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    तक़दीर कहाँ बदली किसी की किसी का क़त्ल करने से ।

    तफ़तीश जब भी हुई क़त्ल की क़ातिल ही पकड़े गए ।।


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    #Thoseunspokenfeelings #Crime #Murderer #Criminal #Curse

    She was the curse of his life...!��

    ©Unspoken Words

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    She was a criminal.
    She did a crime before she die.

    She was a criminal.
    Because she didn't give her best to him.
    She didn't make him happy.
    She didn't let him to be happy.
    She murdered of him.
    She was a murderer.
    She was a jerk.
    She was the curse of everyone's life.
    She was the criminal of his life.

    She was a criminal.
    She did a crime before she leave the world...!

    But after that,
    She was murdered by a serial killer.
    She was found on a road...!

  • yashvibansal 50w

    PS: Before reading this part, do catch up on the others at #murder_vi
    Part 11
    "Kritika Sharma is a very strong woman,"remarked Meena.
    "You are right," said Detective Dhyani.
    "She will shield Dina and Anil on all accounts...she is a woman who believes in upholding family and honour."
    "You are wrong. She will not shield Anil on one account."
    "What is that?"
    "Patience, my dear sister. All in good time."
    "You are exasperating."
    "That," said Detective Dhyani, "is a compliment."
    A grinning Detective Dhyani and an exasperated Meena walked to the hotel where they were staying while on the track of the Chetna Verma murder case.
    Kabir Mishra was walking along, lost in thought, when he met Chahat.
    "Hullo, Chahat."
    "Hello, Kabir."
    "What are you doing down here?"
    "Nothing, just a little holiday .." she answered with hesitation. "Well, at least I hoped so."
    "Yeah, this damned murder business certainly must have ruined it."
    There was a pause for a few seconds.
    "How is Tina?" ventured Chahat. "I heard you were engaged..."
    "Very well, thank you," said Kabir.
    Chahat wondered if the bitterness she heard in his voice was a figment of her imagination...She had loved him passionately after all...
    She was interrupted from her thoughts by Kabir's voice.
    "So, I'd better reach the store. Hanker a bit longer and there'll be crowds of reporters teeming around.Bye."
    "Bye," she answered, waving after him.

    So ...(anxious voice) What do y'all think? Where do you think this story will go? What will happen? Comment your views and do give feedback❤
    This is my first story. If you like it, I can tag you in later parts. Do tell me if you wish to be tagged. I'll love to��

    #murder #murder_vi #firststory #thriller #crime #mystery #murderer #killer #murderess

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    Murder:How Far Would One Go?

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    Part 11

  • sarahrachelea 56w

    Oh my God! You're still alive
    I've stabbed you dozen times on my mind
    But next time it will be real
    I promise you for the sake of my life ♥

    ~ Bloody Burger, The Murderer

  • shrutitripathi 57w

    I killed her,
    oh.. she was pretty,
    I mean, her heart was pretty,
    So I pulled my knife out of my pocket and jabbed it inside.. inside her..
    Until she cried, not in pain, but in disappointment.
    And finally, she got numb.

    I meet her, everyday, in the mirror,
    She looks at me, I know.
    But I don't look at her anymore..
    Maybe because I'm ashamed of killing her smile,
    for others.
    She used to tell me,
    "Girl, you're a perfect person. And you don't need to become something which you're not, just because they said!"
    But I paid no heed, which in turn gave space to hatred in my body, which was differentiating into my body and spreading everywhere, like any poison..
    And I mistook it as any flower, blooming to give fruit,
    I didn't understand, the fruit was the ripening poison.

    I've always tried to become their expectations,
    My own wishes became my restrictions,
    So I tried poisoning my wishes, from the poisonous fruit growing in me,
    I didn't notice, my soul is dead now, because of me.
    I said, I've to kill you, dear soul because..
    because if not today, then tomorrow you'll die in shame, when you'll become old,
    So please! Come on and listen to everybody's thinking and experience, which they consider as love,
    O poor soul, you didn't listen me.. why?
    I'm sorry, I killed you, so young..
    I thought I was trying to let you die beautifully, when old.
    I know, you blame me!
    You blame me because I'm your murderer,
    Who jabbed you without any mercy as if.. as if... You're the only sin I always endured!
    I don't even know how to look at you in the mirror, dead soul..
    You don't scare me, but you're afraid,
    because to everybody, you're sold.
    Sold. Used. Thrown away!
    So I decided, to kill you,
    to keep you away!
    From me, the one who tried to make you a part of this business!
    Business of pseudo love!
    And I killed you, I killed you, my love.

    I know, you hate me so much, because in place of yours, I opted to create a crater,
    So that you stay alive to see me through this glass of the mirror,
    and kill me everyday from those sharp look of your eyes, that I still appreciate..
    Appreciate because, they hold the shine so strong, which was not liked by everybody, because the glance of your shine was burning hearts of hatred!
    So, I killed you, happily.
    Your life seems peaceful here, because you've "me" to blame, your murderer.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerscommunity_

    #murderer#happy killing #life #love #poetry

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  • james_taumas 62w


    When the night comes
    My hunt begins
    Slip into the darkness
    Comfortable silk
    Sheep on the street
    They don't notice me
    Engrossed in their phones
    They don't hear me
    Symphony in their ears
    Surprised at my appearance
    Turns to fear.


  • whatjessithinks 67w


    Black was the colour of the sky outside.
    Black, the only colour on the pallet in his hand.
    The thoughts swirling in his mind, black.
    The water he rinsed his brush in, black.
    Black were the clothes he had on that night.
    Dark was the room he pretended to work in.
    So black was the mood he had set to kill.
    Black was the attribute he needed to succeed.
    Black was the hair of his model, the target.
    Black was her skin, his weakness, obsession.
    Black was the penknife he switched with his brush.
    Black was about to hit the floor.

  • yashvibansal 69w

    RECAP:Detective Dhyani interrogates Mrs. Kritika Sharma, mother of Mrs.Dina Sharma.

    "Ma'am, how well did you know Chetna Verma?"
    "She was my daughter's neighbor, not mine."
    "So you do not live with your daughter?"
    Kritika Sharma replied sharply,"No. I came to take care of her...She is...apparently not well.That husband of hers doesn't care for her the way he should."
    Detective Dhyani inquired gently,"You are bitter towards him, aren't you?"
    "None of your business."
    "Ma'am, the roots are always raked up in a case of murder, and hostility goes down as a negative sign..."
    Kritika Sharma fumed. She replied scathingly, "I'll let you know about this Very Personal Business if you leave my daughter out of this."
    Detective Dhyani leaned forward. She spoke softly, "I can't promise happiness, but I can promise a little less pain..."
    Kritika sighed,"You do know how to get to people, don't you? Very well. Dina and Anil were childhood friends. Dina was very fond of him from the start...and then one day, fancied herself in love..."
    Detective Dhyani could not help thinking that it rather sounded like Dina had not fancied herself in love, she had been in love. The protective mother couldn't see that though...
    Kritika Sharma's sharp voice as she narrated the tales of the past brought Detective Dhyani back to reality, as had happened multiple times before. Kritika really was a very imposing woman...
    "Dina asked Anil to marry her one day. He agreed, told her he loved her too...and then, just like that, they were married. He has been clever, really clever, saw what a fool my daughter is..."
    "It could be," suggested Detective Dhyani, "that he truly loved her."
    "Loved her?" snorted Kritika. "My foot! We are all fools in love, and Dina's no exception! Anil is though..." she muttered with quiet rage.
    "Your daughter is, I presume ,twenty nine, Ma'am?"
    "That is correct."
    "And her husband?"
    "Anil," said Kritika, as if she could not bear him being referred to as her daughter's husband, "is thirty-one."
    "Thank you Mrs Sharma. You have proved most helpful..."

    So, this was the interview that I left off in the previous part, since I had more than one scene in it and adding the interview would have been too long.
    So, what do you think? Why does Kritika hate Anil? Is she hiding something? Is he hiding something?
    Comment your views!
    Feedback welcomed ��
    This is my first story. To keep track and read all parts, refer to #murder_vi
    If you wish to keep track, you can also ask me to tag you whenever a new part is posted. I'd love to ��

    #thriller #crime #murder #secrets #firststory #story #killer #murderer #whodunnit #thrilled

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    Murder:How Far Would One Go?

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    Part 10

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    I felt her vein engorging on her temple
    Her throat drying up while asking to breathe
    Her eyes looked like a rabbit as they pooped out,
    The breath was warm as it escaped her mouth
    Her limbs writhed like a snake,
    And her belly trembled for air,
    The fine masterpiece of art my fingers left,
    While choking her neck,
    It was a satisfactory play,
    That gave me another day,
    To keep a Slayer inside,
    ........to survive the wrath I brought on myself while discovering the truth of horror within me.

  • james_taumas 88w


    Make them pay
    Reap through innocence
    A merciless machine
    No one left
    Rage exhausted
    Guilt and gratitude
    My terror ended
    Single lead bolt
    The law cannot reach
    Questions and mourners
    I cannot answer to.


  • luckee 88w

    #murderer #murder
    But I'm not a murderer and still making you smile. #love #life #travel #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    millions of words are murdered
    every second to make someone smile.


  • randalthor 104w

    Does slow Internet create murderers?

  • james_taumas 104w

    Cold blooded

    Quick flick
    Silenced gasp
    Now a diminishing gurgle
    Stainless steel stained
    Guilt doesn't permeate
    Void within gets colder
    Another easy trophy
    Add to the collection
    Not my first
    Not my last
    Night is my friend.


  • magnifying_truth 105w

    Her laughter could be heard for miles as she walked down the deserted street, cars flipped onto their backs as fires trailed the ground as if growing like daisies. The metal axe scrapped the cement as she drug it behind her, her bloodied face sporting a maniacal grin.
    "You wanna have fun?" She said.

  • konkikamalsharon 112w

    Iam a victim you are a murderer of my feelings.

  • thehoelysaint 113w

    He never thought
    of himself as
    a murderer.
    He was an artist,
    with a different
    set of skills.

  • words2nobody 113w


    The blood dripping from the man that killed hundreds of innocent lives with his bare hands doesn't bother the people.
    "We can't change him" they say
    But a glance on the blood on my fingertip when I bleed to purify myself,offends them.
    "It's gruesome" they say.

    What a wonderful world we live in.

  • james_taumas 110w


    The chainsaw's growling got closer. Pete crouched deeper into the wardrobe's corner, the woodgrain prickled his skin. Peeking out through the small gap between the twin doors, he winced at the angry engine bellowing in his small hiding place. It's roaring engine unsettled the dust forcing the psycho killer's fugitive to breathe through his mouth.

    A dark shape passed by his peephole. Muscles tensed, he turned into a statue, unwilling for any movement unwilling to betray him to this hunter. Diesel fumes filled the cramped space, polluting the air mingled with dead particles.

    One cough, and then another followed, a betraying clarion to his position. Hope was torn away from Pete by chained teeth and the monster"s bloody delight.


  • words_love_serenity 124w

    Sitting alone
    In the forest so deep
    On midnight
    By the side of a stream
    Thoughts engulfing me
    Or maybe just a dream
    I start to hum a tune
    When suddenly
    I hear a voice
    Not so sweet
    In a creeky manner
    Which said
    "What makes you come here?"
    My heart begins to race
    Skipping a beat or two
    My lips sealed
    Unable to get up
    Due to the numbness of my skin
    I dropped down on the ground
    Unable to look back
    Unconscious and fearful
    I somehow manage
    To stand
    Not looking back
    I take out my cellphone
    Running away to safety
    I call 911
    Sweaty palms and numb body
    I somehow
    Gush towards safeguard
    The officials arrived
    I collapsed on the ground
    Reviving me
    Were two women officers
    While the rest were busy
    Capturing the old man
    Fortunate enough
    I survived
    For had I not been quick
    My body would be found
    Far away from the world
    But near to the hounds
    For he was no spirit
    But a blood thirsty man
    A psychopath so terrible
    Twenty five had died
    My scared but witty mind
    Overpowered him
    "Many criminal records,
    Unheard complaints,
    The long lost cries"
    The officials then told me
    Relieved was I
    Sipping on a bottle of water
    Thanking God
    I was escorted home
    Safe and sound
    I dashed on my bed
    Though my heart still beating hard
    But my mind was at ease.

    #mirakee #soulwriter #nature #murderer #911 #yqbaba #writersandreadersunite

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  • darrylvaz 125w

    The Twisted Tale Series - Perv

    He waits until dark hiding in the shadows.
    Watching people passing by.
    He smirks as he finds his next victim.