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  • afrinfaiza 1w

    I strongly believe
    People think shits after marriage about a girl without understanding their stance...thats extremely pathetic....shameful.... #views #are #personal

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    Alwyas remember

    The person who you love will always love you to a limit.
    He will not exceed it.
    He will prove you as shit when he thinks.
    If you don't become something in you life on Ur own before becoming his.
    He might make you his shoes
    And keep on dominating you.
    So before anything happens build ur self so that.
    Before making you or thinking that they can make you their shoe.
    Show them who are you.

  • tarh_tapung 3w

    Closed Door

    Finally get to see each other again
    But it's a different energy this time
    I'm afraid the promises were made too early
    Feels like we're better off without each other, doing just fine.

    There's no spark in your eyes anymore
    The tiny bit that used to be there, is gone!
    U're always surrounded by ur friends;
    Maybe u're just finally home!

    So, when I ask u how u've been doing,
    Would u answer me the same way as before?
    The rough way without any formalities
    Even if u sleep with closed door now.

  • enxzone 5w

    Days, Months, Year May Come to Pass,
    My View Towards You Might Change Folds Immesaurable,
    But If I Cannot Hold Onto the Source Emotions that I Felt for You,
    It was then Either I wasn't meant for You,
    You Were Never Fated To Be Along Me.

  • nirvanabharga0 5w

    Milieu's calling

    I’m trying to decrypt the runes of
    my soul’s silhouette rafe’s serenades,
    diving through the abysmal ravines of dreary darkness stripping the delusional enigmatic dogma.

    Forbye I’m trying to encrypt the perspicacity of
    my life’s compassionate subtleties,
    hypostatizing mirabilia of byzantine nonpareil ken,
    in rapt with my sigil sagacity.

    // Ne me laisse pas m'éloigner de ça, ô cher univers


  • remmy7moon 8w

    .. ����
    While I was growing up, I realized I spent alot of time planning for vacations, events, parties etc worrying about what will I put on, how will I move, how will I look., then that hit me so deep when I started my personal development journey, it's a pity that I never planned for it earlier enough like any other events in my life. I had a second chance to make the relationship with me much better and do you.
    So it's not yet too late to start your journey.

    (.... Foot steps.. ����)
    True thirst for learning begins with the individual. Here’s how you can be the change you want to see when it comes to creating a learning culture.
    Learn something new so that next time we meet you, we will be interested to know how you built muscles of skills, strength, effort and resilience
    Become your performance coach because it's a need for your growth for emotional, spiritual and intellectual development. So learn bettering yourself and having attitude of action.
    Never stop learning because theday you will stop will be the day you will stop earning, feed your mind with good stuff, read and watch what keeps your soul healthy..
    ... Just thoughts of mind longing to stir your soul

    #Personal development
    #Personal growth

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    Bettering yourself

    Become your performance coach because it's a need for your growth for emotional, spiritual and intellectual development. So learn bettering yourself and having attitude of action.It's not yet too late, be aware and save some time for something beautiful to leave behind in your legency

  • jeetspeaks 10w

    My prayers

    I never write stuffs with a personal tone. I take utmost care to remain impersonal while writing. The reason why I do this is I don't want to share my personal issues with my audience. I want to keep them strictly personal. I don't want my prayers should go to wrong ears. I want my prayers to be heard by the only ONE!

  • untranslatable 14w

    Mental health

    What I experience ,to get rid of mental illness try to see what is in front of u.. , , ,️, whatever in front of ur eyes do try to pay attention on them..

  • girija_ 18w

    When someone is angry at you, just remind him that he is getting angry and see the magic.


  • red_wave_oceans 20w

    Summer time,
    With the Sunshine that's so bold,
    I still hear the laughing and it won't grow old,
    Summer time,
    I feel you leaving on my skin,
    My goosebumps speak the seasons and now it's cold,
    I know you're leaving so friendly Autumn may begin,
    Summer time,
    We enjoyed all that you gave,
    Swimming with our friends out at the lake,
    Happily exhausted at the end of the day,
    I still taste ice cream that we all ate,
    Summer time,
    We'll be gleeful when you come again,
    But for now I think we'll wait,
    For the other seasons to end,
    Summer time,
    Don't forget that you are my friend

  • red_wave_oceans 20w

    Hold me down,
    Not to many friends remain around,
    So hold me down,
    Blow out the candles and wish me well,
    I'll be around

  • grey_skies 22w


    We started as one.
    The similarities were like blossoms:
    Crowned our beginning with all its evident fragrance.
    At heart's behest, I opened myself up.
    Disclosing all my hidden, embarrassing desires
    I was too afraid to tell;
    I felt a joy within like the first time I went to the sea.
    The indifference of the blues, and subtle changes in emotions—
    I could relate so much.
    A freedom greeted my loneliness.
    It was ecstacy.

    Now the changes have started to visit.
    I don't desire their greetings.
    They take you away from me,
    Make you busy in conversations
    I detest to participate.

    I can't lie, not to you.
    Acceptance is hard as I look back to our past.
    I compare and cry.
    I ask for their return.
    I am alone among this crowd.
    You let go of my hand.
    Your perfume, I can no longer recognise
    As the guests have covered you with something new.

  • ab0vethecl0udss 26w

    How Do You Know when You
    Love Someone?

    How do I know?

    It’s simple, but complex;
    I can’t help but love people.

    So, how do you know when you are in love
    with somebody?

    I’m still trying to decipher the difference.

    I think that maybe,
    we know we are in love when
    we take our clothes off for another, get under the covers
    and we..
    hold each other.
    you do.. he does..
    & you both lie there..
    g r o u n d e d
    while shaking inside

    knowing in the back of your mind
    this person you lay up against,
    the mold in their chest is not the same mold in which you hold
    time passes.
    hot breath.. fogged glasses
    when we
    s e p e r a t e -

    i come home to my bed
    these thoughts rush to my head.
    it’s just now,
    s a f e .

    i lie here and realize,
    the person I was laying with earlier,
    is not the same human I wish to fall asleep to every night.

    last night, I slept with a brunette.
    and when I got home to sleep,
    I thought about my blondie.
    I miss him.
    blue eyed, baby.

    I miss him even when he doesn’t miss me.
    when he runs distant
    so far away from me

    I’ll let him run.
    i won’t ever crave to control him.
    even if I want him so badly with me.
    i think that is when, you are in love
    what loving someone really feels

    It sort of goes like that one saying,

    “If you love a flower, dont pick it. Let it grow.”

    And that’s all I want for you
    To build, and climb, and grow.
    And i’d never be one to stop you,
    I most definitely want to know, see,
    what you’re capable of.

    I think being in love is respecting someone’s solo journey.
    And being confident enough in the chemistry
    You & I’s energy

    I think being in love with someone
    Is seeing them for their faults, “Flaws”
    Not giving a fuck about appearance,
    Cause Shallowness is always on clearance

    I think being in love is feeling happy when you see them smile
    Because their smile makes you so happy
    Because to see them happy even for a second, brings satisfaction
    And im glad for the moments
    I’ve been there
    To see your smile
    Or share one, just us two.
    I like when we are together, and we smile as one.
    And I’d wait forever
    For you
    Knowing that the mold in your chest
    Is strictly shaped around my outter outline

    And that aint a crime.

  • i__brush 26w

    All you need is some time alone
    On a big road with large traffic
    In a trip of three musketeers
    Before trying that big chunk of food
    Before your big break
    Before that 'we were on a break'

    And the reason you need to be alone is only to
    Stabilize those thoughts
    Eliminate those words
    Limit those toxic traits
    End those unhealthy fights

  • kaiotyk 27w


    Eat around the cherry pit
    catching glances of a side-eye scattered between fibers
    the insatiable desire for any reason to be free
    it’s an addiction
    giving in to the nitrous oxide mind, cherry pit spits acid
    gracefully elevated, cherries are the best high
    leaving the latter to the lover in the cards.

  • i__brush 28w

    मैं और मेरी कलम

    कभी कभी इतना अकेला पड़ जाता हूँ,
    कलम भी बोल पड़ती हैं, आज रोले थोड़ी देर। ♡

  • avaiswa 29w

    വലിയ സ്വപ്‌നങ്ങളുള്ള
    ചെറിയ മനുഷ്യൻ

  • j_g_surin 32w

    No matter how much
    You close to someone,
    But always keep a distance.


  • kunjol 34w

    പെട്ടന്ന് ഒരു നാൾ ഒരാൾ നിങ്ങളോട് അടുപ്പം കാണിക്കുന്നു എങ്കിൽ സൂക്ഷിക്കുക. വ്യക്തമായ ഒരു ലക്ഷ്യം അയാൾക്കുണ്ട്. അയാൾ അഭിനയിക്കുന്ന സ്നേഹം പാമ്പിൻ വിഷമാണ്.

  • vakilankita 34w

    Sketching Hug

    Can I borrow a hug?
    I promise to give it back to you!

  • i__brush 35w

    एक लड़का था
    बेगाना सा, पगला सा
    भोला सा, दीवाना सा
    दोस्तो पर जान छिड़कता था
    प्यार के लिये वो मरता था