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  • pari_soul_wanders 17m

    कुछ दीमक सा था
    वो मेरी ज़िन्दगी में,
    खा ही गया
    कतरा ,कतरा ।


  • titan_ny 44m

    The SHAISSEM of our land

    Sitting on my couch with multiplex of thoughts
    Which makes me visualize the situation of our society
    The tears of the masses gives me sleepless nights
    Considering the fact that the gods of our land
    Have become the archfiends of the land
    We all have blood running in our veins
    Yet they treat us like a small fry
    The bread of the masses now reside in the pockets of the Messiahs
    A national cake appears in our front
    But before our very eyes we are left with crumps to eat
    We have been abandoned to wallow in the mud of pain and poverty
    Even with our loud cries the gods pretend to be deaf, blind and dumb

    The gods have hidden themselves in a mansion
    And we are locked outside this earthly paradise
    They have increased the height of the fence
    Just to prevent us from jumping over
    This has made most of us engage in criminal acts just for survival.
    We are treated as beggars in our own fatherland
    Our fathers have refused providing the necessities of life for us
    We have become ministers of poverty, pain, unemployment and lots more.
    The only way we could survive is through crimes
    The only power the young ones have against these greedy gods are the weapons
    The gods have crushed down the talents of the little ones intentionally and unintentionally.

    When the masses agree to fight for freedom from the shackles of unjust dealings
    They are unjustly treated just because they chose to stand by the truth
    The black and white have failed to realize
    the heap of corruption hovering around the society,
    The irony is that they are the hope of the common man.
    Meanwhile the corruption emanated from the gods of our land
    They sing an anthem of Justice yet they portray injustice
    The masses have been denied the pleasure that they deserve to enjoy
    The young ones have never stopped dreaming
    Hoping that one day the situation would turn around
    But the dreams keep ending in their sleep
    The messiahs keep proposing salvation but end up making compromise.
    And now the only hope we have left is the Messiah in heaven.

  • girl_engima 1h

    Life is that bridge
    On the serene, exquisite ocean
    Swaying with vigorous gust of gale
    Knocking you off customarily
    To fall and crumble in a heap


  • misty_secrets 1h

    He was a royalty but lacked loyalty
    And I decided to walk away from him


  • gpdoriya 6h

    कभी प्यार से मुस्कुराती है
    तो कभी मासूमियत से आंसु बहाती है
    हो जब गुस्से मे तो
    बडी बडी आंखे दीखाती है
    खुद ही खुद के बाल नोच लेती है
    हाय ! रे....
    तेरे नखरे बडे सोणे लगते है

  • gpdoriya 6h

    रात को गर नींद ना आये तो
    कुछ भी लीख लो
    जो मन मे आये उसे
    शब्दो मे पीरो लो
    रात की नीरव शांती
    खुद को महसुस करने की
    दिल के जज्बात लबो पर लाने की
    सुकुनभरी घडी होती है


  • gpdoriya 7h

    सब को नींद आ रही है
    सब को सोना है
    ऐक मुजे ही पता नही
    कौनसा खजाना खोजने जाना है
    जो नींद आने का नाम नी ले रही


  • gpdoriya 8h

    अधुरा था तुमने आकर पुरा कर दीया
    दो कदम साथ चल कर
    बीच राह मे ही सफर छोड दीया
    फीर से अधुरा कर दीया
    साथ तो न चल सके लेकीन
    दुर तक अकेले ही जाने के
    हमारे जज्बे को भी कमजोर कर दीया


  • olujobs 8h


    Our love was a tale written on waters.
    Fading after each stroke.
    Never to last
    Never to stand the test of time.


  • gpdoriya 8h

    कानो मे झुमका
    होठो पर मुस्कान
    आंखो मे नमी
    फुल गुलाबी गाल
    सर पर बींदीया
    बीखरे हुये बाल
    बस ! अल्फाज नही है
    और क्या कहु उसकी
    सुरत-ए-तारीफ मे....

  • inkandfable670 9h

    The subway is moving continuously on its track :
    A series of memories is flashing without any break ,
    That pillow fight, talks of mid-night ,games we played
    Along with cousins ,the moments I shared ,

    My craving after getting the aroma of granny's dish,
    'I wish I could stay here forever ' , was my only wish,
    I'm gonna miss all those gratifying hours,
    Compassion of granny, scolding of grandfather ,
    Although I knew, I have to come back

    Yet the detachment aches so bad,
    Days have passed smoothly but swifter
    And now it's time to bid farewell,
    My tearful eyes are ready to roll them down ,

    My journey is over now I'm in hometown;
    No matter how much love ,care you receive here
    No matter how much you want to live here forever,
    At the end ,we have to go back to whom we belong ,

    May be, this is the reason why the GOODBYES
    are formed.


    It's is a light reminiscence of my summer vacation which I used to spent at my nani's( maternal grandparents) home ..

    P.C. : Pinterest

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    #mirakee #poetry
    #nostalgic #writing
    #mirakeeworld #childhood
    #thoughts #delightdays

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    May be, this is the reason
    why GOODBYES are formed .

  • solivagant_soul 9h

    Draupadi upon her many sacrifices was the first one to die while on their journey to heaven. It was known that she failed to love all her five husbands equally. But let us not forget her husbands except Bheema also couldn't repay her love back. None of them loved Draupadi as unconditionally as Bheema.
    Since such a long time back, sacrifices of women are always overlooked for some, morose minute flaws that a man often does.
    A woman is always expected to have all the good qualities like that of a goddess. But, the hypocrisy is that, you as a kali instead of lakshmi would never be accepted and praised , there's partiality even in the type of goddess.

    Maa and the utensils and appliances in the kitchen had some special connection, that remained lustrous and clean in her presence. Now they look wane, cobwebs enveloping each piece. My father used to tell us that it's because of his fame and position in the society and in his field that mother had recieved such great condolences and flowers after her demise. Indeed it's a true fact, but what about the love maa showered on every guests like a mother does to her child, never did once in her lifetime i saw her send someone home in an empty stomach. I hardly remember anyone doing so much for some mere guests who would come over for some treats and never dial our phone number after returning home.

    I was quite young and arrogant ("as a girl") ofcourse at home because society would kill you with their remarks and your relatives would be eager to bury you down the graveyard If "as a girl" i practice such personality outdoors. The neighbour aunty who eloped with her lover after failing her class 9th now living the character of a chaste woman over a veil knows better which stream you need to choose after 12 boards then you right?
    And ofcourse, society plays a huge role in our diverse India. Mind it, Diverse but follows same strategies and orthodox ideologies to poke their eager nose in other's family matters. So, I was quite young when this situation occured. It was the time when I with my father and older sister went to our village in order to utilise our vacation. Together with my paternal uncle and his younger daughter we decided to visit our younger grandfather since we wouldn't be able to visit him for long. Soon after showering us with his love, he called for his daughter-in-law who appeared before us in a prompt minute, dressed in a neat, Pristine white saree embrossed with a plain green border, her hair tied up neatly into a bun, not a single strand out of place. Carrying a tray where five worn out tea cups stand firm accompanied by some old fashioned looking rusk biscuits on a plate.
    She served us and since we were really hungry, the simple yet sweet snacks vanished in a short while.
    Her next step made me question the existence of the pair of chairs kept randomly in the room. And the next moment I heard my older sister ask:

    "����������'�� ������������ ��������, ������ ������'�� �������� ���� ������ ���� ������ ����������".

    The helpless and rather clueless woman looked pale still sitting on the floor where ours and her in-laws' feet were right next to her body. Devoid of any proper answer to respond us she wasn't quite comfortable but as we are indians, women here can manage every situations, we all are trained at our father's home of how to sew Empathy from oppression in any situations. And by the time we shift to another home for which we have been training for so long, we Literally are experts at enduring and I am "proud" of that. Of how our woman can endure and submit themselves to their fathers and brothers in her first home and then to her husband in her second.
    Glancing furtively towards her father-in-law, who was sitting in the middle, she smiled at us and replied

    " �� ���� �������� �������� ��������"

    And somehow her answer acted as a relief to her in-laws, their faces said it all. And that woman now satisified with her empathic behavior towards her in laws will live rest of her life yielding to the mistreatments in her second home.
    Back home our cousin said that it's a tradition in our village to let daughter in laws sit on the floor at times when their father in law's are sitting together with them.
    And i was in awe , like what kind of tradition can that be?
    But, at the same time they expect their daughter-in-laws to give birth to sons to look after their family's business. Just because she bleeds every month, she's accustomed to sit on the floor.

    A girl losing her virginity before marriage is considered a taboo, society would diminish her with words that would swallow her mentally and physically both.
    But, a boy not losing his virginity before marriage might be considered as "not manly enough" or a "nerd".
    Why is it so when both the genders are of same flesh and bones of their mother and father, just a tiny difference in the anatomy.
    A lot of things come into sight once you wholly dive into the subject.
    And people say, why feminism?
    I would rather say, We are in India where in some parts of villages, dowry is still practiced.
    Female infanticide still exists and forget about young girls, from a newborn to a senile female, from a dying woman to a pregnant woman in an operation theatre, from a school going teen to a alone -in- her- house Wife everyone are vulnerable to rapes and murders, be it in school, in home, in public transports, or in the border of our country. Rape victims even after death are still accused by many. If a man loses his wife , he's never held that responsible as people do to a woman who lost her husband.
    I have heard many times, a widower been asked to remarry, but I have seen very few widows who are chosen by man.
    And even after all this, do we still need to ask why we need Feminism in such a country?

    ©Solivagant Soul

    It's all rant, don't Read.��

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  • arbhi321 10h

    #Soulwriter #Mirakeeworld #Writersnetwork

    मैं सो जाता हूं...

    अपने ख्वाबों का पीछा करके
    हर रोज दुनिया की रिवायतों पर चलके
    जब थक जाता हूं, तो सो जाता हूं
    तुम्हारी गोद में

    कल आज के फिक्र में घुलके
    मायूस अंधेरी रात में जलके
    जब थक जाता हूं, तो सो जाता हूं
    तुम्हारी गोद में


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    My Poetry

  • bmp_365 11h

    Real Guy

    I am real guy
    Who is looking
    For a real girl
    To baptism with
    Real love.
    I am just looking
    For the direction
    To the real world
    With real love as
    Real girl found
    I don't want any
    Attachment as love
    Is the purist without
    Attachment as the
    Real relationship is
    At its best form
    When attachment
    Is absent.


  • prishiv 12h

    Sometimes my pen also fails to explain the pain which is felt by my innocent heart...

  • gpdoriya 12h

    नीभा ना सको जो
    वो कदम ही आगे मत बढाओ
    खामखा रास्ते को
    उम्मीद की कीरण मत दीखाओ
    अपनी नही तो कोइ नही
    रास्ते की तमीज की
    मजाक कभी ना उडाओ
    सोच समझकर कदम बढ़ाए
    गर नीभा सके तो ही
    उम्मीद की रोशनी
    दिल मे कीसी के प्रगटाये

  • manjunath_s_murthy 12h

    The battle

    The phone rang, it was HER, "what are you doing?" She asked.

    "Just sitting around."

    "You're sitting around and writing and listening to Eminem and sad!"


    "Are you gonna meet me?"


    "You're sad and depressing, you're SAD and DEPRESSING!"


    "Why do you even live, KILL YOURSELF!"

    She hung up and so did I.


  • onlywarrior 7h

    Words are itself dead .
    What is hatred,love for me
    May Differs to person to person
    So I wonder
    Why we value words this much .

    I wonder,
    Who creates RIGHT and WRONG.
    Why should I believe in ethics which is define by you
    Why can't I make them like I make coffee.
    Seriously, we are living our life in someone else definitions
    Isn't it is irony ,
    Selfish people talks about KARMA
    casanova says I respect girls
    We are living in democratic country(INDIA) ,still observing inherent autocracy

    We are constantly trying to prove themselves in someone else definitions..either it is success or happy marriage

    Words have no meaning in itself
    I think
    Connection is something transcendental
    We can't share most of the things we feel
    Because bunch of dictionary of words cannot fulfill it
    Don't you think
    I still wonder .
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    #words #life #feel #regrets #lifestruggle #share #success #content #like #share #wod #pod #live #livelong #livelife

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  • standbyme 8h

    If a child below 18 years of
    age commits suicide,it's
    not suicide,it's murder!

  • shraddha_wonders 11h

    You don't really have to feel insecure about your looks.
    That's the beautiful combination of your parent's genes.
    Love them the way they are!