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    #NewProse 5 ��

    Songs credit goes to the darshan raval, one of my favourite singer and I'm so obsessed with this song. ��Kabhi tumhe !!
    Hypothetical words��
    Do correct me if you found mistake !!
    Thank you !!��
    Enjoy reading !!��
    The Nightmare ��

    //Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aaye
    palko se zulf hata lena
    Saaf dikhunga mai tujhko wahin
    jo na dikhu toh bata dena //

    You are my ikigai as if the purlins of the sun are tried with surreal split ends of your hair. I am always there for you As if the shooting star crackling marmoris of atmosphere. It is all with you. I want to peer at the sky, count stars and giggle with you. My love came to me at my best I'm yours just remember as i always said I'm just one call away . Now NIGHTMARE says I'm just a dream away, a poetry away. Always there to hold you always there to be with you I'm there just believe in you.

    // Tum Agar Manaoge toh maan jayunga
    Mai tere bulane pe laut ayunga //

    You know when i miss you I don't read old chats, screenshots, no pictures just close my eyes and a glimpse of you comes infront of me and i smile.Yes this song is overwhelming and sometimes i imagine in metaphoric night what will you do when you miss me but then i wonder do you really do !!Now every notification was awaited. I'm here with much expectations

    // Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aaye
    Itni si baat samajh lena
    Phir se milunga mai tumko wahi
    Raah se meri guzar jana //

    I'm still there on the same roof, my whole soul is still waiting for you on that terrace where shooting stars are playing hide and seek. Where we have lot's of memories and peaceful talk. My heart Waits for yours, my eyes look for yours, my pen dances on the rhythm of you , i am waiting for you. Preparing myself to hug you tight till we meet again.
    Eternal love lives for beyond it stumbles it hurts it leaves permanent scars but the same will heal your heart.

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    Kabhi tumhe !!

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    Here is a new prose attempt��❤️
    The nightmare is here ��
    ��#NewProse 4����
    Song credit goes to rightful owner !!

    //Main rahoon ya na rahoon tum mujhme
    kahin baaki rehna
    Kisi roz baarish jo aaye samjh lena bundo
    Mein Mai hoon //

    This is so heartfelt and so close to my heart
    I don't care if it's Morning vibe
    Or if it's evening breeze
    I'm always with you...
    You were in my everyday ,
    my every breathe
    Called your name...
    So what if I'm not there
    In your heart I'm alive
    Memories are more than enough
    Learn to survive..
    You know i miss you alot
    And i still talk to the moon
    I can feel you in the waves
    And in the droplets of monsoon..
    I think of you a little too much
    I love you alot more than yesterday
    I see you in the shooting star
    The they change there way
    Quite similar to you
    Remind me of you
    Just memories are back
    Eyes are felt

    // Kuch kahu ya na kahu tum mujhko sada
    Sunte rehna //
    I close my eyes just to meet you again
    I still feel your word, your touch , i know this
    Wait is uncertain
    I don't see those pictures anymore, they make me cry
    I want to smile for you , that heavyness in my brain
    You are my soothing sea , i am sitting beside you
    Like the sand, waiting for you thats never happen
    Just vibe the dream to walk with you hand in hand
    That's nightmare daymare never ends....never ends..

    // Bas itna hai tumse kehna , bas itna hau tumse kehna //

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    Mai rahoon ya na raahon️

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    ��#NewProse 3����
    #genuine read��
    ��Song by king ����

    //Tu aake dekhle, maine raatein kitni saari
    Teri yaadon mein guzari //

    I hope you remember me as a song, that song you Never listened to in a while Ahh there is always a sad you in my nights , when i see myself as a whole. Its been a long long time now since you left. But I still have those memories, words , that sense of satisfactions. My loneliness , isn't that much alone, Is usually awake every night in search of you.

    //Bas mere aage apni hi tu baat kara kar ,
    Dil dukh na jaye mera thoda dhyaan rakha kar
    Ke tu meri yaadon mai hai puri basti
    Aur tere siva koi acha lagta nahi //

    (Ps-bohot se ache log hai��)
    When I read a letter that you wrote year back that fragrance of peace reminds me of you. And whenever you say i miss you I get the anxiety in the form of cyclone. I'm jealous of everything you get to place your gaze on.
    Goosebumps were my unknown guests and getting scared what happen next, that this sleepless nights is never going to end. I'm losing myself and pretend like I'm fine. I keep on telling myself that it's summer and again your memories freeze my heart as if it frost and push back into the flashback where i found lost NIGHTMARE ��

    //Par tere aage kuch bhi nahi sab khaakh barabar
    Mai kho jayunga milke mujhse baat kara kar //

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    The last ride

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    ��#NewProse 2 Here ��
    One of mine favourite song. Song is sung by Arijit Singh, and has music by Pritam while Sandeep Srivastava has written the Aabad Barbaad Lyrics.��
    ��I tried to connect the words with the song.Hope you all like it, Happy Reading ����

    //Ya toh barbaad kar do , ya phir aabaad kar do
    Wo galat thaa yeh sahi hai, jhooth yeh aaj kehdo //

    Isn't it strange, you listened a song and someone's face pop up in your mind ...yeah how can you think of someone all day without even letting them know. Was that you ? Or it just your imagination Ahh still I'm in confusion. Its look like a Lost Kid in the dark walking without a clue. I'm looking at the MOON and thinking endlessly. . What's TRUE what are the LIES , now i have a pile of questions in mind but that make My silence so loud that who gonna be answer this.
    ��Ek kinara, Ek Sahara he de do
    Jhootha yaa sahi Iss Dil ko
    Ek bahana hee de do,
    Reh lenge iss baat ke sahare
    Tum apne hone ka ehsaas he de do.��

    //Meri Sanso se judi hai, Teri har saans keh do
    Mushkil aasaan kar do, itna ehsaan kar do //

    You are my soothing sea, i am sitting beside you like the sand. You owned my poetry, every verse defines you. I inhale you, your love was present in every breathe. Every breathe belongs to you like wind gives serenity to the soul ,for me serenity is you. Your eyes make me sane , want to dive forever.Do me a FAVOUR I'm falling for you , please pick me up.
    ��Rehna hai tere dil mein tu Sanson ko
    Mere naam kar de,
    uljhane meri aasaan Kar do
    Apna ishq mere naam kar do
    Bas khwabo mein aane ka ehsaan kar do
    Aaj ye fakat aelaan kar do,muskil asaan kar do��
    Nightmare ��

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    Aabaad barbaad

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    ���� Hey guy's ,Hope you all doing well. After long time I'm here ,this is my first long post.Well i wrote this one few months ago but today I'm posting.Give a read����
    ������Just mixed up my thoughts and my most favourite song in this post. Song copyright goes to darshan raval❤️.Hope you all like it.������
    P.s.-:Please point out if there lies any mistakes in it. Your reviews are most welcomed.your appreciation are valuable for me...Thank you ☺️✨
    Long post��
    Happy read��
    Feel free to tag��
    #late post��
    #Newprose 1
    #genuine reader��

    //Ankhiyon se dariyaa beh gaya
    Khaab woh adhura reh gaya //

    Silent nights, Insomaniac me , gazing at the moon and the night was young. It was me with full of expectations, i am no one to blame. I am afraid to cry again, those nights are witness how much i feel so deadpan. I am tired of these screaming nights, i am done with this endless pain.

    // Iss duniya ki iss bheed mein
    Kahi kho naa jayu mai //

    What to do with this stillness, i feel totally lost. How do i explain all my restlesss nights in just one night over coffee. I endure things alone, nothing seemed right. Consistently was so extreme, i am afraid to prove my worth again in this hoax world and fakeness. I'm reluctant to lost again in this crowdness of togetherness.

    // Use dekhe bina bhi yaaro
    Ek arsa ho gaya //

    Sometimes i beg it to come but I don't want any response, seems like move on but to move on is so easy nahh...may be ,may not be.. simply looking for someone to make me feel myself. You don't need to pursue old path , a new way is waiting for you. I walk alone , i run alone , i chase alone, and one day I'll be on my healed throne.

    // Mera yeh ishq tha do tarfa
    Ek tarfa ho gaya //

    How would i clarify all my love for you
    In just one poetry they read.

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    Bad Nightmare