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  • jpwriter 18w


    Dangerous. Like angel dust
    The pain is just 
    Unbearable, so Terrible
    The variable, 
    is X, but Y
    Seroquel is next, 
    He gets to try, 
    Another way to die, 
    Chasing all these highs
    Wondering just why, 
    He's always hated life
    He takes the loaded pipe 
    & Pulls a puff, 
    The pills he loaded up 
    With oxy's & Roxies
    Talking him softly out his body
    Being cocky & naughty
    As He mocks the Godly, 
    Party crew like Montley
    Till it stops him oddly
    Off four pills mollie 
    Some yak and a coffee

  • sarojinipradhan 55w

    It's not a lie;
    Over happiness make u a cry

  • anthonyhanible 60w

    Damn Overdose

    What did you do?
    What did you take?
    Damn Overdose
    I'm in tears
    Damn Overdose
    We lost another
    Samn Overdose
    10-45D Patient is deceased.
    Damn Overdose


  • wifey_suicide 84w

    7 am

    It’s 7 am and I can’t seem to fall asleep
    There’s so many bills on the table
    And you in the other room
    I can tell there’s pain in your eyes
    I wish I could just rewind back in time
    Where things were a bit more simple
    And more stable
    I promised you the best
    But even I can’t rest
    Sometimes I feel like I can’t carry on
    I miss so many people
    Heroin needles fall on the floor
    While the police come busting down the door
    Crying, no

    There’s nothing else for me here
    My tears fill with blood
    As you make it for the run
    I promised you so much
    But now there’s no you and I
    And I can’t deny
    That I still have feelings locked inside
    Hidden beneath the pride
    As we say goodbye
    Close my eyes
    See you in another life
    I’m ready to die

    I’m ready to die


  • asavagewarrior_27 106w

    Drug Addict


  • takytales 109w


    One more definition :

    The urge to meet someone knowing that
    love won't come from the other side .


  • therooftoppoet 117w

    ODs And The Big C

    Needle in her arm, passing out again.
    She's nodding out on a broken
    Couch in a house with no doors.
    She's low as she's ever been
    But higher than ever.
    Her body is killing her
    From the inside out.
    "Six months," she remembers.
    That's all she had left.
    Longer with the poison.
    "If I'm gonna have poison in my veins,
    I'm gonna be the one to put it there."
    She needles at her body
    From the outside in.
    While she's drifting off,
    She's trying to remember the good times.
    She doesn't remember much
    Before finally drifting off.


  • empressofdawn 119w


    Dear love,

    A DRUG addict I was
    Completely was insane

    Was not listening to
    Anyones concerns
    Nor was in conscious
    To hear anything

    Unconscious I was
    Of the consequences

    Yet conscious I was
    It is leading me towads Death

    Still social norms were unheard
    My mind was completely Its slave

    The moment I miss my dose
    I act like an wild beast instead

    I was turning a real beast
    High on overdose of Drugs

    No one was ready
    To accept me
    But my mind was
    Luring me to get
    Some more dose of it

    Ah! That pain when
    I run out of stuck
    That craziness to kill
    Myself or someone else
    To get a pinch of Drug

    I cut my skin
    Layer by layer
    The blood flows slowly
    Leaving my mind a
    Little relaxed

    All I was there
    In eternal void
    Where No one is there
    To bring me back
    From subconscious death

    Everyone showed there real self
    No one cared or provided any help

    There Once in my dark world
    I met a light so warm

    It was you and your beating heart
    That filled life in my lost life

    You were the one
    Who held me so tight
    Your warmth could be felt
    All over me at that time

    Your eyes so Alcoholic
    Sweetness dripping from lips

    Your look was
    So mesmerizing
    For a moment
    I forgot to breath

    Your love and care
    Were healings for me
    In your lively world
    I finally let myself in

    Was completely lost
    In your charm
    All through the day and night
    You were never away
    From my thoughts

    With you my life
    Became more beautiful
    I opend my gates for light to enter
    And darkness was invisible

    Your words:-
    Always echos in my ear

    For you only My Love
    I left my DRUG OVERDOSE

    How could I let my life
    In death's lap again
    You brought me out
    Of that dark zone

    No! No!
    I won't let that happen again

    Now also I am an addict
    Addict to your Love
    I love the way you care
    And you mu Love
    Is now My Drug forever

  • borderlinebee 120w

    Caffiene Overdose

    Caffiene overdose,
    I'm shaking,
    I am energy itself,
    I dont feel myself,
    I shouldn't have done this,
    But this was another offer I couldn't miss,
    And I know I'll do it all again,
    Maybe something harder then.

  • zephyr_of_fire 120w


    What could words do
    And what should they say
    Are words enough
    To save you
    To take the pain away
    Because you're so alone
    You're lost
    You're worn down to bone
    So tell me
    Could my voice save you
    Would my poem be enough
    Tell me what i can do
    To keep you alive
    Please stay with me
    Please survive
    Because i can't lose you.


  • wifey_suicide 127w

    Suicidal Story Pt. 1

    At one point I was going to kill myself
    Not much thought went in it though
    I just wanted it to end quick
    So I wouldn't feel anything
    I hate the tears when things go by slow
    During that time I wasn't even thinking of it
    But the minute the pills hit my hands
    My body shivered cold
    Saying homie

    "Look at what you got going
    Compared to others
    This is gold
    Yeah, dad isn't the best
    But the best was never meant to last
    Unless you work towards it
    And for it
    The pain you have now is just temporary
    If end it now
    And you won't even be able
    To witness yourself grow
    Maybe not be important now
    Might be important in the future
    And you'll never know
    Till you get there
    And to save your goddamn life
    This is life
    And this is how far being fair
    Will ever go
    Unless you show others to care
    Get drunk, throw a party
    Don't even say sorry
    So put those pills down
    And look around
    You may not even notice it
    But those angels surround
    Protecting you from the demons
    They can smell you bleeding
    But they can't even have your soul
    Even though it's fleeing
    So put those pills down
    And don't overdose
    And start dreaming"

    Then all of a sudden
    I couldn't do it no more
    So I shoved the pills down
    And instead fleeing
    I started dreaming

    Because the next day
    I woke up

  • wifey_suicide 127w

    Now We're Trippin

    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin

    Make a circle with the squad
    Don't know what's hittin
    But something is hidden
    Voices change
    Faces don't look the same
    Pop a Molly
    Pop a perk
    These shrooms better work
    Come here baby, and lift up your skirt
    While I make the car do a little UE
    With a sound of a skrt
    Our bodies hit the dirt
    But this our heaven
    And we just want a good time
    Bartender I want a little bit of lime
    If you don't mine
    I'll trade you this rock
    So we can have a race down the block
    Reminder of how we were kids
    Playing tag, in a empty lot

    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin

    Now we're trippin a whole lot
    I don't remember what I got
    It just dissolved
    Now all my problems are solved
    Nobody even worried about
    The police getting called
    We're all installed
    To the program
    That makes us all feel tall
    Bigger than the world
    I'm on top of it all
    I'm running it all
    I own it all
    We feel it all
    We don't want this vibe to end
    We're all playing pretend
    With the princess we have to defend
    T-T-T trippin
    I feel it hittin

    Taking shrooms
    Chew them up fast, it takes like dirt
    Nothing like acid, that shit really works
    Put it on your tongue
    Watch it go berserk
    Medicine cabinet
    Let's see what else works
    I'm just trying to get a little smirk

    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin
    Now we're trippin
    T-T-T trippin

    Wait, where did everyone go?

    Now we're trippin...

    Now we're trippin...

  • sometimestheworstme312 131w


    All the things to numb the pain.
    Morphine. Heroin.
    My favorite kind of drugs, you see.
    All the reasons to stop are true.
    But nothing is better than the feeling of you.
    The one thing that i cant let go.
    Your my drug now.

    "I overdose."


  • sinister_rabbit 133w


    The color I last remembered of his eyes as they wandered down past my body to the floor which seemed to bleed
    The lights were off but I watched a ghost possess his body and light up the entire room
    The earth shook and the ground caved as I reached out to grab ahold
    Weightless I fell into the dark beneath
    A thousand hands grasping at every part of me

    Destruction pulling all the colors into the shapes of all my sins
    Overdose and lies
    Chaos running through my veins as I fiend
    Death touched him and surrounded me
    Suffocated me
    I watched him watch me bleed

  • sheinspires 136w


    If crazy is a place,
    I hope they got space for two

  • ladybug_apocalypse 136w

    #Lullaby #sleep #insomnia #fear #anxiety #overdose
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    When the world sleeps at night,
    And the moon graces the sky,
    I turn off my light,
    And hum a lullaby.

    My voice cracks,
    And scratches my throat.
    Until my eyes collapse,
    On a flat note.

    It keeps the monsters away,
    My attempt at music.
    Keeping the demons at bay,
    In my bedroom, secluded.

    Sing until I drop.
    Until my eyes close,
    And my heart stops.
    Sing until I overdose.

  • asavagewarrior 137w

    If She Would Write...

    I will never forget the night you died 
    On my living room floor
    Your addiction, your affliction 
    You thought was hidden, but it was written 
    All over your face
    we could tell by your eyes
    all the lows of your descent
    all the highs we tried to prevent
    You say you're trying  
    But I can't watch you
    While you're dying

  • 4tifiedmind 138w

    One more time

    So momma isn't fine
    One more time those pills
    They came to take her life
    One more time those bills
    They gave her quite a fright
    Well daddy's not alright
    I hear him yell
    In the heart of night
    I hear him wail
    And cry every night
    Daddy please talk to me again
    Talk to me again I cried
    Don't you dare shut your eyes
    Momma please wake up please wake up
    Just one more time
    One more life

  • 13jessica13 143w

    If Heaven Had a Mailbox

    If heaven had a mailbox
    I would write you all the time.
    Then I'd wait patiently for your response
    To the many dark thoughts in my mind.

    But before all of that,
    And above all else,
    I'd need to know for sure...
    You weren't sentanced to Hell.

    The first thing I would ask you,
    Because I simply must know...
    Was it really an accident?
    Or did someone else make you go?

    I'm sure you know I miss you,
    Everyday that I fight through,
    But I'd still have to say it...
    So much of me really needed you!

    There are so many times in my life,
    So many choices I've made,
    I could have used your guidance,
    Your advice and non-judgemental aid.

    You know all that I've been through.
    You've seen all my pain.
    You've been by side at my lowest.
    You know I am far from sane.

    I truly believe with all my heart
    You're right here next to me.
    Not only when I think you are,
    Much more often than I could dream!

    You're always my passenger,
    In every vehicle I drive.
    You've guided me from danger.
    You're the reason I'm still alive!

    I believe you were given a task...
    A very difficult mission Indeed.
    Something no one else could do...
    You're in charge of protecting me.

    Often times I wonder to myself
    "What would he think of me today?"
    Would you be proud or worried?
    Maybe a mix of both along the way.

    When asked the age old question;
    "Who would you have dinner with?"
    My answer is simple and unchanged,
    It's always you I would meet with.

    I have so many questions to ask,
    So many stories to tell,
    But you've already seen it all,
    So I would sit and listen as well.

    While on Earth, when you were here
    You suffered through a lot,
    Though not exactly the same,
    You know we are in a similar spot.

    Much like you had done,
    I've taken to mind altering states,
    Because those who are in pain,
    Hold the key to Addictions Gate.

    Although our tracks are years apart,
    The paths are all the same.
    We both know the stops I'll make,
    That lead to losing The Game.

    So if heaven did have a mailbox,
    I wouldn't fill it to the max.
    I wouldn't need more than one letter,
    To get out what I need to ask.

    I can see all the beauty in my life,
    You know I have felt the good too!
    But I still struggle to fight for life,
    And I know you did too.

    So you turned to drugs for the answer,
    But you didn't know what you were asking.
    So you kept doing more and more...
    Until it was too late for back-tracking.

    Now you know, I have done the same.
    I know you've seen it first hand.
    I can't imagine what you're thinking.
    I'm sure it's hard to understand.

    I know exactly where I am headed.
    I know the life for me that's waiting...
    But I also know that's not what I want,
    Please believe what I am saying!

    I want to break these chains!
    I want to finally be free!
    I want to stay alive and clean!
    I know you would want this for me.

    But I can't remember how to...
    I forgot how to live with feeling.
    It's much easier to numb it all,
    Than to live life just dealing.

    If you could go back to that place...
    Wherever you were in your mind...
    On the night we lost you forever...
    Would you change it this time?

    What would you tell youself?
    The you that was so completely lost?
    The you that needed more and more,
    Of the drugs until you forgot?

    And I know you can't go back.
    I know nothing can be changed.
    But if you can help me open my eyes...
    Maybe my life can be saved!

    See, it never feels like enough.
    I feel like I always need more.
    I'm sorry if that's hard to watch...
    I know you've seen it all before.

    All I ask from you, my protector,
    Please don't give up on me.
    You've kept me safe so far...
    We will get through this, you will see!

    And if heaven had a mailbox,
    I know you'd get a letter one day.
    It would be from me of course!
    And it would say;
    "I Found My way!"

    I love and miss you Uncle Boom!
    Thanks for standing by my side.
    Even if some of the things I do,
    Make you shake your head and roll your eyes.

  • empathangel 144w


    He aches for her on golden steps
    Clutching her picture to his breast
    He watches waves lap the sand
    He wondered, would they understand?

    He yearns for her on golden steps
    Licking salt water from frozen lips
    He raised his eyes to surge in clouds
    Lingering in love songs, sung aloud

    Bereft he wept on Golden steps
    His beloved Sheree engulfed by the sea
    He walked ‘til his feet found no more ground
    The ocean consumed him without a sound

    He left his peace on golden steps
    For the sake of lost souls and lovers
    I sit back and contemplate their life
    When heartache leads me back to strife...

    Wendy Phelan - 12 January 2018