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  • thehealer10 12w

    To get lost in love is to embrace the chaos of life. When you fully give yourself to another person it is Simultaneously one the most exciting and scary thing you can experience. Some say love is an emotion that fades, those of us that of ridden it's waves know it's a choice made each day.

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    Your love is the ocean; deep , seemingly endless and scary. It would take eons to understand the burdens you carry. I want the Time and Space to last forever when we're floating in you abyssal plain.

    I've endured your raging seas,been embraced by your cool breeze, I've felt your squeeze putting me at ease. With each emotional wave, you were teaching me to be brave. Your desires were at the the helm, I made my ambition the keel keeping us sailing toward ecstasy.

    Unfortunately, the stream of dreams ceased flowing from the source of inspiring imagination. Visions of the future stopped in their tracks, now I see why they say nothing last. I'll forever cherish the time we had, sailing your sea of endless possibilities.


  • kendrasteel 130w


    I never knew the ending of the ocean could be so peaceful.
    It made the sunrise brighter while exiting the scenery.
    My book unfolded itself as I paid more attention to the waves, but still kept it's weight in my hands as if to remind me not to go swimming.
    I've always had a fondness for welcoming a new day, and I believe they start over...and over, and over again for the same reason.
    I haven't found this reason, but I enjoy the chase of it.
    I could put the book down and get my feet wet, but I like the sight of the sun and warmth of it beneath my toes.
    It's the littlest of things.

    I've decided to stay dry.
    Until my book ends,
    And I introduce myself to the edge of the ocean and beginning of the sun.


  • angeldisco 162w


    Singing to the music of the sea
    The thrill of whitewater lifted me
    Crashing waves, sprawling expanse
    How could I know
    Your creation was so immense?
    My heart craving, yearning
    For the sweetness
    Of intimate understanding
    In pain, confusion, emptiness
    For the soothing balm of obedience
    To the mystery that you are to me
    More captivating than any fantasy
    I relinquish my questions, my doubts, my fears
    Silent surrender in a torrent of tears
    Wash me away in the depths of You.

    ©angeldisco ©Stephanie Isom