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  • anushka_chakraborty 7h

    Lullaby of the death

    The clock hands past Twelve
    Leaving trails of the past , the heart refused to believe clenching my fist I sat there in the dark
    The rose petals which were once so vibrant is now lying dry and dead
    The letters which once sung the proclivity of slower tempo
    now intone Gloomy Sunday
    The white fabric which once smelled of herbs and honey
    is now decaying swinging down the ceiling
    rewinding reminiscence that has passed
    Eyes which mirrored nebula and classic antiquity
    now lying motionless as if time has ceased playing
    its dark game
    Anatomy constructed with the five elements
    are now burnt down into ashes, as the flame rose higher and higher leaving the epiphany of undone dreams and hope, crying with grief for, Justice is what prevails.


    #ssr #mirakee #writerspoint #rip #grief

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  • potterhead_anas08 9h

    It's been

    It's been a year now....but my heart still doesn't believe the truth...the painful bitter truth that , the man who was the inspiration of so many people like me ... is no more with us . But his memories, his work, his innocent smile ,his humanity , his kindness will forever be remain in our hearts.

  • adu_19 4d

    अब होली के त्योहार मे वो मज़ा ना होगा,
    वोह एक साथ खाना ना होगा ।
    अंताक्षरी के गानों पर वोह नाचना ना होगा,
    दीदी को प्यार से सताने मे वोह सुकून ना होगा ।
    अब ना वोह बाते होगी ना मुलाकाते होगी,
    आपकी वोह १२ बजे जन्मदिन पर कॉल पर बाते ना होगी।
    आपके बिना हर पल अधूरा सा रहेगा,
    आपके बिना हमारा जीवन हमेशा नीरस रहेगा ।

  • thepaintingquill 2w

    Final Rest

    To all those we've lost,
    And all who we might;
    I know all of our hearts are filled with fright.
    Yet, I hope they can finally rest,
    And find peace,
    In death even if they haven't found it alive.

  • mysteryman001 4w

    Day By Day, Situations Ars Getting Worse..!
    Lots Of Lots, Surprises Are Hearing Us....!
    Deaths Are Becomed Sooo Normal...!
    And We Are Casucally Stepping Into New Normal...!
    None Day Ends Without Seeing RIP status...!
    It Hits Hard When Our Closed One Gone...!
    It May be A Just A Count of Death For Others...!
    But For Them Its Eternal Emotion....!

    At Once I Studied Life Is Uncertain...!
    In My Theory...!
    But Now Day By Day I Am Practising It Practically....!

    May All Those Souls RIP....!

    Pls Stay Safe


  • preranarathi 4w

    #I'll miss you.... , #RIP, #Maa❤❤❤❤

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    तेरे नजदीक होने कि खुशी से ज्यादा,
    तेरे दूर जाने का गम हैं।


  • le_hornet 4w

    Notorious Wallace

    He was “ready to die” before he lived, raised by a Jamaican Queen, her only prince, left prints for hip hops blueprints, Jay Z built upon his foundation as well as many in N.Y, Biggie saved east coast as well as up and coming artist in that generation.

    “Notorious” he is to this day, I go through my seasons where biggie owns my speakers waves, the voice of a legend, to remind the current generation music from back in my days, a history lesson to one of the greatest M.C’s god put on the mic and grace us in this earths place, B.I.G forever, until I’m queuing for his concert outside heavens gates.


  • yayshi 4w

    Dear late writer,
    Your life said it all. Rest in peace🙏🏻

    #peacehaikuc #writersbay #mirakee #restinpeace #mask #rip #haiku #haiku_yayshi

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    Waste are not your mourns
    His soul has discovered peace
    Through the grave of stones


  • barbad 5w

    ख़ुश किस्मत हो मेरी जान
    मेरी दुआ तुमको लग गई

  • abhipriyashrivastaw 5w

    इतनी जल्दी क्यों चले गये आप! अभी तो हर चीज़ बाकी थी...
    सब अधूरा छोड़ क्यों चले गये आप??....
    #papa #loveupapa #missupapa #bestpapa #myworld #mylife #myfirstlove #rip #omshanti

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    अब कौन???...पापा!!

    अब कौन प्यार करेगा मुझे, जैसे अाप करते थे!
    अब कौन दुलार करेगा मुझे, जैसे अाप करते थे!
    अब कौन पुचकारेगा मुझे, जैसे अाप करते थे!
    अब कौन मेरी हर ख़्वाहिश पूरी करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन मेरे हर फैसले का समर्थन करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन मम्मी की देखभाल करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन भैया की फ़िक्र करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन बच्चों के साथ बच्चा बन जायेगा?
    अब कौन होली मनायेगा?
    अब कौन दिवाली के दिये जलायेगा?
    अब कौन दुर्गा पूजा में आरती गायेगा?
    अब कौन छठ में प्रसाद सजायेगा?
    अब कौन घर में रौनक लायेगा?
    अब कौन???...पापा!!


  • pbwrites101 6w

    Nobody is intended to live until the end of time. We need to bid farewell to each and every one of our cherished companions, relatives, and dearest ones. This is the saddest reality of life. It is regularly elusive words to communicate our sentiments when our nearest one withdraws for eternity. We become so stunned and tormented that we neglect to discover a few words for saying them a last farewell or to appeal to God for a quiet eternity for them. As we grieve the misfortune, it is additionally vital that we have our sentiments communicated appropriately. And sympathy is an approach to communicate compassion towards somebody who is tormented by the deficiency of their friends and family or a firmly related individual. Much of the time, the agony caused is for the most part identified with death, setback or something outside one's ability to control that can make anybody overwhelmingly sad.Words can't depict what I am feeling.
    My genuine sympathies for you on your misfortune. You and your family would be in my contemplations and petitions please stay strong.
    #death #covid #RIP

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    Farewell thoughts

    After Death feeling...!!

  • bringmethenight 6w

    I dreamed of you today

    I dreamed I could bring you back today
    To say a final goodbye
    It was short and sweet
    There were laughter and tears
    A few hugs and a story
    And then the goodbye was said

    I am glad I got my final goodbye
    Even if it was only a dream.
    You left too suddenly for anything else
    And now I am at peace.

  • oogiethemadgod 6w

    What a Trip

    Friend said:
    You don't use your words
    Like you used to
    And it's not the same

    As you can see
    You're right
    I'm trying
    It's just not the same

    I'm trying to express
    But it's just hollow pain
    I'm trying to confess
    That there's no more flame

    And so I don't have much to say
    *smile and nod* yes, I'm okay
    And there's no enemy to blame
    *internal scream* yes, I'm okay

  • complicated_prsn 6w

    India is sufferring from a very critical situation where we are helpless. We are seeing all our near and dear ones die... Churches, temples, Playgrounds, Schools, Colleges, Houses, Hospitals and all possible places are turned to COVID centers.

    We plead to every nation to help us in any possible way. We need doctors, oxygen. Our country is bleeding and we are helpless.

    Help India fight this battle. Standing up for world peace.

    Kindly keep your dear ones safe and sound..

    Be kind.

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    Tum unke darwaze pr jannat mangne jatey tey ..
    Aur aj unke darwaze se laashein jaa rahi hain..


  • ynandini_ 7w

    Ishq k bad milta hai ek hi sukoon
    Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun..

  • manjunath_s_murthy 8w

    Strange dream

    I had a strange dream last night,
    I heard a chorus 'rest in peace'.
    Alas! I was dead in my dream.
    My blood settled, my body turned cold,
    my heart slept in peace and
    my immortal soul with angels lives.
    Ah me! How sweet to imagine
    death before actual death.


  • slaughtered_heart 9w

    Those last three words you said were like the last three words people say when someone dies.
    #rip #bye #left #broken @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Your "Bye, take care" felt
    like "Rest in peace" to me.


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  • atheist_by_mind 9w


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