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  • _johndoe_ 3h

    Your heart is invaluable and you must take care of it while you can .

    While others take care of your physical being ,
    Know that your heart must not feel alone .
    and to be there , is a , necessity
    as all the needs , wants , desires , hopes
    run through that one single path
    and while you help others feel full
    you should never feel void
    Of being wanted to be of loved ,
    Taken care of
    Remember your heart is the source of your being
    Your soul is your reflectiom you can't ignore
    So start taking care of it
    Before anyone else finds the audacity
    to tell you how many pieces it is shattered into
    And how much time it will take to be full .

    You still have power and light
    to celebrate and make your heart ,
    The feeling of home you crave .

    Happy reading ❤
    Pardon me for errors!


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    It all boils down
    to taking care of
    your heart literally
    figuratively .

  • sankha1011 10h

    Me, mine and more

    I know that you're hurt
    But trust me baby, it's just the start
    I know that you're afraid to love again
    But don't worry, time heals all the pain
    I know that everything seems messy right now
    But with you on my side, we will get up again no matter how
    I know that you're a little broke
    But believe in me, again we will rock
    I know that you feel down
    But trust me, to me you're still the King with the crown

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  • monali03 1d

    I think I left behind
    A person,
    With wholesome verses
    In her heart.

    I am winter,
    With snow enveloping-
    My coat of yellow warmth.

    The rise,
    The fall,
    All the phrases
    That connect us,
    Out of our bodies,
    Within our souls,
    All dreary, haggard, and spoilt.

    When flowers bloom,
    I decide to dream.
    Dream about everything
    That's bothering me,
    All coming to an end.

    I paint this canvas blue,
    Slowly, but profusely,
    One stroke at a time.


    @mirakeeassistant @miraquill @writerstolli
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    One stroke at a time.

    Under the sky of holy stars,
    Morning sings to me.

  • i_am_me_ 1d

    Desperately Searching for her Faded Self

    All her childhood she waited so hard to grow older, to get the freedom, to do fun things with her life.. 
    She dreamt of the world as where she will be treated fairly and decently..  
    Where she will meet that special person with a fairy tale introduction.
    Where she will grow older with smiling wrinkles on her cheeks from constant meriness and smiles. 

    But coming to reality, now life is nothing but a devastating agonising experience.
    This transition from hopeful and cheerful childhood to early adulthood is so traumatising to realise that all the expectations she had of this world were just fluttered away in the wind.
    At 22, She is desperately wishing as if there was something interesting everyday to wake up to.
    She is trying so hard to pick up her shattered and burnt pieces of her past self from the charred memories.
    This constant state of trying and faking is slowly and totally numbing the state of liveliness within her. 
    It might seem as if she is staying alive but all she sees in front of her is dreadful loneliness, unhealed wounds and agonising pain of existing.

  • _barbie__ 1d

    Sometimes it is important to do nothing

  • ilanji__ 2d


    ഒരു കവിതയെഴുതണം , പ്രിയപ്പെട്ട മനുഷ്യന് . ഉടലുതുരന്ന് ഉള്ളാഴങ്ങളിലേക്ക് കത്തിപടരുന്ന വാക്കുകൾകൊണ്ട് . അധികമൊന്നും വേണ്ട ... ഒരു ഒറ്റവരി കവിത നിമിഷങ്ങൾ യുഗങ്ങളാക്കി , തപം ചെയ്ത മനോവിചാരങ്ങളിൽ നിന്നൊന്ന് .......

  • the_healer_idealist 2d

    Who is this person looking at me in the mirror?
    Is this supposed to be...me?
    She is beautiful as she has always been
    Yes it feels like my skin,
    But in her eyes, I see sadness...I see fear...
    I see...everything but me.

    They told me to always expect change-
    That sometimes life turns out ways I wouldn't expect
    They told me, sometimes things happen
    That might alter my entire reality.

    Is this someone my life used to know?
    Because this...does not feel like me.
    I can't find Demetrious.
    Where did she go?

  • i_shukriya 3d

    Hear the silence,
    feel my fear,
    & next you will find the unknown me...


  • preetm 3d

    Kisi ne rona sikhaya
    To kisi ne rone se ladna
    Kisi ne dard diye
    To kise ne dua di
    Kisi ne paraya smjha
    To kisi ne apna
    Kisi ne dhoka diya
    To kisi ne pyaar
    Kisi ne dil ko toda
    To kisi ne joda
    Kisi ne mazak bnaya
    To kisi ne hasna sikhaya

    Fark sirf ( kisi ) ka hai
    Uske (kisi) tum bno
    Tumhara (kisi) vo bane
    Sahi ( kisi ) ko pehchaan lo
    Or usi ko jaan maan lo

  • iam_pnkaj 3d


    थक गया हु खुदसे
    अब खुद से भी वो बात नहीं होती,
    कहते तो हैं दुनिया से सब ठीक है
    पर अब वो सुबह की रात नहीं होती,
    बहके बहके से रहते है कदम
    संभलने के लिए कोई राह नहीं होती,
    सुनो ज़रा एक नज़र फिर देखो ना हमें
    कुछ सूकून सा तो मिले ;
    थक गया हु खुदसे
    अब खुद से भी वो बात नहीं होती......

  • monali03 3d

    Today, Somehow
    The robust sun,
    Looks pale.

    I feel
    Pangs of Breathlessness,
    The aftermath.

    This noon isn't less than me.
    Greater I am,
    To my day.



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    #aesthetic #moon #wod

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    Awkward today.

    Today, Somehow
    The robust sun,
    Looks pale.

    I feel
    Pangs of Breathlessness,
    The aftermath.

    This noon isn't less than me.
    Greater I am,
    To my day.


  • manshigupta 4d

    A Part Of Me

    No, I can't let go of my past they were a part of me too.
    Those times, yes, they were depressing, it did give me permanent bruises. It did take away a lot from me but the end of the day they were a part of me. A portion of me that's a chapter to my life.
    You might think why not let it go... cause they caught me what none could, the books I read had a happily ever after but the cruel conspiracy was always hidden.
    I wouldn't be here, still trying to deal with life,
    Solving my problems, crying over unrealistic expectations that I can't deal with.
    A part of me was there in the past. I couldn't and would never wanna forget.
    I might not talk about it anymore yet they were and will be a part of me forever cause they were something I dealt with.

  • iqujiger 4d

    #Your love was perhaps #MIRAGE The more I #chased it more it #walked away from #me

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    //And Darling perhaps your love was the
    Mirage that only made me chase
    But never letted me to hope for it's
    Forever Esistance//

  • angels_halo_shines 4d

    Me vs. Me

    A war cannot be won without a battle
    A war that begins inside of me has never been won without a battle.
    Me vs. Me. Actually it’s ongoing. Intuition chimes in one or four issues, my mind says another couple of thoughts. Then I’m left to battle them out. Sometimes it’s not an easy battle. I don’t win a lot of the times. So, I learned to surrender when it’s necessary. A voice loud & clear saying “This is necessary.” On repeat. Intuitive thoughts go gut deep strong persuasion. It took many years to differentiate which was who or what. Not knowing anything besides I am losing my mind. That’s exactly what it felt like. Maybe I did, get lost only to find answers. The answers no one knew. Of course, I was nuts (still am.)
    So, be it.
    Let them judge upon their thrones.
    Let them think as they will.
    Who the Hell am I to try & change their dictations? Their thoughts, their beliefs? For I am just me, trying to figure out my path as I go along. Knowing damn good & well it wasn’t going to be an easy task. Lost many people along my way. Shedding tears, shedding skin & shedding what I thought was a permanent version of me, it was never me. Those were just temporary versions of myself. It turns out I feel that all I have done, my addictions, the drinking until I threw up, it was all necessary. To become the me I am today. Without any of those doings of self sabotage I would not appreciate life today. I would not appreciate me. That’s what I had to learn, a hard lesson to learn I might add. I was always lost, or thought I was lost. I felt I was lost. I look back and think what the Hell was I thinking. Thankful I am alive. Thankful for more than words can even express. At least for now. I can’t express them now. One day they will come to me. Until then patience my dear. Just patience. Others don’t understand. They want to put me down try to put me in my place & be hard on me. What they fail to realize is that I’m the hardest & most demeaning to me. The battles I have had to overcome. The self control I had to learn. The respect for myself I had to learn. It never came natural. It is a forced behavior I had to learn. Deep down I always knew I had to do so. I just procrastinated. As long as I could, admittance to oneself. Now that looking back was rough. Through inner work through all my darkness it has been found. Turning the lights on when I do wanted to leave the light off. Self made realization, it’s a powerful source of energy. A source of energy no one can give you. Only a bit of guidance with a little hope. It was enough to get me started. I learned to dance with myself, through thoughts alone. No more battles to be won. At least not against myself. I surrendered at most vulnerable of states of mind. At the right time.
    As I always have said timing, timing is everything. The devil wanted to dance with me. The devil had his claws directly inside of me. I turned around, I took myself & ran like the wind on a cold blustery day. It was cold, it was dark but I needed to find me. See the devil gave me a starting point. To this day, it still confuses me. As to why it took the devil to lead me there. Took me by my hand & led me dancing with me in the darkness. Showed me around of the depths of Hell. Taking me to the unknown. Leading me to the most beautiful of places, one that I will never forget. One I will be forever grateful for. The devil himself walked with me within myself. Getting to know her, getting familiar with her. And that is why I’m here today. It has brought me to know myself better than I ever have. I do apologize to myself, to all involved that’s what it took. I’m glad to be alive to tell my story as best as I possibly can. Nobody has to believe me. They can twist it to make it sound worse than it was, or even better. I was there. I lived it. This is my version. I hope you can understand a little more about me. As I have learned myself.


  • anuradhasharma 4d

    हां मैं शून्य हूं ,

    तभी टिकी हूं ।

    आज तप रही हूं ,

    कल सोना हो जाऊंगी ।


  • i_am_me_ 5d


    I never share my poetry and writings with people I know in real life, because why? For what?

    My words are merely not blissful random playful ramblings; rather it's my pain, my wisdom, my struggles, each and every line is made up of the struggles I'm enduring...

    My words are made up of my internal dialogues, which nobody knows of. It's not just my skin and bones which people around me know as of me in the physical realm.
    They don't know the Actual me, if they don't know me how can they understand the depth of my words and what I intended to say, they are not special to me and I'm not special to them..

    But i just let my writings lay here anonymously over the internet because random strangers who might have same mental synchronization as me might be able to connect with my words.
    When I'm able to decipher my cluttered thoughts into words it brings meaning and life to my lifeless and shrivelled existence.

  • _truesayings_ 1w

    Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app, they'll start using it.


  • hafisha98 1w


    Thoughts I never feel..!
    But writers can feel love and pain so much ��
    Keep support me @hafisha98
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork

    #love #lostlove #fakelove #truelove #accident #brokenheart #broken #mylove #me #life #hurt #pain #lovepain #new #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #writers #write #feellove #without #you

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    LOST my LOVE

    Hard to losing,
    Loser mine love -found my own,
    Ways never far....!!
    Will I wait until haven
    Get close.
    Made I anger-you gave that pain ..!!
    You leave me alone with refuge of lies..!
    Rest in peace love - I be there
    As soon as.....


  • spirit_13 1w

    To you

    As the wind of love gleans
    over the skins of being,
    I become what I could never
    imagine in my greatest dreams

    The trinkets that are
    your sweet musings for me,
    Amaze my soul,
    deep in a miraculous sensual breeze.