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  • alltimefamished 19h

    I'm pregnant

    It was very unusual to see her sad. It was almost like her smile has vanished. Her mother asked her million times about her sadness. She wouldn't tell her a word.

    One day she found her nauseated with the smell of her favourite poori potato. She refused to eat.

    Agitated, she rushed to puke due to the smell.

    Her mother was standing by the door. She rubbed her back and held her hair. She asked "what has happened to you. Why are you like this. I'm noticing you since a week and you are behaving very weird." there was silence. "today you have to tell me."

    "I'm pregnant." she announced. will you take care of me like you always did ma?

    Shocked, bewildered and speechless, mother didn't ask her a question. "Whoever child it is, it's not their fault to come to the world. We will bring this one and together."

    She bleamed with smile and pride.

  • alltimefamished 1d

    The youngest member

    It was a 10 hour labour journey..i pushed and pushed and pushed. I stuck my chin to my neck. I wasn't allowed to scream. I wasn't allowed to talk.

    There was no one around me to comfort. Tears slipped from the corner, promising myself to be with the newborn all my life.

    She finally came out. She was beautiful. Pink cheeks and black jet hair. I held her when was out of my vagina finally. My girl. It was the happiest moment I remember in recent times.

    There was a smile on my face. A motherly smile.

    In another two minutes, her crying stopped. I was curious. It was too sudden. The nurse informed me how I lost my child.

    I started to laugh, wondered if 2 am was the right time to joke. She walked away and bought my child to me.

    So Beautiful I whispered. But why is she not crying anymore? The nurse replied. The baby is dead.

    Stunned, shocked and confused. A minute before she was wailing and now she is sleeping peacefully opposite to my bed.

    My sore breast secreted milk for her but I had no one to nurse.
    My body was weak but I was still willing to carry her.
    My eyes were teary, but I could see her lying on the table. Still.

    Why did you take her away when she belonged to me. I questioned the Lord but no answers came from the other side.

    I don't wish to let her go. But they take her away from me. I forgot my labour pain. But the pain of losing her was unmatched.

    No one allowed me to touch her. She was mine I screamed. Blood oozed out of my vagina, but I didn't care much.

    Still standing where I was, struggling to stand straight. I was losing myself the way I lost her. Tears flowed easily even without my knowledge.

    She was an angel and angels from the above came to pick their youngest member.

  • alltimefamished 3d

    Being a mother

    She spoke to her man, told him how she feels about being a mother of his child.

    He reluctantly replied "who knows whose baby are you carrying?"

    Tears slipped, but the hurt was etched in her heart.

  • alltimefamished 4d

    It ached!

    It ached each time he controlled me. It ached each time I couldn't stand for myself. It ached for my mother still believed that it's the best thing to listen to our husbands than putting our point. It ached when I slapped him and he was standing looking helpless. It ached for the burden within me, finally letting it loose.

  • queen_of_hearts_2nd 6w

    Mum grew her wings


    Now that you are gone
    Well what can I say
    Absolutely everything is wrong
    The star beyond shining so bright
    Is what I look at and think of you at night
    I love you so I need you but you are gone
    I wasn’t aloud to choose my own song
    Fly mum fly but come and see me soon
    I will dream of you every night just to get me through
    I hope you are with grandad major your dad whom you missed so much
    I wonder even if it is beautiful as such
    They have taken the best mum anyone could have ever have wished for
    I held your cold hand, and wanted to hold onto you for ever more
    You taught me how to love how to live and how to be a mum that much is true
    I’ll make it through, I’ll struggle-without you
    Mum I cant stop crying I wished you knew
    Mummy I will never stop loving you


  • thoughts_of_eesh 9w

    There is no one else like mother. She loves you the most. She sacrificed lots of things for us. The way she cared for us, the way she feeds us, the peace we got sleeping on her lap, it is indescribable. There are lots of things she did for us which can't be measured. Thank you to all the mothers out there.
    Even if we thank her every time, it's not enough ☺️❤️

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    Aaj bhi woh din yaad aata hai
    Jab tere god mein sar rakh ke sota tha

    Ab woh sukoon kahi aur kaha
    Teri jesi koi aur kaha


  • peachytae_ 13w

    ✨To all the mothers … THEY ARE THE BEST …. No one can take her place never ever …. She is your first best friend you have ever made…♥️May god bless all the mothers….share your experience with your mother when you were a kid 🤩were u naughty ??😋😉#special #mothers #best #love @miraquill @writersnetwork inspired by @ishikaaggarwal

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    To every mother

    It’s just not a word
    It’s an emotion with full of love and care
    The only thing I want to say you ‘mumma I love you to the moons and back’ you will always remain my best friend no matter what happens.

    God made a beautiful mumma like you
    A mother who never grows old
    You have so many names mumma,mother,mum and many more..
    God made mother’s smile of the sunshine
    And he molded their hearts into pure gold…

    How did you get the energy,mom
    To do all the things you did
    To be my teacher,nurse,counselor
    To me when I was a kid.

    How did you do it all,mom
    Be a friend,cook and a chauffeur
    Yet find time to to be a playmate also
    I just can’t comprehend

    I see it now vividly
    It was all love that you gave me
    That made you come whenever I wanted you or whenever I called you
    Your inexhaustible love mommy

    I thank you for all the things you have done for me

  • gada_ffi3 15w

    #mothers love #miraquill # poetscommunity # poets on instagram# mirakke # shout out to all the mothers out there

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    You take care of your own from the beginning to the end
    The good and bad days you there
    But no one can match up to your furry, no wonder storms are named after women

    Taught me to chase my dreams
    Made me a man but i"l always be your child
    Mama 'm grate and i just want to make you proud
    You always was a bad queen mama and so shall it remain
    Nothing beats a mothers love, it can only be misunderstood


  • nitashha___ 15w

    Recalling the day ....Two years ago...when my Mom suddenly fell unconscious and her vitals dropped....
    The emergency ward was such a mess ,,I was feeling so so helpless..........
    There was no glucose stand....
    I stood up all night by handling it in my own hand...
    I was ready to do every possible thing to save my mother ....
    And yes God saved her ...
    But still whenever I remember that day I got goosebumps ...

  • brianna_m_salmon 17w

    But what wound is greater,
    Than those left by a mother,
    The one that was supposed to love you like no other,
    What hurt runs deeper,
    Than the strike of her tongue,
    When she turns away her child,
    And takes back her love,

    For it really shall sting,
    Like a million angry wasps,
    When she washes away the womb love,
    You were always supposed to have,

    Because nine months isn't forever,
    And one day baby must walk,
    And it seems like when,
    Baby's knees don't bruise,
    And baby doesn't need help to clean her teeth,
    Then mommy's love will be removed,
    And baby is left with hurting.


  • piyushalbus 19w


    बच्चों की परवरिश और अपने सपनों के बीच,
    अब भी उसका ये संघर्ष जारी है,
    यहाँ माँ होना कठिन तो है 'नफ़्र',
    माँ होकर सपने देखना उससे भी भारी है।


  • kingstarpoetry 19w

    मेरे पापा

    मेरे पापा
    आज फिर पलकों पर आँसू हैं
    आज फिर साँसें बेक़ाबू हैं
    सब यादें सिमट कर सामने से गुजरी जो
    वही आह बन के सीने में शामिल हैं
    आज फिर गले से लगा लो ना
    आज फिर गोद में उठा लो ना
    ना करूंगा अब ज़िद कोई यकीनन
    तुमसे एक बार हंस कर तुम बुला लो ना
    अब जब नहीं हैं तुम्हारे संग में हम
    आज सर पर हाथ को भी तरसे हम
    साथ थे जब तुम हौसले थे ज़िंदगी में
    मगर आज तेरे साथ को भी तरसे हम
    काश इन फ़ासलों को मिटा सकता में
    काश खुदा के घर से तुमको वापस ला सकता
    मैं कितना प्यार है तुमसे ये जता सकता
    मैं कितनी तुम्हारी ज़रूरत है बता सकता में
    आज फिर पलकों पर आँसू हैं
    आज फिर साँसें बेक़ाबू हैं

  • ekansh_original 21w

    "He might be busy in work, else he never forgets my birthday", mother said as lean back on a chair in an old age home.
    Mother's love overshadowed her disappointment yet again.

  • bulderme 21w

    A short story I decided to make. This actually happens to people all around the globe. All good things usually come to an end; it will happen to me one day. Please treat your mother's with care; anything can happen when you least expect it.

    #love #mothers

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    The Passing

    I lived a normal life;
    I was an only child raised by a widow.
    My dad had an accident;
    I was heart broken.
    I changed after this moment.

    My mother had a hard time paying the bills;
    I was spoiled, on the other hand.
    She loved me,
    But I treated her different.
    I was 17 when I went partying with friends;
    My mom got worried when I didn't return.
    I returned at 12:46 AM;
    Mother said hello;
    I was drunk at that time;
    I flipped her off and slammed my door.

    I heard crying that night;
    My emotions shuffled.
    I don't know how to react due to the alcohol.

    I went on a trip with my school;
    I was five states away.
    I talked and had fun with friends;
    At a museum in Oklahoma, in fact.

    The phone rang;

    It was for me.
    I answered calmly.
    "Hello, who is this?"
    I asked.
    A silent pause rang out.
    I heard crying at the other end of the phone;
    "Is everything okay?"
    I asked, a little urgently this time.

    "I didn't want this to happen,"
    "... Mother... Had and accident..."
    My sister cried through the phone.
    My heart sank to my feet;
    I didn't think this would happen so early.
    She died on the same highway as dad did;
    I was heart-struck.
    I threw the phone and ran out of the museum;
    A trail of tears streamed behind me.

    I had a rough year;
    I didn't know how to express my emotions.
    I had suicidal thoughts;
    I couldn't take it anymore.
    I remember,
    I treated her like a drunk.
    I don't want to think about this anymore.

    I reached for my pills and took a handful.

    I was lucky to still be alive.
    I am in therapy now.
    If you feel suicidal,
    Call the suicide hotline;
    They can really help.


  • anitabinjolabarthwal 22w

    मां बाप का फर्ज कभी पूरा नहीं होता
    मां बाप के सिवा कोई दूसरा नहीं होता


  • lifediariesndreams 24w


    अशी ही आमची आई...
    तिची गोष्टच निराळी काही ,
    पुर्वीचे दिवस आठवता ,
    नेहमी असे तिची घाई !!!
    नाष्टा, डब्बे, ट्रेन आणि ऑफिस ,
    ह्यात दिवस उलटून गेले पटापट ,
    तरीही संध्याकाळी दमून आली,
    कि वेळ काढायची आमच्या गोष्टी ऐकण्यासाठी झटपट !!!
    अशी ही आमची आई ,
    बॅडमिंटन, कॅरम आणि क्रिकेट फॅन,
    बालपण सदैव जिवंत ठेवणं ,
    हे नकळत शिकलो ,
    तिच्याचकडुन घेतला कोणत्याही परिस्थितीत खंबीर राहणं !!?
    अशी ही माझी आई,
    हिला नेहमी वाटतं ,
    हिच्यासाठी मी कधी आजवर लिहलंच नाही,
    अगं आई कसं सांगू तुला ,
    जिकडे शब्द अस्तित्वातच नाही असतो फक्त भावनांचा पाऊस ,
    आणि तो व्यक्त करणं मला कधी जमलंच नाही !!!
    आज एवढंच सांगते ,
    तु आहेस म्हणुन आम्ही आहोत,
    कधी स्वतःची सावली बघितलीस तर त्यात आम्ही तिघीचं दिसु,
    टेढे है, मगर मेरे है ,
    हे जाणून येईल भरपूर हसु !!
    देवाकडे एवढेच मागणे ,
    जिचे प्रेम आणि राग दोन्ही निरागस,
    जिच्याशिवाय आयुष्याला काही अर्थच नाही, हिचं आमची माउली ,
    अशीच ही आमची आई!!!
    Happy Mothers Day

  • abrahamshan 24w


    जिनके कदमों में बसती हैं जन्नत....
    जिनका साया करे मेरी हिफाज़त....
    जिनके दुआओं का अहम हिस्सा हूँ मैं...
    माँ मेरी सौं जिंदगियाँ तुझपे कुर्बान हैं...

    मेरी जरूरत सर- आँखों पर...
    तेरी जरूरत कुछ भी नहीं...
    मेरी शिकायत हर दम रही ...
    माँ तूने कभी शिकायत न किया
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया ...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया

    मुझे जनम दिया पाला पोसा...
    अपना खाना भी मुझे परोसा
    कैसे भूलूँ उन रातों को...जब जब तुझे सोने न दिया
    दर्द में देख के कितना रोई...
    इक आँसू मुझे रोने न दिया

    मेरी आँखों में काजल...माथे पे काला टीका
    मुझे नजर से बचाने का हर वो तरीका
    माँ तूने सब किया
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया ...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया
    बचपन से माँ तूने हर मोड़ पे साथ दिया
    कुछ सिरफिरे किताबों को कहते हैं...
    मेरी माँ से अच्छा कोई मेरा दोस्त ही न हुआ
    तेरा फोन काटा...तुझपे चिल्लाया...
    तेरी बातों पे मैंने मुँह भी बनाया...
    तुझे कोई गिला नहीं कोई शिकवा नहीं
    तूने हँस के टाला ...ने माफ़ कर दिया
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया

    अगर इज़ाज़त हो तुझे सज्दा करूँ...तेरी पूजा करू
    तेरी ख्वाहिशों को इंशाल्लाह पूरा करूँ
    कभी दुःखों के साये...दर्द के बादल आने न दूं
    तेरी आँचल में सुकून से सो जाऊँ कही जानें न दू
    खुदा करें हर दफा ख़ुशी का जरिया बनूँ तेरी
    हर बला और परेशानी से हफाजत करे खुदा तेरी
    मैं सौं जनम में भी नहीं कर सकता माँ तेरा हक़ अदा
    माँ तेरा शुक्रिया ...माँ तेरा शुक्रिया

  • smile_its_sunnah 24w

    A teacher with no degree, a doctor with no qualification, an accountant with no balance sheet, a warrior with no training, a queen with no title, a plumber with no experience, a psychologist with no sessions, an influencer with no social media, a best friend with no weird first conversations, a talented chef with no learned culinary skill, she is a learner of all qualifications and a teacher of guidance.
    She is our precious piece of gold, a blessing gifted to us from birth, a soul of purity, a heart of sincerity and a guiding light of clarity.

    She hides her tears, works her hardest, sacrifes her needs and works like a slave for her children.
    I pray that all children around the world appreciate their beautiful mothers as if it wasn't for them you wouldn't have the qualifications you so proud of, you wouldn't be standing with confidence infront of your children and you wouldn't have been protected from the demons of this world if it wasn't for their shields.

    #mothers #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Pic credited to rightful owner.

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    Royalties of Motherhood

  • unsaid_lamhe 24w

    आँचल में उसके मयस्सर जहां हो जाए...
    खुदा भी उस काबिल कहां की माँ हो जाए...

  • uniqueeunice 24w

    There on the screen
    Where tiny dots signifies me
    She was happy to behold me
    Iistening to my faintly sounded heartbeat
    She almost Jumped up with Joy
    Alas!!! a new human is forming inside her
    Communicating with me day and night
    Telling me how much dad loves me
    Relishing her plans to take of me when am born

    Taking my woobly first step in life
    I hear her voice urging and cheering me on
    I remember vividly the joy on her face
    when i had my first set of milk teeth
    Calling out 'ma-ma' for the first time
    Her joy knows no bounds

    Nurturing me from childhood
    She is my very First
    She is my first Teacher
    She is my first Nurse
    She is my first Hairstylist
    She is my first Friend
    She is my first Make up artist
    My ever Cheerleader

    An embodiment of beauty and brain
    In pain and sickness,She please me
    In plentiful and drought,she cater for me
    In crisis and war,she protect me
    In problems and afflictions,she is my solution
    In tribulations and travails,she pray for me.

    Long life i pray for you
    Good health i beseech for thee
    when seeds began to sprout
    10th May 2020
    Revised- 14th March 2021
    ©Unique Eunice
    Photo credit -Pinterest
    #Mothers #mum #mothersday #mom

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    Nurturing me from childhood
    She is my very First
    She is my first Teacher
    She is my first Nurse
    She is my first Hairstylist
    She is my first Friend
    My ever Cheerleader

    Long life i pray for you
    Good health i beseech for thee
    when seeds began to sprout