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  • vdascribbling 73w

    Tricky Antiques

    Times have changed but the language remains.
    She's conservative is mild for plain and boring Jane
    Independent bandages forever single and lonely
    While standards are considered has bin fairytales.

    Fidelity and honesty is considered greasy
    And to speak one's mind is labelled bossy.
    To be married and with child is the goal
    And anything else is barren and old.
    To sift through choices of a mate
    A woman is branded as difficult to sate.

    To decide not to settle for the vanilla man
    A lady is crucified and the tramp
    But a guy is medalled a "man".
    Men are taught that less is more
    And women are expected to be demure.
    To go for the degree is toasted with weird and geeky.
    This new world is so tricky.

  • vdascribbling 74w

    Things Unknown

    To crave
    The feel of hands whose touch you've never felt
    To long for butterfly kisses of one
    You've never met.

    To long
    For conversations on benches where you have never sat
    For the intoxicating scent of one leaning forward scanning the umpteenth item in your cart .

    To miss
    Saturday morning snuggles that you've never had
    And breakfast in bed even though the eggs are bad
    Long drawn out phone calls at the end of the day
    About oceans, football, hairspray and clay.

    To yearn for someone you've never met
    But is out there, somewhere,
    Your heart you're willing to bet.

  • vdascribbling 75w

    A Google-less World

    The attics would be dusted
    Looking for that Encyclopedia collection
    We bought from that annoying salesman
    When we much preferred to watch Lifetime instead.

    To say goodbye to Rabbi Google
    Would mean that we wouldn't be dying from a paper cut
    And doctors' offices would be demanded
    And not for a second opinion for what Doctor Google initially thought.

    A world-less Google
    Would mean getting to know each other for real, for real
    And not after we had Google searched for pictures instead of just going to meet the real deal.

    A world without Google,
    Would hopefully pique and not kill our curiosity
    That we would once again make dates in the libraries.
    A Google less world may be just what we need
    To get off our laurels, to explore, to feel,to succeed.

  • sleepy_hollow 91w

    Grinds of love

    My love you are dark ill drink you away.

    Power energizing you send me afray

    Sweet yet bitter I drink you anyway

    Infatuated in love your love is in grinds

    Dark or light I can even drink you at night

    You dont know but you gave my soul light.

    Addictive and loving your heart shows no bound.

    Taken a sip I feel I can conquer the world now

    Every day you are new. Its the love that I brew

    With out coffee my life wouldn't reach you.

    If coffee was god id gladly be its angel

    With coffee my love is a complete stranger.

  • kraw_1995 108w

    River of Me

    If there is beauty, there is the opposite
    we have all stood where it’s dark
    choosing whether or not to burn a candle
    that gladly sheds light......
    on the exact thing that tries to ruin us
    I lit my candle, to look at my storm closely
    I have always known that a river will tell
    your reflection will spill on everything
    it guides you to where you will overcome
    sometimes, the river will carry it away
    never thought it would pull me from myself but when it did, I fought...
    for both my flesh, and spirit
    I started chasing.....
    but I couldn’t do it forever
    so I drank the water
    I devoured myself
    I am now the river
    a river of me....


  • kraw_1995 112w

    Trust Issues

    Trust only walks a certain distance now
    all we can see is a blurry image
    of what is really consuming one another
    standing a few feet apart
    but having no clue of what caught on fire
    being burned alive from the inside
    most will keep a straight face when approached
    played with like game pieces
    we continue to live in the wrong....
    we are not the ones that can’t be trusted
    I can admit to my demons
    none of us asked for, but still have them
    each time you look someones way
    they can smile while you speak to them
    but they cry behind closed doors
    they hurt....
    half the people don’t know why
    but for the other half
    making it to the end of the game
    that can see a shadow for what it is
    genuinely smile and continue to live


  • zodiac 114w


    A Short while ago
    Glances past in those eyes
    Covered in mask that caring face
    Testing my blood with gloves on hand
    Turned negative when I will meet again
    Say thanks to Corona or not!!!

  • zodiac 115w

    Where there is a Women

    Blooms a beautiful bud
    In a garden of greens
    Life it shine on its plains

    A soft touch is all
    From the baby fingers
    Smiles and Joy abound

    Little steps crawls and cries
    Chirps the birds with her rise
    Her presence creates miracles

    Soulful as she spreads magic
    Fearless yet shares the love
    Leaves a piece of her imprint

    An angel with grace
    Life revolves at her pace
    Immersive she impacts

    A role she switches swiftly
    With undue credit she builds
    Passes on and carries on

    Never tried to be tied
    For what she would be
    The world is as she want to be.

  • zodiac 115w


    The smiling settlement
    Of the joyous Sun
    Departing for the day
    To the Shining white

    A beauty rises above
    To the glittering twinkles
    Sweeps in kisses
    On my chin the breeze

    In the silence of night sky
    With the last sounds of chirps
    On the lap of desert sand
    A dream in tranquility

  • sereniti 116w

    I never felt this so quietly before. Most days it attacked with vibrancy; so much to the point it frightened me. But here, I sensed it within the nuance of the voices. There was a change. And it was coming, no matter how much we despised it's presence.

  • tigeeblogscom 122w

    No Man, No Passion

    In this new world I live in.
    I open my eyes to a new dream.
    While not lacking in creativity,
    With thoughts flowing like streams.
    Why is it so hard to focus,
    To figure out what "I" really mean?
    A man in the mirror with no passion,
    With a world full of distractions.
    As of lately, that has been all.
    I have been seeing.

  • kraw_1995 134w

    That Person

    I deny the void inside of me screaming
    The hand I need locked into mine
    A shoulder I feel for when I catch myself leaning
    That person knowing my enemy like their own
    Will bust out some bullets if they have to
    Always there before I even pick up my phone
    One that sees beauty over skeletons in my closet
    Always a head shake when they hear my name in gossip
    Even with an empty wallet, they never expect any type of profit
    To them my company alone is worth being desired
    Our connection shaped into bolts
    A spiritual vibe that could cause a fire
    To me they could never become a liar
    Both ready to boost the other in order to see us higher
    My soul gets flatter than a tire
    But when I’m down....scraping the ground
    Right away....they plan to stay
    Instantly becoming my supplier


  • zodiac 144w

    Morning Chirpings

    Where did you come from
    Chirping in my mornings
    Honey I never would have come
    For your brown feather adornings

    Unsaid is your cute little beauty
    You and me in a love affair
    Do I have a choice dear cutie
    We see each other here.


  • ayeshatariqali 152w


    The pen,
    Like hearts,
    Sometimes holds heavy.

    May this gentle release,
    Keep it steady.

    For something dry,
    Isn't always dead.

    My words,
    May they always tread.

    ©Ayesha Tariq Ali

  • sereniti 152w


    It's been awhile
    Since I began
    And things haven't gone
    As I have planned
    But it doesn't mean
    The sun won't shine again
    And it doesn't mean
    That I can't be better than
    I was the day before
    The hour before
    The minute before last
    I still have a choice
    To be who I am


  • phenomenal49 159w

    Love for life

    I thought I was a goner
    That's why i felt so down
    I stooped to becoming a loner
    My face always shielded a frown

    Until that day when i met that person
    Who pulled me away from that spiral
    Rather than make my condition worsen
    She made me convinced today wasn't my final

    It gave me hope and energy
    As I started to believe in myself
    That led me to forgive my enemies
    So that i could at least die well


  • rooterscooterj 168w

    Dance your dance fearlessly love.


  • rooterscooterj 168w

    Her Angry Cry


    Leave meeeeee.
    I know why it is the way it is and yet I sit here.
    Leave me in peace to have my moment.
    I am not what you really want,
    so why the hell am I hereeeeeee!
    **She cries**

  • rooterscooterj 168w

    Fear Is A Lie

    I believe in youuuuuu
    fear is a lieeeeee
    so confront your fearrrr
    and jump from your plane.
    The door will open
    you will jump
    you will feel panic for 10 seconds
    there will be a gasp for air
    a scream of silence
    you will feel something new inside of you
    you will be on the other side.
    The other side of life because you will hit your maximum and realize there was nothing to fear in the first place.

    Pure bliss is here.
    You will see all there is to see in a whole new light.

    AMH 3/1/2019

  • aubsinthe 170w

    Your intention emanates in your touch
    Your love as strong as your grip
    Almost like I can hear your thoughts
    Just by feeling your hands on my hips