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  • mansi_rawat 1d

    #love#my feelings

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    I know i will never be the one you wish for...
    But still I love you and I will love you till I'm alive and even after that... Because I can't stop myself from loving you even if you resist ❣️

  • vocal_feelings 1d

    There is so much to life
    Than here and now
    Look beyond
    Stay strong
    You have got this


  • sanma_3 2d

    #my frnd

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    Participant by out of one's mind

    We connected unexpectedly by rumour's
    We connected by sharing fare
    We connected by an alien by his book of mesmerising words
    We attached by our meaning less chatters
    We had our misery together
    We encountered many obstacles together
    We had many adventures in short scaled time
    But we had our merry
    U r the one who assist me without exception


  • igbeastraaj 2d

    Zaruri nehi mohabbat mein roz baatein ho ,
    Khamoshi se ek dusre ki tasbir dekhna bhi ishq hai❤️

  • a_world_of_her_words 4d

    Understand and heal it don't let it ruin the things around you.
    #life #lifelessens #lifequotes #miraquill #miraquillquotes #motivation #positive vibes #my #quotes

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    Sometimes the negativity is inside us and not around us, we need to understand that its not always about the things which we are surrounded by.

  • fatimawaheed15 5d

    #Lockdown changed me❤️#My whole lifestyle modified#A pure duration for me

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    But Now I'm Energetic❤️

    Why does the sunshine come towards me everytime?
    Why does not it make me go afraid?
    Is being shy a capability of mine?
    Even though, a regular style...

    It feels decent time thou,
    You can never make it final,
    You can never make it go back

    But now I'm energetic...

    I feel a sort of new joy,
    Never go down, never go in fear, never mind, mention it not indeed.
    But this time is a new creature to deal with
    I feel, yeah feel best enough to endure

    So fresh,

    But now I'm energetic...
    It's time to move on,
    When I wake up I feel being uncovered,
    What I mean is absolutely fine
    But my moment not gonna verge,
    Would be ever lasting to me,
    Senses are changing differently,
    World cups being distributed, that what makes your success come up now,
    Feeling glad every time,
    No matter what you are,
    It's  a decent period to be night and twinkle.

    But currently, I'm energetic,

    So glad everyday,

    But now I'm energetic, energetic...


  • yrusky 1w

    A Way

    See what you like,
    Do what you love,
    Be what you are.

  • saks_hi 1w

    #my dream#my own pic... ����

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    Sapno ka pta nhi pure honge ya nhi..
    Pr itna pta hai baad mai pachtaava nhi hoga ki maine koshish tk nhi...

  • iamyours 1w


    Mujhe Jaanne ki
    Koshish na kar.

    Pehle Main
    Khud to Jaan


  • kk_thoughts2814 1w

    Love u sister...... ❤️

    इस दुनिया मै तू हि सच्ची यार है बहना,
    बाकी सब के तो दिखावे है,
    अंदर से सब बुरे है,
    बस बाहर से अच्छे पहनावे है,

    लोगो की पहचान हो गई है अब,
    जान भी अंजान हो गई है अब,
    बस साथ सिर्फ तेरा है बहन,
    तू ही मेरा प्यार है,
    तेरे प्यार के आगे तो सारी दुनिया बेकार है,

    अब इस दुनिया से कोई वास्ता है हि नहीं,
    इस मंज़िल का कोई रास्ता है हि नहीं,
    रास्ते पे चलना मुझे अकेला है,
    पर लगता है के तू साथ है,
    इस दुनिया मै तू हि सच्ची यार है बहना,
    बस....तू ही मेरा प्यार है।

  • lekhita27 2w

    Ulajhe jazbaat

    Agar dard aanshu ban kr aankh se beh jaye
    Toh gussa thodra kaam jarur ho Jata hai
    Pr dil mai woh takleef hamesha shatati rahegi

  • sanma_3 2w

    #my bestie

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    U r the one who makes me twinkle
    Acknowledge around everything
    Perceive my deed
    Enlightened me from the word on the street
    Look after me perpetually
    Rather I snubbed you someday
    But u ne'er shove off from me
    I'm fortunated to encounter u
    U r my "CHUM"....

  • chithuyia_pfoze 2w

    ...The best song I had ever heard..as for me.
    I just love the lyrics..just so calm and peaceful..
    ...So much of anger and anxieties..just gets lost
    Within the beats of the music...simply love it.
    ..by #my all times favorite artist Shawn Mendes..✨������✌

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    Never be alone#

    I promise that one day I'll be around,
    I'll keep you save I'll keep you sound.
    Right now its pretty crazy and
    I don't know how to stop or slow it down
    Hey!I know there are somethings
    We need to talk about and
    I can't stay just lemme hold..
    You for a little longer now
    Take a piece of my heart
    Make it all you own...
    cause when are apart
    You'll never be alone...
    When you miss me close your eyes
    I maybe far but never gone
    When you fall asleep..tonight
    Just remeber that we lay
    under the same stars...

  • mad_ninja_fonts 2w

    EvERytHiNg sHE wAs...!!!

    sHE wAs AN ANgEL‍♀️
    iN A BiRD cAgE...!!!️
    SimiLaRLy & SaDLy,
    BotH HavE wiNgS...️
    BoRN to BE iNDEpENDENt...!!!

    wiNgS aRE tO fLy.!
    REacH foR tHE Sky....!!!!☄️
    cHERisH yOuR iNNER jOy...!!!✨
    pEacE oUt & viBE...

    tHE REaSoN wHy i'M sAD iS...
    sHE's wAitiNg FoR sOmEoNE
    tO sEt HER fREE...!!!
    & i HatE tHat sHE's Not
    wHERE sHE sHouLD BE...!!!


  • anurag62600 2w

    #My first quote

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    #Ek Shayar ka Alfaaz

    Ek shayar ka alfaaz hai tu,
    Thodi natkhat mast mijaaz hai,
    Jo suljha nahi hai abtak ek ansuljha sa raaz hai tu.

  • ilisahchishi 2w

    #my first love was not a success ;)

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    Days spent with you were truly mild and pure.
    Romance? Never had a glimpse of it ,
    How refined and authentic those days were.
    A delicate sweet love story to treasure.
    Behind my smile still exist your sight
    I recall your gleaming eyes,long lashes,bushy eyebrows, dusty blackish hair,your preety nails,warm hands ,the tinkling and clinking of your bicycle.
    You will always be the most alluring, compassionate, charming, glamorous and the fairest person I know,"my childhood sweet heart".
    But grievously the magical first love we had is our ignorance now.

  • ilisahchishi 2w

    #my fondest childhood memory
    My fondest childhood memory are the days I spent with grandma .I lived with my grandma for almost five years ,which seem quite not enough because I want more of it .Grandma loved and cared for me so much. I mean she still does but because I'm talking about the past so be it. She cared for me more than she cared for her favourite plants in the garden ,you know how all grandma's take good care of their favorite saplings and plants.
    I miss how on the rainy days we would take nature's shower in the rain and in the cold winter night how we would sit by the fire and nibble the roasted corn . I had teensy-weensy teeth so my corn would look like it has been eaten by the rats,my grandma would smile and laugh "haha" at the sight every winter,I remember. I miss how she would ask what I would like for snacks no matter how weak and tired she felt .
    Why does my chest literally ache when I remember something from my past? I miss you granny .
    She would caress my disheveled, unkempt and untidy hair and say "you went farming with the farmers?" Oh! How much I miss those days .So,here goes the saying again,"Take me back to the Good old days again".

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    Toughest warrior I know because you had to be,
    Optimistic nature of yours that I adore,
    Knowledgable and living an accomplished life,
    Hilarious laughter of yours embraces my heart,
    Unconditional love and affection you have for me,
    Lucky I am to have you as my granny
    I love you Ibuza.

    And her name is the first letter of each line.
    You are an inspiration to everyone without even trying ,I am who I am because of you,I love you and miss you so much Ibuza.

  • 26112000sandhya 3w

    #माँ #my mother love

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    कभी रुठ जाउँ तो,
    मनाने को तुरंत आ जाती है l
    माँ ही तो है ,
    जो परिवार के खातिर ,
    अपने आप को भूला देती है l

  • in_d_memory_of_06 3w

    #Me#My heart#Love#Writers of Mirakee

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    Feel the same

    Some love stories never end even if they are completely separated from each other,
    Accepting someone else into their lives.

    Not sure if love has two sides to the coin☺

  • my_sky_is_falling 3w


    कितनी आरज़ू क्या तमन्ना रखते
    जाने वालों से क्या आशना रखते
    तेरी निगाहें बता देती है हाल मेरा
    अपने कमरे में क्या आईना रखते