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    Aaina (mirror)

    Wo sawarti hai
    aaina dekh kar,

    Aur sawar jaye toh
    aaina dekhta hai usse..


  • _teal_ 3w


    Many nights I look in my mirror,
    Mirroring my middle. I marvel
    At my lack of mercy for myself
    I long to be my own muse. Someday.


  • anuradhasharma 4w

    कितना भी श्रृंगार कर लूं ।
    पर ध्यान , नज़रों पे ही जाएं ।
    फिर , सब बनावटी लगे ।


  • realityvision 4w

    What mirror teaches to human being?
    #mirror # lawofreflection #lawofnature #realityvision

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    What Mirror teaches to human being?

    Mirror follows the law of reflection irrespective of a person who is in front will show the image as they are originally, likewise we need to follow law of nature treat all humans equally irrespective of their gender, status, country etc. Have a nice day

  • itsssiya 4w

    Heyy yall rudra here I'm sorry I haven't posted In a while I had exams �� but I back now and will post lyrics once everyday I hope you like it #love #mirror #super #promise #fearless #amazing #someday #brave #kind stay happy stay positive ����

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    What do I  see 
    When I  look in the mirror 
    I see a perfect killer 
    I'm beautiful sweet but a little sour 
    I can be sweet if your nice to me 
    I am an angel inside and out 
    And I don't need to doubt 
    My abilities 

    My sign is supergirl 
    I'm strong I'm cool I'm fly 
    When I fly I soar so high 
    I will reach the sky 
    I will climb so high to a place no one has dared to try 
    I'm gonna be the impossible 
    Be unstoppable 
    I'm gonna be a real life superhero

    Today's the day 
    I'm gonna pave my way 
    Not gonna be afraid 
    Just gonna keep pushing on 
    Like there's no tommorow 
    Cause that's what I see when I look in the mirror
    Someone brave kind but a little sour 
    I see that I won't give up no matter what

    someday in someway you will look in the mirror too 
    And I promise to be there for you 
    When everything turns blue 
    I will protect you 
    Cause I'm gonna be a real life superhero

  • meenalochani 5w

    Autobiography of mirror

    I am a mirror speaking, I don't know my birth details, I am an invention rather than a discovery, I was born in no hospital but factory, I began to roam around the globe finding my place in heart of respectables I am very fragile, yet seeing my potential people started using me, I am of great demand, from cameras, lens, telescopes, microscopes and much more my desire for mankind is endless, I have also succeeded to appeal creative minds, I enhance the beauty of place, As a decorative piece of art, people also fix me in a frame, I become a elegant beauty to their charismatic face, There is no single person who doesn't know me, I am very popular, I am also very famous among feminine, They just love looking at me,they also take me along where ever they go, I am very honest and truthful, I just show the reflection of the soul, I am a best friend any man can have. I have been with them in times of joy, despair,love and hatred, people have shown me their best and worst forms portraying their inner consciousness, Yes, I boasted too much of me, some times people hate me they break me into pieces, Did, I commit wrong for which people blame me, Give me a chance to speak, I would show the beautiful sunrays that enlighten lives than a pebble that block the way, choose better vision of life for yourself or keep accusing me for showing you the ugly truth. Afterall I am a fragile mirror.

  • _channelizedwords 5w

    Oh mirror
    Sitting on the lavishing corner
    What do you convey?
    Which thorn do your glasses reflect?
    And what stucked pain does your wooden box carry?

    People question every time in depth despite the facts I always plate.
    In a hoop circulating for a cessation, they collapse near my house to breathe the remedy.
    To adore my colorless field, they stand every morning and seek their acceptance. Sometimes smiling with those eyes to be born again and sometimes abhorring the values with their teardrops.
    They wonder and wander in my vicinity over and over.
    Either clutching the corpses and bleeding lyrical words or joining the mosaic and building another life, I lay their thoughts.

    I'm a daily reminder
    of your heart clenching past
    and sugar-coated future
    Covering the chaos and peace
    of every peeping soul.

    Like a transparent valley, I portray
    veracity from the eyes of an admirer.
    Like an unvarying promise, I picture
    hidden perhaps bygone actuality.
    Like a beautiful story, I provide
    the hope in growing possibility.
    Like a bruised brush I paint
    those churning sweetness.

    Oh mirror
    How do you live?

    I walk million of days
    sticking to the same address
    without any complaint
    but zillions of twinkling secrets.
    @miraquill #autobiography #mirror #wod

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    Oh mirror
    How do you live?

    I walk million of days
    sticking to the same address
    without any complaint
    but zillions of twinkling secrets.


  • althea234 6w


    I walk on white snow in a white place with no sense of border,
    That white castle of life l go there after death,
    Alone in the maze,
    Try to find the end,
    There meet you in heaven,
    The one who listens to me,
    After a while, I come back to my sense,
    It was just an illusion myself,
    The mirror of a happy ending broke it way

  • abeautiful_mind 7w

    Hi! Writere I have written something after long time.... Please repost my lines
    Have a good day
    #love#despair#reality#truth #support #success #mirror

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    When you are being friend zoned.... The worst feeling

    My emotions cannot surpass your dignity,
    On the windy weather with the spindly feathers, if you reply "no".
    I will accept, I won't argue just like when you ask me a rhetorical question.
    I will drink the venom of rejection drop-by-drop, sip-by-sip.
    I won't hurt myself, I won't bleed or I won't die in reminiscence.
    I will Bury the ashes of the dead words that you spoke.
    I will take the jar of care, love and respect. I will wrap those words with the cloth of fluke
    And I will burry them in the land of fairies.
    Once those days of yore start to fade your memory, you won't find me there.
    I will be in my own world where life will be mine as death, wishes will be true and vengeance
    will bleed in repentance.....
    ©Arihant jain

  • lost_poet_ 7w


    मै तुम्हारे उस पार खुदको कैद पाता हू
    जो राज दुनिया से ना केह सकू, वो तुम्हे बतलाता हूं

    वो मुझे खुशनुमा समझें, तुम तो हकीकत जानते हो
    इस फर्जी हसी के पीछे के हर एक गम को पहचानते हो

    शायद तुम मुझे सबसे अच्छे से जानते हो
    मेरे हर इरादे, हर मंसूबों को पहचानते हो

    तुम सिर्फ मेरा प्रतिबिंब ही नहीं, मेरी हकीकत दर्शाते हो
    दुनिया भले कितनी भी ठुकराए, तुम बेझिझक अपनाते हो


  • sandye 8w

    शीशा एक अपनापन

    वो हंसी का गहना, मुझे दे दो।
    मेरा दिल थोड़ा-सा टूट कर ,बचा है।
    आईने का हसीन टुकड़ा ही सही।
    मुझे फिर से वही चेहरा दे दो ।

  • chefchizuru 9w


    There are six kinds of personality you might see when you look into the mirror sometimes; sometimes it could be a reflection of you or someone else, or someone you miss or you feel for, or someone you never thought you could be again or sometimes it might just be the you you are finally ready to be.

  • abeautiful_mind 10w

    #poverty #orphans #indians #dreams #reality #truth #support #success #mirror #share

    I request to follow me and repost this harsh reality
    #bleeding poverty.

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    Bleeding poverty

    Spending time in those streets.
    Seeing the big cars passing through me.
    My heart burst in its tears.
    How they feel?
    Living under brightness, living under coldness.
    Using mobiles, taking selfies, eating any food, drinking clean water.
    Why I am not living like this?
    I brighten my house just by streetlight.
    Our water comes from just a tape.
    Our food is just Rice.
    Our selfies are just mirror.
    Am I happy? Am I sad? Are they happy? Do they ever weep?
    Are they familiar with the pain of wound topped up with you own sweat?
    Do they know about walking barefoot on road?
    Do they really know how to pull a hay from a rotten leg?
    Can they feel us? Can they help us?
    Do they know that when we are having labor, when we scream out so loud that our voice dies,
    When we cry for a doctor, just a doctor and there aren’t one!
    Do they know about how we are being treated? How we are being cursed?
    Are we that much frightening that people are scared from us?
    Aren’t we bearing two legs, two hands, a dirty face and a very ashamed heart?
    Aren’t we human? If we are then why we aren’t treated well?
    Why our female is moping their past with water?
    Why our grandfathers are considered as "Ramu kaka" ?
    Why my son will be a labor? And why there is not government for us?
    Can I change this tradition? Can I change this culture? Can my daughter seek the education?
    Can I wash my dirty face and not to be ashamed of my heart from myself?
    I don’t know. I ask just a single question that can I let myself out of this poverty?

  • msushil 10w

    Woman and good lady:
    What is the colour of hope?
    What is the colour of hope,
    Woman whispered
    And preened herself?
    Wearing a smile
    so innocuous,
    I kissed my sleeping moon.
    Silvery light
    so confident
    oozed out to show me
    the path of workaholic love
    And I rendered my truest emotions
    to my good lady
    And the woman returned disappointed
    to the mirror
    As its unsuccessful doppelgänger.
    #what is the colour of hope

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    Woman and good lady:
    What is the colour of hope?
    What is the colour of hope,
    Woman whispered
    And preened herself?
    Wearing a smile
    so innocuous,
    I kissed my sleeping moon.
    Silvery light
    so confident
    oozed out to show me
    the path of workaholic love
    And I rendered my truest emotions
    to my good lady
    And the woman returned disappointed
    to the mirror
    As its unsuccessful doppelgänger.

  • mithirocky 10w

    #how many poems have you written?

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    On a beautiful morning of fifteenth
    Miraquill came to me with a zestful dream
    to pen down some memories unseen

    A challenge is turned into an opportunity
    on uniting set A with set B of fantasies

    Today my mirror has asked me a wonderful question
    That took me to bountiful emotions

    How many poems have you written?
    on counting became bewildered and smitten
    whispered an echo from a winning Meako

    Like flowers in a garden
    How can I count my uncountable?
    Like a menu from different delicious to dine
    How can I pick that is favourite of mine?

  • theturquoisemetaphor_ 10w

    Question: What is the colour of the hope?
    Word: Mirror :)

    15/7/21 (Thursday)

    #question #wod

    Omg. Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the repost. ��❤ #poojaareposts 2
    @miraquill My first Editor's choice. Overwhelmed. Thank youuuu :) ��❤

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writersbay #poetry #hope #colour #mirror @writersnetwork

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    What is the colour of the hope?

    Hope is the colour of the bluish-purple
    hyacnith blooming in the spring. After
    the wither of the pale brown leaves.

    Hope is the colour of the extreme light blue
    mist that disappears along with the blue sky
    but still a thin line of air would be visible.

    Hope is the color of the red-orange mix
    of sunrise every morning, after the sun
    setting last night in complete darkness.

    Hope is the color of the God's hand
    that touches the new born baby in her
    mother's womb which was reborn.

    Hope is the colour of the broken mirror
    that still reflects the one who stands
    before it even after being into pieces.

    Hope is the colour of the fallen butterfly
    that mends its wing to flutter over the
    beautiful land of florals and leaves.


  • pallavi4 10w


    In a strange twist of events it so happens
    That the moon falls in love with the night
    A bevelled mirror falls for a stone
    And a glow worm falls head over heals with light

    The ironies in life are paradoxical when
    A lion finds compassion for its prey
    The piercing silence embraces an echo
    The pitch darkness hugs a light ray

    Is it easy to fall and break ?
    Or simple to love something wrong ?
    Is it hopeful to expect one to change their nature?
    And from thorns flowers to throng ?

    I still keep trying to make the impossible happen
    For who knows what is the colour of hope?
    Life goes by in a matter of minutes all the while
    Being fickle and fragile as a bubble of soap


    Words used from
    Set A

    Set B
    Is it easy to fall and break ?
    What is the colour of hope ?

    15th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner- By Bernulia

    Thank you so much for EC @miraquill ♥️

    #wod #question #hope #mirror #moon #impossible @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #pallavi_editors_choice

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  • pink_blue 10w

    Set A: Mirror
    Set B: What is color of hope ?

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #hope #combination #question #wod #selflove #childinyou #mirror

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    Golden Rays

    a broken soul painfully asked,
    "What is the color of hope?.."

    the little child inside replied, "my dear just look into the mirror - you are my beautiful hope with magical colors for now n forever.."

  • our_fallacy 10w

    Whatever you see you swallow immediately
    Confesticated my deepest secret
    And in return offer me the sour taste of reality

    I was filled with vigor and vanity at first
    Before I turned to those liers
    The candle and the moon

    You meditate on my wall
    With depths of ocean emptiness
    And as cautious as a solemn leaf

    You call yourself innocent
    As you hang aimlessly
    Opposite my only bed

    Well why did you do it?
    Unravel my facade
    And deplete my fallacy
    With your emotionless gaze

    Trample over my phantasmal realm
    And my into realism again
    Never to contemplate on my thoughts nor feelings

    You only seek veracity
    Not for a moment care on my melancholy
    Because you speak only the harsh reality
    And the bitter truth

    #mirror #truth #reality #harsh #fallacy @writersnetwork

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  • kkk786 10w

    खामखा ही लोग हो रहे है नाराज़ हमसे।
    ये आईना दिखाना कोई गुनाह तो नहीं है।।