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  • broken_halo 2w

    Roses and Razors

    Let the scent of fresh tears fill the room,
    with wisps of cigarette smoke hanging in the air...
    Douse my heart's flaming desires with reality,
    a reality that chokes me, strips off my clothes and leaves me bare for the world to see..
    All my fears take turns to taunt me, play tag with my sanity, now it's gone for good... and I'm it now.
    I take one more pill, down it with my own tears and wait...
    I once was pretty, petty, naive and driven,
    But now..the smoke won't be the only thing hanging in the air tonight.

  • julyhues 4w

    To those

    Who feel I've changed, or I walk head high
    or my head touches the sky
    those who feel I'm difficult, insane, or cynical
    those who have cut ties, or those wrought with lies, those who feel I'm less of a normal
    or more of an abnormal, those who feel I call no more, I hardly mingle, I evade,
    those you are not my present brigade 
    those who feel they're 'pov' are sane, those who finish first, I want to say
    I've outgrown the life, the situations, 
    I've walked out from the realms of extroverts to the charades of introverts
    I bear no grudge or walk no high
    I've just changed the road that once lead to thy
    my eyes are fixated on the ground, while I walk looking at the sky, I float now with the wanderers 
    take no offence of my
    I take no pride in shunning the bonds, I chose but what serpentines 
    my thoughts now meet the ones in the clouds 
    you need to wake night to understand all about
    I now find answers from within or from the ones who are within, the shadows of those who once were  wrapped in the glittery fines, I proclaim none is mine
    Beyond mine, myself, there is a world of fluidity 
    where bais, gender, colour don't block the serendipity  
    I'm not wiser but kinder to the inner self
    that once bereaved pity, it now silently stays in the warmth of my palm seeking pure love, no commodity 
    In the journey, I may stumble on pieces of the past
    Yet I will choose to walk till the last 
    those who judge the tunes of a solitary song
    are often those who call the rights' wrong 
    so steady in my mood I walk miles, bear me only if you hoard smiles 


  • abhayrao 6w

    Tragic traditions

    Viscous limbo, can't break free
    Moving stillness, you can almost see
    Unfreezing so slowly, listless lovers
    Cut off mid sentence, silence hovers
    An endless night descending so slow
    From the fringes, did the darkness grow
    Creeping into those frozen hearts
    Extreme views to central parts
    Standing out is the tradition we leave
    Just be loud, no matter what you believe
    Scream and shout, accuse without doubt
    Divide, distract and all decency flout
    Not modesty, humanity, not laws, the spirit
    No agency left with a shroud of grit
    A legacy where the truth ceased to matter
    When facts gave way to words that flatter
    The art of manipulation, dangerous days
    Tragic traditions paving the ways
    New world order, tolerance just lost
    Traditions we leave and the future it cost

  • abhayrao 6w


    Stranded, sanded, somewhere strange
    Message in a bottle, so out of range
    At the edge of darkness
    An island in the abyss
    The galaxy surrounds
    As the sun goes down
    The stars seem closer than shore
    Such wonderous delights
    A chill so cold
    Like floating in space all alone
    Days as bright as a thousand glares
    Burning skies, reflecting seas
    And a patch of resistance that still dares
    Stubborn existence in a place so harsh
    Life in the midst of this deathly marsh
    Willing my soul to forge anew
    Sending the last of my love to you....

  • naqsaif 7w

    Eon : an immeasurably or indefinitely long period of time

    Written from the POV of an injured vampire.who drinks blood off dead animals and dead bodies only.
    He doesn't harm any innocent living being.
    Vampires live on blood.They maybe immortal, but without blood in their bodies they are as good as dead.

    A thirsty vampire is like a drunk man in rain. He is not aware of his actions or his whereabouts.

    "It is how we are made. We are drained, blooded, and buried. When he digs his own way out of a grave, that is when a vampire is born."
    ~cassandra clare


    For simon.

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    Thirst (an incident)

    Blood flowed
    From my sliced throat
    And it adorned
    My slit wrists
    Slowly towards death
    I gently crept

    Until sweet and salty
    Blood dropped upon my lips
    “Drink “said a voice
    And I sucked the fluid of vice

    Then thirst stabbed me
    Like a sword in my guts
    And I pinned down the one
    Who had offered me blood

    And in his neck,
    I bored my fangs
    Soon my head cleared
    And I saw what I feared

    I was drinking blood
    Off a humane lad
    And he was slowly creeping
    Towards pleasant death

    So I, with all my will
    Released his throat
    And in apprehension,
    I went still.

    An eon past,
    His golden eyes
    They gathered mine
    And with pained voice, said I
    "I would have killed you!"
    In the same voice, said he
    "I would have let you".


  • abhayrao 7w


    Crushed like a flower, fragrance enhanced
    Forgiving gifts, upon which we chanced
    A part of nature that's so apart
    Silent pathways off the beaten path
    Races, mazes and all the empty spaces
    Dimensions within, all our favourite places
    Choices amidst these lanes so narrow
    Intricate designs with promises to show
    Hide and seek with destiny and free will
    Somewhere between where time stood still
    And moments lingered a little too long
    Those gusts of wind did hum our song...

  • abhayrao 9w


    We were always meant to be guided by the stars
    So lost in the blaze of these artificial lights
    Attracted to the promise of warm showers
    Oblivious to our path, lost in wondrous delights
    Living for our bodies, souls that hardly grow
    An endless race with no time to slow
    Chasing survival, so complicated today
    Did we take a wrong turn along the way?
    Cross over an invisible boundary of thought
    Remember the things that time too forgot
    Inward and outward horizons to cross
    Lost souls, just like moths...

  • bliss__ 9w

    What if

    When my time has come
    When I slowly start to fade away
    When my blood stops to flow
    Will you hold me close to your heart?
    Will you keep me in a special place?
    Or will you toss me away, like you did to them?
    All those times spent in your palm
    You cause me no harm
    I was your lucky charm
    When ever you held me in your palm
    You felt calm
    You would pour out your emotions on me
    For then you felt free
    Like a weight lifted off your shoulder
    I often get jealous when I see you holding her
    When your in a hurry things you say become a blur
    I know your every thoughts
    It breaks my heart, knowing I can't do anything
    All I can do is just join the dots
    But what happens when I stop breathing?
    What happens when I stop bleeding?
    Will you still hold onto me?

    P.S POV of a pen...

  • lovelynotes 11w

    The clock ticking,
    Echoes of it's sound ringing in my ears,
    I'm constantly reminded,
    My time is almost up.
    I'd soon take my last breath,
    I'd soon be living among the dead
    And even my loudest shouts won't reach the surface,
    I'd be buried six feet deep.
    It's inevitable,
    I'd soon be gone,
    I'd soon be dust,
    My times ticking fast
    But I'm not really bothered,
    None of it weighs down on my mind,
    I just want you to remember me in the end.

  • juveenee_black 11w


    There's a time when you wake up and everything becomes your fault,both the ones you're guilty for and the ones you're not,what is a secret and what isn't anymore...
    The tears begin to roll down and you can't hold it back to put your heads high...Family turns to strangers and strangers become enemies..
    You've got no one to open up your heart and scream to..one who'd listen to the trembling of your decayed heart beat and every word you sing becomes their game plan...
    You just wake up to your broken piece

  • juveenee_black 11w


    When you're here, i want to know you more...I want to be all your firsts, i want to hold you in places others cant, i want you to call me yours in the mist of a crowd...I want to be your home and your weakness...
    But its all i want,and i never get what i want...I'd be okay when the cock crawls and i'd smile to cover up my tears,you wouldn't notice even when i want you too...
    Its still what i want...
    I never do get what i want...


  • juveenee_black 11w


    liquor spilled
    Red wine pouring out
    Beer oozing
    Champagne, cocked open
    Soda water, poorly rich
    Rose, to your taste and satisfaction
    White wine, for the pretence
    skin over skin...
    underneath the covers
    They were drunk,
    forgot about class...
    An eye prick open,
    new to life...
    Its heartbeat still shaky...
    Just a single mistake,
    costs a life.."Welcome Home"she said without a man beside her...

  • juveenee_black 11w


    We're'e young, i know
    what i have for you may seem like our age but how would you know...
    when i say i love you, i don't say it because its a sync in my lips...
    i say I LOVE YOU because i mean it...
    Years to come i want to be beside you not behind you...
    It kills me cause i want an US behind the gates but you don't

    If this is so, lets build our memories before reaching the back of the gate so you'd remember that i lovED you...

  • abhayrao 16w

    Dangerous fool

    The most dangerous fool is one with a title
    Unfortunately for the rest, it's often vital
    Born to the throne or ascension by will
    Something so cold can unflinchingly kill
    Pretend to feel for a public moment or two
    Dancing to the bank when out of view
    Moral compass that points due South
    Wicked minds and silver tongues
    Blatantly lying without a doubt
    Breathing mistrust through their lungs
    Sacred leaders appeasing something base
    The gutter within, the followers that chase
    If this sounds familiar, too close to home
    Purely coincidence, nationalists here roam
    My country is my people, not just a map
    This is for those voices you have trapped
    Those institutes that are, now just your tool
    We gave him a title, our dangerous fool...

  • abhayrao 17w

    A hundred sins

    If I could leave a mark and not a scar
    If I could spot all the danger from afar
    Build a world within each bubble
    Some place safe bereft of trouble
    Where one is free to be who they are
    Flawed, misunderstood, beauty without par
    Where flowers bloom in undaunted delight
    Within the darkness one finds the light
    Protest leading to progress not jail
    Dissent to distinction, by accepting blame
    Justice delivered with a heart and soul
    Something supreme we might truly behold
    Sunset shades can't hide all the dark
    Graveyards in the streets and river embark
    Callous hearts, iron fists, power in control
    Abstract democracy, dictators new role
    Ego and devotion the leading causes of blindness
    Truth and facts are heresy not kindness
    Leaders who promote no violence and hate
    Who don't quake in their boots over healthy debate
    Who don't fear children standing on the street
    Whose beliefs don't crumble with each new tweet
    Thick skin and sentiments so fragile
    This better world might take a while
    Celebrating failure and all the false wins
    Step into the limelight, it's been a 100 sins
    Thresholds which even God's can't forgive
    The nightmare ignored we still have to live...

  • amanahamdan 18w

    Word Prompt. Complete the sentence. 👇



  • a_gentilischi 19w

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Purva! ������������ @heartsease

    9 AM
    11th June 2021

    I won’t pretend to understand her
    The flights of fancies she gets
    Tumbling out of bed in the morning
    Hair that hasn’t touched a hairbrush in days
    She might not have brushed her teeth yet
    She might still in be baggy PJs
    But I know she’ll be here

    This sweet girl
    Who loves me so much
    That she can’t spend a day without me
    Just me and her
    And a stray piece of notepaper
    Lounging in the bed
    As we spin dazzling dreams
    Or tantalizing tragedies
    Of love and loss
    And hurts and hopes

    This is how we become one
    On the white expanses of sheets
    Filling them with words
    Sometimes wet with tears
    Sometimes warm with joy

    I know she thinks that these days are hell
    When home is a harrowing prison
    And the world has refused to spin
    But at least we still have each other
    So I shall be content within

    I’ll love her till my ink runs out
    Then she’ll find another just like me
    I wonder how I’ll live then
    Half dead and buried in debris
    In the depths of her wastepaper basket
    Which is raging endless sea

    But her hastily scribbled out beauties
    Will live forever and bloom free
    Blossoms of gold and violet
    And my own blood’s filigree

    ~Extracted from the diary of a pen~

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #lockdown #wod #pod
    #diary #pen #pov #different #thoughts

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  • mystical_mist 19w

    #Pov:you are the hero who falls in love with the villain and help him take over the world.#Dialogue#takingovertheworld#thehero#thevillain#love#strongforce#flames

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    "i think, personally,love is a strong force"
    "for it was our love,that made us dance around the blazing flames of the world which,funnily enough,once tried to set us on fire..."
    "remember,how we stood there,so smug, watching the world turn down in ashes..."

  • amanahamdan 19w

    From the POV of the Palestinian people.
    #pov #palestine #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    You abandoned me in 1948.
    You left me homeless, starving, and running for my life.
    You did not care if I was wronged in anyway, but instead nodded in agreement to your delegates of the ethnic cleansing of my people and went on about your day.
    You shouted at me and allowed the invasion of my home- to take possession of my belongings, my culture, my traditions, my food, my identity,...everything I have ever known and left me with nothing but the clothing on my back and my children in my arms.
    I walked bare footed in the hot dessert sand trying to find sanctuary and was pushed all the way to the outskirts of land now known today as Gaza.
    It became an open air prison once you realized where I was and didn’t care if your bombs killed my children and relatives on a daily basis.
    You left us starving, with no lights, very little water and electricity, no movement, no healthcare, and walls that are now twice as tall as the walls of Berlin as my scenery.
    You made the world believe that what you were doing was right and that you were merely defending yourself although deep down we all know that is not true.
    You hid behind the world’s strongest missile defense system, your army of elite forces, and the United States of America as your biggest paying supporter.
    You left me with nothing but the rocks of the land to defend myself and our voices.
    The generations after us grew up with this pain in their heart knowing what happened to their mothers and fathers and their grandparents.
    This cycle still continues till this day and yet nothing can silent the voices of Palestine.


  • muski_ki_baatein 20w