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  • aawaz_e_rooh 2d


    सवाल कई सारे है,
    जवाब का कोई ठिकाना नहीं;

    इंसान कई सारे है,
    इंसानियत का पता नहीं...!!

  • a_gentilischi 4d

    @writersbay thank you for this amazing challenge. Today's my favourite so far! ✨��

    “We accept the love we think we deserve”
    - Stephen Chobsky

    Tell that to another person.
    Or tell that to yourself.


    Who were you?
    The love I deserved?
    To treasure
    To adore
    With warmth and trust unreserved?

    Or were you darkness?

    Who were you?
    When my roses bloomed?
    To flourish
    To cherish
    Not to be showcased, or plumed?

    Or were you the thief?

    Who were you?
    The future I craved?
    To revel
    To succeed
    With triumphs of the goals we braved?

    Or were you gorged greed?

    Who were you?
    When the blood I bared
    To your eyes
    To rever
    Hoping your own scars were bared?

    Or were you blindness?

    Who were you?
    When the waves hit hard
    To flay me
    To slay me
    When you should've cherished my heart?

    Or were you that sea?

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #wov3 #shadorma #love #questions
    #agentwbwov #who #alliteration
    #roses #waves #blade #sea #heart

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  • _craftygirl_gauri0410 2w

    Why always caste should come,
    between all the talents...
    Why should religion decide,
    what talent should the person have...

    Why does public water booth,
    is just for high caste people?
    Why do women aren't allowed,
    in their period days?

    Why we all are biased towards society,
    where humanity doesn't have space?
    Why are we divided based on,
    Colour, caste, Religion?

    Why should we always follow,
    the hierarchy of discriminating people?
    Why can't we just follow,
    Just one community which is Humanity?

    Are our morals so fragile,
    that someone else is deciding
    what should we do?

    #humans #humanity #why #questions #society

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    Why can't we be just Humans?

    Why should always caste come,
    between all the talents...
    Why should religion decide,
    what talent should the person have...

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  • klairingtheweb 2w

    How do you know when you don't deserve the life you're living?
    When do you know?

    When things work out?
    Or when they don't?


  • vikashpandey_ 2w

    फिक्र में जब उलझी खुद से बात करती हूँ!
    आईनें से पूछती इक सवाल करती हूँ!!
    रूठ कर गुमसुम हो जाती, पूछने पर बवाल करती हूँ!
    जिद्द में न कुछ चलने देती,
    मनाने पर सबको बेहाल करती हूँ!!
    आईनें से पूछती इक सवाल करती हूँ।
    टुटी-फुटी चीज़ें को, जोड़ें चलीं जाती हूँ!!
    लाजमी हैं उतरना तुझमें, क्या कमाल करती हूँ।
    गम को छुपाकर कभी, झूठी मुस्काती हूँ!!
    रिश्ते की डोरी को हर पल निभाती हूँ।
    बातों ही बातों में सब ख्याल करती हूँ।।

    #Mirror #selftalks #life #questions #diary #hindi #writers #hindiwriters #mirakee

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    फिक्र में जब उलझी खुद से बात करती हूँ!
    आईनें से पूछती इक सवाल करती हूँ!!

  • action_speaks 2w

    Why am I on earth today?
    To be the daughter of my parents?
    To reach my goals? Where do these goals come from?
    To be someone's partner and to be someone's parents and grandparent?
    Where is the origin of my thoughts and actions?
    Where do I come from?
    Why do I go back?
    Why can't I stay till I need?
    Why am I questioning?
    To whom should all this be asked?

    Yes I can wait for my answers��
    But how long?

    #mirakee #mirakeewritings #writersnetwork #musings #thoughts #questions #story #sayings #quotes #love

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  • wings_happiness 2w

    Don't ask the question "WHY??"

    Ask the question"HOW??"

  • emilylynn 3w


    What is the purpose of emptiness if not to be filled? I think this is why the universe grows.
    But what is the purpose of our universe? Even if there is an answer, it is one that no one knows.

  • moleundertheye 3w


    I see myself
    these days
    It's been so hard
    My emotions keep
    fluctuating like my

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

    I want to believe myself
    Keep trying keep going
    But I don't know if it's worth it
    In the daytime I'm happy
    As the night approaches
    My state of mind glooms

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

    It pains so much
    How do I even stop it?
    When I don't even know
    Why it starts..
    I keep crying for no reason
    And yet I hope

    And yet I hope
    I will heal
    I am healing
    But it always fades
    I don't know if I am healing
    Or just lying to myself

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

    I say I will change
    But I keep going back
    I see I'm better than before
    But is it enough to make it?

    I try to live but am I living
    What is this spiral
    It keeps happening
    Am I afraid of feeling
    Or do I feel too much?
    Or am I just numb?

    These tears, they just flow
    as if waiting to roll down
    the moment I'm alone
    I'm not even alone honestly
    Just lonely
    Lonely around people

    They say I should trust them
    How can I
    When they can't see
    Me crying right beside them
    As if I don't exist

    People tell me I
    should tell them how I feel
    How should I when
    I don't even know how I feel

    I think I'm healing
    But I keep crying
    Sometimes for no reason
    Am I really healing or
    Am I just fooling myself

  • njram6 3w

    Unsolved paradox

    Mysteries about the space no one can explain
    Organisms evolved into other like a chain
    Unsolved paradox ,how life started in our earth?
    "Premordial soup" that brought life is that a myth?

    Oh you ruling my subconscious mind at night
    What is the purpose you serve,dream plays so quiet
    Neuron on flame what's the origin of your birth?
    Even premordial soup brought life is a myth!

    Travelling behind and far is it possible?
    Wormhole concept! Is that a way accessable
    Is future human one among us? Hold on faith!
    Premordial soup brought the life will be a myth!

    Atoms of opposite charges bonds a matter
    Cancels each other to create antimatter
    Universe with matter seen many formation
    Where did antimatter goes? Earth on production!

    What is beyond the azul spread? A black universe?
    Billion of light years can't explain the diverse
    Where's the end? Robotics stop in some direction
    Resting in my abode with plenty of questions!

    Blue sphere! How do you look like before the big bang?
    Will quantum physics describe your laws before clang?
    What's south of South pole! "Bang" brings mind an explotion
    Holding my abode with plenty of these questions

    Escaping from it is highly impossible
    Compact mass deforms, black hole is detectable
    Gulping all!what happens inside it's dense core path?
    Premordial soup will it be proved life "a myth"?

    Pioneering work on these is a mammoth task
    Umpteen are they ,over the mystery we bask
    Hovering on it, a kind of relaxation!
    Tenting my abode betwixt plenty of questions
    © njram6

    La'Rimoto poem:

    The La'ritmo, created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 8 4-line stanzas. Each line MUST contain 12 syllables.

    Rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb ccbB ddbB eeff ggfF hhfF iibB jjfF

    The repetition of 4th line in each stanza can either be an exact repetitive line, or a variation with the exact same end-rhyme word.

    The form was created by me, Laura Lamarca, but was officially named by Chandni Hingorani. "La" is Laura Lamarca's signature and "ritmo" in Italian, simply means "rhythm".

    #poem_njr #larimoto #questions #miraquill #pod #writersnetwork

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    Unsolved Paradox


  • questioning_life 3w

    What is love when you know you can't give it?
    What is sympathy when you can walk past suffering?
    What is individuality when you are forced to conform?
    What is 'for the greater good' when you start with the smaller good?
    What is the pain of bring pricked by a rose when the beauty of it can heal you?


  • officiallyallok 3w

    Kuchh swaal mene khud se kiye usne jo kabhi nhi kiye!

    Intjaar kr rhe the mere aane ka?
    To imtehaan kyu le rhe ho mere sachhe hone ka ?
    Mujh pe shak hai ?
    Ya fir apni mohabbat pe yaakeen nhi?
    Tum kahte ho ham do jism ek jaan hai?
    Tumhe apni hi jaan pe bhrosa nhi?
    Tumhe Rooh se mohabbat hai meri ?
    Fir ladko se door rhne ko kyu khte ho?
    Kahi jism ki pyaase tum bhi to nhi?

    Sar fta jaa rha hai in Sare swaalo ka jawab doo to kese do?

    Saare swaalo ka jawab nhi hai mere pass

    Ho koi jawab to bta do,
    mere dil me lagi ye khud ke prati dwesh ki aag ko
    koi to bujha do

  • james_taumas 3w

    Fragile memories

    Time gnaws on memories
    Faces fade into Polaroids
    Recollections tinged in doubt
    People I should know
    Family I should care
    Wander to familiar places
    I return to you
    You're always waiting
    Do I love you
    Did I love you
    Who are you?


  • mr_black 3w

    I couldn't fathom till now
    her steps created a ineffable sorrow,
    don't know how

    My afflicted heart still allows
    her fictitious love, wow
    and still don't know how


  • grotesque 3w


    A hollowness is always there.
    Why? Why can't I get it filled?
    Perhaps, it's inevitable.
    Life works fine until you don't
    Lose anyone; the moment you do
    You entangle yourself with
    Innumerable emotions of despair.
    Even if you come back from there,
    It can pull you in within one second!
    How powerful it is! The power of
    Darkness and it's existence!
    I can never get enough of it.
    Ironically, I see a light and it calls me.
    But the more I go near it, I start feeling
    Uneasy. As if I am intoxicated with
    Some sort of illusion. Am I?
    Or that is my ultimate reality?
    So many questions, such a short life-time.
    Or is it just the beginning of
    Another Universe within an Universe?
    Why don't people see through everything?
    People are boring sometimes. They
    Tire me with their unemotional stance.
    Here I am drinking every inch of it.
    What is there to be afraid of it?
    Emotions are empowering.
    Why can't we intertwine ourselves
    With energies? Why this distance?
    Why did I have to lose so many loved
    Ones due to their lack of emotions?
    The darkness feels my words more
    Than anything. Because it isn't
    Mechanical. It is logical and
    Soothing. It is powerful yet soft!
    Can human being handle softness?
    Isn't it overwhelming to feel someone
    Through distance? Connecting with
    Them spontaneously? Why? Because
    It is felt deep down as liberation.
    Are human beings ready for this
    Darkness or they just gulp in
    The light & love superficially?
    My questions will never be
    Answered because there is no one to!


  • shamein555 3w


    Why am I still here
    Grasping for straws of hope
    Searching for the last string of love
    Breaking each piece of me
    For the lies and betrayal

    Why am I still here
    Telling you you're worth something
    When my own worth has be reduced to ashes
    My heart trampled by your betrayal
    Made a fool by your people

    Why am I still here
    Crying to hold on
    When those nights I needed you
    Were spent flirting with her
    Courting her as if I was no longer

    Why am I still here
    When I was an option to you
    A comfort zone you'd rely on
    When all I got were tears
    Depression and loneliness

    Why am I still here
    When you have nothing else to offer me
    When all I want is to give you the world
    Show you your worth
    And give you the stars


  • digitalwriter 4w

    What is "Rent"?


  • soliquince 4w

    #poem #poetry #questions
    Inspired by Nas's Blaze a 50.

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    Eyes are open

    Eyes are open,
    but is there wisdom
    in those who don't listen?

    Eyes are open,
    but where's the mental pistons
    going off inside a nervous system?

    Eyes are open,
    but where's mission
    control; saying there's no problem, Houston?

    Eyes are open,
    but is there division
    in thought to lip movement?

    Eyes are open,
    but is that an improvement
    with whatever the fuck we're doing?

    Eyes are open,
    but is there wisdom
    in those who won't listen?

  • detour 5w


    If I ask you something
    Will you ignore
    Or promise me an answer?

    Don't I know
    For someone
    How's it like to wait
    But still can you come
    And knock on my door?

    Don't I mind
    If alone
    I have to spend my days
    But still can you make out
    With me to stare at the moony sky?

    Don't I remember
    How many times
    I have unlearned those pains
    But still would you stay
    And hold me till I cry?

    Don't I want
    Those gifts fancy
    Or any promises false
    But still
    If these emotions to feel
    And some moments real
    To me can you give?


  • raghavendrabs 196w

    What happens ?

    What happens when you're whole just by the outlook,
    But on the inside you've broke into a million pieces
    What happens when a blank fills every page of your book
    And you've become so hard that there's no more tears.
    What happens when the smile on your face lies
    And the eyes are hesitant to tell the truth due to fear
    Of any kind of relationship, and all types of ties
    And you question yourself about everything you hold dear.
    What happens when you exist but don't live,
    You breathe to answer to a responsibility,
    to return the favour and to give
    All back to the people that you call family.
    What happens when the sense of purpose in your life
    Is just to live a monotonous life and die,
    While the time between the birth and death is filled with strife,
    And for your survival, you finally ask the question 'why?',
    What happens when you finally close your eyes to sleep,
    Hoping that if you don't wake up the next day there'll be someone who'll weep,
    Tell me what happens not because I want to know
    But to experience what it feels when it happens, once before I go!

    - Raghavendra B S