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  • heartofbabel 12w

    [ Necromancer ]

    Love met with no desire
    Chase the pulse as it expires
    Maybe then I'll feel the fire
    Still this corpse is cold to touch
    Looking now out for a savior
    One day I may never waiver
    Until then I'll have to tailor
    To a life that's just a crutch

    What I sought to be was righteous
    Yet it ended in a crisis
    That is nothing more than lifeless
    And I've all but given up
    Now I wander with these morsels
    Of a life that's damning mortals
    How I long to know the morals
    Instead, I'm choking on the cup

    For the drink I drank was soured
    And it churns and burns with power
    And the hand has struck the hour
    Of the time I had to spare
    Yet as I lift my hands they tremble
    And they no longer resemble
    The once valiant, mighty rebel
    That had longed to beat despair

    Now from this crypt I rise a devil
    With an agony that revels
    If my heart could only settle
    Into life or into death
    So I hold my breath and swallow
    Wrapped in the blanket of this hollow
    And I pray this grave is shallow
    But I fear eternal depth

    Shall I commit to reach the summit
    From the soils I have plummet
    May I once hear the mighty trumpet
    See the victories of grace
    But it's my mind that only bellows
    The damnation of these echoes
    Already drowning in the shadows
    The reflections of disgrace

    Now my corpse has become brittle
    Lined and course, torn and riddled
    I am seeking an acquittal
    But I'm the only one, to judge
    And in this darkness there's no telling
    Time nor length which I've been dwelling
    And still internal constant yelling
    Is the heart that lies begrudged

    It is hell I've come to linger
    Which I can only point the finger
    At myself, for living hindered
    If of a life I still possess
    For I have always been the culprit
    Built this prison from the pulpit
    And now remain here to convulse it
    In the afflictions of distress

    I have become the apostle
    Of the grave that speaks to fossils
    It was never more a gospel
    Just the evil I have kept
    Now buried, forever silenced
    Knelt to intercede in violence
    For it is loss that's drawn alliance
    Within the worshiping of death


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    #Consequence #Regret #Suffering #Agony #Despair #Oblivion #Purgatory #Necromancer

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    [ Necromancer ]

  • pallavi4 47w


    Forgive me god , for I have sinned
    And asked not for your forgiveness
    Blatantly I have displayed no regard
    For your benevolence and your greatness
    Displaying streaks of an inflated
    And unrealistic self worth
    I am guilty of the first sin “Pride”
    And showing delight the station of my birth
    For feeling deserving of another’s successes
    I am guilty of the second sin “Envy”
    Due to my excessive eating and drinking
    I am guilty of the third sin “Gluttony”
    I am guilty of the fourth sin “Lust”
    For exuding elicit passions and desires
    I am guilty of the fifth sin “Sloth”
    Because to make an effort I never aspire
    I am guilty of the sixth sin “Anger”
    Due to an imprudent want to exact revenge
    I am guilty of the seventh sin “Greed”
    Because I fancy another’s possessions more than a tinge
    I have committed my soul to damnation
    Having made a rainbow out of the seven deadly sins
    Can you ever forgive my foolhardiness I ask
    As my walk towards Purgatory begins
    God in light of your graces I promise to display
    Temperance, patience and charity
    Coupled with the virtuous acts of
    Prudence, humility, diligence and chastity
    As infernal flames threaten to consume me
    Before I can ask for redemption
    I repent before you today in hopes
    Of saving my mortal soul from perdition


    25th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • hopelesslover 47w


    She anguished in endless pain
    The devils usurped torture
    Like hell it burned
    Unaware and deviant
    Strong hands caress her curves
    As if designed for punishment
    Oh how could you hear her sear
    Seething anger but unforgiving strain
    The whips afflict down lashes of pain
    As her wrists sing against restraints
    Help she could only think
    More she would only say
    Uprooted from inside
    Tossed and turned
    The devil sat across her chest
    Singing melodies of gain
    Sudden death but resurrected quicken
    Meeting her nemesis in dreams again


  • m_etanoia 62w

    #confusedlove#life#love#purgatory #dilemma#pod#mirakeewriters

    When one is already hit hard on the injury then the beauty also seems disguised.
    It's when a parched soul lives amidst the ocean water and when the actual oasis seems a mirage.

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  • thoughtjutsu 101w


    2 years ago I was 25.
    But in my mind, I was 30.
    I am now 27. 

    But in my mind, I am still 30.
    3 years later, I will be 30.
    And in my mind, I will still be 30. 

    In summary,
    in the past, the present and
    the future of my mind, 
    I was, am and will be 30.

    This is, essentially, the age of purgatory.


  • thoughtjutsu 102w

    The Ündergrad

    Bachelor of None.
    Master of Less.
    Absent residency,
    life is purgatory.


  • youngbloodmy 102w

    Lucky Ones

    To believe in reincarnation is to believe we are stuck in purgatory wandering around trying to figure out what went wrong the first time. The ones that get to really rest have finished their mission. I am so tired and ready to be one of the lucky ones.

  • sarahrachelea 112w


    I am lost
    In the white of your heart

    Imprisoned, captivated
    Under the pale of moonlight

    Loss and decay
    In a dazzling paradise

    I'm purified
    In the white of your heart


  • mkp_08 122w

    A bane!

    You walked past me today.
    Your face was hidden by the shadows.
    You didn't even recognise me.
    Might have noticed, though, I am sure.
    A shiver ran down my spine.
    In that moment. Leaving a
    whiff of you, in the air.
    And I realised it was you. And,
    an unbridled wave of despise,
    abhorrence and sadness swept
    through me, head to toe.
    This is the purgatory, I still face,
    experience, conjuring alot of my
    I hope someday, you would realise,
    the horrors of your momentary deed,
    and when you do, I hope you find it
    within you to forgive yourself and
    to forget it, because I may never.

  • phoenix_in_ashes 117w

    Left behind

    Crimes committed will never be free
    Ripped apart from roots, Pleading mercy
    But nothing can save me from the purgatory
    Sins to be washed in the holy streams
    Living in Harmony with suicidal dreams
    The people choose to stand still it seems
    Quest to find the emancipation in me
    Crestfallen before often wonder about it
    Either got left behind or gone to far in deeds
    Worthless though all the doors closing in
    Jubilation eagerly behind curtains waiting
    Will it embrace the dejected soul falling
    Pour some appease stop it from sinking

  • jmj 136w


    In the morning, I wake to the sun shining brightly through the window. She is nowhere to be found. Pulling on my shoes, I cautiously go from room to room, wondering if she'd only been a dream, some fragment of my mind's creation, a desperate attempt to end my own self imposed torment.
    From the old battered porch, I see her in the yard. Her cornsilk colored cotton dress almost transparent as the sun radiates it's late summer heat. For a moment, I watch her, spinning and spinning, humming and laughing, her hair creating a strawberry colored halo.
    When it gets too disorienting for her, her breathless form collapses to the ground. I leap over the old railing, racing toward her. My heart beats hard, almost as if it could pull me in her direction, get me closer faster.
    Laughter bubbles from her chest and I slow down, coming to tower over her, watching with an intense curiosity. She looks up at me but doesn't say a word, she continues to smile, running her palms over the grass. For a brief moment, I remember when those palms caressed my chest.
    Sitting, I fold my knees and keep some distance between us. And briefly, I wonder if this is what heaven is like, warm and bright and happy and her. But men like me, we go to hell. And maybe this is hell too, a version of wanting something, someone so badly but never having it.
    No, I think to myself as I look at her. This is neither but in between.
    This is purgatory.

  • pragati_gupta 145w

    My definition of the abyss...
    Where I fall again n again n again...

    @divya2001 #demons#dungeon #abyss#purgatory

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    I'm afraid.
    Afraid to go back there.
    Its too dark. Pitch-black.
    Dungeon of despondence.
    My mind, the purgatory.
    My thoughts, the demons.


  • exquisitecorpse 158w

    A.M. Underground

    This is the American dream—
    To be trapped in between
    an old man with sunken pits
    where his eyes used to be,
    and a shadow of a woman
    who's seen too much.

    This is punishment
    for the original sin when
    Eve bit into the apple.
    Sit still and hope for salvation
    or test the absence of time.

    Revelations flow
    through concrete arteries,
    and fill in the spaces in between
    the faceless as they rush through
    an infinite stream.

  • xalleyxcatx 161w


    I'm here again
    Locked out of heaven
    In some kind of hell
    Made special for me

    I'm merely a pawn
    That doesn't know the game
    Is this my fate,
    To be your slave?


  • rufiomercutio 164w

    Tin Roof

    Beneath this tin roof
    We'll find rickety refuge
    From this sickly summer rain
    A relentless rhythmic patter

    There is pain for much of the time
    But persevere with this pergutory
    And the cursed clouds will clear
    Making way for ravishing rays

    Then we'll remember the funny gold
    And relaxing warmth that we found
    Harboured in our hideaway
    A sanctuary beneath a fragile roof

  • theroadbyellie 165w


    I am your muse, you say;
    the steam that shifts the cogs
    when the land buries the tracks
    It’s quite a feat, when just being, presents itself as a gift
    Where my red bow is priceless
    but my paper,

    Do you not see the fading edges?
    Taken from bark of the aged oak
    Beneath which our past lies
    What happens when
    Bearing just a sweet moment of this burden
    You choose the bark from a fairer Sapling
    just as the aged oak
    took the place of all those before?

    You liken our alliance
    To the merciless swell
    But I am trapped where the current
    meets the crest

    Where breath gets sharper and haste overtakes
    When limbs intertwine
    And droplets seep from every pore

    Here, though, land is blind
    And I bathe in this honour.
    Here, I hide, exposed.

    Will you let me roll forever in these tides?
    As my red bow is now so brittle


  • fessonia 178w

    I see ghosts, they're here by my side and everywhere,
    In their paradise, to my sight they are unaware,
    Not those of dead but silhouettes of I and you,
    stealing what's rightfully mine, all else I was meant to do.
    Laughing and kissing, they have nothing to care,
    In the pale green dark, I could only sit and stare.
    Really begs the question, does make one wonder -
    Who's really in purgatory? Beside me, they appear much less undead.


  • clichedpoetandtheirhues 178w


    A haven from the forsaken,
    a bold bright path lead to the sky.
    Yet it wasn't a path to beauty and fortune.

    It was a path to a life of Purgatory
    Scorching darkness and regret
    We weren't meant to be saved

    Yet I guess…
    We weren't bad or good
    We had our own place. Purgatory!

    Hell from heaven and a Heaven from hell
    With it's own breed of torture
    One you could never escape!

    An eternity of isolation and "thoughtful" thinking
    Purgatory crawls inside of you…
    It make you your worst enemy

    Having infinite amounts of ammunition
    Blasting at you, while it does nothing physically to you.
    Though your only option is to crumble under your own hand,

    Because Purgatory! Makes you your worst enemy.
    Relentless and Unstoppable
    Purgatory is worse than any hell

    It leaves you confused, lost, and regretfully shattered. No mercy is held in Purgatory.


  • patronus 182w

    Adopt an Author II

    Bitter is the winter nights
    Blackened skies with no stars sighted.
    Dark is this path I followeth
    As thy cold bites and nips at thee
    Still I goeth to face thee,
    Past thine doors that shall warn
    “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.”


  • _the_winchester_ 188w

    Our own purgatory

    Nobody wants to be in hell but the fact is that we all create our own heavens and hells by the choices we make
    But what if in creating a balance between our sins and our virtues we all create our own purgatory