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  • mahipal_rathore 2d


    मुमकिन अगर होता किसी को उम्र लगाना,
    मैं हर साँस अपने माँ बाप के नाम करता।

  • shimmery_vibe 2d

    Dear Mom, Happy Birthday

    You taught me to love the starless nights,
    You taught me to enjoy the lonely rides,
    You taught me to secure my fearless vibes,
    You taught me to stay away from the crimes.
    You are that star to my sky, who fulfils the wish
    Even With an open eye,
    You are that fairy who teaches us,
    how to simultaneously be Kind and courageous.
    You are that one who lightens up my day,
    With a bright smile that you perfectly slay.
    You are that one who is Paradisical when you share that beautiful warm hug,
    these wings of yours have definitely made me believe in faith and now in luck.
    The dishes that you make are heavenly tastey,
    I still wonder how you make them so flawlessly,
    No one will be able to do it even after knowing the recipe, but ok let's keep that one special element a demeters mystery.
    We know i'm bad at expressing emotions and thoughts mainly,
    but incase you are unaware of my sentiments towards our bond unknowingly,
    If so, then I'd remind you of love that I endeavor within,
    Trust me it all has is respect for you tied with a glorious ribbon.
    I know I can rely on you, at anytime of my life
    Your assurance of being with me is all I need to revive.
    How can I even talk about the structure of the knowledge you possess,
    its beyond my capacity but I hope i'll by time know its essence.
    Thank you for everything, for standing by my side, I might have been the most stubborn one
    But trust me you are my pride.
    Thank you for never giving up on me, Even after knowing many of my undesirable, weird deeds.
    Thank you for teaching me the rights and the wrongs,
    It did help me a lot, more when I was supposed to make decisions on the spot.
    Thank you for taking me down the right path everytime,
    Even if its hazardous, with you its alright.
    Thank you for teaching me virtues, ettiquete and culture religiously,
    I promise to you to stay by it even during the time of my life's misery.
    Thank you for teaching me lessons that are very important and dear to me in my life,
    But, how do you after all sorts of drama still manage hug me with assurance every night.
    Thank you for keeping all my secrets and deeds safe in your heart
    I know you are my precious treasure and in my life you play a best friends part.
    Thank you for loving boundlessly
    Thank you for living strifelessly
    Thank you for caring harmlessly
    Thank you for shining flamelessly
    Thank you for working brakelessly
    And thank you for teaching me worth of life and many more things Faultlessly.
    I LOVE YOU! ♡♡

  • _soundless_ 4d

    It's all about last night
    When demon called my name
    Dark clouds over my head
    I was suffering from intense pain.

    My head was aching so hard
    I wasn't able to flicker my eyes
    More likely with a void in mind
    I was lying over the depths

    Exact at mid of night
    I called her once..."Maa"
    Despite having pain in back
    She instantly woke up
    And gave me pills then

    She pat my head
    And held my hand
    I found my heaven
    In her arms then.

    That's her spirit towards the fam
    All of her she provides selflessly
    To gain that warmth as return
    She Just love unconditionally

    I don't know how it would be
    The day I had to leave her
    I wouldn't be able to alive

    I can't express my gratitude to this soul
    She's my very essence to the core.

  • poeticmusician 1w

    Hath utha he dua me jo,
    Khuda ko me samjhaunga;

    Ek aanch bhi aai tujhko to har,
    Lafz use ginvaunga;

    Chahe ho vo sasti mehengi,
    Nain ho tere jis Seh par;

    Na ho chahe mangi tune,
    Har cheez tujhe dilvaunga.

    #maa #harshalbhatt #poeticmusician

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    हाथ उठा है दुआ मे जो ,
    खुदा को मे समजाऊंगा;

    एक आँच भी आई तुझको तो हर,
    लफ्ज़ उसे गिनवाउंगा;

    चाहे हो वो सस्ती महंगी,
    नैन हो तेरे जिस सेह पर;

    ना हो चाहे मांगी तुने,
    हर चीज तुझे दिलवाउंगा।

    ~ Harshal B.

  • bhavnai 1w

    सुनो मां,

    सुबह होती है फिर होती है शाम
    तेरे सारे करती हूं मैं काम
    फिर मैं कैसे कर लूं आरम

    हर पल हर समय खलती है तेरी कमी
    पता नही कब आजाती आंखो में नमी
    सबके सामने तो रहती हूं मैं खड़ी सहमी

    सब करते है अपनी मां से शिकायते
    मैं नही कर पाती हूं तुझसे दिल की बातें
    अक्सर लॉरी की याद आती है वो रातें

    पास तो है तू मेरे ,मगर ठीक नहीं है
    दिखती है मुझे हालात, कुछ भी सही नही है

    जी चाहता है तुझे सारी बीमारियों से रखूं दूर
    पर मैं भी कही ना कही हालातो के आगे मजबूर

    हर पल करती हूं ऊपरवाले से तेरे लिए दुआएं
    बदले में वो देते है मुझे सिर्फ और सिर्फ धुआंये

    और मुझे कुछ ना कहना
    हर पल तेरे पास ही रहना।

    love u mummy /maa


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    सब करते है अपनी मां से शिकायते
    मैं नही कर पाती हूं तुझसे दिल की बातें
    अक्सर लॉरी की याद आती है वो रातें

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  • hr_pen 4d

    Maaa ...♡

    Maa tu toh jaan h meri...
    Kya likhu tere bare mai tu toh pehchan hai meri...
    Meri subha tu he h,raat v tu he h;
    Mera pyar tere liye h,aur gussa v tere liye he h;
    Tu toh oxygen hai meri!!!

    Teri har baat maanti hu,kyuki jaanti hu mujhe,mujhse jada janti ho;
    Mere bolne se phele table pe coffee ki cup hoti h aur bhuk lagne se phle plate m khana nikal deti ho;
    Meri har baat bolne se phele samaj jaati ho;
    Late night mai jagu toh saath tum v baith jaati ho;
    Gale laga kr mera sara tension khatam kr deti ho;
    Maa, akhir tum itna sab kaise kr leti ho ...!

    Aur kya likhu tere bare m ...
    Mai toh bs ek khilona hu,us m jaan toh aap he dalti ho maa!!!

  • angel_sneha 2w

    माँ _______ ��

    हम वो आखिरी पीढ़ी हैं , जिनके पास ऐसी मासुम माँ हैं जिनका ...........

    न कोई सोशल मीडिया पर अकाउंट हैं
    न फोटो , सेल्फी का कोई शौक हैं ,
    उन्हें ये भी नहीं पता कि स्मार्टफोन का लॉक कैसे खुलता हैं ,
    जिनको ना अपनी जन्मतिथि का पता हैं ,

    उन्होंने बहुत कम सुख - सुविधाओं में अपना पूरा जीवन बिताया , बिना किसी शिकायत के ,

    जी हाँ , हम वो आखिरी पीढ़ी हैं , जिनके पास ऐसी माँ हैं ....!!

    Love You Maa ❤️


    #mom #maa #loveyoumaa #lifeline #lastgeneration #socialmedia #dad #love

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    " आखिरी पीढ़ी "


  • introvertfeels7 2w

    I love you Maa

    You made me believe in me,
    You told me to walk on my feet,
    You taught me how to have patience,
    You told me to earn your own and eat,
    You made me realise that I am special,
    You made me know my worth,
    You told me to be myself,
    You gave me birth on this Earth,
    I learnt from you to work hard,
    You gave meaning to my life,
    You told me to rise up and shine,
    In my view, you are the perfect wife,
    You forgive people even when it's hard,
    I never told you that I LOVE YOU,
    But for me, you are a true star,
    In my heart, I really love you Maa.

  • mirakso 3w


    Meri akhon ki nami ko
    Muskurahat m badal deti ho,
    Jab v m larkhrata hu,
    Mujhe sambhal leti ho
    Maa tum kaise har baar,
    Bina kuch kahe mere mann ki baat padh leti ho.

    Apni khwahisho ko pare rakh k,
    Meri jarurato ko hamesha pura krti ho.
    Apni khushi ki parwa kre bina,
    Meri ek hasi k liye jaan nishar krti ho.
    Maa tum kaise har baar,
    Bina kuch kahe mere mann ki baat padh leti ho.

    Jab main bhatakta hu,
    Toh sahi rha dikhati ho.
    Jab kabhi main har jata hu
    Mujhe uth kr phir ek baar sangharsh krne ko prerit krti ho.
    Maa tum kaise har baar,
    Bina kuch kahe mere mann ki baat padh leti ho.

    Jab duniya mujhse muh mod leti h,
    Tb bhi tum chattaan ki tarah mere sath rehti ho.
    Iss pure jahan me
    Ek tum hi toh sabse jyada mujhe pyar krti ho.
    Maa tum kaise har baar,
    Bina kuch kahe mere mann ki baat padh leti ho.

  • somi_s 3w

    मां तेरी बहोत याद आ रही है
    ये जमाना बड़ा बेरहम है
    तेरी लाडो को बिना किसी जुर्म के सजा हो रही है

  • ravibijla 3w


    मै नाकाम रहा, वो मेरे साथ रही ।
    मै बदनाम रहा , वो मेरे साथ रही ।

    उसने बोला मैहनत कर तेरा भी नाम होगा ,
    पर मै बेनाम रहा , वो मेरे साथ रही ।

    मुश्किलें आएंगी हिम्मत मत हारना ,
    मै जब भी परेशान रहा ,वो मेरे साथ रही ।

    उसने सिखाया दुनिया बस उगते सूरज को सलाम करती हैं ,
    मै सबके लिए अनजान रहा , वो मेरे साथ रही ।

    सच्चाई से जीत सकतें है हर बुराई को ,
    मै इसलिए एक अच्छा इंसान रहा ,वो मेरे साथ रही ।

  • nipundogra 4w

    रूठा है यार मेरा कोई मनाने की तरकीब बताये।
    बोलूं चाहे कुछ ना पर वो यार समझ जाए।।


  • lakshyasinghal 4w


    Phir godd mai leta lo na
    Aapki bachpan bali bo godd
    Aaj bhi bhut yaad aati h

  • dope_writer 4w


    Jalte hue to putt geyr hunde hai,
    Jalte hue to putt geyr hunde hai,
    Or iss duniya me se jannat jaan ka rasta,
    Iss duniya me se jannat jaan ka rasta,
    Sirf teri maa ke pair hunde hai sirf teri maa ke pair hunde hai......

  • parasdeepak 4w

    To Maa

    Maa, I couldn't sleep all night,
    Nothing in life seems right,
    I try to fight the darkness within,
    And yet, I struggle to find my light.

    Maa, I couldn't tell the truth,
    Felt like an old man in my youth,
    Emptiness and void deep within,
    Nothing in life seems to soothe.

    Maa, I couldn't say how i feel,
    Acting like a man of steel,
    I'm burning my soul deep within,
    To help myself and to heal.

    Maa, I couldn't keep my word,
    Losses to innocence I incurred,
    Bad habits I adopted within,
    Judgement and actions seems absurd.

    Maa, I love you, I want to say,
    I may be broken, I won't go away,
    Time is tough, hopes bleak within,
    And I'd rise to shine one day.

    - ©parasdeepak

  • vineet_singh_chauhan_45 5w

    #maa #मां

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    मां के बारे में शब्द नही किसी के पास कहने के लिए,
    मां ही तो एक मात्र सहारा है ये जिंदगी जीने के लिए।

  • tumaku 5w

    just #mother things #maa

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    if a mother
    started demanding
    salary for all her duties
    of the family

    no one would
    ever be able to pay off
    such a debt

  • goldenwrites_jakir 5w

    माँ ✍️

    माँ तुझमे
    "जमीं पर खुदा को देखता हूँ ...|

  • alfaaz___writes 6w

    Ke har ek dafa yahi khti hai wo
    sb thik hai use koi takleef nhi hai
    Waqt nikala kro mere dost
    Maa ki sewa krne ka

  • sarthakdwivedi 6w


    Ki subhe uth kr sabse phele tumhare liye khana bnati hai ,
    Tum bhukhe ho yaa nhi wo phir bhi tumhe khilati hai.
    Chehra dekh kr pta kr le tumhare pure din ke baare m ,
    Haa vhi toh hai jo "MAA" khelati hai.