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  • sujmamchat 8w

    The Mermaid

    Rising out of the deep blue sea
    On a moonlit night, the newbie
    Gleaming like diamonds her eyes shone
    At the dance of the mermaids that won
    Over the shimmering waves, on the run.

    @ Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • sarahrachelea 10w

    If you are not the answer to my prayer
    Then I will know
    So I'm just gonna adjust the sail
    And I'll be gone with the wind
    Find my way back to the ocean
    Flow into the unknown
    I wish you nothing but the best on your journey
    So you can fly away up high to the sky
    And reach back to the stars
    Places you were belong

    November Letter of
    Mermaid to Unicorn

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 23w


    Born to the womb of oceans she was the princess of waves, that swung & swayed,
    Stealing hues from the fiery star ever morn, glistened with gold her loosely tied braid,
    Body shimmered like diamonds, dust of Milky Way rendered that angelic shine,
    When coral reefs formed the cushion for her beauty naps, fishes kissed her lips divine.

    He was the king of caves, forests echoed when he coughed or sneezed,
    Munching upon mountains and hillocks, sipping over the rivers & seas, survived that beast,
    Glaciers thawed and dissolved at once every time he exhaled or snored,
    The oceans quaked with terror whenever he walked or roared.

    One fine evening when he was about to take a swig of an ocean with eyes glazed,
    The sight of a lass emerging out of the ripples, flipping her hair, left him amazed,
    His burning throat got quenched with the glimpse of her charm,
    He couldn't gulp down that ocean as he didn't wish to cause her any harm.

    Every day when the beams spread in the skies and starlight used to wink,
    He neared the ocean, beholding every inch of her curves, ceased to even blink,
    Extended his hands to lift her up and feel the divinity of her delicate breaths,
    Within the fraction of a second she felt as if she experienced million deaths.

    With tip of his pinkie finger he caressed her fragile body and face,
    Unable to resist, he placed a kiss on her lips, triggered his heart beats' pace,
    This was the first time ever, such a soft feeling hit the chest of a giant too hard,
    While his finger tips were casting magic on that mermaid's heart.

    She fell for that tender feeling of love, never did she experience, emotions profound,
    She mustered the courage to open her emerald eyes & watch him closely, her man she found,
    The face that appeared scary a few moments ago, she had fallen for that within no time, such an Irony!
    She engraved his forehead with her dulcet kiss and he placed against his heart, his tiny miss.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle : sword_of_word_86*


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    - MERMAID.


  • in_fragments 25w

    Once you find your muse, release them before you destroy them. Become your own inspiration, not a creator of desolation.
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    The Muses of Merfolk Cove

    The diver
    had heard rumors,
    of more gold and jewels and treasure
    than man could measure in one place
    off all maps
    called Merfolk Cove- murderous merfolk;
    every man
    who ever ventured in
    never made it out of the water-
    but incredulous and desperate,
    and in want of a rare diamond
    for his sweetheart
    and a grand proposal of marriage,
    the man enters a greedy,
    frivolous competition
    with his even more avaricious peers,
    donning their diving helmets
    and atmospheric suits,
    submerging into the expanding unknown
    to see who can swim the deepest
    and find the treasure first.

    In the beginning, there was only teal,
    seaweed and eternity.
    And then, just barely out of focus,
    on the ocean floor, glowing red-
    the treasure he had sought for so long.
    He swims further down, as far as he can,
    and the glowing red orbs
    reveal themselves to be gems,
    stones of great advantage and expense, incredible and crystalline,
    unlike anything
    his weary eyes had ever seen.

    He reaches an arm out to swipe some
    when he spots a bioluminescent figure
    emerging from the dark blue margins.
    As it slithers closer,
    the figure appears to seem like that
    of a mystifying, alien-like woman;
    hair long and splaying out for miles
    like a thousand sleek jellyfish tentacles;
    a chest completely flat,
    neck and arms uncannily similar to ours
    but a sexless and translucent body
    curving down
    seamlessly into a green, pellucid tail
    and two distinct, enormous fins.
    Simply floating there, mesmerized,
    he suddenly forgot
    about the glories in his hands,
    he didn't care as they fell back
    into the sand.
    The strange and sensual mermaid
    made her way closer to him,
    staring at him, emotionless, through
    halo-white eyes with no pupils,
    and yet the diver was still
    not uneasy. Her upper body,
    somehow a mix of sea bed and stardust,
    pressed up tightly against his bulky suit,
    and soon they were face to face
    through the hole in his helmet.
    She was so hypnotic in her movements,
    his eyes were locked onto hers;
    he didn't even notice her
    gently removing the helmet from
    his head- and suddenly he realized
    she cut him off, miles away, from oxygen.

    The diver shudders
    from his sudden death jolts
    as the water overflows in his lungs,
    and the last thing he sees is
    the alluring mermaid staring, smiling,
    stroking his stiffening face like a lover-
    and then, one final kiss
    when the convulsions finish,
    during that brief moment of peace
    as life smoothly departs from body
    and swims away into the indifferent abyss.

    The life leaving through his mouth,
    it is red.

    She pulls it from his lips
    into her own, like swapped gum-
    it hardens into diamond form,
    and she places it methodically
    amongst her pile of other red ornaments-
    her art piece in progress,
    made of other men, other innocent lives,
    ripped away in the name
    of becoming an addition
    to a lovely design.

    All they know in Merfolk Cove is,
    destruction creates masterpieces-
    masterpieces that will live on,
    at the bottom of the ocean, forever.

    Full of sadness, anger, and vengeance
    towards those stealing from
    and murdering her home,
    but still brimming with creativity,
    she wanted to channel it all
    into something beautiful
    that would last even after she passed-
    even if it meant causing harm to others
    or sustaining trauma herself.
    It was all in the name
    of spawning magnificent art,
    with no mention of the souls
    forced into ruin to make it. Destruction was her Muse, and she knew she'd be absolutely nothing
    without it.

    But was she ever really an artist,
    if all she left behind was brilliant
    and blazing destruction?
    What of all the souls she stole
    who will never get to see the beauty?
    Is it still beautiful to them,
    those poor beings, stuck inside
    her glittery debris,
    resting uncomfortably
    somewhere in between
    alive, dead, and artistic idol?

    I ask you this, dear listener of my tale-
    is a muse ever worth it?
    If you require a subject
    of human obsession
    to spur your dramatic finesse,
    if you can't walk away
    without destroying them first,
    are you really a true artist?

    The spellbinding mermaid
    has blood on her hands, and in
    her red diamonds, in the very whites
    of her eyes- she forces others
    to become her unwilling participants
    just because she has enough power
    to do it.

    She is not any being's inspiration,
    she only became like all the men
    who had oppressed her for centuries-
    was she ever really
    the artist she believed she was?

  • sinjanb93 25w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @miss_silentlyweird #horror
    #pod #mermaid #shortstory

    The Birchwood sailed the Atlantic in the year of 1876, with a crew of 56 men commissioned by the Royal Navy for seeking US ships carrying illegal slaves. Their return voyage resulted in a waylaid sloop, missing all the party members who are still not found.

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    The Birchwood Part 3 (The end)

    Final Day

    A host of the remaining crew members stood perplexed, awaiting the captain. While some among them could not get over the flurry of bodies turning up for two days.

    When the captain marched to address, the entire ocean was trembling with agony. The skies were beckoning to erupt with rain, and drench the already moist emotions.

    "I have literally no words to make you feel safe, and without understanding the circumstances around which we lost people....I also have no consolation for you.....As of now almost every man is for himself,and I officially declare the Birchwood as unsafe. However, before meeting his untimely death. My first Mate told me that we are a day away from hitting the shores of England. There you have it!",spoke Bainbridge and after a momentary pause to look on left the men to wonder their plight.

    Each had a questioning look for the other. While few others cried after with,"Your supposed to lead us?"......."What are we to do, if our captain loses heart?".

    When the captain reached his cabin, he felt more morose than anything. These everyday compulsions lead him to finish five bottles of Sherry in a week. No wonder the rations were dwindling.

    However, he decided he would not do the same this time. He had other things in mind and he had to get on with it.


    A storm met the Birchwood, on its second last night before being back in the country.

    Clouds burst forth, and rain came down in a smattering on the hardwood of the deck. While thunder revealed nature's pangs of distress, and the waves clattered against the ship's side.

    Briggs could not understand, why he was summoned in such a weather on the deck. Especially when the crew had already risked enough.

    He knew when he saw the captain standing there, all drenched.

    "I gave you a life, you imposter, you spy.......you weasel. This is how you repay me?",cried the captain in a slurred manner holding a bottle and pointing a gun at Briggs.

    Briggs simply obeyed, and raised his hands saying,"Sir! You are not yourself, kindly desist and go to your....."

    "Silence",shouted the captain with another bolt crashing to earth.

    "I gave you another chance, another reason to justify yourself and you could not give that which I demanded",continued the captain.

    "Do you think it was easy? That the USS Colorado will be in the exact place at the exact time?",questioned Briggs.

    "Perhaps not, however, it was your duty to ensure that they do?",expressed the Captain.

    "You don't understand, I have had no communication with them for some time now..........Eversince...",added Briggs.

    The captain stepped in closer, and said,"Eversince your wife was murdered by those filthy bastards".

    The expression on Brigg's face changed, and a morose contemplation gripped him to reveal,"My wife was not killed by those Yankee bastards, she jumped off a cliff near the English channel".

    The captain frowned and then started laughing out loud, before another radiant lightning glittered the sky to the west.

    "I know what you are getting at.......I know what you did to all those poor men last night",accused the captain.

    "I recovered their suicide notes, expressing their loyalty for the Americans......which I don't believe a lick",shouted the captain throwing the notes.

    Briggs picked up the washed up notes, and stared at the person which was only a shade of his former captain.

    "As per our deal, in your trial you were to reveal the names from the Royal Navy who were working with the Americans in the illegal slave trade........I have however decided to make a sudden change to that arrangement", exclaimed the captain moving over to the rowing boats tied on the starboard side, and chucking the bottle before Briggs.

    "You are to name the culprits now, before I send you on your way to the other side......Same place you sent poor Dick".

    "I am afraid I cannot do that sir",replied Briggs.

    Both man squinted in the rain, with the world going heavy around and rain falling hard. The commotion had awoken the rest of the crew, who surrounded both men with guns on their hands. Even Philips was there standing behind Briggs.

    The captain looked around, and said,"I see......a bloody mutiny!...........Well, you have something to add more there Briggs?".

    Briggs looked disconcerted, and went on,"You still don't get it do you sir?...It was not I who made contact with the Yankees, it was not I who landed up in prison because I engaged with them in the first place.....We all did it for our own government",screamed Briggs in tears.

    "That made me lose my wife, because she thought I was a bloody traitor".

    The captain stood terrified on what he heard, and slowly left the ropes of the rowing boat.

    Another lightning rolled in a vertical manner on the sky, and stabbed the clouds hard as if literally stabbing the heart of Bainbridge.

    The captain smiled, and went on,"Who then is the actual perpetrator?......Her majesty?".

    It was then that Philips stepped in, and took hold of the confrontation. He bagan in a normal tone,"It was all of us Jake, we had to implicate someone for..... last month's trade lapse due to negligence".

    "The American government were furious, they were not happy to take accident as an excuse in the North Atlantic. That is why we had to choose someone from among us.....and for that matter why not the lowest commissioned ship there is".

    Jake Bainbridge was stunned beyond his core.

    "There will be a trial when we hit land Jake, and all of these men are willing to sacrifice themselves for the Queen".

    The captain looked horrified,as the faces loomed around him.

    A laughter broke out from Jake. He further explained,"Do you know why I was willing to set out at this terrible night?.....It was few years ago when I led an expedition to Malta with Lieutenant Matthews."

    All the expressions had gone abnormally serious around the captain.

    "I met this women and we fell in love........surprisingly she was a slave women....and handed me this doll.....she said it could summon spirits from any realm on earth......If I were to hold it tightly gripped with sorrow", explained the captain bringing out his doll.

    An untold menace gripped the Birchwood for the last time. As suddenly the water around it erupted with giant fish or it just resembled a fish and a women altogether. It tore out at the crew standing on the deck, flipped itself above at a height and picked up someone head first with a bite, and while the men tried to shoot another bit their arms off.

    Gore painted the sloop, and all the while the captain only laughed and sung a song not of the native tongue.

    That literally meant,"If ye dare hear her sing an unnatural tenor
    Long for a close embrace
    With an eyes to lure you further
    She leaves ships without a trace".

    Bainbridge giggled, as the rain carried the blood back to the ocean. Almost as if nature wished to assist a leader in the act.

  • sinjanb93 26w

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @darkmoon696 #pod #horror #shortstory #Mermaid

    The Birchwood sailed the Atlantic in the year of 1876, with a crew of 56 men commissioned by the Royal Navy for seeking US ships carrying illegal slaves. Their return voyage resulted in a waylaid sloop, missing all the party members who are still not found.

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    The Birchwood Part 2

    Next Morning

    The bell tolled marking the arrival of a forever peace, around the men and also more the lost soul.

    "We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life- Romans 6:4",marked Captain Bainbridge reading a verse from the Bible as the sailors inclined the stretcher, and Stephen's body embraced a vast surging water.

    A pall silence soon scattered the accumulation of people. While Bainbridge called on Briggs for a word. They were also followed by Hamish and Dick.

    "A word in private",referred the captain to his bosun and first mate respectively. While they went on their own way, and Briggs mowed on his disheveled figure behind the captain.

    "I heard that you discovered the body, and I am deeply shattered by the proceedings. You have my sympathies man",said the captain.

    Briggs stood pale, cold, and still shocked from what transpired the previous night. He seldom even squeaked, except giving the stern eye to the captain.

    "Inspite of your position, I hope our little arrangement is still in your thoughts",alluded the captain with hands folded behind his back.

    Briggs simply ogled at his broken figure. It was not known to the crew, but still the captain knew that he was not feeling like himself lately. He was hardly sleeping, eating, and even exchanging views. Instead he had been on a drinking spree. That only helped the nerves so long.

    "I remember",replied Briggs coldly but less with confidence.

    "Good, now let's be on our way."

    The captain left for his cabin, and the rest of the rattled men going about their usual business. Their only solace being they were almost home.

    Night time

    The ship creaked under the random lurches, almost as if the vessel with life aboard was suffering from a unspeakable lesion pain.

    Briggs was on his shift, and decided to do an overtime. Despite the happenings of the previous night. This time he was not alone, and found his company in the most unexpected officer.

    Lieutenant Philips preferred his coffee hot on a long night. Ageing just under 50, he had kept his pressure in order. Still was an early riser, and preferred an early tuck in.

    "Nasty business this, won't you say Briggs?",recalled Phillips slurping.

    "Sure is sir! Why are you up at this time?",asked Briggs.

    "Mostly to take the fresh air, cooped up inside that cul de sac makes you feel more sea sick".

    "Say man, did you really saw what happened to Stephen?",asked Philips

    "Not really sir! When I came I found......", and that is when Briggs felt a deep longing but continued,"That....that he was dead and not few minutes ago he shared a word with me".

    "Such a fine young lad he was",remarked Philips.

    "Anyways there is life, and then there is death", said Philips pouring the rest of the coffee into the ocean, with Briggs staring.

    He ambled back, while Brigg's thought loomed towards Wayland prison, his dead wife, and their home back in the mainland.

    When suddenly, he caught glimpse of a girl floating briskly and cheerfully in the cold water. That was bound to be rigged with painful ice shards.

    He stood speechless in the dark, and felt like jumping in the water. However having the acute awareness of the repercussions from conducting the same.

    This girl was very beautiful, and despite little clarity on her features. Briggs could make out the facial structure of the wench.

    She smiled at him with the radiant moon shining on her. Then she disappeared, but reappeared on the other side of the ship.

    Briggs heard her sing an alien song, not of the common tongue.

    The girl kept on giving him the eye, and Brigg's mouth was open at her sight.

    She went below again. Slowly counting the minutes before coming up, almost as if stooping Brigg's heart for a wee few minutes out of playfulness.

    She came up like a stunted tree from a storm, that sheds its last bit of drops from a lasting rain. She splashed her long hair back that almost touched her hips, and her slender hands kept on stroking in the water.

    It was the next thing that broke Brigg's trance. That was what appeared behind her, a tail as long as a Dolphin's. Before he realised it, her face revealed itself to be Jennifer.

    When Philips called out,"Briggs come over here a minute, man".

    Briggs realised that he did not know how the minutes dragged on. However there was no girl in the vast nothingness of the ocean.

    Philips asked him to hurry up over, and he cantered ahead to know the pressing matter.

    When he reached the spot where Philips stood, the old lieutenant got hold of his arm out of fear.

    He whispered to his ear gently,"whatever you do, don't look up! Avert your eyes and settle your heart".

    Briggs could not understand, what this old haggard looking old man was so scared about.

    He plucked up all the courage to look up, and that is when his bravery shrunk like a man turning abnormally midget.

    Five men including first mate Dick Wood and Bosun Hamish Clifford, hung like a rag doll from the mast ropes dangling in the low breeze.

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    The Birchwood sailed the Atlantic in the year of 1876, with a crew of 56 men commissioned by the Royal Navy for seeking US ships carrying illegal slaves. Their return voyage resulted in a waylaid sloop, missing all the party members who are still sought.

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    The Birchwood Part 1

    A cold wind snapped shut it's bite at the fur coats of three men as they stood on deck, while the others kept on mopping the wood to reflect the boundless sky with a smattering of white clouds roaming hither and tither. There were some who dangled from the top mast, and tried to peer ahead with their looking glass. Whereas a few were just inside the engine room, charting the next course. The overgrown hubbub of life mingled with nature's respite provided an assuaging comfort to the surroundings.

    The North Atlantic had its share of Bergs, but that was not what bothered Captain Jake Bainbridge of the HMS Birchwood. In fact, it was two days since the ship set sail and they were yet to land into trouble.

    "Maybe veering right isn't our issue captain, as it will take us around Africa. Even if we are likely to experience a skirmish down there, we have the fire power to sink any.....",expressed first mate Dick Wood.

    "And what if they have allies? You want me to unnecessarily risk the lives of my men?..........When our job is simply to petrol these waters and no more!",pointed the Captain grumpily and marched to his cabinet, for pulling out the bottle of Sherry.

    "I believe sir has made a fair point......With a meagre crew, it will be pointless to risk such a journey simply to bag a scalp.",supported bosun Hamish Clifford.

    The room was well furnished, with respect to the oakwood table, an imported Chinese lamp, and a few drab paintings of former Admirals and Captains.It had still failed to make a warm impression on the three men, as they kept a pensive look on each other. The dribble from the Sherry, broke the silence that had suddenly creeped in.

    "We must go back, as we departed with limited rations and more mouths to feed for 7 days. The Admiral was quite strict in that regard. That we will look for Slavers, but if we do not encounter any, return like our arse was set alight",said the Captain.

    "Chart a course back to England, and I don't want to hear about it anymore".

    Both provided their stern approval, and left the captain's quarters. While he slouched on his chair and put the glass on the table, ready to be inebriated.

    He took a swig, and opened the second drawer on his right to bring out a package covered in a brown paper bag. Parted it away to reveal a rope doll. That looked quite archaic in detail, with respect to the firm rings it formed and slits for eyes. He rubbed his fingers around it, almost feeling a pang of longing.

    On Deck

    Briggs stared at the black foaming ooze below, as the hull carved a space to swiftly maneuver its way ahead.

    It reminded him of his current position, and how life had played a terrible joke.

    "Enjoying the evening?",called out Stephens.

    He was a pleasant company to keep, especially when the rest minded their own company.

    "Was taking a stroll, and thought I can wedge myself between life and death",replied Briggs

    It brought a frown on Stephens, as he stared at Briggs with questioning look.

    "I mean all this watch, has made me loose almost three days of sleep for nothing. Another day, and I might topple standing",giggled Briggs.

    "Oh, guess we all might!....I also think you should get a shut eye as my watch has begun", explained Stephens.

    Inspite of the relief, Briggs was a little annoyed he had to leave the spot. He acknowledged the claim, and was off to his cabin in brisk walk.

    As darkness swallowed the sea, and among it the Birchwood trundled on like a slow heaving chest.

    Briggs couldn't sleep, and this resulted in him getting off the hammock and passing the other sailors back into deck.

    The cold had grown much wilder, with the nippy breeze and washed up foam that sprinkled around the edges of the guardrail.

    Briggs stood frozen, and unmoved when he saw the slumping figure of Stephens on the same.

    He edged close with every step getting stuck in the dropping temperature. It still did not blind him of the blood that covered around his legs. With Stephen's diagonally severed head in an irregular bite.

    Briggs could see his tongue, that was visible and dried up in the wind.

    He fell back, almost throwing up and then barely able to keep his composure.

    He scampered back from where he came.

  • fervent_writing 30w

    If I were a Mermaid
    I would erase all the awful memories
    Of You and I by a passionate kiss


  • divshetty04 32w

    A Mermaid Princess

    Deep in the friendly oceans
    She was born
    By birth a mermaid she was,
    The oceans celebrated her birth
    The marine creatures welcomed her all,
    With blessings she was showered
    & raised by the kings & the queens,
    She grew like a princess
    Her voice was a boon
    & echoed deep into the oceans,
    One day she sat singing on the rocks
    With her melodious voice
    The moon & the stars came smiling
    The skies became pleased
    The oceans calmed down
    The creatures twirled
    & whenever she sang
    The darkest nights turned into the aesthetic one.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 33w


    The time that when I spend with the inner me,
    when the dust of chaos rests in the tranquil silence,
    wanes like the moon, the mist of perplexity,
    when I am only mine, the moment I truly live, in essence.

    Foam of worries surface on the waves of thoughts hitting me hard,
    like a phoenix I burn and emerge endlessly, thinking what's in my card,
    dams of smiles I hold intact all day long to be pleasant,
    floods my pillow with tears when sharp razor like moon light causes a dent.

    The crochet of dreams I weave all day with utmost care,
    nights I spend to detangle the knots caused by my fate,
    trying to not lose the needles of hope and prayers,
    asking him to shield me, safeguard me from my dream-slayers

    This Is the time when I feel I stand in front of my creator,
    to present the petals of confession and gratitude in his feet, the ultimate emperor,
    when I question myself about the real worth of what I achieved as a defeater,
    scaling with what I lost in the battle, my happiness, my peace, my temper.

    It's the time where I let my bounded self to carelessly wander,
    in the lanes of past where Chrysanthemums of my youth still didn't wither,
    till the chariots of dreams ride my soul back to the roads of present,
    So that rest of the night in the world of sub consciousness, can be spent.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86*


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 33w


    Have you ever seen something extremely enormous?
    stooping down gracefully in search of the drops of solace,
    to fetch a kiss from it's mirror image, the heavenly gorgeous,
    though they can't touch each other, but they seem to embrace.

    Striving since ages, they cease to forego or surrender,
    they agitate, sometimes in form of cyclones or quakes, sometimes as lightening or thunder,
    but the tales of their love are least spoken about or narrated,
    the mirage of their amalgamation, the skies and oceans, I fall for, is the most underrated.

    Their love is pious and pure, exquisitely scenic is the illusion,
    to be beheld in astonishment, is their collision, their unison,
    painting the wall of eternity with the message of love even in distance,
    that can survive without the sense of touch, is only true love, in essence.


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 33w


    Let me narrate an interesting tale about a peacock,
    the one who dwells within the Empyreal lock,
    the one who has gracefully crossed the rainbow bridge,
    the one who dances ecstatically when leaks the cloudy fridge.

    The hues it splashes allure the dullen ashy carpet,
    where fairies walk on ethereal ramp while thunders blow the trumpet,
    vibrant purple and radiant green fall like perfectly articulated arcs,
    rich blue with mellow yellow gets arrayed, the collusion of celestial quarks.

    The unicorns that serve the angels from cloud to cloud, which slide,
    hold tints and shades of variant hues on their neck, with utmost pride,
    when they race with speed, coloured hair that flips and tosses,
    splashing the colours like mild crimson and tangerine, the welkin glosses.

    The mermaids that dip and dive, playing with the heavenly waves,
    with glittery lustrous mien, scintillating the expanse caves,
    when emerge out of the oceans to sense the tranquil breeze,
    emanating the hues orange and red, lengthy hair when they fling and squeeze.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • frog_prince 34w

    "But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more."

    -Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid

  • sarahrachelea 42w

    I can't lose people that I love anymore
    Will you help me?
    Please stay and never ever leave

    I can't lose you
    Wish I could say it now
    If only I had a chance

    I hope you can hear this
    Only you that I've missed
    Baby ♥

    I can't lose you
    'Cause I love you

    ~ Mermaid to Unicorn

  • poukii 45w

    Radiant lit face like a full moon,
    Eyes like mermaid of crystal blue ocean,
    Pure as water of pristine lake.
    Yet,they dipped you in unholy water.
    Let the ocean hold your tears.

  • terbell 54w

    Sirens Beauty

    Her scent is like the ocean breeze,
    Sweetly crisp and clean,
    Diamond like eyes,
    Gleaming glittery green,
    She was like fresh nature,
    Oozing out her beauty,
    No one could tame her
    She lives under seas,
    A magical place,
    You would crave to see.

  • carrie09 57w

    If I were the mermaid .....

    I swam in the sea
    I race with the wind
    Fishes are my friends
    Jellyfish my servants
    Dolphins are my guardians
    In my beautiful castle
    down ,down the ocean
    the sharks are the armies
    the strongest soldiers of the sea
    warning me over and over
    Of those creatures called human beings
    Never go near them they warned
    they are killers, they are heartless
    From afar I saw them , they are beautiful
    and brave , floating on their s ship
    But now and then I saw the sea swallowed them
    they gone down, but never come up
    then pains beat in my heart
    tears flow from my eyes
    So now and then I sat on my watch stone
    singing a siren song
    to watch for them and warn
    the becoming anger of the sea and storms
    Once in a thousands times
    they hear my song
    but thousands times they didn't
    they lost my song and drowned to death.
    Pic.credit to rightful owner

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    If I were a mermaid


  • go_win_the_hearts 57w


    Mermaid was I
    was lost in the glory under my sea
    smiled, romped and swam
    candidly whirled I.

    Mermaid was I
    an uncrowned empress
    stored all joys in oysters
    for others to Impress.

    Mermaid was I
    heir of Plutus, owner of all wealth!
    aureate frame - scales and fins
    radiated glint all my self.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Mermaid was I
    became a colourful fish
    you held me strenuously
    in aquariums being selfish.

    Mermaid was I
    let me be the same
    let me caper in your gallery
    let me tread at my speed.

    14th December, 2020

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #social_g

    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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    Mermaid's Yell


  • silent_killer2111 57w


    If I were a mermaid,
    I would love to explore humans,
    Their habits, their way of thinking, their world.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to play with jelly fishes all day.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to explore dreamfishes.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to make friends.

  • meline18_hk 63w

    Mermaid and the shore

    I was a mermaid longing for shore
    ready to swim miles for the shore which couldn’t move an inch or more

    I was love blind
    Leaving my world behind
    Keeping everything aside
    Swam against the high tide

    As the time files
    It made me realise
    Effort from one side
    will not support the long ride

    So I swam
    not to the place I long
    But to the place where I belong

    To the ocean
    Which is my magical potion
    (To the sea
    Where I can be free)