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    My shock over his kiss wore off. Then all I could think about was the sensation of that kiss. I became aware of my mouth in a way I had never been before, aware of its power to give and receive pleasure.

  • yoyowrites_ 42w

    In all my change of seasons-
    The pink blush, the bloody red
    and wheaty change
    My room stands as my witness
    And bear the brunt of my many shades
    No truer words can make me shake
    For I sometimes appear nonchalant
    When I should be awfully worried,
    I'd steal a melancholic scene
    And make it mine before I sleep,
    In my pensive mood,
    I'd replace the word 'happy' from my dictionary
    Unapologetically play apocryphal scenarios
    To make me sick and insane.
    When, by dawn, sunlight starts to shine
    I'd get amazed by my confidence soaring
    After the night I had spent crying,
    Having escaped from the moments
    I soak my pillow in tears
    Of broken dreams.

    No one else but my room
    Has seen the light and darkness
    Emitting from my body.
    My room records my life
    The things I dare not share
    But I glow sometimes
    If you must know :)
    I have a huge ego too
    That would never drop
    From my rosy tinted lips
    I also abide by certain standards
    I ruled out for myself,
    Some may call it class
    But that isn't everything
    About me, you know..
    I can bury my ego
    Six feet under,
    Live like a monk
    Admiring nothing but peace.
    It is just a room talk
    Between me and my other self
    The life we have imagined
    Beyond these walls that keep us in.
    As much as my world felt alive
    with new dreams taking shape inside,
    The things we have most often
    Talked about 'Us' has always
    Been in the form of either
    Pleasure or pain!

    #mirakee #room talk #randomscribbling

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    Room talk

    "When, by dawn, sunlight starts to shine
    I'd get amazed by my confidence soaring
    After the night I had spent crying,
    Having escaped from the moments
    I soaked my pillow with tears
    Of broken dreams."

  • vdascribbling 58w

    Miss Po Tenshal

    Miss Po Tenshal

    A mixture of fire and Ice
    The glowing eyes of a vixen looks
    In those tiny unsuspecting eyes.
    She is the "woman" of the 21st century
    Yet she carries the relics of eras that were before she came to be.

    The ideal wife
    Cleaning, cooking, frolicking,
    Willingly going into submission to ignite the fire in her man.
    She sees the veil in the distance,
    Can almost taste the engagement
    And sees the tears during the father- daughter dance
    She catches the bouquet that comes her way,
    Everyone cheering on the maid
    Who will "someday make the ideal wife" they say.

    The aunt who spoils the little ones with books not toys
    Who will give them the medicine despite their crying noise.
    Alphabets, tracing and flash cards for play
    " You will be a great mom some day".
    She gives herself to those undeserving men,
    Who claim her eggs
    But can't fertilize one of them.
    Plans of a family, baby after baby
    Miss Po's monthly laughs at this childless maybe barren lady.

    Miss Po Tenshal
    Likes nothing vanilla but ice cream and shakes
    So she enjoys a nice blend of kinky treats when she aches.
    "You make a good sub miss
    You know just how to submit"
    Miss Po just smiles
    Because she knows that like the others he too will get cold feet.

    So she just smiles and nods
    And goes back to her little world
    Of work to mask that
    Life is really dull
    For the lady in the corner -Miss Po Tenshal.

  • umbraa 67w

    I have forgotten how pain feels like,
    How sadness feels like.

    When you first left me , I cried for days all alone,
    Even at the night time , when streets lights are the only things awake , my eyes overflowed with tears and gave them the company .It went for months. It made my heart tremble , voice muffled and eyes dry. Well that should happen when we feel pain.

    Months later , I could feel myself loosing my tears as if my tear glands were getting non functional. Doctor called it dry eyes and gave refresh tears as the only drop, asked me to sleep on time and to make less use of my phone.

    Idk if it was doctor's words or what , I did left my phone , I mean I picked it up less often , uninstalled many apps , and started sleeping more and more. Day after day my sleep cycle improved and in the end sleep became my one and only escape. I didn't delete our old text and pics . I didn't tried forgetting you But eventually everything started to become numb .

    I didn't felt anything for anyone . I knew my fucking emotions were getting blocked . I didn't do that on purpose , it just happened. Believe me I still want to cry but something within me had sealed the wild , heart grasping pain ,that I used to feel earlier when I used to see your photos with him.

    Till the present day I sometimes stare at your pics and feel nothing. Not even hatred.But that doesn't mean I admire other things around me. I have left the feelings. I just go with the flow now, as if I was a log left on a rushing water current. I am blank . I am alone . I am lost.

    I am not happy, but atlest now I am not sad....

    @mirakee @writersnetwork, @odysseus
    #pod #muse #randomscribbling

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    Maybe blankness should me considered as a emotion too...


  • daphnae 74w

    Clobbering along your harsh screams, I accepted my defeat. The war of my love against your ego. The war of my devotion against your lechery. I couldn't fight anymore, neither could my heart. Those raspy words you use, hiding behind the curtain of anger, still echoes in my ears. Those allegations of yours, renders my heart with more soreness. Those reprobated hugs where once you were never ready to leave me once we get close, those apathetic kisses where once you used to forget everything while our lips met, those unanswered cuddles where once we used to spend our whole night holding together, those cold eyes where once all they searched for was me. When those giggles were replaced by the unending silence, when those long talks were replaced by the one-word replies, when our coition needed no long kisses, I realized I have already lost the battle.

    I still remember the day you entered my life, your eyes bright and blue, your smile so warm and new. And now, the day you left, no guilt in your face, no tears in your eyes, no doubt about leaving. You were ready to leave, like you were waiting for this day. Neither you came to hug me when I sobbed, nor I begged you to stay again. I was tired, and frustrated.

    Now that I am here, standing at the other end of the shore, I am happy without you. Without a temporary person who painted some chapters of my life with bright hues, while some were just torn apart. Without that person who claimed to love me, but never believed to show it. Without the same person with whom I dreamt of singing the never ending lullabies of love. Without the same person who didn't even care to ask if I am okay anymore.

    //I stand here, when the calm zephyr brushes my hair and caresses my frigid heart with its calmness. And the serenity glared at me as if to demand a smile. I did. And I looked towards the horizon. The sun, once more was adorning. It once more became more relevant. And it felt as if I stole something from it, to later realize that they were the blushes.//


    #mirakee #wn #pod #love #youandme #randomscribbling #daadisbae #daadigotyourback #lame #dark
    Thank you for the challenge: @mirakee_ki_naanima
    @mirakee_ki_daadima @mirakee_ke_dadaji

    (I'm not sure if I did justification to the line. Forgive me.)

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    And you left...

  • daphnae 74w

    Along the
    Clouds of thunder
    To find herself peace.
    Never did she know that
    Her peace would soon dissipate
    And bring her the storms of mishaps.
    She would have to fight them all alone,
    But she had her true espousal, the throne.

    #ethereec #mirakee #wn #pod #queen #randomscribbling #wander

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    The juvenile queen

  • amateur_writes 140w

    Those were just few lines,
    wished to cross the minds..
    struggling with the words,
    It somehow manage to work..
    the depth of it can't be simplified,
    for it was not meant for the ones
    who fail to recognize their own vibes!
    Thinking about all the good old times,
    whispers to the heart that the life was once very fine..
    Now things have changed,
    Memories have drained..
    Innocence that one possess has lost its sight,
    now we wonder will things be again alright?

  • amiablethombre 153w

    फ़िर बेमौसम बरस पड़ी है देखों
    बारिश नहीं
    उसकी आँखे.....
    धूल गई जो आँखों में पड़ी धूल थी
    हाँ शायद हुईं उससे कोई भूल थी
    क्या कांच का खिलौना तोड़ दिया फिर तूने
    देख तो कैसे ख़ून रीस रहा हैं हाथों से
    माँ चीख़ती जा रही थी

    खिलौना? नही नहीं सपनें तोड़ आई हूँ आज फिर माँ
    काँच के ही तो थे आँखों में बड़े चूभते थे।

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    #excuse #moon #murk #randomscribbling @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee
    PC: Its an actual picture of the moon clicked by me through the telescope... ��

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    The Moon...

    Never ever did he make an
    excuse to show up at work...
    Its us who lacked to discern
    his presence through the murk...