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  • bushbaby 6h


    She sits here beside me
    in her torn dress, wearing leaves and dirt,
    humming an old tune- faintly, under her breath;
    she sits here and strokes my hair
    in the dead of night,
    when my watch tower has fallen to its death,
    and I grimace as I unwittingly recollect
    the song that she sings without rest.

    She skips ahead of me on the path
    running to meet a forgotten house in a forgotten place
    that knows her better than I, and remembers her name,
    and welcomes her with goosebumps tickling my arms;
    she laughs at the crayon scribbles on the walls
    and that familiar, odd crack on the kitchen windows,
    but she quiets down at the stillness of her home
    and she asks me, "where have they all gone?"

    She sits beside me at my family dinners,
    smiling sadly at the flip of our worn picture books,
    singing loud, our song,
    in her frail, hoarse, old-time cry,
    bringing tears to the stubborn edges of my eyes.
    She stands, ghostly, beside me when I stare
    at reflections of myself, naked and bare,
    but she flickers, and she flickers, and she fades
    with every trembling step that I dare to take
    towards a future built solidly
    upon the restful silence of her grave.


  • rahoof 3d

    This silence which I am trapped in surrounds me like an incomprehensible cotton ball.
    Where I find myself held down to a nailed out plank.
    From where I struggle to make a comeback.

    I am lost in a murky lake of blankness,
    in a motionless heathen of debilitating silence.
    I row my boat in hopes of finding Something
    Clear open blue and bright.
    Instead I found my paddles stuck in between
    Muddy roots of a shallow lake.

    -on depression


  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    Dear, person who... ~

    Dear, person who I need to forgive. I forgive you eventhough you didn't apologize. I hope you forgive me too. As I also make mistakes. I shouldn't disturbed you, your sister and your friend. Plus, I shouldn't sent you the harsh message. I'm sorry. I cannot even forgive myself. Eventhough, I did those because I was so depressed, but, still, they are wrong actions.
    Dear, person who hurt me. I said to you, that you hurt me. But, then, I feel bad about it. I feel like I hurt you, too. I didn't meant to hurt you. Please accept my apology. I hope that we stop hurting each other. It's so hurtful.
    Dear, person who I could never forget. I never regret getting to know you. BTW, the reason why I liked your profile back, on Muzmatch was: one of your pictures look like my estranged biological Dad!
    A few minutes ago, I put my Dad's picture and your picture on PicTriev website. There's a similarity of 52% between you two! Wow!
    While there's only 33% similarity between my Dad & me.
    Before this, I wrote about there's resemblance between your Mom & me.
    Happy birthday to her! Hope she stay healthy & be happy.
    Send my regard.
    A few nights ago, I had a dream that I cried and your Mom hug me.
    Such a weird dream.
    Before I end this letter, I'm telling you,
    I'll go there- Singapore, as soon as possible!
    Please, wait for me. Let's us meet and greet!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • mariateresa 2w

    Moving through cycles of grief as I continue to heal. Three life changing events are swirling around my heart. By recognizing each of them, I breathe aliveness and celebrate my own survival. By the end of this month, my Dad will have been gone from this physical plane for one year. Ending an eight year relationship with a man who was my best friend hurts like hell yet is the best thing I could've done for myself. Ten years ago, 11/12/11, I attempted suicide. The Divine number of that date is 9, symbolizing endings and conclusions. This year I said good bye to two men I loved dearly in different ways. These past ten years have taught me so many hard earned and learned lessons of faith, trust the power of belief and the meaning of unconditional love. I am my own best friend hero.

    #grief #endings #newbeginnings #cycles #relationships #healing #selfawareness #healing #healingjourney #empowerment #higherconciousness #movingon #iwillalwaysloveyou #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill

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    Life in Pieces, Part 2

    Seeing clear into deep scars of pain
    Carrying a torch of Light, shines upon each one by name
    No longer do I swallow the poison of their lies
    Pain and suffering seen from inside
    Mindfully choosing to release the energetic charge
    By loving myself and witnessing my shadows
    Holding these pieces together by love's tender and eternal flame
    Time releases the tension of blame
    No longer must I feel ashamed for what I wasn't ready to see
    Traveling through life's experiences with truth as my guide
    Love for myself comes with forgiveness on my side
    For only I can heal these wounds
    Gracefully accepting the lessons, dancing between periods of stillness, pausing with patience
    Walking forwards is the only direction

  • rainbowlight45 3w


    One day your my all
    Next day your a stranger,
    What happened?

    How do I forget the memories
    How deeply in love we were
    Teenage love.

    So strong our love
    But just at the wrong timing
    Oh I wish I didn't have to forget you.

    So naive but would give eachother the world
    Where did the time go....

  • kayceediv 3w

    I thought I had built this wall
    I was hoping it was sturdy enough to save me from you....

    I thought I had built this wall
    I was hoping it was sturdy enough to save me from you
    Again you did something and I felt it

  • alankar_ale 5w

    When you realize that you’ve moved on and so over the person, it is aesthetically pleasing.


  • ankita_mirip 6w

    Even after we decide to move on, it might still need more time. A week, months, a year maybe, and it's OK. It's ok to take time to heal yourself, and to forget someone whom you loved with your everything.

    #love #movingon #newstart

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    To the lost love!

    Sometimes I wonder what would I do
    If you ever come back!!
    Accept you back, or tell you to back off...
    Ah, it's hard you know.
    To be honest, I still think you're the most
    Perfect person I've ever met,
    Your smile can still make me fall for you
    You see love, with time I've realized
    All I've ever wanted were always toxic,
    I used to think that's what I deserve.
    But, you know, that's not true.
    Every person deserves to be loved
    without needing to prove their worth
    every now and then.
    So, I've decided to move forward.
    I know it's hard, I miss you every second,
    and it breaks my heart apart to see you
    not affected in any way.
    Instead you look more happier than ever.
    So yeah, physically we've already separated,
    So this time I'm gonna let you go of my
    heart and my mind.
    It might take a little bit more time, but it's
    This proves that I've loved you with every
    piece of my heart that you've shattered
    on your way of out.

  • sarie_the_writer 6w

    Words written to express how I feel
    With ink that disappears
    Because the only time I can truly be honest
    Is locked away hidden in a computer labeled journal
    With a password that only I know
    And in there are thoughts of truth
    Things I wouldn’t ever say
    And yet sometimes I want to say
    Actions holding true restraint
    But like the keys typing entering a reality of my life
    That wasn’t truly the life that was right
    And yet it was somehow right
    Or perhaps how it should be
    Because it was mine
    So thoughts that consume my every day mind
    Written to never be found or read by anyone but me
    Thoughts what a wonderful and yet dreadful thing
    Like thinking of you
    Which I tend to do a lot
    Whether it’s dreaming or thinking but never speaking
    Never telling a soul how I truly feel
    Cause like the ink that disappears
    those words must disappear
    For a reality I want couldn’t be
    So many problems and created by a mix up history
    But the concept of wanting you only shows the reality of me
    Wanting one that’s not available and emotionally disconnected or another that was the embodiment of toxic and damn was it toxic but I always found a way to love the two
    And so you both became a reality of the truth of me
    As insane as it might be
    I saying I wanted stability
    And yet my subconscious was showing me through my reality what I truly wanted
    As if my words were lies and my heart oh how my heart became the enemy
    Falling for people I knew damn well I shouldn’t be
    Like walking on highway in insane traffic expecting not to get hurt
    And yet the hurt brought a comfort of pain that I knew all too well
    And so as I write each line it brings a clarity that I knew but never truly accepted
    And so I accept that the concept of how I was loved was due to not loving me enough
    And the more I began to love me the more I seen that flaws between us and yet
    A piece of me still wants us
    But I’ll never say your name accepting what remains
    For I deserve a love that I know is true
    And my heart tends to confuse the two
    With emotions on high and so my mind has to take the lead
    So with words written they speak a real secret truth
    That only I can truly interpret
    Like a type of a da Vinci code that I created
    And a heart that shares love for two locked away never to be found
    Loving one more than the other
    With tears no more for acceptance has been restored
    I am here and my heart speaks for me no more
    I am enough and all doors have been closed
    Keys buried that only a true love can find
    And if he does
    There I’ll be willingly openly loving once again without fears
    For that man will be loved
    Like a true love was never here
    And a heart never broken
    Never damaged
    I will love him like I love me with no boundaries
    For I am no longer hurt but healed
    And lessons in love has taught me what is real
    So once again I will feel without fears
    For the reality of love will actually be the reality I deserve
    And he will be the man that deserve the reality of me
    As his actions proves the words I speak

  • rahoof 6w

    Crustacean people

    Crab man! - crab man! - Crab man!
    They yelled at me on my sister's wedding
    They yelled at me, for they saw me wearing
    A shell over my insecure skin

    They ask me not to hide from my kin
    Must remain comfortable in a family gathering
    surprise not in case we bring a scale
    dont be nervous, fail freely young man!

    Imagine what faces they make
    and how they weigh things with their eyes
    Cant help it When the scale Start tilting
    More and more over to the other side

    Yes, this is the life of a crab man
    who had grown keratin shells for his skin.
    Ask if he's tired of living with people
    who weighs shells with their own judgemental skin

    But just at the end of every occasion
    I grow a shell, thicker than the last one
    Just like a crab changing it's shell
    I prepare myself - for another season


  • rahoof 7w

    My euphoria of pain

    Of the many pain I have to go through everyday
    The one that I enjoy the most are the ones about her.
    You would ask, how does one pick favourites
    from their sufferings?
    But there is no other answers to that
    other than-
    "I have to go through this everyday."
    Even if I dont want to-
    My mind is packed with toxins for depression,
    And it decides to screw me often with general anxiety.

    Of the many pain I suffer, I like the most when I suffer thinking about her,
    It was always a kind of an euphoric sweet sensation of pain, acceptance and longing.
    One of the most enjoyable pain that I had ever felt.
    Closed chapter or a broken bridge you can call it whatever,
    you may ask for me to move on and spend more time with my family.
    To that I say,
    of the many few who gets me for who I am,
    family is not among them.

    They might ask,
    why are you being so hard on yourself, you have a roof over your head, you have food to eat, you have all your limbs and is not paralysed from the waist down like the most unfortunate.

    Yes, I am grateful for what I have
    But sometimes I crave for something more
    Than limbs more than food more than a house,
    When I crave for peace of mind.
    I think the most unfortunate people are the ones who fail to find peace for themselves.

    My first experience of anxiety was horrific.
    I even struggled to swallow food and water,
    And I got so fed up with my fear of failure,
    Even with all my limbs I had doubted every step I took with them.
    You can be the richest person of the planet and still end up being worthless
    If you cant find peace of mind.
    That's why people often say that money can't buy happiness
    For me, money is essential but its existence was always sceptical,
    It is funny how money often buys friends but not their loyalty,
    Wonder how it makes your father say that he is only proud If you find out a way
    to successfully make it by yourself.
    This often raises a series of questions that scrambles one's mind
    Wasn't he proud of me anyway?
    Wasn't he proud of being a father to a son that he gave life to?
    Why do you always have to be valued off of your success rather than your attempts to get there?

    The neglect, the isolation, abandonment
    Coupled with misfortune really test your will to live,
    Testing your will, for a reason not to take that final desicion.
    people often nearly end up deciding to tie a noose or to take a cold blade to their vein,
    Or an overdose of pills that doze you off to a never ending sleep,
    Or even wishing for a cardiac arrest on their deepest sleep for a painless death.
    All for proving a point,
    To make you people realise that the pain that they brag about everyday were true all along.
    Dont turn down a person even more if they are already feeling low, lonely or depressed.
    Sadly people end up feeling guilty only after the lose of a life.
    Technically this is not murder,
    but from the perspective of the people who end up committing suicide,
    Their experience of last days could never end up being more sorrowful than those lives inside Nazi concentration camps.
    So people should be held accountable for pushing them to that extreme.

    And from a person who suffers from the pain of uncontrollable racing thoughts,
    Who is struggling to even focus on the littlest things,
    who you blame their head is not at all there,

    Of the many things he suffer each day
    The best was always the ones about her.


  • say_say 9w

    I find you there
    In the bits and pieces of my day
    I find you there
    In little nuances of the day
    The smallest word or fragrance
    Leads me back on a trail to where I lost you,
    I find you there
    Smiling with your cat on your shoulders
    Ready to bury me with conversations about your day
    But I run as soon as I see you I'm afraid
    Because it gets worse the longer I stay
    I know me so well
    Everyday since that day
    In sleep and in my wake
    In the corner of my eyes
    #midnight #you #movingon #memories #loss

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    Through the lights slipping from the cracks of my heart
    On the other side of my demise
    As I burn these memories on my mind
    Dancing in the smoke
    Wearing a dress of my regrets and a smile of pain
    I find you there

  • jacob_howdagee 9w

    If you're not choking down
    What life puts on your plate
    Then you become the prey


  • theglasseyedworld 9w

    Your real growth starts when you come out of your comfort zone

  • mariateresa 9w

    Reminiscencing on this beautiful day and can't stop thinking about the man who held my ❤ for 8 years. Heartache is what inspired this poem. Observing the sadness yet knowing it's all for my highest alignment and journey forwards. Can someone tell this to my ❤

    #heartbreak #heartache #lifechange #relationships #breakups #movingon #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill

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    A change of heart

    My heart, oh my heart, with so many loving feelings inside
    How do I tell it to stop beating your name?
    Loneliness threatens to drive me insane
    Yet I know that our road together has ended
    Moments together from the past flash through my mind Frozen in time once splendid
    You'll always hold a special place inside
    Yet alone I must continue on this ride
    Gathering all the strength and courage I can muster
    Embarking upon new adventures, changing focus, I adjust
    Living life in solo mode for awhile

  • anchanamehr 10w

    It is over only when you stop making imaginary conversations with the person that chose to leave you.
    It is over only when your heart no longer cares to even think about the person that let you suffer.
    Remember, until then you are holding on to something painful which is pushing away the things that are worthy and beautiful.


  • nevaleepoetically 10w

    He taunted me with his empty words & fake apologies
    So I haunted him with my new life & living apology free

  • a_messy_perfection_ 12w

    Healing Or replacing isn't quick
    It's the desperation of patching what's left exposed...


  • sreedevi_ 12w


    Fears in my mind ,
    Don't let me sleep.
    With my frail hopes ,
    A little comfort I seek.

    From my vantage point ,
    Things often seem so bleak.
    But I carry on the walk ,
    With this heart so weak .

    For sometimes ,
    While moving along ,
    I might forget,
    That I am made strong .

    A strong faith is all,
    I need to sync with flow,
    Like an undying flame ,
    Which noone can blow !!!

  • noble_pace 12w


    Its been a while
    What have you been up to?
    I do miss some of the moments
    Sometimes thinking about them made me laugh, smile and cry.
    Its now reality cant live in fantasy.

    Even God could see a wound that neds to be healed.
    Being shown by Him made me realize my spirit was bleeding.
    Dont feel negative about this, for it is just a memory in the museum.
    I live in the present and my focus is the future
    Everyone has a story to tell.

    My own is different from Romeo and Juliet.
    Its not always a King can lead with a Queen,
    some moments the King has to lead a Kingdom alone.

    That is my story a King resurrected in spirit
    A King reborn in flesh
    A King reprogrammed in mindset
    By God's will we shall meet again
    However now, my focus is God's Kingdom and my Empire
    TO BE CONTINUED..........