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  • sarahrachelea 17h

    Love is like a summer
    Gone in a flash
    It all burned in amber flames and fire

    Can't even remember
    Dreamer in September
    Loner in October

    Buried it all in a cold odd winter
    Surrender in December
    The forgotten November

    ~ The Forgotten November

  • pallavi4 1w


    It is a great privilege for me today
    To pay homage to the great November
    For being steadfast, brightly colourful
    And cold in moderation it will be remembered

    With spring and summer out of the way
    Fall came next as always in the chain
    The trees lost their garish green robes
    Shades of orange in the forests reigned

    The season of harvest, fruit and gains
    November came with no additional baggage
    “Autumn teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go”
    Is a truthful and alluring adage

    Not hot like the October’s autumn
    Not freezing like the snow laden December
    Warm days and cold nights made it perfect
    And the most sought after seasonal member

    With the smell of spices and oaks in the air
    November lived beauteously aflame
    Tables were gaily dressed to give thanks
    Pumpkins were universally acclaimed

    Golden apples blossomed and bloomed
    Golden leaves covered the roads and lanes
    Golden magic filled the rosy cold draft
    Golden, the worldly pleasures became

    “I wish I too could be an autumn leaf
    Who looked at the sky and lived
    And when it was the time to leave
    Gracefully it would know life was a gift “

    Every year I await the advent of fall
    Before winter covers everything in snow
    November thank you for being a constant in my life
    You’ll be missed more than you’ll ever know


    30th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Jesup path, Acadia National Park, Main ne Fall 2013 by Nate Levesque on Flickr

    “Autumn teaches..... let go”, quote by unknown
    “I wish I ...... was a gift”, quote by Dodinsky

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  • cutie_hedgehog 1w

    Goodbye November

    Hey November...
    Ready to go???
    Thanks a lot...
    You gave me many colors
    you taught me many things
    yeah... We could say it was more sadness than goodness
    but... that's okay... that's life right?
    Let's meet again next year
    With more happiness and full of joy.


  • porcupine 1w

    Sunrise today

    The sun rising up today
    The light so beautiful
    Such a lovely view
    Looking out the window sill

    The bright yellowish orange
    Shining on the top of the trees
    The bottom half still dark
    In November with a cool breeeze

  • porcupine 2w

    The geese

    The geese are awake
    Making noise and
    Splashing in the lake

    The geese are active
    Early morning and
    Don't seem too passive

    The geese are vocal
    Loud and clear and
    I would like a photo

    The geese are so big
    Walking near and
    They have giant wings

    The geese are wise
    Don't get too close or
    They'll give you a surprise

  • kajalpawar2911 2w

    "Can I be privileged to be honoured by your troubles?"

  • porcupine 2w

    The geese November 23rd

    The geese are being very vocal
    This morning they are noisy
    I wonder what they are saying?
    Maybe that flying south isn't easy?

  • porcupine 2w

    November 22nd 4:16 am

    Woke up before the sun
    Geese active and alive
    The night prior was early
    Asleep in bed before five

    The wind very strong
    Leaves falling everywhere
    Winter is knocking
    Trees will become bare

    Rain and snow today
    Both will cause a mess
    Slippery cold and damp
    I will stay inside I guess

  • ckeerthana 3w

    Repeat after me:
    Curiosity kills peace of mind

  • porcupine 3w

    November 19th Sunset

    The trees all around
    The sun in the middle
    Day gives way to night
    Complex but so simple

  • porcupine 3w

    November 20th 5:30 am

    The moon is quite bright
    Shining through the clouds
    Such an amazing sight
    A quiet view but so loud

  • ckeerthana 3w

    From shedding out our tears to express our emotions to controlling the tears which stands at the corner of our eyes we all have been grown up.....

  • that_freak 3w

    A good day to remember
    #november #17november2021

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    November 2021

    November is being kinder to me and I hope it stays like this for a while.

  • ritik_19 3w

    Sad reality.
    Instagram Reels collection have taken such a revolutionary action that people have forgotten to check their regular feed.

  • whentherainfalls 3w

    #monostich #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #autumn #snow #funeral #november

    Yesterday was our first snow of the season ��

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    Autumn Funeral

    Observing the casket, I ask November, "why do you snow?"

    ×× Caleb G. | Monday, 15 November 2021 ××

  • _thara_ 3w


    My life tower is bigger than eifle tower. Haha. I born, I grow, I got bullied a lot, I didn't recognise, but I learnt, learning, I'll learn. Everyone came into my life just to teach me. Then they make me to realise that I born to make myselves keep on upgrading in all ways such as knowledge, personality, and prove myself. Learning is knowledge, not only books and also the way you treat others and how you treat them. My first level of lesson is for my brain. Including food, character and behaviour, my mom feed up with knowledge. That's actually makes others to have good impression on me. So far didn't acheive anything much, but one day I'll. This is all went in first part of life, While coming to second part, now the lesson for my heart. It always learnt to treat people in good manner and show love even if other hurts me badly. So I trained my brain and thought my heart to build self respect for me and treats everyone in "What you give, you will get". And also we have to treat each and everyone in equal way. Everyone have equal rights, No one is slave. And also we have to show love and affection to all. But don't belive anyone blindly. This makes me to reach high and acheive many things. Meanwhile, with my lovely character, I gained many people. While something happened to me, money will save me if possible. Otherwise, I'll get wishes and blessings of people I gained. And moreover, I got into depression too, there too I met many persons, where many laughed at me, but someone makes em to laugh. That's always makes me to feel special. And I started to have a small circle who always gives encourage me, makes me to feel safe and secure, enjoys each other's acheivement and vice-versa. This makes me to do more and more and upgrade my version everytime. Hope my tower goes more long and helps to get star.

  • ckeerthana 3w

    Sometimes I feel karma could have been instant. When one side of people cry and die for all their pain they are going through, there is another world which enjoys with all happiness. It's not about blaming them but all deserve a life and happiness right??? For someone's mistake someone face the pain. Not all live for themselves and if they try to people call them as ignorant. I judge for something, people judge me for anything and all have mouth to say but only few come forward to sit with you and understand your agony. Sometimes the World is amazing with good people, sometimes the World is filled with stone hearted people. In the end if all can respect each other and treat everyone equally, won't the world be a better place to live with kindness?????
    #thoughts #sunday #november #2021 #mirakee

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  • ckeerthana 3w

    The child in us never fades away
    It just hides inside to face
    The challenging world
    All of us are just grown up kids
    Wearing a mask
    Covering up our innocence
    But life is a cycle
    As we grow old
    Our skin becomes dry
    Hair turns grey
    Eyesight becomes blur
    While our innocence just takes
    Over our Old-age
    We all became a child again

    #happy #mirakee #childrensday #november #quote #poem

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    Happy children's day ❤️

  • porcupine 4w

    Sunset November 4th

    Then sky tonight looks amazing
    All the orange white and blue
    These views are worth saving
    Take a picture, maybe even a few

    My friend SJTS took a photo for me that I wrote about here

  • sarahrachelea 4w

    If you are not the answer to my prayer
    Then I will know
    So I'm just gonna adjust the sail
    And I'll be gone with the wind
    Find my way back to the ocean
    Flow into the unknown
    I wish you nothing but the best on your journey
    So you can fly away up high to the sky
    And reach back to the stars
    Places you were belong

    November Letter of
    Mermaid to Unicorn