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  • steffy2110 9h


    You amaze me everytime
    Nothing deters you,
    not my sinusoidal, not my turbulence, not my stagnance
    Like a lifeguard, I know you'll be there to catch when water fills my lungs
    How can I not reach out your extended arms, running into those inviting blanket shield
    But sometimes it's just hard to seek
    I want to lay staring off the ceiling
    Waiting for sleep to sweep off my feet
    Wishing the cogs to just slow down a mile
    Give me breather, damn it!
    is what my un-screamed scream sounds like
    Even though I know should get hold of you, when it gets hard
    Sometimes I want to feel it,
    stay under waters to absorb the sullenness, and stare into the devil's eyes, daring through my shaking body.
    Your thoughtful watch understands my need for pause
    Your patience amazes me
    Makes me tear with a mix of emotions to see you still behind me
    I don't dread the abandonment as much as I used to
    But sometimes takes in an unwarranted residence when sink in too deep
    Your bunny eyes pulls me through that swamp
    Demons are still on the hunt
    but I won't let it weaken me
    I won't let it overpower my vision
    Sometimes I think what you think of
    Sometimes I wonder would you ever regret one day
    Or feel obligated to stay
    Or be just done with
    I want you to be true as you always are, I want to see you grow even if it means without me
    You hold a special place in here
    If ever comes a day like that,
    I don't know, I don't want to imagine, but still the devil whispers finds its way anyway
    I don't know what holds ahead, neither do I want to know nor do I want to plan,
    I just want you to know, you have rented a part of me and nothing can vacate it not even the physical void,
    I wish all the good upon you, always, but know that your name will be forever etched in the deepest cells,
    and I will always have that like a charm, because you're my anchor!


  • eku_writes 21h

    What if the little princess in you can't love him back?

    You were in search of the prince charming, 
    Like in the fairy tales to pull you out of miseries.
    Perfection! is what you were looking for…..
    How did you land up here?

    Pain: lately, you have been quite acquainted with it.
    Dying a thousand times and burying the unspoken truths,
    Flashing at the cruel shrug and hundreds of fleeting moments at the schoolyard,
    Where your pals termed you as the FAT COW with that guilt-free smirk,
    Or, when your bros swindle your innocence by squeezing your ass in a private room,
    And the accusation in the eyes of your kin when you told them what happened.
    And the churned despairs of all the incubus men you seem to let into your body, mind, heart, and soul,
    You Learned you didn’t have anything that could mold a beast into a prince. 

    You seem to realize that amidst all the fairytales you wrapped yourself like a blanket around, it’s the cold that you sought, it’s the fear that you craved.
    And, who’s to blame here?
    The gulf between you and your pals brought comfort to be a skeptic of fairy tales.
    But, little did you realize that the stories of fairy tales were buried deep beneath you like poison.
    As the little princess in you awaited the arrival of your Prince Charming to save you from the unfairness of everything.

    And then right there, when you thought it’s for the best to disappear,
    You met him, you knew deep in your heart that he is heavenly to be true,
    And when his touch squish the entrails in you, you let your guard down,
    Cos’ you fancied for his strength to lift you.

    Dwelling in the Lala land of syncing your reality with the little princess’s fantasies of the perfect love story, you feel the warmth, you feel the love that you have been bounty hunting in the wrong place.
    But it is the cold that you seek
    To turn it into warmth
    To melt the iceberg
    To fill the void
    That makes you feel empty
    To find peace within.
    To ultimately realize that the Prince charming and incubus are the same men...
    And that you don’t get a happy ending unless you love both of them. 

    Didn’t the little girl in you desire to be loved?

    Didn’t she wish to be crowned by him?

    Didn’t she seek this?

    Didn’t she ask for it?!

    Didn't she ask for it?

    Then say that you can live with it, say that you love him,
    As Biases will just drown you in the same world of miseries that you outgrew,
    Say Thank you.
    But... What if the little princess in you can’t love him back?

  • blue_cascades 3d

    Don't make a girl fall in love with a fake you.
    And don't take pride thinking you are loved.
    Because trust me, she won't ; once she knows the truth. And if you really do love her, are you brave enough to tell her the truth? Can you accept all of your mistakes, so that she can atleast have a choice.Everyone deserves to be loved truly without any lies, without any sneaky behaviour, without any third parties. You are snatching her chance to be loved by a better man, who'd probably give her the world. Don't be so selfish. No matter what, your actions will come around one day. A sorry without changed behaviour is another lie, that "sorry" is manipulation & gaslighting. Do you know what all this is? Emotional abuse. And it can leave a trauma so big that it might take a lifetime healing it. They may never love again, they may never trust again. Breaking someone's heart takes only seconds but fixing it may take years. Hate me if you want to, but I've only shown you a mirror and the reflection you see is your own.

    To all those girls hurting, you are worthy. Nobody has the right to tell you that you are overreacting, because you are not. This is not "victim mentality". Everything you feel is justified. Your pain and your cries are justified. All I can say is heal even though it's a long process and it takes patience. Please hold on to yourself.

    And to that girl unknown about the fact that she is loving a guy not worth it, I feel sorry for you. I hurt for you. For I have been that girl too.


  • _a_black_heart_ 3d

    Dear modern diary

    Time passes by, life goes on and you keep surviving on. Until there isn't time, live your life, breathe, watch the air, watch the leaves, you're not alone. I'm with you. I'm with you.

  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 4d

    December realisations...

    1.Setting boundaries is a must.

    2.Self-talk helps you acknowledge your own issues as well as re-analyse different perspectives.

    3. Customize what you offer to people..customize your energy,your information,your love.. according to priorities and reciprocations.

    4. Forgive for your own mental peace, but remember what that taught you..keep that learning with you.


  • santhosh_pv 4d

    Cost you

    Anything that costs your mental health is too expensive

  • mikemike34 5d


    Can't escape my past
    Bridges I burned can't be rebuilt
    Countless people I hurt
    Life shattered my hopes and dreams
    Drugs became a part of me
    Please Somebody save me
    All the smoking and drinking
    Helps me from my inner me
    Ironically it will kill me
    My call for help has fallen on deaf ears
    And everyone has turned a blind eye
    Sinking in misery darkness surrounds me
    Demons hold me down choking me with fear
    Devil in my head telling me I'll die soon
    Xanax and whiskey to escape this hell
    I preyed for better days and bluer skies
    But my days are darker and harder to survive
    My broken heart is on ice and can't heal
    You can't stay with me here
    If you love me leave away from here
    cause the threat is real and
    my death is near
    I can smell it in the air
    It's the only time I can see clear
    Don't shed any tears
    Every start has a end and
    everyday has a night
    And life is no different
    Hate to say it
    But it's time to say it
    don't want to say it
    But Goodbye.


  • drifting_soul 6d


    Don't you see just how bad I'm spiraling
    Come on you can't be that nieve to think
    That I smoke everyday cause I'm pleased with my life You can't think that I barley leave the house and never go out spending my life waisiting it away babysitting for someone who doesn't even appreciate me
    Don't you see all the ways I'm silently screaming
    All the times I've tried to get you to listen to me
    To see me
    Don't you see I'm drowning slowly
    Don't you hear me screaming
    As your watching like it's a movie
    Please I'm begging just reach out your hand and save me I know I don't seem like I'm worth saving but mom I promise I wont be a disappointment
    I promise I'll be anything you want me to be
    Please just help me get out of the water
    Please just save me before my lungs are to tired to continue breathing and my body is to tired to continue fighting

  • frowzy 1w

    Polyp Obstruction

    My knife alone made all these cuts
    Solely my needle can sew them shut
    Tote your tiny case housing weapons of war
    Predetermined is the outcome just like before

    l lost track of the anguish locked inside
    Blind by design after I stitched my eyes
    Deprived of air from my polyp filled throat
    Weary from the swim so I'm toiling to float...

  • _a_black_heart_ 1w

    Dear modern diary

    You find your own ways, you make your own roads. Life may feel sad at times and you may feel lonely, but please be a constant reminder to yourself that everything us going to be just fine. Your god is with you. Millions of cells inside your body are with you. Your parents are with you. You are LOVED. I love you.

  • nuiinuhara 1w

    I wear my Agony like a Repellent,
    I wear it like the Stench of the Decay
    Like Someone with
    Blood dripping down their Skin

    Someone You wouldn't make
    Eye Contact with on the road
    My Story is there for All to See,
    But Only seen by those Brave enough to Look

    Like Staring Into the Vast Shadows
    And Having Something Stare Back


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    Dear Agony

    I wear my Agony like a Repellent,
    I wear it like the Stench of the Decay
    Like Someone with
    Blood dripping down their Skin

    Someone You wouldn't make
    Eye Contact with on the road
    My Story is there for All to See,
    But Only seen by those Brave enough to Look

    Like Staring Into the Vast Shadows
    And Having Something Stare Back

  • sqtasmiya 1w

    They Said: Khamosh Raho, Mehfoos Rahoge.
    I Said: Speak Up For Yourself, Nahitoh Kahin Pe Dabjaoge.

  • rahoof 1w

    I found it in myself,
    when my love transcended beyond her dress, flesh and mere lumps of fat,
    I found my love remaining,
    Even after getting tired.
    I confessed, as if for a final time,
    I still love her like I had ever before.


  • rahoof 1w

    If I could find one complete moon - in a Heart dosed by the darkness of unworldly troubles,
    I would be gratified.


  • _a_black_heart_ 1w

    Dear modern diary

    May god give strength to all those who are constantly fighting. May god give us all a lot of mental peace. May there be an abundance of happiness and joy that we discover around ourselves. May the bad days pass and we live our short lives to the fullest.

    Sunday Affirmation: I love my life. I am happy to be alive.

  • angels_halo_shines 2w

    I think that it’s a good time to say, I don’t think this is always me writing as much as someone is using me to write through. Knowing I will write it as it comes.

    #writersnetwork #empath #empathmind #mentalhealth #ptsd #bipolar #emotions

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    Just so this is out there. My interpretation of words/lyrics might be totally different than what your interpretation is. My perception is different, it’s on daily ever changing, always seems different than the last. Life takes turns & it may or may not be the right turn to path you need to be on. We will never know that. I sit & listen to songs, repeatedly. Intriguing & calming at the same time. A wide range from the blues to industrial to grunge to country. You just know what kinda mood I will be in. At that moment I could be sad, angry or happy. Irritated & low key plain out bi-polar psychotic rages to feelings of loneliness. I can never be cured of all that. Not in this lifetime. In the next I’m hoping I’m fixed. No more brokenness. No more depression. No more voices, haunting or taunting me. Feeling exposed. The hunters have always have hunted their prey. Seems the roles can switch up time to time. That’s not unheard of. Now is it? When it rains, it is said it pours. It pours. Death comes in 3’s. That still holds true. Sometimes the truth hurts. To the ones that have denied all they have. One day that denial is gonna slap you silly, you will meet contradiction 10 fold. This was never me. This is what has been brought out of me. By you. And now the tradition carries on. Does it make you proud? Or there is some excuse now? Ran off 2. Working on a 3. And I sit in agony knowing just that. Who the hell are you to pass judgement on me though. I have overcome many of my battles, on my own. No one has a damn clue as to how many. I am afraid I don’t know the count either. But, here the Hell I am. Not afraid of much. Not afraid of sadness, or loneliness anymore. They are my friends forever. Loss, it’s never easy. Those are the scars that are left in your memories. To forever hold onto. Sacred & true. In the end that’s all we have. Is our hearts we are born with. The heart carried carefully placed within us. The same heart that makes us cry. That makes us love. When it breaks it seems the world is going to come to an end. But, listen it doesn’t always need to come to that. All about perception. The way you see it. Your interpretation of life. It’s never easy. You can push through just as I have. I promise you that. Push forward.


  • sqtasmiya 2w

    Even when the world is asleep, my demons won’t let me sleep….

  • rahoof 2w

    This silence which I am trapped in surrounds me like an incomprehensible cotton ball.
    Where I find myself held down to a nailed out plank.
    From where I struggle to make a comeback.

    I am lost in a murky lake of blankness,
    in a motionless heathen of debilitating silence.
    I row my boat in hopes of finding Something
    Clear open blue and bright.
    Instead I found my paddles stuck in between
    Muddy roots of a shallow lake.

    -on depression


  • bleeding__words 2w

    Can you wish better?

    I know you were hurt by my actions,
    Fine, but neither was I enjoying the situation.

    Whatever happened had pure role of destiny,
    Putting it all on me is nothing but irony.

    Been through the hardest time in the loneliest ways,
    So, Faith is everything I count on to these days.

    The mutual respect we happened to share went down flames
    Suddenly I was put under scrutiny for all your blames.

    Did I suffer because of the gender or my heart was tender?
    You blurted out and cursed me for things I never did

    Clearly not judging the anger but, sometimes just sometimes
    Before parting ways can you wish better?

    Why is drifting apart always meant to be bad?
    What makes you think the distance didn’t affect me?
    No matter how much it hurts I pray your world gets happier and bigger.

    ADIOS my friend, I wish you only better!


  • crystalsparkyducky 2w


    If you are seeking perfection, you will never be good enough