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  • a_splendid_wickedness 4d

    Ancient Mirror

    Flesh of my father
    Ancient mirror
    Blood of my mother
    Water's eyes
    They look back at yours
    And paint identity
    Flesh of new form
    Blood of newborn
    Modern mirror
    Too distinct
    We sit behind our eyes
    Self, me, my, I
    Flesh of my father
    Blood of my mother
    I sit behind my eyes
    But I am another.


  • shivangi_nema 5d

    रंग भेद यहाँ मन भेद यहाँ
    जाति है समाज की बेड़िया
    पाप कपट छल भेद यहाँ
    लोकतंत्र की फटी हैं एड़िया
    लाडली को समाज की कैद यहाँ
    हवस से भरी हैं दुनियाँ
    गरीबी को ताकत से खौफ यहाँ
    रिसबत से भरी हैं थैलियां
    शिक्षा में हैं छेद यहाँ
    नितियों के नाम पर बनती पहेलियाँ
    किशोरों को जिस्म की भूख यहां
    कलाई पर चलती हैं छुरियां
    बेटा बेटी में भेद यहाँ
    किसानों ने फांसी का सहारा लिया
    हैं दहेज़ यहाँ भ्रष्टाचार यहाँ
    कपड़े चरित्र की निशानियाँ
    धर्म के नाम पर लड़ते मरते लोग यहाँ
    यही हैं आधुनिक समाज की खूबियाँ

  • _do_lafj_ 5d


    मोहब्बत में बरसते है,
    किसी की चाहतों में हम।।
    भरा है इश्क़ की बूंदों से,
    जो वो मेघ जैसे है।।
    हमे तो खुद नही मालूम है,
    किस्सा कोई अपनी मोहब्ब्त का।।
    घूमते है दीवाना बन,
    किसी पागल के जैसे है।।
    छुआ है हाथ से जबसे मेरे वो अक्स को तुमने,
    तुझे ही सोच कर के अब वो सीसा चूमते है हम।।

    Something new��

    #Love #Kiss #mirror #22

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  • poesybird 2w

    With this rain,
    I hope the growth of lush leaves
    Colourful flowers
    Bright rainbow
    The beautiful "after thunderstorm" sky.
    But most importantly
    After this thunderstorm,
    I want my peace of mind
    Like crystal clear water
    Reflecting every thought of mine like a mirror.

    Moulded what came in my mind in words while a thunderstorm is happening outside
    (Pardon if it's lame)
    #rain #flowers #leaves #rainbow #sky #mirror
    @mirakee @mirakee_assistant @inked_selenophile @writersnetwork
    P.C. : Me

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    After thunderstorm

  • vikashpandey_ 2w

    फिक्र में जब उलझी खुद से बात करती हूँ!
    आईनें से पूछती इक सवाल करती हूँ!!
    रूठ कर गुमसुम हो जाती, पूछने पर बवाल करती हूँ!
    जिद्द में न कुछ चलने देती,
    मनाने पर सबको बेहाल करती हूँ!!
    आईनें से पूछती इक सवाल करती हूँ।
    टुटी-फुटी चीज़ें को, जोड़ें चलीं जाती हूँ!!
    लाजमी हैं उतरना तुझमें, क्या कमाल करती हूँ।
    गम को छुपाकर कभी, झूठी मुस्काती हूँ!!
    रिश्ते की डोरी को हर पल निभाती हूँ।
    बातों ही बातों में सब ख्याल करती हूँ।।

    #Mirror #selftalks #life #questions #diary #hindi #writers #hindiwriters #mirakee

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    फिक्र में जब उलझी खुद से बात करती हूँ!
    आईनें से पूछती इक सवाल करती हूँ!!

  • sakkshi 2w

    A perfect eve

    A perfect eve is
    When someone could untangle your hassle while playing with your hairs

    When someone could feel your melody while listening to your music (words)

    When someone could stare at you and makes you smile while giving you strength and hope.

    And you know what
    For me that someone is me
    I do it everyday for me .


  • thegaia 2w


    I see her smiling through the mirror as if she found a way to overcome the terror.
    It’s that smile that spoke a thousand words behind the mirror just to hide and run far away from the humours and rumours.
    And it’s all about the mirror as if it reflects the emotion of the author, as if she herself is the narrator of this beautiful character.

  • blossomwrites 2w

    I see her smiling through the mirror
    She looked like a sparkling crystal
    Her eyes had the zeal to conquer
    The reflection justifies her extreme
    She is no less than a queen
    The essence of her beauty is her confidence!

  • uniquebob 2w

    The Mirror

    When I look into the mirror,
    I see a girl,
    Filled with fire,
    Ready to ignite.
    When I look into the mirror,
    I see a black queen,
    Ready to conquer,
    Not ready to be defeated.
    When I look into the mirror,
    I see a melanin godess,
    A girl full of confidence,
    A girl who is humble,gentle,proud,bold and strong.
    Black is beautiful, I'm never gonna let my fire burn out.

  • wallflowerphoenix 2w

    I see her smiling through the mirror,
    Waving at me every day when i glance at her,
    She push me daily to move on,
    Even with her dark bags under her eyes,
    Or the sad smile on her lips,
    She was the perfect example for survival,
    Who survived after tossing every night on her bed,
    With her pillow all wet,
    She was always there,
    Even in darkest time,
    Never leaving me alone,
    Like what others did,
    She loves me with everything i have,
    Never expecting anything,
    Other than a confidence for walking continuously,
    Every single day I see her smiling through the mirror,
    Glancing at me.


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    Reflection of survival


  • pacifierpunch 2w

    @writersnetwork #mirror #poetry

    It's all about imposition of outer world on ourselves and living people pleasing life to gather validation. The cracks and fissures that ensue making our soul wail in pain is what makes us realize that it's okay to be *our true self* rather than catering to nonsensical senses in vain. Once you align with your inner richness, you no more will fall off the cliff of vulnerabilities and temptations into abyss of invited mess. So anyday choose to be you simply whether it is taken well by others or not.

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    Mirror mirror on the wall; only If it could mend its flaws!

    Beyond those scattered crevices on chest of mirrors,
    my countless reflections asked me whats with this bluff?
    Baffled with its piercing quest,
    I answered in jest;
    that my wholeness is simulating your brokenness
    and all that is projected is the fantasy of your inner mess!
    The mirror immediately chided
    and asked me to step aside!
    I wondered what it's upto,
    a contemplation or futile attempt to rescue?
    But, then it sat there staring at its plight
    and I intervened to interrogate it all with my might!

    Are you just fine or is it something that you have seen is sublime?
    It peacefully retorted, maybe it was earlier too entwined
    with the objects, their portraits, postures features, role plays and jibes
    and absorbing all the chaos, it strayed away from its own vibe!
    And, now all these cracks are gathering soon to portray its state of being
    in shambles and tatters for always pleasing others amidst their quirkness and bling!
    All it never cared for is its own essence in the way it existed
    reluctantly going about way of showing facades as facades and pumping vanity into despicable souls,
    only, If it could refect the rawness behind facades, usual behind tonnes of make up, clumsiness behind spotless demeanour, shakiness behind firm conduct and colours of their heart behind derived roles,
    It would have lived a fulfilled life away from cocky trade,
    basking in genuineness; calling spade a spade.
    No more it would have been overwhelmed by crannies
    if it has been itself all along; upfront and uncanny!


  • uniqueeunice 2w

    I see her smiling through the destructible mirror bestowed to her by the river,adjusting her imaginary crown,she laughed hysterically,with tears running down her face.

    Those tears are not laced with regret,guilt or pains but of joy,positivity and optimism.

    Waking each day with the fear of unknown,afraid of drowning in the ocean of life,getting lost in the whirlwind of life and unrevealed knowledge of the turns and twist of life.

    She gird her loins and live life as it comes with no guilt and regret.

    But today,she feels choked on life,felt her life is meaningless and not worth living,she rushed to the river to put an end to the miserable life.

    Trying to jump,her reflection beams at her in the river,dazzling in beautiful apparel and her crown shining like a diamond.

    Balancing her imaginary crown,she smiles at the girl in the mirror,who unlike her faces her problems because no pain,no gain,no cross,no crown.

    I see her laughing hysterically through the mirror,moving closer to her,I see HER in ME and ME in HER.

    I see the younger ME in HER,the one who always run at sight of difficult situations.

    Looking intently I see the QUEEN me who bears her crown with all its cross.
    2nd June 2021
    �� Pinterest

    #Reflection #Crown #mirror #reflection @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    No pain,no gain
    No cross,no crown

  • pallavi4 2w


    I see her smiling through the mirror
    I feel an unexplainable connection with that face
    I’m in love with her beautiful features and
    That demure demeanour filled with grace

    I’ve decided to dive into the mirror
    So that I can admire her more closely
    The glass is a gateway to another realm
    And a chance for me to feel less lonely

    So dive I did one morn into the reflection
    In hopes of spending the day with that beautiful being
    The gateway snapped shut the minute I did
    With no hope of me ever being seen

    Cold and calmly was the other side
    Nothing like the loveliness I was used to seeing
    Where was I lost, why was I lost ?
    Where now was that beautiful being ?

    I came to live in the other dimension
    On the other side of that beveled mirror
    No amount of beating on it to get it to smash
    Did help me get back to my reality ever


    2nd of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #reflection #mirror @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee #pallavi_editors_choice

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  • ethereal_soul 2w

    Mirror giving smiles!

    I saw her smiling through the mirror,
    the smile with the shine of sun,
    adorned with elegance of moon,
    many things were going in her head,
    the glittering eyes were saying that all.

    I saw her smiling through mirrors,
    Mirror was shining like crystal,
    Covered in white silk,
    Her hair were gauzy,yet have the glow,
    as if something arrived from mirrors,
    and one day it will go.

  • jungkooks_honey 2w

    @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @the97_introvert @tamanna3 @taekook_maknae @ckfilvan

    #wod #mirror #reflection #mirroring


    I see her smiling,
                                     through the mirror...
    A rainbow curve  tilted on her face
    Captured in shades of crimson , soft a smile of
    Oyster pearl, cheekbones raise heads up high
    I see her smiling ,
                                     while curtains  dark hair
    Her outlining shoulder, hanging with pride of grace .
    Standing still, in her dearest dress facing a
    Mirror of scratched glass ,pinned there , a mere alibi

    I see her smiling,
                                      as my eyes meet hers...
    Deeper I look in the depth of orbs
    Standing still, a silhouette , murky, cursed in grey
    Withered as a fallen leaf in fall , conjectured .
    I see her smiling ,
                                     In every sting of perfidy
    Defaced , in lost lustre of her chiseled mask
    Though apprise an inferno a dreaded collapse
    Persists a curve,  pristine , even in stranded pale

    I see her smiling ,
                                      A dagger in her grip...
    Douched scarlet for massacre of chimeras
    Thus doomed to perish an unsullied death ,
    Retribution by an else's slur , commits such a mess
    I see her smiling,
                                    Staring at a child in slumber,
    As wrapped a bud in sepal folds , awaiting
    the break of dawn . Standing still , she
    Beholds a sight, never be blotched in tint of red.

                         I see a child smiling ,
                                                          through the mirror...
                         A rainbow curve tilted on its face
                         Mirrors the Truth of scattered nimbus sliding far away......

    ▪︎������ �������������� ������������ ����������������~


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  • sweedle 2w

    I see her smiling through the mirror.
    She has woken up from a bad dream ;
    the darkness failed to kill her spirit,
    so here she is challenging the reality instead.

    © Sweedle

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 2w

    As a poet and a writer too
    Anxiety beats high at night

    A mode of relaxation - for a common man
    Who toil hard all day long
    For them, night is an escape from stress

    But not applicable for me
    The beauty of night is it's silence
    A serenity of mind

    For me, it's a time for introspection
    I swim on the unknown sea
    Where I buries myself under the soil

    I survive another night
    Fighting with schizophrenia
    Ain't a beggar of tenderness

    I sit by crossing my arms
    Splitting blood in the walls
    As if I am prisoner in my own house

    Reflection of my own in the running water
    Is how I perceive
    After your seclusion

    I remember you
    I remember your pretty brown caramel eyeballs
    I remember how fast it ends

  • thoughtsofafracturedmind 2w


    I see her smiling through the mirror,
    Always smiling, as if I never see her.
    Through my life, my comfort, my pain,
    She kept smiling, time and time again.
    I started loving her as she never left me,
    Unlike the world I lived for in vain ecstasy.
    A night I remember, when I only thought her about,
    The night when I reached in and pulled her out.
    Looking at me terrified, tears rolled by her cheek,
    As if I was nothing more than just a mere freak.
    Startled, confused I looked at myself over,
    Only to realise, it was me who was inside the mirror. ~


  • bettertoseparate 2w


    I see her,
    Smiling through
    The mirror.
    Her Distorted facade,
    Showcased to
    The world.
    My eyes
    Can pierce
    Her aching heart.
    Pumping agony
    To each cell.
    Slowly, look!
    The cells wilt
    And die.
    I see the graveyard
    She has built
    In her mind.
    Some tombstones reading,
    'Here lived happiness'.
    'Dreams are buried here'
    'Ode to hope'.
    She is a magician.
    She reflects fervour.
    But inside, she is Rotting.
    One prison at a time
    Building in her mind.
    One boundary at a time.
    One death of everything
    That she used to be,
    At a time.
    She can smile
    Through a mirror.
    She can fool the world
    But can your reflection
    fool you?


  • shivaani_raj 2w


    I see her Smiling through the mirror,
    Looking at me, right to My Soul ❤️
    I'm amazed to See her so Calm,
    As if I'm looking at the Sky full of Stars.
    She looks so Confident, Bold & Upfront
    I can't help but Wish to be Her ❤️

    While She Smiles so Peacefully at me, I can't help but realize
    She Somehow knows about all my Insecurities, likes & dislikes ☘️
    I look at Her Again
    Now Her Smile is mocking me for being So Strict on My Own Self

    I Can't help but Smile at Her
    While Thanking her for Reminding Me
    of My Beautiful Smile among All the Chaos