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  • poojachoudharydedha 2w

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    Mai se pare h pariklapna mere hone ki ...mai utpaan pekrirti se pekrirti me he vleen hu...na aham mujhe hone ka na mere bina bhi sampuran hu...ansh parmatama ka..kan swroop hu....,"pooja"

  • ayazhafeez 2w

    Remember Tiger is a Cat
    Remember Cat is a Tiger

  • ___amy___ 3w

    You will ask for closure
    But you will get it, only when u actually want it.


  • happyboo22 3w

    #no bullying Club

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    Don't focus on what people say about you don't be mean to people cuz there's always on the other side the person who's being mean to you it's a story that ourselves who want to be spoken so this is the note bullying Club write a story how you got bully before and tag me at happyboo22 and put no bullying club thank you have a great day

  • pink_floyd 4w

    रंग U.P. की सियासत का है जितना काला होगा उतना सफेद दिखेगा।

    #Personal_opinion #No offence bcoz I have right to speech ��

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    फिर से आशुओं की बोली लगेगी, फिर से भूख से खिलवाड़ होगा
    सुना है चुनाव आने वाले हैं, गरीब फिर से काले धन के हाथों निलाम होगा।

  • holybible 4w

    Psalms 18:47 (KJV)

    It is God that avengeth me, and subdueth the people under me.
    © HolyBible

  • aashuu43 5w

    No one make you fool,

    They just behave like you are fool.


  • mazingmee 5w

    #no comments

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    जिसपर आप हक़ से जान छिड़कते हो,
    उनका आपके प्रति अगर व्यवहार रूखा हो जाए,
    तो जान लेना उसे आपसे कभी लगाव था ही नही,
    बस एक टूटे डोर की गांठ बन गई है!
    जो जोड़े तो रखती हैं पर गांठ महसूस हो जाती हैं!

  • kikihoinrang 5w

    #agony#longing#no more crying#the rule#just smile

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    I'm remembering someone without breaking down.
    I'm reminded that I need to be strong.
    I'm reminded of how much he will hate seeing the tears.
    I'm reminded again that I'm only making it harder for my dear ones.

  • hazel_nut_sucks 7w

    Saying No

    Saying No should itself be considered an art to learn or a skill to master
    People should start paid courses on "No an accomplishment"
    I wonder why do people learn AI and data sciences rather than learning to say no
    It's easy for career counsellors to say value yourself and be more confident
    But all these years you have always been remodeled on how to not say no.

  • love2live 7w

    #no captions needed

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    शादी का त्योहार

    मैं..मेरी तनहाई...कुछ पन्नो में लिपटे चंद ख्वाब..घड़ी की बढ़ती अपनी रफ्तार.. और बाहर बिखरा एक अजब सा शोर छोटे छोटे भाइयों के बड़े भईया

  • diary_girl 10w

    #No matter how hard it is, keep on fighting for your dreams

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    "You will be undefeated if you know what you are fighting for."


  • full_auto 10w

    A Letter to the maker

    Dear God, can you stop this facade?
    I'm tired of livin in fraud/
    Don't agree but I just nod/
    Because all my fight is gone/
    Dear God, I'm done livin life they titled me Odd/
    Every fight I fight I'm seen as an underdog/
    All my fight is gone
    Dear god... I want to believe in you I want to believe it's true I want to stop feeling blue if I could just hear you
    Dear God
    If you could just speak to me like you did Adam and eve then I could believe and my mind could be free
    Why not... if you really did exsist then I'd have to believe that this horrible world is what you insist on letting us ruin is it and why not.
    Dear Odd this is the one you called God
    I'm the one you called fraud letting you live in a facade and why not
    The choices you've made just like the choices many make are the reason you feel pain and if your stressing your brain around trying to blame anyone but your own name then blame God, why not, Im just the creator and spectator I've given you haters a freedom of choice and to be dictators but you all blame God. Why nod.
    When you know it's wrong and you want to solve problems all gone then you have to debate like ping pong except with your words on actions in verbs it doesn't take long... and if you want a better life then make your choices right and don't lose the goals in your sights think happy thoughts at night so your dreams don't bite and after a few hard years of bringing some light there's a good chance you'll gain back that fight but that's a choice only you can strike because I gave you that right when I made you so don't take it lightly every decision you make think on how it might be good or bad do things that bring you joy never get annoyed cus the life i gave you will go void and it can happen whenever so dont live like life lasts forever and remember allways tell your mother you love her, dear Odd.
    From God.

  • knrz333 10w

    Ignore neglected

    Is he hiding something or someone?
    He doesn't write to you like he used to?
    He is more and more distant with you?
     If this situation is similar for you, don't leave it lying around! You deserve answers

  • llander 10w


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  • kumarmp 10w

    Strong alone unstoppable together

  • anirudh_01 11w

    #random thoughts
    #this writer is back
    #writer within me died months back
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    Petition to ban words 'Sorry' and 'Thankyou'.
    Just because saying sorry cannot recover the damage done and saying thankyou can not justify the amount of efforts made by a person.

  • gulshan07 12w

    #its not too late to become best person
    #if any mistakes plz tell me in comment section
    #no one z perfect
    #keep supporting��

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    One day everything will
    Come to an end
    And uh will taste
    Every fruit of ur

  • merin_ann_jose 12w


    And so, in that small corner of your heart, you keep the flickering hope for love alive.
    Even though we pretend to not believe in immortal love stories,
    That naive untarnished part of you awaits its prince charming.
    Because after all, we're all just waiting for that fairytale ending,
    Secretly hoping that his eyes would be sparkling with unshed tears
    When he looks at you walking down the aisle to him.


  • mazingmee 12w

    You can't

    You can't see the way I see you,
    You can't think the way you made me,
    You can't fake the way you say I'm okay,
    You can't stop me from loving you,
    You can't let me be the way you want,
    You can't trust your own heart when you ask for what it wants,
    You can't,that doesn't mean you failed,,
    You chose something more important to life and people you love,care...