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  • solus_thoughts 2d

    Sometimes questions are asked not to get the answer but to answer them!!!


  • pal_lavi 3d


    And when there's no one coercing you to talk about your day, when you can just hit the sack without using your mouth for the sake of having a conversation, when you can be in your own space, your messy little room, with things that remind you of those bittersweet memories, when you can play the music of your choice without having to ask permission from others, when you don't have to speak to anyone about your sorrows or joys, what would you call it, freedom or loneliness?

  • jpwriter 1w

    #lying #questions #strange.
    By unknown writer

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    What a conundrum 
    When we lie to our reflection
    Who is this other me
    Why do I have to impress him?

  • sinn_u 3w

    Three questions

    What does it take?
    To be able to touch someone's finger
    And laugh without a care

    What does it take?
    To sleep beside someone
    And whisper sweet nothings in their ear

    What does it take?
    To comfort, to hug, to kiss
    And take their sadness away

    Is it heavy?
    To feel their breath in the middle of a sleepless night
    A promised presence till death

    Is it heavy?
    Listening, learning someone's deepest scars
    Giving a promise of secrets kept

    Is it heavy?
    Measuring your happiness by someone else
    Their mood affecting yours, always

    Is there a reason?
    To long for such a thing
    To be ready for the work it takes

    Is there a reason?
    Despite the confusion and uncertainty
    We look for the promise of lasting

    Is there a reason?
    Is there any at all, for one to look for and fall
    In love

  • rachanatiwari 3w

    Sometimes we are curious, Sometimes we need to create curiosity


  • jpwriter 4w

    What will come next?

    Its important to have people who are equal In connex
    Please be calm, don't take me wrong out of context
    Does life have a sequel for those evil in combat
    And if it's true what can we do for what will come next
    Is it on you, the chosen few or are you on deck
    If it's soon, is there room or do you have to come back
    Are we even leaving or is just your closest contacts
    The skin I'm in, shouldn't matter if it's fatter or on black
    Does the righteous win, so I might get in or is the wrong track
    I stay fightin' them for the enlightenment but you already know that
    I've been searching the truth since I was a youth, that's a cold fact 
    I ask you to fulfill, these prayer I spill, bc I just want my home back.


  • ericajean 4w

    #rhetoric #wod #questions Thanks for so much love @miraquill and readers! Thank you @editorschoice!❤❤

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    Once and For All

    How many times must 
    I say, "I love you" before 
    You believe it?

    How many wars 
    Must we have to
    Cultivate peace?

    How many tears
    Should a mother shed
    Because Cancer claimed
    Her Seed first?

    And how many tears
    Have I shed for a
    Friend I never had
    But in my dreams?


  • penned_n_inked 4w


    When we ask "How are u doing?"
    We expect "Hey I am doing good" ,even when we are not!
    Is it because we are living upto someone's expectations?
    Or do we already know that the person on the other side is too busy to listen ?
    Or is it we lack in accepting that we are not doing good?


  • prerna_saxena_301196 4w

    Did you??

    Have you ever cried for someone like each and every moment and ended up with no tear left in your eyes?? 

    Have you ever loved someone so much that you left with no option but just to hate that person most in your life??

    Have you ever been broken to the urge of crying that you had no option but just to Laugh Loudest And ended up telling Lies..??

    Have you ever been Woke whole night in the want of sleep but your heart denied ??

    Just Don't Fall in Love or else you'll regret later and Even if you do just keep it to yourself only so that other person can't hurt you or disrespect you, So that you'll want to die that too in every moment when you wasn't Alive..!!!

  • shadownik 4w

    The moment I tag someone , that moment would become a moment of hypocrisy and this... It can be anything but that

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    Trading happiness
    For a sliver of control over it
    To be miserable
    So that, I can be happy when it counts...

    Is it worth it?
    It must be...
    For that to happen


  • no_mask_on 4w

    Back with lessons

    You are going to end up feeling more dissatisfaction in life than any satisfaction and enthusiasm. Agreed?


  • pslmstts 5w

    What are the things you still haven't said and the questions you've been meaning to ask? ��

    #pod #wonder #questions

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    would you mind,
    if I ask you to read me
    your favorite poetry---
    if I ask you to stay
    like when we stayed up all night by the bay---
    and if I ask you to hope,
    for a future that doesn't rely on horoscopes?

    ©pslmstts / August 23, 2021 PH

  • cloudkid16 6w

    Q finding A

    How did u change places with someone in my heart
    How did u grow taller feelings inside me
    How did u manage to go this far
    How did u leave me alone in the dark
    How did u mistook my intentions
    How did u ended by making me a villain
    Do u take care of yourself
    Do u miss me
    Do u actually remember me
    Is there anyone else now
    Is there space for me now
    Are there any what ifs in your head
    As long as I live I'll remember you..

  • prose_nexus 6w

    How do you detach the ambiguous thoughts of the 'other side'? Is it safe to say that we only end up dreaming after all this. An infinite infinity.

    Feel free to like, comment, and repost. It does help a ton.
    #pod #postoftheday #death #questions #life #wordsofwisdom #deepthoughts #wod

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    On a limit

    An attachment to one's own fatal disposition is alarming.
    Is there a way to smooth our thinking on the topic of demise?

  • azania 6w

    These questions

    Why do I always ask myself
    If I'm being sincere enough
    If this is really what I want
    If I could really reach it
    If I'm good enough
    If I'm beautiful
    If I'm smart
    If I deserve it
    Don't I know me by now
    Why do I underestimate myself
    Or I'm I still a stranger to myself
    Who always have to prove her worth

  • starkanonymous 6w


    Staring down at nothing

    As what's compared to

    Staring up at God

    Staring at the heavens

    With its balance

    Shifts and falls

    Now staring at the demons

    The hell in which they crawl

    I try to find the meaning

    Of myself inside it all

    Am I merely human?

    Or am I something more?

    An angel with a purpose

    Or useless little horn?

    Is there greatness in this Temple?

    Or gray matter in my heart?

    Is hatred just that simple?

    Or love, a work of art?

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  • jpwriter 7w


    I told myself not to ask Why
    But then when i do
    I have to tell myself a Lie
    Tell me is it true
    We live again after we die
    If so, Why would you even try
    Whats your belief of the man in the sky
    How do you see through the invisible 3rd eye
    & Can we be our dreams of when were five
    Why do they mope around sigh
    Others connected like brothers
    Sometimes come untied
    They use to Stand up for each other
    Now just sit on the side
    Why can't we pick our father & mother
    & Why do I have to be this tall to ride
    These are a couple questions I ask myself
    Even though i told myself ....


  • monette 7w


    I wonder why we're given choices
    When there's a thing they call regret
    It bothers me that of all that's done
    Mistakes, we never forget

    Why is the easy way out the wrong way
    And the road less travelled so bare
    Why does the going always get tough
    At the end when you're almost there

    If absence makes the heart grow fonder
    Why then, "out of sight, out of mind"
    How.come it hurts to be in love
    Why be cruel to be kind?

  • brokengypsysoul 7w

    If you break up and say if you're meant to be, you will get back together in the future is this just setting yourself up to fail?


  • davyd153 7w


    Why do we lie?
    Why do we answer every "how are you" with "I'm fine"?
    Why does time seem like it's not enough anymore,
    And the days fly by like pages of a book?

    When did it end?
    When did we flush the happiness and begin to pretend?
    When exactly did our minds get twisted,
    In the search for a greater sweetness than the joys of childhood?

    What is to be done?
    What is the meaning of life if it is long gone?
    What was the discontent that led to this deep depression,
    Or was it the light that got burned out?

    Who do we turn to?
    Whose words will make us feel good?
    Who do we ask all the burdening questions
    In our heart, that feels like an anchor thrown into the sea?