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  • ruthvik_kadsur 51w

    Lost without you in this wilderness,
    all that is left now is bitterness.
    I see you when I count the stars,
    now it looks like it was a bad dream in the morning hours.
    In this journey towards the unknown we severed our paths,
    I shall see where the road takes me now as i'm barely scathed.
    For all I know i'm not yet beaten,
    I have got a devil’s soul and I shall take the path less taken.

    #SayNoToPlagairsim #Lost #Goodreads #Ridertribe

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  • ruthvik_kadsur 52w

    Had I a touch of magic..

    Had I a touch of magic... I'd rip the taste of meat from the human tongue.
    Trip across the Arctic with the big blue whales.
    Raise the humanity to a level of enlightenment where to seek was to live, to live was to find answers of your being and to find answers were to respect other beings as a creation of the eternal energy.

    Had I a touch of magic... The rains would bring no fury, the summers would make us value the cold winds and the winter would only show us the need of warmth.

    Had I a touch of magic... Adventure would be a an everyday affair and monotony a rarity.
    Joy would be as frequent as the breath you take and melancholy would touch you barely.