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    Do you remember in 2019 in month of September when we last met I had posted three erotic quotes after few days on this platform with some sexy backgrounds. It was day time when I had posted them. And as I can think you were in your coaching. So, in evening you have mailed me and that mail was - "Ye hatega ki nahi"(will this be removed or not), I have still this mail . I didn't get what so I replied you back "kya"(what).
    Then in night you have called me and shoutedly said - "Puri duniya ko dikhaoge kya"(Do you want to show this to whole world) I have asked - "Arey kya"(hey what)?

    Then you replied, are yahi sab tamasha Jo tumne laga rakha hai bina kuch soche samjhe mirakee par aaj (All this spectacle, which you have posted on mirakee today without a thought of anything). Then I asked but what's the problem (lekin dikkhat kya hai isme)?

    You - (Shoutingly) I don't want anything like this just delete it, I don't want that whole know about our eroticism. Don't you have mind.

    Me - Ok, calm down, don't fight. But tell me, on mirakee how many people know you and me (personally).

    You - You fell silent.

    Me - Eventually, I have deleted those quote.

    But even today no one knows who am i & no one knows from which part of country I belong to. And you were fighting for a topic which had no base.

    Now let me ask some questions, I don't expect any kind of answer but for peace of my mind I have to ask all these questions.

    So here it is - Topic + Questions

    I exactly remember the date it was 02/03/2019 when you have sent me a video of yours for the very first time (I guess you got it, what kind of). But now as you have alleged me to misuse of photos and videos can you please remember it's not only you who have sent photos & videos, I have also sent you mine. And you have alleged me for this on March 2020, can you please tell my why would a person would wait for more than a year to misuse all this and that too on a time when two of you have stopped sharing these things due to academics. Any reason? Why? 1️⃣

    Is it just because that you are sure about that I have our photos. Yes, this is right I have own all those photos of ours but for your kind information let me tell you that I own only those photos to which you once wanted to be framed in your life.

    Last year, you told one of my dearest friend that you don't even trust me anymore. Seez I don't have any problem whether you believe in me or not but I have a question.

    And that question is, at what point of time in this relationship I have broken your trust? If I lied to you then you have also lie to me. And if this trust issue is been measuring on the basis of m**hAli incident then you should also aware of the fact that it was me only who told you about this. If I have to hide things from you then why would I have told you this2️⃣ And if on this basis of van*na incident then you are surely aware of your temper and you have also noticed yourself that how you have reacted to the things in past so that's why I have decided to tell you this in O*o which I was planning. But I have told you this in some other manner as you already know I have taken pr**av name because I was afraid of your misunderstanding but if can not believe me yet then you can count this as my full-fledged mistake.

    If I have to do all this to you why would I have waited for you to accept my proposal for more than a year. I could choose another girl why would you? Were you or your family my enemy? Let's also assume that there was some enmity with you. Then why did I always apologize to save the relationship, why used to put my ego aside only for this relationship3️⃣.

    Why would I was trying till last to save this relationship. Why did I try hard to contact you, whether it was your mail,WhatsApp,Facebook,text and even in the comments section of yourquote Id(In your brother id as well)4️⃣.

    "It hurts me more when I find that we fell apart. We have not cheat each other it's just misunderstanding who has finished everything. Always remember, in a relationship if any of the two make mistakes both has to suffer."

    I have many more questions to ask but now I have to give you an answer and that is - "I really never expect you to love me more than I used to do to you. I never expect you to love me like my mother use to love me. Instead, I love you the way my mother loves me. The way she care for me, they way she get tensed when I do not eat anything in day or night, the way she pamper me when I get angry with her, the way she motivate me to become a good person, the same way I always try to love you.

    �� मेरे प्यार की उमर हो इतनी सनम
    तेरे नाम से शुरू, तेरे नाम पे खतम
    तेरी खुशी से है, खुशी, तेरे ग़म से है ग़म,
    तेरे नाम ...��

    One of my mother's favourite song ❤️.

    #Miraquill #Life #Love #Question #Misunderstanding #Broken

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    Keep your love simple
    but significant so that you never
    fell in the trap of misunderstanding.

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    Part 3 : So, hi again. I am here with next part of the story. So as you know she has invited him to tell her decision on 27 march 2018.

    On that day, he had awoken earlier than other day as he was eagerly waiting for clock to show the time of 10Am. Let me tell you one more thing about that boy that he was a sheer stupid because he didn't even know that one should take a gift or flower while meeting a girl for the first time.
    He dressed himself in a blue checked shirt, brown chinos and in blue sneakers. When he met to that girl he also noticed her that she also dressed herself in light blue denim shirt(coincident), blue jeans and a pair of voilet shoes. They went to a park just behind the pg of her friend. He was so curious to know her answer as it seems his heart was pounding to his chest.
    So she has seated on a bench in park and also asked him to sit beside her. But as I told you he was curious so he didn't choose to sit and he told her that he is comfortable there in standing.

    So here's her answer - So my answer for the relationship is..........um............is..... yes.(and his mouth went wide open as he didn't expect her to say yes). BUT I CAN NOT GUARANTEE FOR YOU FUTURE AS WE WILL REMAIN TOGETHER OR NOT AS I CAN NOT GO AGAINST MY FAMILY. BUT (His excitement got scared with her "but" in her sentence)I CAN NOT GUARANTEE FOR OUR FUTURE THAT WE WILL REMAIN TOGETHER OR NOT AS I CAN NOT GO AGAINST MY FAMILY. And then he asked her nervously "won't you able to talk about us in future" She said "right now, I don't know and I don't want to talk about this that much early".
    In excitement they has lost this conversation. The love was in air and the boy was craving to hug her but he can not hug her (reason, you all will know��).

    After that they went to another seat where there was no sunlight and was shadow of a large tree. They were seated beside each other and the boy has holds the right hand of girl in his left hand. While they were talking the boy has noticed that her hands were getting sweat so first he decided to wipe it with his handkerchief but when it hasn't stopped then he decided to wipe it through his hand.

    Then for the first time they talked about their feelings (kunjam-kunjam which means a little). And after half an hour conversation he has kissed his right shoulder. Anyone can tell that they were happy soul that day. They were the happiest on the earth on that day.After 45-50 minutes of conversation boy has to leave as her friends were coming at 12pm for her birthday party ( her birthday was on next day) and another reason is that they don't want to tell about their relationship to others this quick.

    In the beginning of this part I have told you that he was sheer stupid because he didn't take anything for give her while he went for the meeting. I want all your pardon because after acceptance of his proposal boy has showed her a video which he has made as her birthday gift (that video include various photos of that girl) and by seeing that video that girl said to him - it is first time that someone has made a video for me.

    So let me end this part and let me remain this story incomplete as their love story is "incomplete" for some reason. I am his closest friend "his heart", I have told this story in a hurry and left so many things. The boy has remember each and every moment of their relationship precisely even each date which matters to both of them.He learnt from his girl as she usually used to say this "sometimes it's good to be incomplete". So, it might be good for them to remain incomplete.

    But I can surely tell you that he loves her the way he does her before(I won't write about her feelings). Boy also used to say one thing and that was - relationships never get spoiled, it is we who spoil the relationship ourselves.

    �� Zindagi de ditte tainu saare hakk ve

    Gairan vall takeya na akh chakk le

    Kach utte vi nach jawangi

    Wafaa meri te na karin shaq ve

    Zindagi de ditte tainu saare hakk ve

    Gairan vall takkeya na akh chakk le

    Kach utte vi nach jawangi

    Wafaa meri te na karin shak ve��

    #Love #Love_story #Misunderstanding #Broken #Life

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    If doubt invades faith it
    destroy all the places of love.

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    is a long word and have the longest effects


  • tenderkisses 4w

    It made her shudder with disgust that she humiliated herself once more..
    Albeit unintentional and accidental..
    Her pride and dignity felt vulnerable..
    Why would she want to talk with him..
    He who despises her..
    He who blocks without a thought..
    He who regards her as nothing..
    No, she doesn't want to talk..
    Not with someone so feeble..
    Not with someone so ignorant..
    Not with someone so unwelcoming..
    Not with someone so immature..
    Her fence is now rebuilt..


  • ions0206 5w

    "Sometimes people misunderstood us because they don't understand what we actually want to say... "

  • ions0206 8w

    "The very big misunderstanding which people always live that they know everything about everyone but in reality they don't know anything.. "

  • tenderkisses 10w

    She is egocentric snd sometimes makes assumptions and misreads things..
    Things that may not have been directed at her..
    Did she get it wrong again..
    Once again she sticks her foot in her mouth and digs herself a bigger hole..
    And once again, asked to please go away..


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    My shyness, was arrogance in their eyes

  • preetm 11w


    I have to say
    can't find the way
    Told you that
    It's not like that
    Just to know
    Why we grow
    Till we trust
    It becomes worst
    What we thought
    we are lost
    In misunderstanding


  • johnettan 14w


    പതിവുകൾ പലതും പതിവിനു വിപരീതമാകുമ്പോൾ ആ പതിവില്ലായ്മയെ ചിലർ വിളിക്കും,

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    सीधी बात..

    यकिन मानों "गलतफहमी" ही‌ एसी चीज़ है जो हमें अलग कर देगी ।


  • deoraazzhansda 14w

    Clear Talk

    Believe me "Misunderstanding" is the only thing which can separate us .


  • lover_of_minne 17w

    We as a friends walked the long roads of life,

    And she came between

    Placed the throns of lies

    Made us to blame the each other, for the reason of


    We got departed to the edges of life, she walked in between

    Now, she stopped at her destiny.

    We continued to walk looking at each other, with the silence of truth we realised


  • proly_15 21w

    Waqt lgega

    Ye Jo uljhane hai tere mere darmiyaan
    unhe suljhane mein waqt lagega
    fasle jo kr liye tere mere darmiyaan
    unhen mitane mein waqt lagega..

  • beensn 22w


    Relations are built on understandings,
    It binds and beautifies without any bias.
    Fills us with joy and happiness,
    Brings in selflessness and belongingness.
    Misunderstanding is the opposite of it but doesn't mean 'not understanding',
    'Not understanding' is better than 'Misunderstanding'.
    The former leads to seek clarification,
    The latter leads to falsification.
    Understanding may take days, months or even years,
    Misunderstanding happens in few seconds.
    Understanding may or may not make your life,
    But misunderstanding can definitely break your life.
    © beensN

  • sora_s 23w

    To get someone all our attributes
    are worthless and to lose ,one
    misunderstanding is enough .


  • anamikappp 64w


    हमने जो किसी से दो पल हंसकर बात क्या करली,
    तो यकीन मानिए,
    हम तो खिलखिलाकर हँस दिए ,
    पर लोगो को लगा कि हमने उनकी खुशियां चुरा ली
    बस फिर क्या था ,
    आज हम यहां , और वो दोस्त कहीं और हैं
    उन्होंने ज़िन्दगी की राहों में एक नए दोस्त को चुन लिया
    हमें अकेला छोड़ , हमारी यादों से भी किनारा कर लिया।

  • anamikappp 65w

    बराबर करदो ना

    तुमने कहा था हम एक ही है
    तो अपने बराबर करदो ना
    बस यूं ही एक है एक है कहकर
    कहा जिंदगी चलती है
    कभी तुम भी सिर दबा दो मेरा
    एक ये भी कमी खलती है
    तुमने कहा था हम एक ही है
    तो अपने बराबर करदो ना .....
    मत करो वादे जन्मों के
    इस पल खुशी की वजह दो ना
    कभी बाजारों से नज़र हटे
    तो मकान को घर भी करदो ना.....
    तुमने कहा था हम एक ही है
    तो अपने बराबर करदो ना
    आओ पास बैठो ,कुछ बाते करे
    कभी दिल के खालीपन को
    तुम भी भर दो ना
    क्यों कहना भी पड़ता है
    तुम एहसासों को भर दो ना
    तुमने कहा था हम एक ही है
    तो अपने बराबर करदो ना।।।।

  • anamikappp 67w

    morning sip

    good morning,you r special for me
    like my favourite Ginger tea.
    I feel a special connection with you like,
    I am so desperate for my favorite tea,
    and you are its first sip..

  • anamikappp 69w


    किसी को एकतरफा इश्क़ की ख़ुमारी है
    तो किसी को सच्ची मोहब्बत होने का नशा ,
    किसी को अपनी खूबसूरती पर घमंड है
    तो किसी को अपनी शान ओ शौकत का नशा

    और सच कहूं तो , ऐसे ना जाने कितने ही नशे करते हैं इस दुनिया में लोग।।
    पर एक सच्ची राज की बात कहूं ,
    दुनिया में सच्ची मोहबब्त के बाद दिल के टूटने, और मोहबब्त में मिलने वाले जुदाई का जो नशा है ना
    यक़ीन मानो, उसका मुक़ाबला दुनिया का कोई नशा नहीं कर सकता।