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    * 3.9.2021; 8.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    * Recording uploaded at my Instagram: nuems_poems

    * 3rd in #NuEmRaps #Rapper

    #rap #Eminem
    #poem #stem #them #gem #problem #REM
    #like #grow #sleepy

    * 'Them' refer to other poets.

    * I didn't chose the background. It automatically there. So, I just use it.

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    -em ~

    Yo! I am NuEm.
    Grow like a stem.
    This is my poem.
    I like Eminem.
    Is this piece, a gem?
    Like poems by them?
    Well. No problem.
    Sleepy; Come REM!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    * 27.8.2021; 4.51 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 598th post; 80 posts till 678th (Target)

    * 2nd in #NuEmRaps (Take a look the 1st one. It's longer)

    #Raps #Rap #Naps #Slaps #Run #laps #claps

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    -aps ~

    This is one of my raps.
    Like cats, I get naps.
    I give myself face-slaps. ‍♀️
    I run.‍♀️ How many laps?
    Give me some claps!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    AB & C (rap-style poem)

    Hey, I'm an AB,
    I like to eat ABC,
    Is that, Bumble-bee?
    At the centre of KLCC ~

    I'll go to Singapore, from JB
    Boarding a ferry; Across the sea
    Sooner or later, one day, I will be...
    there; there's someone I want to see

    Check-in at the lobby,
    Searching for my IC
    Yeah, I'm quite chubby
    Unlike models, ain't sexy ~

    Wearing something shabby,
    Someone turned off the AC,
    I looks kinda, like a zombie,
    The most odd one, in the CC ~

    Have to find, a new hobby,
    As a loner, I need privacy,
    A nobody, a writer-wannabe ,
    Words spread with efficiency ~

    I pet a stray cat, it's a cute tabby,
    Still hoping ,for any job vacancy,
    It will be my chance,i mean, maybe?
    Wish I'll be hired,soon, by an agency

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    *i like certain rap music
    *so it's my 1st time to write such style

    * Original lines (1st idea) of 2nd stanza:

    I want to go to JB
    Through the sea
    Oh, just let it be
    So, wait and see

    * Other version of 2nd stanza (2nd idea) :

    I went to the JB
    I looked at the sea
    Oh, I'll just let things be
    So, just wait and see


    *AB stands for AB blood type
    *its universal blood recipent, but also universal plasma donor (for accident or certain injury)
    *AB blood also has no natural 'antibody' , only antigen A&B
    *also said to have low immunity against disease, so easily to fall sick, takes time to be cured
    *as for personality, according to 'ketsuekigata' theory , AB can be rational & cool but also quite critical & a 'weirdo' xD

    *ABC is 'ais batu campur' - a type of cold food
    *bumblebee is my favourite robot in transformers
    *klcc is kuala lumpur city centre
    *jb is johor bahru , located at south, near singapore
    (only went there as a baby, thats why, i dont remember)
    *Not really sure,whether we can go there by ferry though

    *ic is identification card
    *ac is air conditioner
    *cc is cyber-cafe (actually, never went there alone)
    wannabe is when we want to be something
    *tabby is a type of cat, not a breed

    *agency refers to publishing company
    *I'm not working anymore , unemployed, job-seeker
    *i didn't quit my last job The contract lasted for only few months
    *Now , struggling to be a writer Have started writing since 9 years old(14 years ago)
    *this is the shorter and improved version
    *as the original longer version is quite ridiculous
    *i think , this is better? what do you think?
    *not sure if the cover suitable though

    #poem #rap #malaysia

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    AB & C (rap-style poem)

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