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  • pradeepanands 2d


    महफ़िलो के आजमाइशो में मन्नते तो बहुत कोई करता है
    पहचान अक्सर रूह से होनी चाहिए,
    चेहरे की खूबसुरती तो बहुत कोई करता है।

  • deepubankar 2d

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    Fall to be upraised
    Not to be burried.

  • three1forty 2d

    Why you always keep the door half open
    When you leave?
    Are you saying that you will be back soon
    Hoping that you want me to come with you.

  • lohit_1999 3d

    Erotic Love

    He saw her like none other
    Even her gentle touch could make him shiver
    She bent forward to slowly kiss
    He fell knees down in abyss

    She whispered something in a surreal voice
    Her fake accent though was not to rejoice
    A nefarious smile, heightened hormones drove her in
    She made the lights dim
    Only to let the love swim..chanting the love hymn
    She left her cherry lip imprint all over the body

    She took the passion under the sheets
    Tied her hair and did her mystifying feats
    As she oscillated around ..she was always in the zone
    The skin glowing and the heat exponentially growing
    The eyes dilated with tears of joy
    Her nails trod delicately on her tantalising neck

    Suddenly she became motionless…..he continued tapping yet no avail
    He tapped the screen again…the video just endlessly buffered
    She got stuck in between as the WiFi disconnected
    She was just another angel doing the devil deed
    The thing was she was cursed to make him happy, unlike real women
    As he got back online….The love hymn kept hitting the roof
    Now the guy actually with her began chanting too…the voice amplified almost deafening

  • reality_known 5d


    I am happy that now nothing gets to me
    I can say i am kinda free
    free from emotions which are vile
    i don't hate emotions but they are hostile
    i smile but i don't feel giddy
    i cry but don't feel sadness
    But one emotion is what gets on me
    it gives me the strength of even going on a spree
    its numb i know but it still is my peace
    The house is most safe when its owner only knows the keys
    For me life is a ride full of adventure
    everyone thinks that a teen is amateur
    why to think less about someone
    when we dont know about his life turn
    live your life but don't judge
    till your enemy doesn't urge
    to rebel , to fight
    once it happens , ur enemy should be in fright

  • _disha_jn_ 5d

    Sometimes you have to let it all in, and get it all out, at the same time

  • _thara_ 2w


    My life tower is bigger than eifle tower. Haha. I born, I grow, I got bullied a lot, I didn't recognise, but I learnt, learning, I'll learn. Everyone came into my life just to teach me. Then they make me to realise that I born to make myselves keep on upgrading in all ways such as knowledge, personality, and prove myself. Learning is knowledge, not only books and also the way you treat others and how you treat them. My first level of lesson is for my brain. Including food, character and behaviour, my mom feed up with knowledge. That's actually makes others to have good impression on me. So far didn't acheive anything much, but one day I'll. This is all went in first part of life, While coming to second part, now the lesson for my heart. It always learnt to treat people in good manner and show love even if other hurts me badly. So I trained my brain and thought my heart to build self respect for me and treats everyone in "What you give, you will get". And also we have to treat each and everyone in equal way. Everyone have equal rights, No one is slave. And also we have to show love and affection to all. But don't belive anyone blindly. This makes me to reach high and acheive many things. Meanwhile, with my lovely character, I gained many people. While something happened to me, money will save me if possible. Otherwise, I'll get wishes and blessings of people I gained. And moreover, I got into depression too, there too I met many persons, where many laughed at me, but someone makes em to laugh. That's always makes me to feel special. And I started to have a small circle who always gives encourage me, makes me to feel safe and secure, enjoys each other's acheivement and vice-versa. This makes me to do more and more and upgrade my version everytime. Hope my tower goes more long and helps to get star.

  • pradeepanands 3w

    Bura Hai

    Wqt bura hai ya hm khud me bure ho gye hai
    kiski badmaasi hai jo hm ese ho gye hai

  • writeweird 3w

    untitled heartbreak

    to grieve at a moment's
    to sail without the

    smile carelessly
    on a crowded street

    yes, she was

    she was the night &
    the stars

    she could be the sea
    she could be the forest

    and she was.

    she was
    everything to me

    she made things
    better & beautiful

    tuesday evenings
    reading a book by
    the window

    how could somebody
    be so amazing on a boring
    tuesday ?

    she was the story I
    wanted to tell drunk at the bar
    at sixty on a lazy saturday

    how could i not
    want her ?

    to write myself into
    her story

    for her to see me
    & to see her when she
    wasn't looking

    to notice her do the
    mundane and smile like
    a child at an amusement

    even when the fire
    was burning my skin &
    making her way to my

    when they were lowering
    me to the depths of

    know that i was still thinking
    of her
    not a thing was out of place

    & the world was
    beautiful as ever.


  • saight 2w

    Self Worth

    Dont remain in a situation
    Where you're treated less
    Than you deserve,
    You're worth more than
    all jewels in the world.
    Love yourself,
    know that you're worth the love

  • tosha_indian_human 3w

    Happy new year

    Fun and frolic in sunny days,
    Snuggles and hot beverage on wintry nights,
    Hot tea and corn on drizzling evenings,
    Mangoes with ice-cream on blissful spring dawns,
    May your new year be filled with love, courage and faith,
    May you stand tall and proud yet calm and serene,
    May the gentleness of your soul touch the world and change for the better!
    May you find your happiness and will!
    Happy new year!

  • tithi_b 3w

    Always Had You

    When this day ends,
    I know you'll be expecting newer starts.
    Whatever knocked you down
    You'll see it through
    Maybe not headfirst,
    But slowly, and a little blue.
    I've been there when they said
    "Don't be sad, it will pass"
    But I hope you'd let it flow in you
    Before you break like glass.

    I hope one day
    When you can laugh all of it off,
    You’d still remember
    On days, mornings were tough.
    That you wouldn’t forget
    What it felt like at the moment
    And wouldn’t laugh at the rawness,
    When you had nowhere to vent.

    Yes they were silly, and looking at them now-
    They were no big deal
    But the night you hugged yourself,
    Your feelings were real.
    And one day when you have it all
    I wish you would cherish it too-
    Cause in every blizzard disguised as snow
    You’ve always had you.


  • laxmi27 4w

    #New Beginning.!

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    Who says only old wine tastes good?
    Even the smell from,
    A newly opened book,
    Is wonderful!.


  • writeweird 4w


    the ripe winds
    perch upon the threads of
    western disturbance

    trading through the
    vastness of liquid turmoil

    flowing and cutting
    across the narrowest
    of vengeance

    that has laid upon
    this land flourishing
    under a disguise:
    of mere nothingness and
    certain similarity;

    for who knows
    what converses with the
    frigid north

    and talks to the
    passes of the mighty
    peaks of middle Asia

    walking past the grandeur
    of the Himalayas, and it's
    many ancient towns

    where no other
    has been of any importance

    there in the sweet solace
    of solitude and crisp sunrises

    i find myself dreaming
    of the tranquil winds, and
    ancient passageways:

    far from Nazareth and
    the cradle of men

    where the old brick
    roads now sleep in dusk

    and there's nothing
    left to conquer

    built upon the spectacular
    -- on this olden earth

    i find myself yearning
    for little things.


  • _disha_jn_ 4w

    The world is full of monsters, but, the only one that matters is, the one within us. That's the one we gotta fight and overpower. And it's reward is, the strength, to face every other darkness of the world.

  • _disha_jn_ 4w

    I am not sure the grammar in this sentence is correct. If it's not, I would appreciate if anyone could correct this for me. Thank you☺️

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    No action can be justified by saying that your intentions were good. If it were so, Thanos would not have been a villain.

  • palaki 4w

    Life is a chapter♥️

    “It’s hard to begin the new chapter in life when you know someone won’t be there, but the story must go on.”♥️

  • khudgarzz 4w

    Kisike marne pe,
    asoon akhir kyun bahate ho...
    Jane wala ja chuka,
    Ye duniya ko kya dikhate ho....


  • jamesdavismcallister 5w


    I am fear I am demise
    I am her future how she will die
    I am lust she can't deny
    I am death personified

    Tell me what i'm breathing for
    Roses strewn across the floor 
    Mysterious men knocking at your door
    Stranger's pants on your bedroom floor
    Vicious vices of the whore

    She's tried a thousand times
    Can't get me off her mind
    What she'd do 
    Oh what she'd do 
    For one more line

    The Feeling,the Hallow 
    Hard to breathe
    dig deep,and swallow
    Anxiety always quick to follow
    By tomorrow evening
    We will sing the sorrow

  • queen_imagination 5w

    Who am I?

    - a muggle obsessed with MAGIC����

    My intro

    Hi everyone ��

    I am Queen Imagination ���� Well if u wanna write something u need to be full of imagination. ����

    I'm not so good as the experts here but I write from my heart.

    My sentences may not be as mesmerising as urs and my words may seem simple but I try my best to improve and write in a way that everybody will be able to feel what I was feeling while writing.

    I really love writing stories and diaries and that's the reason I am here.

    Hope you like my writeups����

    I would love to read urs�� (especially if they're r some kinds of series of a story)

    #1stPost #1stPostof_Queen #ABitAboutMe #New

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    Why I write?

    Writing aka peace