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  • bornfire 142w

    The Merrier One

    Saturn is far too distant I know,
    But what if we could reach those ends of space,
    Which knows no boundaries?
    Wouldn't it be intriguing to know what lies beyond infinity?
    In a place where we could work not for needs but solace, earn not for wealth but serenity, lead life not just for living but TO LIVE.

    Innumerable times, I dive into this ocean of my discolored imagination and can just wonder.... Oh how I wish to be there some day, in that world I call 'The Merrier One'. But then every single time I'm greeted by this one persistent question - What would I do? What all shall I do if I was gifted this world?

    Would I hop like a kangaroo, carefree and settled?
    Or would I run like a cheetah, far deep into the realms of my dreams?
    Could I be a member of that jolly group of penguins, moving in herds, all together, without judgements and atrocities?
    Or if nothing else seemed to work, could I just sit by that bonfire, all content with myself, reading the newspaper with headlines about 'Rise of humanity over evil' and 'Love becomes surplus, Gods planning to send some to other planets'?

    How would that world be? Is this fiction that my mind discretely creates in the hidden corners of my brain? Am I dreaming? I don't know. But if it's a dream, I'll be better off sleeping. :)

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