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  • stacia 4w

    Love is a complex game

    love is a complex game,
    not made for me maybe cause it makes everyone insane,
    it has the power to blindfold you,
    has the power to make the fictional things feel real to you,
    and sometimes make you feel ,
    as dry as the wind that blows every evening.

    holding hands for only one evening,
    could ruin all your mornings,
    those promises of being together for eternity,
    now seem fake and unreal.

    love is a complex game,
    it could be as ruthless as passing through hell,
    and as relieving as coming to home after days from a hotel,
    it could be as flickering as the flame of a lighted candle in the wind,
    and at the same time falling into this dreamy connection could feel like a sin,

    it can teach you all the definitons and meanings,
    about true love and twin flame signs,
    but at last will give you the pain of the two aquarian love signs
    who could never be together because of their changing times.
    it could be like an armour,
    but can also be as sharp as a dagger,

    love is a complex game,
    you could part ways with it but come again together,
    or you could be together and part ways to forget that you were ever together,
    you can cherish rides in the same blue maserrati with your special one,
    or cry about how you lost everything when you loved your former the one.

    it could remind you of the days,
    when you walked with her in that park,
    which was filled with trees and flowers ,
    and when the love you cherished bloomed in your heart,
    now when you walk in the same park,
    you see autumn leaves falling down

    love is a complex game ,
    it starts when you forget who you are,
    and ends when you start knowing who you are,
    it could be beautiful and tragic,
    sometimes you would like to reverse everything,
    to save yourself from getting ruined and save that same old love.

    if it is cursed ,
    then no magic can erase that unfateful curse ,
    you got to walk hands in hands with pain,
    and smile when they ask questions,
    about this love cause you dont have any correct answer,
    this smile doesnt come from happiness,
    but every bit of it is filled with vain.

  • smart_words 4w

    #once one beggar is really happy, and one business man saw him from car window then continue business saw every nights whenever he go to home.

    The businessman really shocked about his happiness and he call the assistant and asked him,
    Why beggar so happy? Even they do not have ideas for food?

    #Assistant - sir maybe he was get more money or he was get more food that day!

    #Businessman - but he always happy when i saw on road.

    #Assistant - so sir, maybe i have no ideas.

    #Businessman - go and ask him?

    Next day.

    #Assistant meet beggar and asked - why are happy all the time?

    #Begger - i don't know.

    Assistant tried so well but beggar have only one answer - " i don't know "

    Then beggar go the boss and shared all the things.
    Then businessman angry on him and say - i will go meet with him.

    After next day businessman didn't saw the beggar so he Deny and go to the home.

    Again and again he tried for meeting but beggar is not their So one day businessman stop car in beggar area and go the near with other begger and asked them for that beggar.

    #Beggar - ooo do you asked that beggar actually he was died before 2 day.

    #Businessman - what?? But he is so happy and i think he is well also so how can he die?

    #Beggar - who told you he was happy, do you know he was hungry from 3 days. And do you know he lost his little child and family. Do you know everyday he suffered from Brain Cancer, do you know he was richest person in his district but he lost all the things.

    #Businessman - (shocked )in the paining life he is show like Happy, but why?

    #Beggar - he was happy because he have gratitude, he always thanks to god and say if " i will die so I'm a Lucky, because then i can see my family if i will not die early then i trust on you, you never fallen down me.

    Know Businessman aware of moral, it doesn't mean how much you have, the matter is you have gratitude or not. ������
    " in every bit which we eats maybe someone can't eat.

    Note - Maybe readers here you can find some BASIC mistake but i know it's worthless jus i want to make understand of the some little word " THANK YOU "

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    मेरे इजात से था ना वो,
    मेरे इलाज़ मे था ना वो,
    वह दवा बदन -ए - ख़ाश की थी,
    मेरे दिल-ए-मरीज का था ना वो!!

  • siyanii 4w

    Aren't you a flame that's burning yourself?
    Guided by mind yet abandoned by self;
    With desires detached, your heart beats by itself,
    A morose rhythm where melancholy delves.

    Aren't you a rose with thorns pointed inwards?
    One slight slip, and you prick yourself with judgements;
    With honesty imprisoned, joy's lost through the cages,
    Of a million expectations that entangles your existence.

    Aren't you the protagonist of your self-written tragedy?
    That creeps regret and resentment deep down your memories;
    And haunts your present, like a dismantled gallery,
    Of twisted masterpieces deranged in misery.

  • muskaanbhatt_ 6w


    I fell
    Madly in love

    Simple the
    Complicated one

    Every problem
    Our love won


  • muskaanbhatt_ 6w

    The Old Me

    Once in me there was a different soul tied
    Arrogant and full of pride
    In hope of good I sacrificed
    To Kill my egoistic old soul I decided
    Bearing it's sweet pain I cried
    Tried to be down to earth and changed my way of sight
    Got a new feeling and everything is now described
    One day i succeeded and my old soul died


  • nocturnal_enigma 7w

    * 22.10.2021; 11.26 P.M (Malaysia)

    #once #wod @miraquill


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    Untitle 85 ~

    Once when I was young,
    I wonder about Yin & Yang.
    It's hard to hold my tounge.
    My words hurt; They stung.
    Some sad songs that I sung,
    that made my heart sunk.
    The way my heartbeat rung...
    to them, I feel that it's wrung.
    Oh, I am so awkward!; Lunk.
    Feel like water fill my lung!
    Emotionally confused; Hung.
    Well, I don't need a hunk!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • cruisey 8w

    #combination #once #wild
    PS: Words in " " belong to Srinithi and Sam respectively.

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    Someone once told me, If a poem doesn’t rhyme, it is still poetry. Because broken crayons don’t lose their colour, their essence and importance. They are still crayons.
    I’ve read Srinithi’s posts, and I find that you can write on something as simple as a word. “How perfect would this be ? If this exists in the real world.”
    I’ve read Sam’s posts, and I find that poetry can be a page full of bottled up emotions. “But i have so much left to say, feelings i want to portray, before i decay.”
    I read a lot of people without being acknowledged.
    I saw someone writing 
    a satire on Miraquill itself. 
    On rabri pao and religion.
    On a table knife.
    On a haircut.
    On usernames.
    Poetry is an assembly in words of thoughts running wild.

    On the other hand, there have been instances where it occurred to me that I was daydreaming because I was reading 
    a thesaurus and dictionary,
    DIY depression den,
    Search history,
    Instagram instances,
    Reeled reality.
    and calling it a write up.
    Anyways, that was me being uneducated.
    Poetry is anything written wholeheartedly.


  • stacia 9w

    People around me

    When the people around me ,
    Changed with the seasons in my life,
    I fell on the ground and thought , "how can they change into this?",
    My conscience shook,
    Then i thought ,
    Maybe i didnt see
    Or notice while laying the foundations of trustand love,
    That they were all busy building a wall of distrust.

    Little did i know,
    That their words with time,
    Will become like an ink blot on the papers of my life,
    They stained the love which was there,
    And broke the bond we shared.

    They wrote red words about me on the walls of hatred overnight,
    Which felt like frozen icicles being stabbed in my heart,
    For no reason at all
    They killed the old little girl and
    She was ready to fall.

    I remember ,
    I sensed all of this five years ago,
    But childishly crushed these senses and threw it out of the window,
    I tied the blindfold on my eyes,
    Cause my trust on them, back then,
    Was bigger than their fake egoistic pride.

    Within a few sunsets i learnt,
    How people could flip sides,
    How could they be mine,
    For a moment and be the villain the very next time,
    Within a few dark nights i learnt,
    How could people use your self confidence ,
    To ruin you and say that you were a tainted fok.

    I was just fifteen ,
    When my faith on them shook with disbelief,
    My capability to think seized,
    They never tried to lay their prejudice aside,
    And believed in ego rather than a big opened mind,
    But remember always,
    Never to loose someone's faith,
    For the sake of green eyed envy ,
    Do not always look for money,
    And never ever choose to duml the reality.

    Battling those rough winds was tough for me ,
    Living in between the wordy false narratives was excruciating for me,
    My ships of old love now sank,
    Deep beneath the waters of betrayal ,
    And touching the truthful sand.

    And suddenly in the morning i realized,
    The colour of my clothes was black,
    The stains of harsh was invisible on this,
    So i ran into the bushes as if i was mad,
    Cause now i became the wise wild one,
    To explore a magnificent truth and be an experienced lad

  • sundarcvc 9w


    "You once told me,about Karma but what you didn't say is that you're served what you deserve."

    I have realized that,It ain't magic.
    You are freshly served with what you deserve,
    For the choice you have made.
    Now that ain't Karma,that's common sense
    And you always have a choice to order something new and fresh to be served..Now,
    What you order out of what life has to offer,
    Totally Upto you!!


  • stacia 10w

    Godess of betrayal

    First look of you,
    My naive eyes could not comprehend this secret language,
    Saw your glimpse in the dark night,
    You had different pictures to portray in front of their cameras,
    My naive mind thought,
    How niceyou were
    But little did i know,
    That you were standing so weakly for the right side
    To protect your evil side,

    From the month of july started ,
    All the laws of karma,
    All your verdicts being printed against you,
    And the walls painted with betrayal now
    Strike you with a claustrophobic force
    But still,
    The kings and queens support you,
    So that you could yield more evil powers.

    You started rising,
    Started to show faces in the court room,
    Started to be the most desirable one for her own ,
    Maybe some evginious people showed symoathy for you,
    But you knew
    How evil are u
    Blaming wont help you,
    It might mark you with fakeness,

    From great suffering comes great strength indeed,
    But from great play of evilness ,
    The wheels of fortune turn against you,
    And the sober pictures of you get painted with red

    Enjoy it till the clock strikes fourteen,
    Cause now the firrst look wont match the final looks of you,
    Let the black queen rise
    And let your evil powers demolished with her every sign

  • discoveringself 10w

    You once told me
    That the path to success
    Is difficult...

    Would you count
    My struggles as success?


  • hiddenwords_of_heart 10w

    You once told me not to drop even a single drop of tear from my eyes.

    But now you are the reason for ocean of tears that shed from my eyes.


  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 29.9.2021; 3.21 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #once #wod @Miraquill Start with "You once told me..."

    #Pleasant #Skulduggery #SkulduggeryPleasant

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    Pleasant ~

    You once told me:
    "So far, you're pleasant."
    and you also told me:
    "Your face is pleasant".
    I guess, you like the...
    word: 'Pleasant', huh.
    I'm your Stephanie Edgley.
    You're my Skulduggery Pleasant.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • stacia 10w


    Why do you speak so less?
    Why dont u talk a lot?
    Why dont you share evrything?
    Why do you hide everything?

    My charachetr being painted by these questions,
    Everyday as i walk throught the corridors of vivid nuances ,
    Of the people around me,
    I would sit and wonder,
    Why do people want me to be someone i am not,
    Why do people want me to lock my reality.

    I made silent observations and got to know,
    The one who speaks more often ends up being used,
    Ends up having a deep cut in the heart,
    The one who speaks more,
    Often reveals everything to people who should not know it,
    And ends up being in a constant battle with their reflection.

    They named it wickedly enigmatic,
    I accepted it with honour,
    Cause i knew that even a ray of sunshine can change the darkest forests
    Like my words which when spoken would be for a right cause at the right time would change the sick orthodox mentality,

    They say that i am misanthropic,
    And i understood ,
    That it takes a cost to be unique and to be yourself,
    And for me it was their opinions ,
    Some frame a new opinions everyday and hang it on their walls of envy,
    And do not understand the meaning of diversity


  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 10w

    #once #wod @miraquill #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @writerstolli #writersbay

    You once told me
    That "when you first saw my picture And my freckled smile.."
    "You knew right then
    You wanted to adopt me
    As your child.."

    You once told me
    With an adoring smile
    And your famous hug..
    That someone mentioned
    "That we looked exactly alike"
    And that, filled me with
    a Sense of belonging
    And pride..

    You once told me
    I could do anything, I wanted to..
    Anything, I set my mind to do..

    You once told me
    When I was shamefully drunk
    And afraid to go to the house
    Ready to sleep in the car
    If not the trunk.
    But, you got in and said to me
    In the dark and cold car..
    "That there was NOTHING I could do that would change the fact
    That I was your daughter.."
    And that "me
    Coming in the house
    Was always, an open offer.."

    You once told me
    After the surgery on your knee
    "That you were feeling great
    And you would be having the second surgery to fix the other knee"
    And "that I could call
    In the morning, tomorrow"
    But later on that evening
    Strong and independent
    You went to the bathroom without an attendant
    And you ended up falling
    To your own brain death..
    But in the end
    At this time
    I once told you..
    "It was now okay
    For you to let go"
    One tear trickling
    Down the right side
    Of your face..
    Then you took a final
    Heaving siggghhh
    While your last tear
    Trickled down
    Now, the peace-filled
    Left side of your face..
    And then you didn't cry
    Or Breathe Again.
    You are at peace
    And I will never forget

    "The things you once told me.."

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  • jan_balan 10w


    You once told me, plan my day ahead of time and not squander any time. That's how I ended up where I am now. The words of wisdom I obtain after seeing those two gems are immeasurable. You are my source of live vigour and vitality.

  • shabz_felix 10w


    You once told me poetry is
    an open door to discovering your soul
    In metaphorical expression

  • rjaygrace 10w

    Tale of Tells.

    You once told me that love was distant,
    far away for my fingers to dream.
    I dreamt of fairytales and princesses
    I soared on clouds and slept on the moon
    I woke up and believed the lies you told-
    that joy was dream and pain was real.

    You once told me you ruled
    The skies and the universe
    Space and its planets
    The sun and its shine.

    Now I see THE TRUTH.
    Now I know that all you once told me
    are realities that do not exist.
    Now I know the difference,
    Thank God.

  • shabz_felix 10w


    You once told me
    Where there is a will there is a way
    You once told me
    Two wrongs don't make a right
    You once told me pride goes down before a fall
    You once told me
    Speaking without thinking
    is shooting without aim
    You once told me
    what I cannot cure
    I must endure
    You once told me
    doctors don't have all the answers
    To all of my questions
    You once told me
    Love don't wallow
    In other people misery
    You once told me
    To make the best use of time
    because time waits for no man

  • _astitva_ 10w

    Dear ones who left!

    You once told me
    the sanguine sky is mysterious beholding
    blankness of birth beseeching stars to
    scintillate as if deceased dears dwell in
    its core crooning to creator for concealing
    our clangers, bestowing blessings for our

    You once told me
    the fairytales of faith which felt like forever
    is a spring's sun which solaces soul slivered
    with sips and pukes of pain but the solitary
    nights nibbling my nerves revealed it to be
    the waning moon which whispers wails and
    withering wishes in winter's freezing festoon.

    You once told me
    love is lavenderous like petrichoric pauses
    of mythical monsoon which smells for seasons
    betwixt benevolent bossoms reverberating with
    ripples of reminiscences simile to the aroma of cardamom tea perspired in corsages of cherubic

    You once told me
    dazzling dawns dotes darkest dusks under the
    autumnal acer embracing euphoric epoch of
    the lass latched in limits, lust and lockiophobia
    scratching her skin with stings of surmises craving
    for a cloud to condense and cwtch her cologned crevices burgeoning bluebells of belief.


    #wod #once @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Some things that I discussed with my Dadi over the years. Learned a lot and grew but today she left me to face the world alone ��

    May your soul rest in peace Dadi ��

    @writersnetwork Much honoured (21) ❤️

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    You once told me
    ticks of togetherness will flee in flurry of
    fallacies and felicities forsaking a fragrance
    of maladaptive memories.