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  • aleien 1d

    Y(a) ?(.)

    Realmente me detesto.
    Insignificante aquel que se siente mal por acciones ajenas; ese soy o somos.
    Realmente lo hago.
    Odiarme por odiarte, pero odiarnos tan bonito...
    Hacerlo ? Me cansé de hacerlo pero nadamos iguales al mismo mar, y eso me reconforta. La culpa no recae sobre mi.
    Nuestra culpa es:
    Haber hecho de esto un rapidito de más de 4 años, un querernos al afán y amarnos porque pareja somos, así toca ?
    Realmente me odio, por no entender lo que pasa en mi contexto y el resto de malditos contextos que me miran cuando camino en la calle o en mi vida
    Realmente, que puta mierda.

    © Soline

  • _undefined_writer_ 2w

    "Aap ache ho toh aap
    ke sath acha hi hoga."

    Kya bewakhoofi
    bhari baat hai.


  • artistano1 21w


    That night the stars
    floated in your eyes,
    I bite your fingers.
    We were lying
    in all these lies.
    you without lingerie,
    i without lingers.
    No tomorrow.
    No today.
    No sorrow.
    Nothing but us.
    A wise advice
    - Only fools love you twice;
    I bite,
    and I win the night.

    We fall
    to nonsense
    We play
    a role
    and dance,
    on sweaty boards,
    when the lights go out,
    we stay.
    No breath,
    No words,
    No pen.
    Nothing but us.
    Only the silence is louder then.
    You're reading my mind,
    -Then stop thinking;
    I write,
    a lullaby of the night.

    We act
    and grow old
    for ideals,
    for the fact
    which we sold
    only remain the seals,
    on our empty bodies.
    No bones,
    No wars,
    No stones.
    Nothing but us.
    Whose piece of skin is under your nails?
    - Ask all your fails;
    I'm light,
    i hover through the night.

    We dive
    to feelings
    We fuck
    each from his own bed,
    We stuck
    in those emphatic,
    real masquerades of life.
    No blood,
    No pain,
    we are like a blunt knife.
    The blood is red,
    the veins are blue
    You have to forget me;
    - Who are you?;
    I fight,
    but i lost that night.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    by artistano1
    #genuine_readers #nonsense #poetry

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  • ant_agonized 22w

    Few words here and there...
    Stopped writing about my guilt


  • spicy_sugar 24w

    There is not much distance between my heart and mouth. But between my words and feelings, a million miles.


  • officially_ray 25w


    Yes. We do feel like giving up. Sometimes, or maybe most of the times. But, let's just not give up yet. This was when I felt like giving up. I'm not happy now, not yet, but I'm better than what I was yesterday.

    And I don't hate myself for that. Yesterday's me is still me, today's me is me, tomorrow's me is also me. But I still deserve all the love, so do you!

    Hang in there. Good times are coming too.

    #nonsense #genuine_readers

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    Day without me

    And of all the times ,
    I think of this one particular day,
    when I'll no more be walking on this loam,
    when I'll be buried deep in the womb of this orb,
    and if I could ever be free of this morose trap,
    Will I ever be able to sleep peacefully? ,
    To rest and never wake up.
    For all I know
    I'm tired, of trying,
    trying to be like one of you,
    trying to be the perfect you,
    so for once when I will rest in peace
    let me be myself and let me escape,
    Just like I always do,
    I've waited too long,
    trying to fit into this world,
    A day without me sounds good to you?
    Me too..
    A day without me sounds perfect to me too

  • porcupine 29w

    Powers that be

    Your lips are flapping
    Your constant yapping
    Like a child is how you're acting

    Your mouth is babbling
    Incoherent rambling
    And your mind must be tangling

    You speak all in circles
    Just like a commercial
    Things that are controversial

    Your mind is disturbing
    Like you were rehearsing
    No concept of who you're hurting

    Your time will be shortened
    You will not be defended
    Soon your position will have ended

  • kritu_22 33w

    What is non sensical in good dreaming,

    if it has the power to make you happy?


  • shubham_20 33w


  • shubham_20 35w

    Kuch director ke movies itne nonsense hote hai ki unke parents ko doubt rahate hai ki uske bache hi hai


  • porcupine 40w

    Jelly (repost)

    Round,  round
    Round and around
    Can you hear that sound?

    Tell me,  tell me
    Tell me now
    Can you tell me how?

    Quick , quick
    Quick and swift
    Here take this it's a gift

    Run , run
    Run for fun
    You would be the only one

    Jump, jump
    Jump for joy
    I want to be your only boy

    Listen , listen
    Listen real good
    Where you are I once stood

    Come, come
    Come with me
    Without me you're just jelly

  • bry_serendipity 40w

    I wish I was a bird

    I wish I was a bird.. No not for freedom.. Nor the ability to fly I admire the carelessness and mere stupidity of a clueless bird one who will fly over your head and shit on it perhaps not what you thought? but how convenient?! One who doesn't care about your political status, your education or how rich you are or not. From an outsider looking in just that you're a moving toilet with a target on your head.. Boom bullseye.

  • moonyblues 42w

    If I Had A Dream It Would Be What Nobody Thinks

    If I had a dream it would be what nobody thinks

    The way that there are things it'd be what nobody thinks

    The way that it is, backward I think 

    Forward to upward and upward is sink 

    Where the madness it lashes when you're on the brink 

    Where the brink is you think the common we speak 

    A dream where nothings as is

    Where nothing is something and something that is 

    Where you bottle what's free what's free has a lid

    Where the adults free to think its bondage their kids

    Their kids are the lead their bondage they is 

    The light is the dark the darkness is lit

    Reality marble the marble is split 

    A dream where even you fell to see the pattern 

    When you drop the rings and I hold the rings like I'm Saturn 

    When you cannot be happy but sadness it towers 

    The sad overwhelming overwhelms you for hours 

    What's mine isn't yours but us is still ours 

    The dead that you give I give you back flowers 

    The thing that you aren't filled and lacking in power 

    Where the sweet that you taste is packing in sour 

    And the beast that you make is actually louder 

    This is the world I would make if I could

    And trap you right in it to make out a book 

    So beware it and know this look out you should look 

    This is the dream that you are in tonight


  • mrspectacular 42w


    It would have been a pleasure to rest
    But how can I when I am under arrest,
    Under the arrest of the void of my best.
    I worked hard with my entire chest,
    Reached the peak of my career's everest
    Planted so many an achievement forest
    But today, I am of my own life, a guest.
    This is not my own harvest,
    A man like me could not have had such an interest
    But there are claims that I was, in that terrain, the meanest.

    I don't understand how all of this did, under my name, exist
    It sounds more like some prank, so please desist
    Lest you would be met by my frail fist.
    Quit giving me egotistic massage, let me enjoy my humble retirement mist.


  • jeevant 43w


    Maine milne ko bulaya tha,
    Tune bahano ka samandar thama diya..
    Maine saath chalne ko haath manga tha,
    Tune bedardi se thappad jama diya..

  • porcupine 44w


    Listen to the wind
    Turn the page over
    What does it take to win
    My favourite muppet is Grover

    I think I'll have the special
    Thanks for the matches
    This is sounding so dull
    My dogs name is Patches

    Don't sit on that chair
    Close the door tight
    Funny I too have a pair
    Guess I'll go fly my kite

    Lucky to have you here
    Maybe I'll have a Coke
    I'm so glad you are near
    And that was a funny joke

  • marrbledmallard 44w


    Sometimes I question in the midst of the night
    Should I live and let live
    Or regret the rest of my life

    Fears that cover me like a blanket of comfort
    Guilt and pleasure, but what for?
    Sometimes even establishing death with rapport

    But I am just human who have these things cross my mind
    Ones that should either stay or be left behind
    Either embrace the truth or live a lie


  • distilled_thoughts 46w

    Whenever I try to think,
    As I try to write a deep verse,
    There comes an odd thought,
    Light and fluffy,
    Whimsical and see through,
    Floating into my mind.

    As if attracted be a giant antenna,
    Some crazy words line up,
    Absurd and nonsensical,
    Dancing in my page,
    A wacky dance around my pen.

    Oddity seems more like me,
    Any semblance of order gone,
    I look around and realize,
    This too is comfortable,
    Just another face of life.


  • sivaha_shree 48w

    Dude factt..

    "When some one says you are not
    For a minute just behave nonsense....And it works..."

  • sarahrachelea 49w

    The survivors will be smart enough to stay alive
    And stay away from the things that can make them die
    They are capable to protect themselves and others

    It's so easy to be fooled
    By conspiracy theories
    And power-hungry political nonsense

    Don't be so stupid
    You ignore health protocols
    And think that the mask is just "a kind of hype"

    This is not even a trend
    This is a deadly pandemic

    Stay alive
    Be smart and make sure you'll live longer
    Have a faith always
    But don't be a dead meat fool

    ~ full of faith, faith of fool