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  • czarcasm 11w


    He stood at the base of a hill



    Crown of gold upon his head


    In the winter sun

    Many days of battle had him tired


    But still stoic to the winds behind him

    Frost upon his brow he huffed


    Knowing to succeed he'd have to outsmart the Goblin king

    Mind a maze of weapons

    He smiles

    He knows he will succeed

    White scar in brow

    He shivers

    He knew the Goblins feared the cold more

    The sun before him he saw the littered grounds

    Bodies of the dead orc and goblins mixed with the bodies of his fallen brethren and the mighty dwarves and elves

    Optimistic, yes

    But he wasn't just any king

    Little did they know

    He always had a darker side that he hid from his countrymen

    Half magic, half dark

    He came out in between

    Brown hair snapped on the wind

    He wiped moisture from his coarse beard

    He would use their own army against them

    He stood there alone

    Horse waiting near by

    Breathing heavily around the scent of death

    But for his kingdom

    For his pregnant wife

    He would so anything to keep safe

    He walked until he was surrounded by snow

    In sight of the dead

    And drew a circle

    Filling it in with nefarious symbols banned from his very kingdom for being to powerful


    Red stark against white he stood in the middle and with a sigh

    Closed his eyes


    Still as a statue

    'Little puppets rise for me

    You're here to play for me you see

    A mark in blood I tie you to thee'

    He drew the last symbol

    Sweating in the cold

    But courageous even still

    Even with the sense of dark magic in the air

    The bodies climbing to their feet

    As if once again alive

    Movement jolted


    As if on strings

    If his people only knew the hidden legacy of the royal linage

    They'd be scared

    Made from the illegal mix of demons and humans

    With one that fell in love with a wizard of dark magic

    He admitted he had dark tendencies

    It was no easy task he was performing

    Marching the dead to war

    It took milenia to learn

    Unless you were of the blood

    A smile almost slipped on his face as he walked along the dead

    Ignoring their movement

    And the eerie silence

    For the animated dead do not talk

    They are just empty vessels after all

    When I arrived the Goblin King

    Will be sorry

    He fucked with a pissed off

    Necromancer King

  • heartofbabel 11w

    [ Necromancer ]

    Love met with no desire
    Chase the pulse as it expires
    Maybe then I'll feel the fire
    Still this corpse is cold to touch
    Looking now out for a savior
    One day I may never waiver
    Until then I'll have to tailor
    To a life that's just a crutch

    What I sought to be was righteous
    Yet it ended in a crisis
    That is nothing more than lifeless
    And I've all but given up
    Now I wander with these morsels
    Of a life that's damning mortals
    How I long to know the morals
    Instead, I'm choking on the cup

    For the drink I drank was soured
    And it churns and burns with power
    And the hand has struck the hour
    Of the time I had to spare
    Yet as I lift my hands they tremble
    And they no longer resemble
    The once valiant, mighty rebel
    That had longed to beat despair

    Now from this crypt I rise a devil
    With an agony that revels
    If my heart could only settle
    Into life or into death
    So I hold my breath and swallow
    Wrapped in the blanket of this hollow
    And I pray this grave is shallow
    But I fear eternal depth

    Shall I commit to reach the summit
    From the soils I have plummet
    May I once hear the mighty trumpet
    See the victories of grace
    But it's my mind that only bellows
    The damnation of these echoes
    Already drowning in the shadows
    The reflections of disgrace

    Now my corpse has become brittle
    Lined and course, torn and riddled
    I am seeking an acquittal
    But I'm the only one, to judge
    And in this darkness there's no telling
    Time nor length which I've been dwelling
    And still internal constant yelling
    Is the heart that lies begrudged

    It is hell I've come to linger
    Which I can only point the finger
    At myself, for living hindered
    If of a life I still possess
    For I have always been the culprit
    Built this prison from the pulpit
    And now remain here to convulse it
    In the afflictions of distress

    I have become the apostle
    Of the grave that speaks to fossils
    It was never more a gospel
    Just the evil I have kept
    Now buried, forever silenced
    Knelt to intercede in violence
    For it is loss that's drawn alliance
    Within the worshiping of death


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    #Consequence #Regret #Suffering #Agony #Despair #Oblivion #Purgatory #Necromancer

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    [ Necromancer ]

  • nexxtasy 17w

    Sweet subtle northern lights, guiding my aurora to an unknown spectrum of euphoric wonders.
    Confused contortions,
    losing the connection that once mended the madness.
    Forgive my infatuation with despair


  • ishan666 119w

    The Necromancer's speech

    I raise the dead,
    I am a being all powerful.
    Behold!! My army,
    Multitude and plentiful,
    Made in my image,
    A reflection of my being,
    But deep down my mighty soul,
    There's something you are not seeing.
    Lonliness and solitude,
    Has marred my childhood,
    Lack of a connection,
    All along my boyhood.
    Engulfed by rage,
    I raise my progeny,
    Now I have friends,
    Plentiful and so many.

  • vera_anne_wolf 133w


    Servants of shadows
    Mistress of decay.
    Bend to my will
    And do as I say.
    Raise me an army
    Horrific and fierce.
    That poison can’t mar
    And weapons can’t pierce.

    Arise, arise
    Forgive me, but, I’m seizing the prize.
    Arise, arise
    Now go and bring forth my enemies’ demise.

    Cold is the night
    And long is the dark.
    These forbidden powers
    Have shackled my heart.
    I’m too numb to feel
    The price I will pay.
    I’ll worry tomorrow,
    my battles today.

    Arise, arise
    Forgive me, but, I’m seizing the prize.
    Arise, arise
    Now go and bring forth my enemies’ demise.

    An ocean of corpses
    lies beneath my feet.
    My chest still feels nothing
    As I breathe their defeat.
    I stretch out my fingers
    And break through the lines
    That separate death
    And the life it defines.

    Arise, arise
    Forgive me, but, I’m seizing the prize.
    Arise, arise
    Now go and bring forth my enemies’ demise.


  • necromancer 239w

    ✨Necromancer or Necromant

    Necromancy ✨
    is an art of communicating
    with dead, to predict future. ☠

    Well, that means the person surely possess magical powers.

    In Hindi we'll say Necromancy as,
    काला जादू.

  • odisparo 243w

    Excerpt from dark fantasy story Peace For Niberia by Olivia Disparo: www.bit.ly/niberia

    #dark #elf #necromancer #fairy #fantasy #war #mana #horror

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    He could tell by the fuzziness clouding
    his second sight that he'd entered
    the ethereal realm.

    Time was no longer linear
    but instead,
    open to manipulation.