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  • roshnisharma 5w

    Watching him smile was her only wish,
    All of her dreams lightly squished:
    Trying hard to bring a smile on his face,
    But he chose happiness frm others to embrace;
    "Why am I not enough" ?she asked!
    A tear rolling down her eyes as she unmasked!!

  • roshnisharma 7w

    I am going to send an e-mail to the sky announcing that the sky & moon should get married. Atleast the solar system needs to show some etiquettes to arrange their wedding ceremony. Holy cow,What !earth is the ex- gf of sun.
    What do you think nasa?
    Why you are so much into their private lives?
    I do not think of a toxic relationship going on btwn sun & earth . But I could see that the winter in her eyes was melting everyday for him.
    TBH moon deserves more xoxo..


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  • roshnisharma 7w

    The feeling that you get when you hold onto something
    For just tooo long, is just euphoria & numbness co-existing together.
    Pains are just like the tales of the past ,& reminiscence
    Isn't a place to dwell upon.
    You can hold on & still let go
    Because at the end of the day ,it's you who gets to stay by the side of emotions & feel every bit of it.
    Something's aren't worthy of being understood
    There is still a bit of you desiring a lot from the universe
    That seldom grants wishes.


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  • roshnisharma 7w

    Love isn't always meant to stay forever,but that doesn't mean it was unreal....
    Love is only meant to teach you something
    You were the best thing that happened to me
    Every happy memory I have is linked with you,
    I learnt that the world isn't such a bad place after all.
    There's soo much music left to dance to. There r sooo many Stars left tooo count .
    You were there to lstn to me ,no matter what.
    Conspiracy theories ,my darkest thoughts, you'd lstn
    & That was it all along ,I just needed to be heard
    You unearthed me, only then did I know, I tooo could bloom

    Even though you have to goo now , I will never forget ur part in my lyf .. The love I have for you ,will never change
    The next time we meet, I hope,we can pick up right where we left it ..But ,until then I wish only the best for you
    You deserve the happiness u create.
    Relationships end, love doesn't..


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  • roshnisharma 7w

    And darling

    //I hold of your name
    To enlighten the dark alleges of my soul//

  • annatimes 9w


    I am enough for myself...
    I am enough for giving support
    To myself....
    I am enough to give strength
    To myself....
    I am enough to protect
    I don't need to trust anyone,
    And then give them a chance
    To break my trust....
    I Am Enough For Myself

  • roshnisharma 9w

    #R #/RS

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    ~//our hearts carried spoonful of caramalized sunsets
    And our laughter bore seeds of love
    The blushing sky swimming before our
    Very eyes teased with ebbing sea " look at them"
    U need to be with me now!
    All I need is you
    The sea waved & said " we stretch for infinite,we meet as the sun pours his sanguine rays over our demure hearts
    No matter how far we are! I am always gonna reflect you & the romanticized hues of yours;
    You drizzled into the streams of my soul ; oh beloved
    I will always be in love with you"//~

  • roshnisharma 9w

    I was there in the garden with the rest of the flowers
    Hiding in the corner
    Sensitive to touch
    I wrapped my petals(arms) around me,scared
    I hugged my stem( knees)
    People around kept touching me
    Maybe it's something which give them pleasure
    But it asks me to suffer

    I scream late in the nights
    Caged myself in my room
    Prisoned my soul & let
    The loneliness consume
    Tears dropping down from the corner of my eye
    Dried & lifeless
    I have let my inner soul die
    & Layed spineless

    To every touch I reacted
    People called me dramatic
    It seems like my life playing with my secrets
    And it made me phlegmatic

  • roshnisharma 9w

    # growth #RS #R

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    We are all confined .......by rituals,by expectations, by the societal norms... I have always felt one must be at peace with oneself to move forward...that's y I keep shedding all that weighs me down & try to hold on to what keeps me afloat...

    A burgeon into a roar from a whisper faint
    Each time I breach confining banks
    To flow like a river unchained
    Carving a path of my own
    Amidst mountains rugged
    & Valleys green

  • roshnisharma 9w

    "Action speaks louder than words"

    Actions may step in from the
    corridor of Newton's third law of motion,
    Whereas,the home belongs to motility of words
    Where attachments are flaunted by chains, chains hooked up
    By thoughts & etiquettes.

    Thoughts arrive first to shores
    Before waves make an effort
    To sail,even though ripples
    Create louder sound but without the blow
    Of rhythmic air it should collapse & faint


  • itsssiya 11w

    #blue #love #euphoria #R #�� if you like these lyrics comment a blue heart down ����������

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    So i saw you this morning
    To nervous to say anything
    Ran out with the first chance I got
    To scared to see your face
    Cause my heart can't handle the pace
    Yea its beating to fast

    There's a guy
    Let's call him blue
    He's so cute
    God tell me what to do
    When he's around I can't play pretend
    I think I'm falling for you
    Yea im falling for blue

    You better be around to catch me if I fall
    And you have to be around to answer my call
    I can't promise i won't be jealous when girls look right at you
    But one thing ill say is I'm okay
    With you hanging around them too
    Cause I'm telling you

    Promise me through thick and thin
    You and me we will always win
    I support you and you support me
    We go together like honey and bees
    You probably agree

    There's a guy
    Let's call him blue
    I like him I hope now he has a clue

  • camcocoyote 11w

    The Keep

    keep your stories to yourself until the stories you lie about to keep the lies stories lies about stories forever all who be whom have suffered lieing stories forever harrowed upon guilt soaring so as our children harrowed and harrowed to the sorrows of war as ways less become honored to these ways honest which vow work and turmoil fifteen year daughters as fifteen year sons scream to all suffering the injustice in opacity and irreverence irreverent coursing the wills wicked world these ways of justice medicine and trust to prosperity ours ... ancestry older as ent ...

    remember to eat
    I don't not love you
    you are

    and love asmom eternal

  • odisparo 14w



    I am a Miraquill Post
    Created by the host
    Of this nifty little app
    Putting poetry in your lap

    Now I want to see
    Posts tagged "Autobiography"
    That's the sole reason I exist
    After today I die, disappearing into mist

  • biha_soundarya 14w

    Heart : Time is essence.
    Conscience : How so?

    Heart : It becomes the main way of keeping things as part
    of memories whether it's good or bad.
    Conscience : Make sense..

    Heart : Essentially, time also symbolises that you should be
    using the time you have for great things ��.
    Conscience : And so thats how Time should be utilize.

    **This was was she told Govinda today, about the time and
    what it symbolizes. So that it is to be understood that unlike her, she misused all her precious younger times, it was a big waste. All she wanted was to achieve higher, something that would be fulfilling, something that make
    sense, something that would be able to help others and something that is fruitful enough that symbolizes her life.
    She however hope that she will still be able to achieve it.
    To travel, to embrace life as it is and most importantly to
    be loved, especially by her eternal love #R. If that was not
    meant to be, she would understand, as long as she is still a 1% part of him. She appreciates and is thankful. End of the day it is how the heart feels through time.
    TIME an endless concept of LOVE and LIFE**

    #pod #tod_wt #writersbay

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    TIME:endless concept:LOVE and LIFE


  • poetrypills 17w

    Please, sure.

    The dark is eerie
    Yet there's a familiarity
    It's a bit unsightly
    But a coping ability
    Remove anything from your body
    Turn around naughtily
    Position it carefully
    Your phone's your bestie
    A hubbie for a hobby
    Enjoy it silently
    Then you'll passed out merrily


  • benhurbedford 20w

    The Death of a Poet

    I witnessed a speck of light below.
    Underneath the shadow of tombs and stone.
    The life thirsted its way through hands,
    that were peeled and dry and had demands.

    Dried leaves on top of my blue shed,
    never knew the king too was dead.
    He whispered at sleep and dreamt away.
    of vain imaginings that kept him sane.

    "What is it that life has offered?
    my worn out dice and luck is baffled.
    The sky that remains grey and bitter.
    God has made me deeply withered"

    He did not know to claim ,
    he remained confined in this material plane.
    He reached the horizon with life in his hands.
    But the sun ran away like the merriest man.

  • benhurbedford 20w

    Robert Frost

    Robert Frost, I freeze my mind.
    The poetry that you have left behind.
    It shivers down my weakened spine.
    This time I stay and try to die

    You are no longer here I see
    My poetry runs deeper than a mystery.
    I am collapsed under a tree
    Two roads diverged, I chose to flea .

  • ricky_chrispal_ 22w

    Na ki kuch lafz hai bolne ko na hi kuch aaduri baate hai, kya pata tha ki kal baat hogi or aaj vo baate hi nhi rahegi... Achanak se ek messenge aaya ki ab tu nhi raaha bhai ...
    Jisne break-up ke baad sambala rote hui har bar chup karaya sambala or aaj vo raha hi nhi samne, bass Jo bhi hai acchi yaade hai sath mh kabhi nhi bhul pavuga bhai terko ♥️ #R.I.P

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  • hoorbanu98 24w

    Romantic Rainy Road♥

    Rain realm romance,
    rather refuses Rebuff, Rampage.

    Romanticism rebuild
    Racy, Radiant, Ruminate.

    《 12-06-2021 》

  • a_gentilischi 24w

    Sometimes beauty is borne out of pain.

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #tautogram #wod #alliteration
    #beauty #pain #rāga #roses

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