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  • beensn 3w

    The one who errs may be an innocent,
    The one who knows it is an intelligent.
    If you have the genuine concern to correct,
    Please don't support them or keep quiet.
    Make them know and realise the extent,
    To which their behaviour affect,
    Themselves and others in a broader context.
    Support them to come out of their mindset,
    That they are not at fault.
    Else they spoil many enroute,
    And make the innocents suffer a lot.
    Life in this planet is very short.
    Let us try our best to make it sweet.
    © beensN

  • hamallaxmi 5w

    For too long I
    have been quiet
    Wanting to talk
    But peace called me
    To be with him
    I agreed silently
    Since then I am
    Humming the happy song
    Snuggling with him
    Under the blanket of stars
    Waking up warm
    Under the sun
    Eve are not lonely
    As the winds
    Whispering quietly


  • gingrey_ 6w


    Doesn't mean I'm lonely or unhappy.
    It's just the way how I treat myself in peaceful way.


  • emily_cjw 7w

    A Kind of Silence Only Loneliness Can Have

    The empty echoes of the creaking floor,
    The slowing ticks of the dying clock.
    Sounds like loneliness at my door,
    Paying me a visit here once more.

    A constant ringing in my ear,
    Like a bell that only I could hear;
    Perhaps loneliness is already here,
    He's out waiting, oh how drear.


  • akkshu 8w


    I stay quiet
    Sometimes for the people
    Sometimes for the love
    Sometimes for myself
    I stay quiet

  • anugraha_99 8w

    The roaring zephyr, slowed down,
    The thunderous clouds, hushed down,
    The rustling leaves, quietened down,
    The swaying grass, settled down,
    The flowing ripples, relaxed down.

    Vociferous nature became deafeningly silent,
    All ears to hear her heart out,
    To the turmoil of a breaking bond,
    Exploding within, inside out.

    She wanted to scream, cry aloud,
    But the faintest of sounds didn't leave her mouth,
    On the cold bench, in seclusion she sat,
    Watching the twilight sun,
    Pondering upon the end that was.

    Endings are not as peaceful as sunsets,
    It torments, brimming with regrets.


  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    #silence & #quiet #wod @miraquill

    * 26.11.2021; 12.20 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * Quite = to a certain or fairly significant extent or degree; fairly.

    "it's quite warm outside"

    Synonyms: Fairly, Rather, Somewhat

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    Silence; Quiet ~

    No response.
    Your silence...
    has been killing...
    me inside, silently.

    Quietly, I ❤️ you.
    More than a quite.
    Dear, my ❤️ feeling...
    for U won't ever quit!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • chrissceiver 9w


    quite quiet

    Quiet quit.

    quiet to quit

    Quiet to quit quite.

    By Christiana

  • profuselypoetryly 9w

    #quiet #wod
    The original truthful quote by Sojourner Truth
    I paraphrased “Ain’t I A Woman”!

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    When I bruise,
    it’s black and blue.

    When I bleed,
    it’s sticky and red.

    When I cry,
    it’s salty and clear.

    When I hurt,
    it’s overlooked,
    I’m a darker hue.

    I’m quiet,
    somber in fact digesting
    shades of hate, its extremely
    sobering to say the least.

    My inner being explicitly
    yet simply dismissed for
    my outer shell coloring.

    Oh, how I war within,
    I wanna shout in fact
    until my voice box cracks
    within inches of being mute
    as I paraphrase Sojourner Truth
    and scream.

    ‘Ain’t I A Human too’!


  • nevaleepoetically 9w

    Standing upon the mountain top
    Watching the sun as it sets
    Taken in by it's colorful canvas
    Of pinks, purples & reds
    Rendered speechless by it's rapture
    I want to cry out at it's regaling
    Yet I remain quiet, words captured
    As I'm drawn into it's painting...

  • notebook_ 9w


    I've heard this word quite often,
    more than my name perhaps,
    more than the number of times
    I've smiled.

    Be quiet!
    She's quiet.

    I don't cry often.
    I don't remember the last time I did
    for myself.
    I've read poems and shed tears,
    I've heard of deaths and shed tears,
    I have had waited for someone with tears,
    I've longed and yearned to shed tears.

    They say cry,
    tears pull your weight down
    to break the tiles and reveal the floor.

    I don't want to see the floor,
    It's all cement, all bricks,
    my floor is someone else's roof,
    How can I bang the air on their heads
    for them to scream at me, be quiet!
    It's already wet,
    It's already wet,
    How many more times should it drip?

    The cloth is heavy,
    Wringing doesn't help,
    Hanging in the sun, burns it
    But it's still wet.
    It's dry on the outside
    It always looks so not watery
    I am quiet.
    Well, she is quiet.

    I know how it feels,
    Water on your skin,
    But none to let go of,
    Only that I don't show
    or I seldom do, makes it dry
    drier than my skin in winters
    drier than the sand of deserts
    but wet
    like the windshields in winter mornings
    like the sand on a beach, heavy.

    And I am quiet,
    Because I've heard more of
    be quiet, don't speak.
    To be accustomed
    of an understatement
    She's quiet.

    Only I know
    I am quieter.


  • blackshadezs 9w

    You loved me once
    You loved me twice
    You loved me everyday
    Every moment ,every second
    But you lied me,

    Leaving only wishpers behind
    I feel your memory in silence
    I love you in the emptiness
    I see you in the darkness
    But You hided everything to me,

    Your ashes scar my dream
    Your scent haunt my days
    You eyes Pierce mine
    Drowning in memory
    I see you once

    Your fingers brush mine,
    I listen for your heart beat
    And finding hummingbird songs
    And I remember
    You cheated me.



    Date : 24/11/2021 06:37 AM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #silence #quiet

    ~Thanks for reading ❤️��❤️~

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    Below mask
    There is a face
    Gripped with fear
    Whipped with despair
    Wish to smile again,

    Below mask
    There is real-me
    Fighting with reel me
    'I am happy' mask screams,
    Still wanting someone really cares real-me,

    Below mask
    Prison of emotions
    Echo of reactions
    Cage of real-smile
    Still 'I am ok' mask screams,

    Below my mask
    Feel safe and hidden
    In pandemic of heartless
    Nobody cares but show off
    They only love to hear ' I'm fine.Thanks'.

    Below my mask
    I'm fed up
    A little breath I want
    A little space to cry
    An ear to wishper 'I need help'.


  • reality_known 9w

    I have wrote this poem by getting inspired by someone's life. Each and everyone suffers in their own in their own life. The poem is all about a girl who went through a whole whirlwind of emotions at a time. She was betrayed and heartbroken . She suffered bcoz of something which wasn't ever her fault but she payed bcoz of getting to a person who doesn't even cared about her. She did everything she could to hold her loveone back to her. But at last they left her alone again. She understood the fact that nooone respects and love u until u respect and love yourself. She did a major tarnsformation in her personality not for someone else but only for herself. She stood in front of them and taught them their lessons. She realised that u should always love yourself and even if u have someone in your life , never let them stomp on your self respect.......
    @miraquill #quiet #writers #wod

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    The girl's makeover

    When emotions couldn't be under control
    Suffered from anger, hurt , pain and troll
    Something that betrayed you
    Not from outside but your inside thou
    Not any emotions but your heart
    That happens when someone attach aparts
    Not unintentionally, but left for their own selfish reason
    Thinking that she was a poor, filthy , peasant
    Got severely caught in depression
    She changed herself for them with passion
    Again got left alone in a crowd
    she was upset while face etched in a pout
    Transformed again from a silly girl to a badass
    They were astonished when she showed them sass
    how could the afraid little one could talk back?
    When earlier she used to lie in home like a stack
    Thought all the silly bastards
    when she didn't flinch by the shards
    Their face was all morphed in a frown
    She was enjoying it bcoitthey were looking like a clown
    She taught herself that being alone is a blessing
    You should teach a lesson with whom they are messing
    Life is short time with lots of opportunities
    Decision is yours with all the etiquettes
    Grab chances or let them get missed
    Enjoy it or later get upset and pissed
    Be yourself like you are
    Accept yourself for who u are
    Love yourself for however u are
    Even if u aren't pretty but full of scars.

  • k_lair 9w


    I really want to scream
    I want to tear at my lungs
    Dig my nails into my skin till I bleed

    I really want to scream
    Shake the earth with echoes from within
    Till my voice is free

    I really want to scream
    But patience is key
    So, I'd be quiet because
    Timing is everything


  • sop_h10 9w

    #quiet #rhyme

    I used to sing
    I used to bring
    Light into the world
    With a song
    I'd cast along
    Some form of hope
    Now I just sit alone
    And it's quiet,
    Lonely, in ineffable sadness,
    Cast aside
    I can't lie,
    I don't like the quiet

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    I can't lie,
    I don't like the quiet

  • aryaa_anand 9w

    dear @miraquill I wonder how do you give such relatable prompts !! @writersnetwork @writersbay @fromwitchpen @unspokenpen1927 @pink_berry @a_lost_bear_ @queen_butterfly

    damn late post but midnight always gets the best out of me!

    #quiet #wod #acceptancec #ceesreposts

    My mind's full of thoughts and the soul of my tongue is struggling to escape from the shackles of those tyrannous virtues I've been forced to follow. My heart would explode any moment to reveal all those stories which were left unsaid, all those emotions which were unexpressed, all those wounds which were left to heal with time, all those mistakes of theirs which still await an apology. The words 'I want to live and not just survive' are stuck in my throat, waiting to reach my lips with the adrenaline that gushes through my gullet in the wake of every moment that drives my real self out of my apparent being. Those words tickle me in my stomach, and make me feel like puking out all at once to give my soul the rest it deserves. While those words quarrel to reach their destination, the guards of traditions and swords of some hollow promises silence them. And that silence persists for long. The termites of those unsaid unheard words eat up the wooden wall I created with beautiful engravings of some sweet memories. Those words now crave for more and they soon devour my soul to leave behind a necropolis of the countless lively dying feelings, that succumbed to 'silence'.

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    I'm resilient to your tyranny by choice not by force.
    Once my will changes, your sovereignty ends.


  • hazel_nut_sucks 9w


    The comfortable bickering after a long simple smiled silences are the best phase.
    Fights sometimes are really a good solution

  • broken_mind2019 9w


    It's the best way to express your anger and dissatisfaction towards others.

  • siddiqui_salma 9w


    Quietly I see myself drowning in the chaos
    The people would stare and make laughs

    Is this a world are we living of losss
    Making heads cry and toss

    Fragile words volatile behaviors
    Arrogant tongues ; careless humans

    Learning to inhale toxicity
    Believing in peoples stupidity

    Is it all are we living for ???
    Is life all this chore ??

  • thoughtsprocess 9w

    If you can hear me
    when I am quiet
    Then you can feel that
    I am controlling tornadoes
    in my mind
    I am suppressing boiling volcanoes
    in my heart