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  • desireegirardeau 16w


    The dark is getting thicker,
    suffocating my soul
    destroying me with a quickness
    completely out of my control.
    All the light is gone inside me,
    there's no hope without them there,
    the load is getting heavier,
    this burdens more than I can bare,
    The spaces once filled with their faces,
    now hold loneliness and despair.
    They carry with them all that makes life worth living,
    I don't think you were aware ,
    there's no fight left inside me
    my strength has gone away,
    safety no longer finds me,
    happiness or joy ...they've all simply faded away,
    All these things they live inside them...
    pain and sorrow now reside here ,
    an unrelenting craving just to hear their voices,
    they're so far away from here.
    All that's been left is an empty me..
    One to match my dreams and my desperate stare.
    Open your eyes and see,
    they're my everything my whole being ,
    I can't breath without them,
    they're my air .