger is just a trend.

    But it's just life right? That's how things have been
    From the start of time, no mind is ever clean
    The thoughts in my head, I spit em to paint a scene
    Don't wanna start a fight tho, that doesn't mean I'm fleein
    The thoughts just keep rotatin in my heart
    And I start singing, kabhi kabhi

    Verse 3-
    Kash sabhi iss world me rahe happy happy
    Khaye roti and sabji and smoke weed to stay trippy
    Legalize the leaf, one day that'll be common belief
    Till then keep lettin rapists go and focus on petty theifs
    Focus on kids who sag their pants and slay their jeans, show some ass cause that's not part'o the plan, who flunk their grades and misbehave, smoke fags in school yet help the trans we might seem wrong to society but are we really a menace?
    Are gays and lez so wrong? Don't you think you got bigger things to focus on?
    Y'all waste time victimizing us for being bi
    Causing us to sleep each night while we cry
    Then you look down on a kid who's wants to die
    You trap us in a cage, clip our wings, then ask us to fly.
    I've been saying shit since the past few minutes
    Tried to cover as many thoughts I could in it.

    Sadly this doesn't make a difference,
    It's life it's always been like this.
    Ups and downs then more downs and more,
    Reached Tartarus, how low can you go?
    Each soul born is another soul dammed
    Living hell on Earth. With death we flirt.
    Whatever's on my head I just blurt
    These verses of mine is like a verus sign
    Na inka koi matlab na koi reason or rhyme
    Bas bol dala Sab Kuch jo Dil me Tha mere
    Tabbhi kyu me gata hu kabhi kabhi dil me mere


  • vasqora 156w

    Im on the pursuit of enlightenment
    I glide and bend,
    in response to disses thrown at me.
    You're crazy!
    If you think I give a fuck,
    to me you're just a snail, stuck in mud! You're outta luck,
    facing me off in the first battle,
    an early funeral, I eat you like cattle.
    Fatal wounds,
    like craters of the moon.
    Soon your existence, will be non existent!
    life will seem distant!
    and your memories you'll miss them!
    This is what happens when you don't listen!
    My first victory?
    When I deleted you from history,
    No mystery,
    mister even your sister worshipped me.
    So get this through your head,
    No point in hiding, fuck if you run
    On you I'll step.


  • ronakparikh 161w


    Ye dukh hi to bhagvan ki yaad dilata he
    Baki sukh me to insaan khud ko bhul jata he..!


  • jaeeezy 164w

    Spirit Wise

    When I look into your eyes
    the emptiness that I see inside
    is no surprise
    your existence is just for the ride
    so you like to hide
    masking your life
    with some pride
    Achievement means
    only icy slides
    To the next wave of black tides
    This darkness begins to override
    Your hard drive
    you're lost inside
    a capsule of time
    Tryna occupy
    this space of mines
    Your prisoners love mind
    Keeping me confined
    I usually see the details
    But now I'm too refined
    To define
    The divine
    Endless sublimes
    So I battle the paradox
    With hip hop rhymes
    From trap jazz to grime
    I'll ooze through the genres
    Like slime
    Flubber on my mind
    I see three
    while most see blind
    As i take a stand
    I stay rooted in my minds eye
    A throne that'll never be overthrown
    No not this time
    I've mininmized the crime
    No longer resort to selling dimes..
    But I'm still lifting others up on high