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  • hoorbanu98 9m

    My Mask♥

    First time when I weared mask
    I was very cruel for it
    I feel like I'm dying with my breathe deep inside
    Then whenever I used to see
    Around my surroundings
    I always ask to wear mask.....
    That's the story of !_ My Mask

    《 14-05-2021 》

  • puchka 13m

    She folded all emotions tightly
    and out of it created an origami
    of a spirit ready to take flight

  • deep_to_soul 15m

    ट्रेन की पटरी को क्रॉस करने के लिए...
    हर रोड़ के लिए एक फाटक होता हैं |
    ज़रा ग़ौर फ़रमाइयेगा जनाब....
    सब कुछ तो छोड़ों मेरे घर में घुसते ही...
    मेरे घर में रोज़ नाटक होता हैं ||

  • vidurma 32m

    Dedicate to all girl

    बड़ी ही होशियार हैं, मेरे घर की बेटियां, सब्जी मे नमक मिर्च तेज हो जाने पर दो चार गोलिया aate की मिला देती हैं और अगर उससे भी ना काम चले तो आधा cup दही बड़ा देती हैंl

  • purpleenigma 31m

    Feed me
    Steady spoonfuls
    With unwavering hands
    Fill me
    With your love
    And devotion
    Ever sweet
    And satisfying
    Of body and soul
    Feed me
    From today forward
    Until death do us part.


  • pouredonpaper 35m

    उसे कभी न याद करने की कसमें खाकर
    मै सोचता हूँ
    कम्भख्त, वो मुझे याद क्यों नही करता

  • brittmib 38m


  • tasaduqparsa 53m

    It was 10 May and was Saturday.
    The night was dull, so was the day.
    I was drunk in my own wave.
    Beyond the wave,
    I felt like I am in a cave.
    Where left to me there was a grave.
    Suddenly someone bawled, "Please save!"
    Just after a second, someone splintered the pave of a grave.
    Appalled, I began to shiver.
    Rise in my body temperature, I sensed the fever.
    Sweat dripped from my forehead, as if I fell in a river.
    Couple of lines stroked my mind, those reminded me of a believer.
    Wounded my chest, blood spilled everywhere like a fire.
    With my fingers I buried that blood on a black paper.
    Quiveringly, when I stood up, there was something hanging with a cover.
    When I got close, it was a mirror.
    That was dark and was shattered.
    Showed my face as if it was burned.
    Yes! I screamed and cried.
    Broke the silence, the scenes were haunted.
    I fell on my knees, I cried, and for ineffable I craved.
    I became so weak as if I was someone's slave.
    "You are strong, be brave", suddenly the words came from the grave.

    ©Tasaduq Parsa

  • tiwari_chittosh 1h


    We all are presenters, maybe. A mask taken cover behind another cover. How many layers, not
    even you know. With each new person
    met, another mask wore. That's what
    the world is afterall, a messed
    up figment. Where you try
    to discover the truth,
    there's only your
    own fantasies
    of the
    You've made it along these lines, actually. There is no fault of others. It's you and just you. The
    world isn't messed up precisely, you are.
    And from each one of you, messed
    up individuals, the world got
    messed up. It is me.
    It is you. It
    is all of
     We all are carrying characters, personalities. Trying to match up with others. 
    Trying to woo the world.
     Originality? Long
    gone. Maybe,
    resting in
    We are simply puppet whose strings are caught by somebody else. What's the meaning of our
    own existence? Where is your and my
    free will? Who are we? Who am
    I? Things are messed up.
    And yeah, we
    really did


  • muskanjalotra 1h

    Not every time being right gives you happiness. Yesterday someone told me that you were right when you said that don't over do anything whether love, care, help or being kind.

    I only want to say that humanity is already at verge of dying and don't become reason of its fall.
    If you can't be nice to anyone then stop being anything to them.
    Just stop.

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    humanity is already at verge of dying and don't become reason of its fall.


  • raghav86 1h

    from our homes...

    As he saw his mom he hugged them and started crying. Slowly we went home and everything was fine and normal, later that evening he came and we all played some game I exactly don't remember which game but we played something maybe it was cricket or hide and seek.
    Time passed we reached class 5 actually it was are last exam arts, so are batchmate had made plan to play cricket, so we told our parents that we will come late. After the exam I was over I was packing my schoolbag and clearing my desk I saw him standing on the balcony and looking down to route from which we use to come to school, I went out with my bag and stood close to him and he said, " I have a gut feeling that everything gone change from next year " And then he picked up his bag and went home. In winter break suddenly his voice started changing it started getting bad so his parents got little worried so they took him to the doctor but doctor told them don't worry it's just puberty his voice is changing it will be okay soon but it became weirdly worst after a while nobody could understand what he saying not even his family members and later he had problem in speaking even simple word properly. When after 3 month of winter break school opened his life became hell in school everyone started teasing him, everyone in the school deliberately poke him or talk to him just to make fun of him, everyday he use to go home crying and tell his parents he don't want to go school but no use he had to attend school. In class 6 in rainy season he fell really sick one evening his father told he almost lost half a tub of blood I thought they were exaggerating so I went in to see they were not joking , he was bleeding profusely from his nose. It seems as if something just busted inside his brain when he sit blood was coming out from his nose and when he laying blood was chocking his throat so he had to spit it and he had high fever also which made it bad. After a few months of this incident his mother noticed that his writing was getting bad day by day when they asked him he told he don't know but he knew what's wrong. ..

    #storytime. #sadlife. #mirakee

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    Part two

  • zubaan_ae_ashq_ 1h

    Buss jao mujhme..

    Dhaal lo mujhe khud me tum.. Ya khud dhal jao mujhme..
    Doodh me jaise cheeni ghulti hai waise ghul jao mujhme..
    Ab koi hume Juda na Kar paye aise Sama jao mujhme..
    Tum saans lo to meri dhadkane chale aise buss jao mujhme..

  • bmp_365 1h


    I want to connect
    To your love as I
    Craving your love
    As it seems impossible
    To connect due to the
    Mask you are putting
    I want to know you
    Better as it seems as
    A lifetime wish as your
    Mask is like the Great
    Wall of China as I am
    Failing to get to know
    I just wish you could
    Remove your mask
    To let me in your heart
    As I don't think I will ever
    Get a person like you in
    The world just mask off.


  • avnyaa 1h


    From now
    It just not a letter
    It is the part
    Of my name
    And it's full form is my soul....


  • _gk_07 1h

    Everybody wants me to stay the same,
    it will
    until I collapse and scorch my mask,
    'cause I conceal my feelings in a sealed extract,
    so on outside , it looks like I'm well,
    but you can't comprehend.

    You ain't espy what I espied,
    oh, how I feel
    yeah, I've got anxiety
    like there's someone other who exist,
    telling me that I'm always wrong,
    oh well
    I need succour.

    It's hard for you to know what I'm like
    I don't reveal the tangible me to nobody's
    It's by prototype, yeah
    my preference was to be well
    but than I transformed, re-reformed
    and I gave up
    by myself.


    #wod #mask #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    // It's okay to mask yourself to unmask the running notions in you for yourself //


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  • justaju 1h

    There are two versions of people;
    1) when they come at your house.
    2) when you go to there's!


  • sleepingsoul 1h


    I wonder how people wear mask on their faces which is invisible and is only visible through their intentions.

  • dory_d 1h

    If white is the colour of peace then black is the colour of truth....

    #mask #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    Eid Mubarak everyone ✨

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    Mauve masquerade, black blood
    Craving silence amidst flood
    (Pleading my better self from the lord
    Never helped me get the right chord)

    Veteran singers ceased singing
    And I can't keep myself from listening
    Am I wasting your glory or theirs?
    (Neither I nor y'all deserved my tears)

    Taped truths, screeching and crying
    Tried to hold fast yet sand kept slipping
    (My skin is bleeding, hands are wounded now
    But you know ,invictus, my head won't bow)

    Coterie speaks and leaves me alone
    I step back leaving my cologne
    Never belonged there so wore a mask ; for hiding?
    No! It was just, my truth I was guarding


  • prishiv 2h

    Society is never gonna accept you and you have to accept that...
    Our world hate real ones and they respect who gave up everything to become acceptable....

  • justaju 1h

    अब इस रात पर भी मुझे ऐतबार ना रहा..
    मैं नहीं, पर यह अक्सर मुझे तन्हा छोड़ कर सो जाती है!