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  • isalittlebroken 11w

    Ashes to Ashes

    How humbling it is to hold human ashes 
    in your hand.
    A person you used to know,
    cast to the sea in a pillowed cloud of white dust.
    Her spirit leaving us
    to rest forevermore 
    in azure waters 
    She adored.

    (Cast my Aunt and her daughter's ashes into the ocean today.) RIP 6/8/21

  • kelvinesthy 11w

    I woke up to the regular shenanigans of the day
    Nothing exciting nor sad
    Just the everyday waking up, going to work, eating like every other brings in the universe

    This all changed when I saw that post
    You kicked the bucket
    In as much as u love football the bucket was a prohibited entity until the age 70
    So why leave now
    Dude u have so much to offer

    I'm not even sure if what am saying
    My body is all shakey
    My fingers too heavy
    But still the memories kept coming
    Of all the time we spent together, laughing arguing, playing and even giving Fada Dom headache.
    I can still hear u calling me via the usual phrase "Iyke my man"
    Then why, how can sickness overpowered u.
    This is so devastating.

    I know you will be saying "Nigga be strong"
    Even though it's gonna be hard but I will be strong
    I know you are at a better place.
    Do rest well until we see again
    My brother
    #KhavaliLivesOn #DeathIsJustAPassage #RIP #RestInPeace #MyBrother #MyFriend #MyPadi #TheKing

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    Till we meet again

    As you walk through that passge know that you aren't alone. Our love and friendship will guide you

  • ammy21 13w

    Rip to all guys who lost a good person
    Coz they were not mature enough to keep her

  • iti___ 14w

    #जाने वाले चले जाते है एक वक्त तक साथ देने के बाद!

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    फूफा जी

    मिलेंगे एक रोज़ किसी मोड़ पर आपसे ,
    आप फिर से कुछ मीठा ख़िलाइयेगा!

  • queerchildzw 15w

    Writing prompt: Dearly departed parents

    Dear mom and dad,
    I miss you so much. There's so much I still want to say. So many truths I kept inside. I never felt like I could tell you everything but now you're gone and I wish I had never held back.
    I was always afraid of you, afraid of being punished, afraid of being shouted at, afraid of disappointing you. I know now that fear kept us from having more. You were the parents and I was the child, a very clear boundary was set. If there's a rule I wish I had broken, it would be the unwritten one that prevented us from being friends. I would have crossed the line to laugh with you till we high-fived.
    I know you loved me and cherished me. I remember all the good times in our home. I hold on tighter to the memories as I get older so I never forget you. Sometimes I can feel you with me and that reassures me, knowing you're watching over me. I hope I've made you proud.
    Rest in peace my king and queen.

  • amii__ 15w

    एक - एक कर पत्ते गिर जाते है ज़िन्दगी तेरे किरदार निभाने में


  • bandile 15w

    Mrs. Meyer

    Too much sorrow to comprehend.
    I find myself asking when will be the end?
    Hear this..Your cheerful spirit is what everyone will miss .
    Even when your body grew weak.
    Your joy was some how at its peak.
    You turned this affliction of slavery into a great act of bravery.
    Peace be with you.
    I will miss all your references to.. Winnie the Pooh.

  • afzalhakim 18w

    We all remember him as "The flying Sikh", a remark that was used to describe his lightning swiftness on the race track. Born, Milkha Singh, he was one out of the 15 siblings born to a poor farmer in the small restive hamlet of Govindpura, a part of the Muzzafargarh district in Multan, Pakistan. According to documents uncovered in Pakistan, he was born in 1929, but that would put his age at 18 at the time of partition which is contrary to his personal accounts which have him as a boy of only 12 when the partition began in 1947.

    For Milkha Singh, this was perhaps a much more trying time than his sprints in the Olympics or the unrelenting hardwork that led him to the zenith of his career as a fine athlete. The family resided in a more peaceful part of the country where the families stood up to the values of communal harmony and brotherhood and where everyone protected everyone from being affected. However, the raging fire of the riots had little or no regards for any kind of emotion or principles. It just spread and gutted everything and everyone that came in its path.

    The young Milkha, who had already lost eight of his young siblings to disease and squalor, lost both of his parents to the violence. His father, whom the young Milkha Singh saw being cut with a sword in front of eyes could only muster three final words in a dying breath - "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" (Run Milkha Run). Apparently the Bollywood biopic adopted these as the title and also given context to it in a way. I say that because ever since this incident, Milkha Singh could not hold back from running as if it were his living destiny. He hid in the woods and didn't even know if anyone else from his family or village survived or not. Coming across a family migrating to Delhi, he just joined the bandwagon not knowing where it would take him.

    In many accounts that I have heard from people that I have interviewed, this fact remains kind of invariable that for many migrating from Pakistan side of Punjab, Delhi was a destination by default. It was at that time a city emancipated from the clutches of colonialism and a centre for power of a freshly decolonised nation-state. In the hands of big contractors, many of whom had connections to Punjab like Khushwant Singh's family, Delhi was being built a new to cater to the needs of an entire nation. Pouring in from everywhere, these migrants were being camped into makeshift refugee camps until they could be alloted evacuee property against their previous shares. It was a barter system of sorts and those with nothing before, had nothing even now.

    One of these souls battered by poverty and hardships was very young Milkha Singh. After finding out that his sister was alive through an announcement of lost and found at the refugee camps, he went berserk with emotions and ran to find out where she was. These announcements were made based on whoever had registered their names on the registry when they arrived into Delhi and each refugee camp had its own registry. To have been present at the same place and at the time when her name would have been announced was a very rare chance for Milkha. Many people have been unable to locate their family members so many years after partition because not everyone registered their names and even many who did, cholera or hunger clipped their lives short like nipping a bud from a plant.

    Overcoming many challenges in life, including the possibility of ending up being killed in a dacoity heist gone wrong, Milkha Singh joined the armed forces where he was introduced to the world of athletics. From other accounts as well that I have heard from my interviews, I've always sensed the difficulties that refugees faced in terms of fitting into a different lifestyle. Milkha, having being orphaned at a very tender age and having lived in very precarious conditions, faced the same tremendous perplexity that left him baffled. The discipline of the army could not naturally come to him and so there were times when he thought of quitting the army as well. Yet against unsurmountable odds, he persevered and he toiled until he made himself ready to compete neck to neck with the world.

    He brought honour not only to himself, to his parents who couldn't see him for the world icon that he had become, but also to the billions of inhabitants of both the countries. While India appropriates him for the legend he is, Pakistan holds him in highest respect as well for having had his roots from there. I remember Milkha Singh being undetested by questions that would have him to choose between the two. His polite assertion would always be the same - I am an offspring of both India and Pakistan and my everlasting loyalty to either one can never be partitioned even if the two countries had to undergo that unfortunate plight.

    It is to this undying gesture of goodwill and patriotism demonstrated by Milkha Sir in his life and his demise, that we owe him a great deal of gratitude and respect. You Sir, will always be an inspiration for millions around the world and I hope that everyone learns a great deal about life from the lessons you left behind. May your soul find its place in eternal solace and peace alongside your proud parents and siblings and may you set many new records in the afterlife as well.

    #rip #theflyingsikh #milkhasingh #athletics #partition @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Rest in Peace Flying Sikh

    Captain Milkha Singh (20 November 1929 – 18 June 2021)

  • avesta 18w

    The Flying Sikh

    Dear Milkha Singh,

    Thanks for making us believe that humans can fly too.


  • u_and_me 18w

    जिसकी होने ना होने से कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता
    क्यों उसकी लाश को देखकर मेरा कांपता शरीर है


  • themitartofficial 18w

    Milkha Singh
    ( 20 November 1929 - 18 June 2021 )
    One of the Legendary Person of our Nation and the greatest inspiration of many sports person and others also left us. He is one of the biggest example of a fighter against own life by touching the sky.

    Sir Milkha Singh is my biggest inspiration till now and will forever. Feeling so mournful by realizing that we all lose a Hero...!

    We all are proud of you Sir and will do forever. You will always be missed by this world.

    #rip #ripmilkhasingh #legends #sportslegends #proudofnation #milkhasingh

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    The Flying Sikh

    " Hard work,
    Will power
    जिस इंसान मे यह चीज़ है,
    वो जमीन से उठके आसमान को छु सकता है"

    - Milkha Singh
    ( मिल्खा सिंह )

  • dreamgirl8397 18w

    Tribute to Milkha Singh Ji

    Socha na tha ki ik aisa waqt bhi ayega
    Flying Singh hme chod kr jayega
    Aasmano ko chuna inki fitrat mein tha
    Kya malum tha Corona inki kismt mein tha
    Din raat mehnat karke apne punjab ka naam bnaya
    Hey bhagwan kya hai ab tune khel bnaya
    Sab ankhein nam ho gyi
    Jb ek mhaan hsti gum ho gyi

    Rip Milkha Singh Ji
    Legends never die


  • schan_writes 18w

    अच्छा आदमी था,
    पर 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।

    काश कोई उसके प्रतिभा को परख लिया होता,
    तो 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।।

    काश कोई उसके अंदर की भावना को समझ लिया होता,
    तो 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।

    काश कोई उसके मन की बात को जान लिया होता,
    तो 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।।

    काश कोई उसके मुस्कुराहट के पिछे की खामोशी को पहचान लिया होता,
    तो 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।

    काश कोई उसके साथ भी ढंग का बर्ताव कर लिया होता,
    तो 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।।

    काश कोई उसके अकेलेपन में दो पल साथ बैठ लिया होता,
    तो 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।

    काश कोई उसके बुरे वक्त में साथ खङा हो लिया होता,
    तो 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।।

    अच्छा आदमी था,
    पर 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।


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    "अच्छा आदमी था,
    पर 'काश', वो अच्छा आदमी आज हमारे बीच होता।"
    (Read Caption)
    (21January, 1986 - 14June, 2020)


  • schan_writes 18w

    Thoda bada h... Lekin ek baar padhna jaroor��❤️��


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    My humble request to the media of our country:

    Kripya kar ke 'Lt. Sushant Singh Rajput' ke naam par apne channel ki 'TRP' badhna ab band kar de. Yahan ki janta itni bewakoof nhi hai. Aaj unke guzre hue ek saal se adhik samay ho gya lekin aaj bhi media mein unke insaaf k naam par logon ko gumraah kiya jaa rha h. Arre sir, aapko bhi pta hai jab ek saal mein kuch nahi hua toh ab kya hi hoga. Agar itni hamdardi phele dikhaate na, toh kya pta wo aaj hamare beech hote. Agar karna hai toh kuch aisa kijiye, jisse 'Lt. Sushant Singh Rajput' sir ke saath jo kuch bhi hua wo kisi aur k saath na ho, Baaki toh hum sab jaante hain kya hua hai unke saath.
    Aur agar humlog kuch kar sakte hai toh sirf saath milkar unki aatmaa ki shaanti ke liye prarthna kar sakte hain (insaaf dilaana toh durr ki baat hai) aur real talent ko support. Aur agar krna hai toh aaj se '#justiceforsushantsinghrajput' ke jagah '#prayforssr' ka use kare.
    Always in our heart❤️

    अगर सहमत हों तो शेयर जरूर करें...


  • anushka_chakraborty 18w

    Lullaby of the death

    The clock hands past Twelve
    Leaving trails of the past , the heart refused to believe clenching my fist I sat there in the dark
    The rose petals which were once so vibrant is now lying dry and dead
    The letters which once sung the proclivity of slower tempo
    now intone Gloomy Sunday
    The white fabric which once smelled of herbs and honey
    is now decaying swinging down the ceiling
    rewinding reminiscence that has passed
    Eyes which mirrored nebula and classic antiquity
    now lying motionless as if time has ceased playing
    its dark game
    Anatomy constructed with the five elements
    are now burnt down into ashes, as the flame rose higher and higher leaving the epiphany of undone dreams and hope, crying with grief for, Justice is what prevails.


    #ssr #mirakee #writerspoint #rip #grief

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  • sparkles09_ 18w

    We miss you

    It's been a year now....but my heart still doesn't believe the truth...the painful bitter truth that , the man who was the inspiration of so many people like me ... is no more with us . But his memories, his work, his innocent smile ,his humanity , his kindness will forever be remain in our hearts.

  • adu_19 19w

    अब होली के त्योहार मे वो मज़ा ना होगा,
    वोह एक साथ खाना ना होगा ।
    अंताक्षरी के गानों पर वोह नाचना ना होगा,
    दीदी को प्यार से सताने मे वोह सुकून ना होगा ।
    अब ना वोह बाते होगी ना मुलाकाते होगी,
    आपकी वोह १२ बजे जन्मदिन पर कॉल पर बाते ना होगी।
    आपके बिना हर पल अधूरा सा रहेगा,
    आपके बिना हमारा जीवन हमेशा नीरस रहेगा ।

  • thepaintingquill 20w

    Final Rest

    To all those we've lost,
    And all who we might;
    I know all of our hearts are filled with fright.
    Yet, I hope they can finally rest,
    And find peace,
    In death even if they haven't found it alive.

  • mysteryman001 22w

    Day By Day, Situations Ars Getting Worse..!
    Lots Of Lots, Surprises Are Hearing Us....!
    Deaths Are Becomed Sooo Normal...!
    And We Are Casucally Stepping Into New Normal...!
    None Day Ends Without Seeing RIP status...!
    It Hits Hard When Our Closed One Gone...!
    It May be A Just A Count of Death For Others...!
    But For Them Its Eternal Emotion....!

    At Once I Studied Life Is Uncertain...!
    In My Theory...!
    But Now Day By Day I Am Practising It Practically....!

    May All Those Souls RIP....!

    Pls Stay Safe


  • preranarathi 22w

    #I'll miss you.... , #RIP, #Maa❤❤❤❤

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    तेरे नजदीक होने कि खुशी से ज्यादा,
    तेरे दूर जाने का गम हैं।