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  • juhigrover 123w

    संस्कृत से जन्मी, हिन्दी भाषा है महान्,
    हज़ारों वर्ष है पुरानी, है देवों का सम्मान।

    घर घर बोली जाने वाली, रूप है विशाल,
    साहित्य इसका पढ़ पढ़, होते है निहाल।

    सहज ही मिल जाती है ,ये वसीयत बन,
    आसानी से बोलते, बच्चा, बूढ़ा और जवान।

    क्या कहूँ महिमा इसकी, क्या करूँ गुणगान,
    ये मिला भारत माता को,भाषा का वरदान।

    मातृभाषा,सम्पर्क भाषा,राष्ट्रीय भाषा हमारी,
    इससे है गौरव भारत का,है अभिमान हमारी।

  • chauhan_sheetal16 192w

    #Mirakee world#
    #its never too late to say Thankyou��#
    #living dream#

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    Once I was a person of contemplative mood
    With shades of sentiments hinged merely elude
    Laden up with bunch of thoughts
    Always passionate to declaim since school
    Year by year, bundled with reflections
    Always had that diffidence to express
    Then comes the inspirational chapter of my life
    Yesss....."That One Inspiration"
    Younger to me, my junior, sweet brother indeed
    A relation so enduring whole can heed
    Collaboration of words wid incidents makes me gaze
    Reading & waiting always with craze
    And then one day i bacame the greatest audience
    Overwhelmed and propitious‍♀️
    Invigorating me to live my dream
    Ignited the flame, just jot down.."U CAN"said so clean
    Here started my journey to poetic world..
    Thankyou for inspiring me,
    To accept myself & fly high like bird