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  • warriorofthenight 54w

    What is your favorite aesthetic?
    Mine is dark academia.
    I think it would be super cool if some fellow Miraquillians would write poems, prose, or quotes about their favorite aesthetic under the hashtag #AestheticallyCorrect
    There are no rules or deadlines, you don't have to be following me or even like this post!
    There's no prize except the experience and the participation.
    Would you like to join in?

    #aesthetic #darkacademia #participation #contestwithnowinner #love #Miraquillians #warrior

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    Aesthetic Writing

  • shivangij 57w

    Try things before judging them

    "How was your day

    My days are lying in a comer Stoned, crippled and rustic, Nights stretch too long, I walk a mile and these waves push me back two miles But I just don't stop breathing and hoping for light. Everyday lying and pondering over thoughts. I feel deep inside drowning within myself. I just wait how long this day would be. Lying over, seeing those same walls and faces. I feel like caged within these walls screaming within how to escape it.

    I thought how it would went, but yeah I felt strike of pain everyday crumbling saying to me, dude do something, I say again these things continue everyday and it's boring. My thoughts conflicting like empty vessels making the most noise. I started off some self building. It felt earlier like dragging myself to climb a mountain when I had no experience. As, I close my eyes I felt being swallowed by dark with barely any scope of light. I tried the process of self build up everyday and so felt the same but as days went by I tried to calm myself each day by engaging in activities which made me calm. I felt like building up myself and so clearing my painful notions into inspirational hope. I so carry on the same and yes this is the reason of my smile now. "

    The person said, "It seems to difficult and boring for me to do. I cannot follow up to what you do."

    I said, " I can understand, I felt the same earlier but going deep within, I realized, I should do that which I neglected. Sometimes we tend to ignore things as it seems to be different and boring but you should give it a try, then your know the value of those things."

    The person replied, "well said, and so the person said atleast there is someone to understand me as well."

    I felt good and was in my mind thanking the person who said that try things before judging them.

  • we_elude 68w

    My poignant shade that was bridging the intricate world of fractal was soon crippled by its own unknowingness and egotistical knowing .

    It wasn't a self inflicted emotion of 'poignancy' that gripped me and shut me into the hermit mode
    It was the unfelt emotion mixed with fear and wonder that I hesitated to walk into ..

    Afraid of its transitory nature
    I clamped myself to the 'futile permanence'
    It was a quick fix .....that break my inner little fixes

    Tried to assemble it with rationalization
    That terrified its realness

    Between the assumption of right and wrong
    I unheard the inner feeble voice .......now it is returning to me as the call of the wild ....
    Clearer and louder than ever before

    #cees_cw_chall #callofthewild #innervoice
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirkaee @writersnetwork #pod #writers #participation #challenge #firstchallenge @_luvnotz_outpost

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    seeing the unexplainable minuteness and connectivity of nature ............


    (More in caption)

  • s_a_r_g_a_m 89w


    Minimum Efforts, Minimum Gains
    Minimum Resources, Minimum Success.
    Minimum Participation, Minimum Achievements.
    Minimum Expectations, Minimum Disappointments.


  • _utopian_believer 91w

    Participation is more important than winning

    Either you may win or lose, that doesn't matter, it's a secondary thing...First face the challenge and give your best... so that might not be on your first attempt, but certainly you will win... Just keep on trying until you get successful, but that doesn't take much time if we try hard.


  • obsovert 104w

    Bullying !

    Well the very idea of bullying is quite deep-rooted in the annals of Indian history. Even the great Karna wasn't spared off this ordeal and the bitter irony is that instead of being frowned upon, bullying is something which has been traditionally accepted to be very basic and part of growing up. We have historically been so liberal about condoning bullying that one can literally feel it in the air. Well the binary basis of categorisation and distinction between the "bullying ones" and the "bullied ones" is quite steep and literally no can climb the chasm of disparity.

    The bullied ones have to battle the perpetual fear of being bullied and ridiculed right from the day they step in the school premises. Moreover, unlike the equations of amicable companionship and coarsened animosities which are susceptible to varying degrees and changes with due passage of time, bullying is not dynamic and the equation once formed remains unaltered for eternity. The "bullying ones" tend to bully always and "bullied ones" tend to remain bullied forever.

    My sincerest thanks to the advancement in communication technology which has facilitated mankind in general to take a giant leap and have brought us all together with the help of internet. So there ain't any shying away from the truth that irrespective of the fact that whether we extend our cordial participation or not but we are participants and part of plethora of WhatsApp groups dedicated to our respective class, batch, house, team, zone, school, department, batch, branch, office, school and there won't be any end to this.

    Sometimes these groups are voluntarily constituted and sometimes much to your chagrin you just simply allow yourself to be roped into those WhatsApp institutions sometimes owing up to peer pressure and sometimes fear of being left out. Now circling back to the inherent agenda of these WhatsApp groups which are excellently organized institutions often formed by the sucessful and influential alumnus of alma mater, who have certainly done better than their counterparts and with motivation to bring everyone under an universally unified and recognised umbrella.

    So when the immaculate sense of Noblesse oblige and belongingness brainstorms the heart of sentinels of unity, then they take the initiative and armed with dedicated passion and sense of unity in addition with pinch of inclusiveness, modicum of nostalgia alongwith not so apparent agenda of exercising the very idea of subjugation and domination to the optimum establish WhatsApp groups, which by and large are virtual cum digital bullying setups where the "bullying ones" indulge into verbal arm twisting of "bullied ones" in bid to maintain their dominant status quo in the garb of fun and reminiscing about the lost nostalgia.

    These WhatsApp groups often tend to ignore the prevalence of bullying and a lot of people act so cool about it. Bullying is practiced without any inhibitions and certain episodes which are harsh and difficult to make peace with are clandestinely brushed inside the rug of jocular nature of school bosom buddies and their birthright to mock and make fun.

    We Indians are so supportive about bullying that people can actually make a career out of bullying. We are super cool about ridiculing people and people who can perform cyber bullying can actually make fame and fortune out of videos mocking people for their choices and ironically become national heroes. We must understand that how blurry and hazy it may look, there is a thin line between humour and humiliation, sarcasm and subjugation, comedy and constrain.

    How indifferent we remain to the prevalence of bullying but it'll always remain an uncomfortable truth and very part of our existence. Bullying ones can actually never feel the pain and pang of humiliation which bullied ones go through. The bullied ones are made to believe that they are misfit and unfit for being the part of that group or organisation. The bullied ones are one who actually live the fear of being part and still be apart in flesh and bone. The permanent damage and pyschological repercussions that bullying casuses are actually beyond repair and impossible to overcome. It's indeed hard to resurrect oneself from millions of shattered shards of self esteem and confidence.

    One can never feel the real pain of being bullied untill and unless one steps into the shoes and walk a mile but sadly enough there are millions of pairs of feet but there aren't enough shoes to accommodate those feet.


  • the_apriy 115w

    जहाँ हिस्सेदारी होगी
    वहाँ ज़िम्मेदारी अवश्य होगी

  • work2rise 119w


    Change Shows Up,
    When You Do.

    ©work2rise x. Your Progress Will Require Your Participation.

  • work2rise 146w


    Why would you wait for someone else to care?

    You have to be willing to participate in your {{OWN}} life before hopelessly hoping that they would participate in yours!

  • itsmelakshika 149w


    Winning makes you strong!
    Losing makes you stronger!
    And participation makes you the strongest!

  • ericwk 158w

    'Creative Center'
    ••• #Creative #Writing #Inspiration #Participation #Feeling

    • Reference of concept regarding; 'Creative Center'.
    This verse is a 'deconstructive statement'. Each line stated is a primary context of what I perceive as a philosophic shell of containments of creativity. (Perceptions of perceptions.) The intention is to have a set of 'expansive explanations' of each primary context line into its own 'sub-versive context' in a series of sub-verses to follow. #EWKcreative

    Be aware! ��
    * 'EMENATE', the literal final word is essential. Express.
    Don't dare self-repress/self-supress. Or let someone else.
    Perhaps at moments, yes. Yet, if you have a sense of within,
    you will begin to imagine what becomes if this silent desperation persists, and becomes a self-consumed habit.

    Try not to let this happen. Stay healthy. Clean. Seek serene.
    Keep a personal journal; hand-written or digital. Do this.
    Every moment matters. Make the legacy happen in you.
    Writing it through, makes a path of literary landmarks.
    Something to belong, after you.

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    Creative Center

    Contemplate. Assimilate. Resonate.
    Progression of inspirations.
    Landmark of moments.
    Wayfinding of wants.
    Pursuit of passion.
    Paths of purpose.
    Self-exploration. create.
    Urge of inwards.
    Thrust of words.
    Catalyst of desire.
    Perpetual receptacle.
    Expansive awarenesses.
    Sensate. Concentrate. Emanate.


  • tauheedshahbaz 184w


    इक मैं और इक तेरी दुनिया
    दरम्यान कहीं है हमारी दुनिया

    देख सकता है हर आदमी
    मगर जाने खोई है सारी दुनिया

    चीखें हैं कानों पर पड़े परदे
    बना दो ला दो वही प्यारी दुनिया

    कई दिनों से नहीं बदला भी मौसम
    उठा लो हाथ में बारी बारी दुनिया

    दो जहान मिल जाएंगे देखना
    क़िस्मत ने लिख दी है तुम्हारी दुनिया

    लोग नहीं मानते मगर सच है
    यह तो है हमसब की ग़म गुज़ारी दुनिया।

  • vikrant_holkar 193w

    Being part is a win !

    Question is not, did you win?

    Question is, did you even be a part ?

    And did you give your best to that part?


  • backstreet_bond 199w






    #love #blessings #participation #challenge #challengepost #iseemyblessings #poetry #you #one #peace #blessed #blessings #moriningpost #angel #youaremyangel @sunshinespectrum @iammusaafiir @whitewings @aryan22 @fireblast_ @geethalakshmi @tomorrow_is_amazing @writersnetwork @repost

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    I am blessed by your touch,
    Your tender touch,
    Spilling truth in my conscience.
    Every night a gale blows,
    Swaying your name,
    With a highish susurrate of your blessed love.
    Dear, beloved,
    You immaculated the crevices in my soul,
    And blessed my broken anectodes.
    It kills me,
    To see you go away,
    To bless someone else,
    With the same love you shed,
    For my body and my finesse.
    Though you are going away,
    Spreading your blessings,
    Like a fervent Messiah,
    To more broken people like myself;
    I yet count on you,
    As my blackberry,
    Sour and sweet,
    Blessing my inner peace.