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  • iam_piku 10m

    It’s dead at night
    and you turn your skin on..
    you called the stars,
    the blue,the wind of sea shores-
    And you brought a
    good-bye song into tears…

    It’s all they saw,
    The street lights,the drunken soul, a poor city of whites.
    when it was dead at night..


  • night_mist_ 21m


    कुछ् भी समझ नहीं आता , करू तो क्या करुँ ?
    रोते हुए जियू या हस्ते हुए मरु ।
    दिल गमज़दा है , कहुँ तो किस से कहूँ ?
    कोई इस बेबसी को समझना हि नहीं चाहता ।
    इस कम्ज़र्फ् रूह को दफ्न करुँ तो कहा करुँ ?

  • bewildered_lyricist 52m


    One day, when you open the eyes
    You see the light, expunging the fuss

    The turbulence would quell down
    The lugs start hearing the hymn

    The burning dermis will feel the chill
    The heart will learn to feel its own hail

    You no more fight to grasp the breath
    But every part of you will admire the warmth

    You stop running, and the world let you sway
    Your eyes see colors, and say never back to gray

    You calm down and listen to every bit of you
    You see them smiling, you feel them hugging you

    And one day...
    Yes that one day
    You will thank the race that made you the strongest


  • roshni_thelove 53m


    कितना सुकूं दे जाता है ये इंतजार भी
    और कभी काटा सा बन चुभ जाता है
    काम एक ही है दोनो में, लेकिन
    रिश्ता अलग भी कर जाता है

    ये बस एक शब्द न मानों हो सवाल कभी
    तो कभी कईयों सवालों का एक जवाब यही
    कुछ खामोशी में निकली शामों की
    हो मरहम जैसी एक रात यही

    मन के हर एक डाली पर फिर से उभरती सोच यही
    हर कवि की हर कविता में सबसे पहली की राह यही
    हर कोरे पन्नों के खालीपन की सबसे कीमती स्याही यही
    तुम अपना कल खोल के देखोगे तो आज तुम्हारा इंतजार यही

  • gousia_tasleem 1h

    I marvel for her courage
    When people took her advantage.

    She would cry day and night
    With the desire someone will save her might.

    When she was drowning in the rains
    Everyone kept her in distain

    Alas! When she was in need
    Her bad luck nobody paid any heed

    She has now lots of gains
    But some moments gave her pains.


  • kingchurchill 1h


    Never in your fucking life force someone to love or friend you!

    If that human who you are trying to force doesn't reciprocate the vibe you give at an early or middle stage; then, it's crystal fucking clear that they don't want your presence around them.

    You might be thinking or wondering what made them switch? But honey, you did nothing wrong! Humans have this sweet attractive spirit in them which makes us socialize properly but some of these humans cheat their way and don't allow it flow naturally but tend to choose who they want; which is absolutely not that wrong but fair.

    But there is one thing, you don't need to force or cheat your way. We are on a fucking mission on earth and if you continue like this, you will miss the chance of finding that one true friend and lover for life. At least in your life and the people you meet, you will definitely change someone into a big thing which counts as one of the greatest blessings you would definitely receive.

    So don't go forcing or cheating your way for someone to be your friend or for that presumed lover. Allow it flow naturally and you would see the beauty and learn from the journey. If you don't, you would be a puppet for them to gossip, troll or do something worse when you're not around. So fucking stay in your place and let it go! Free them and don't say a thing. By chance they might regret it but it's for your PEACE!

    The word FRIEND and LOVER is something you all need to sit down and be schooled properly to the core about it.

    I'm saying this because I am that caring stranger and writer that loves to tell the truth that births in his mind through the voice in his head that inspires him.

    Be smart human
    And stay safe.

  • nirvanabharga0 1h


    I'm perceiving tired of life,
    O dear December.

    Kindly wrap me up with
    the frigid-ness of your gelid benevolence,
    to absolve my unrequited love for life
    in darkness of the darkest night
    embracing the mourn of my soul.

    I longe to rest like rest in peace.


  • ragulprakash_11 1h

    Somewhere between

    "Hey, are you really okay?" and
    "Don't worry, I'll get through this",

    I knew life wouldn't be the same anymore moving forward.

    My emotions started to unsettle and my heart mumbled its fears.


  • aryagopalsree 2h

    True love is always unconditional like ocean loving the land.

  • jelly_hub 3h

    We went from talking until 3am,
    To 7 Hours a Day,
    To 7 Minutes a Day,
    To not speaking at all...


  • layered_heartpoetry 3h


    It's only when I traded in my ego for truth do I finally understand.


  • sphinx_knight 3h

    Trust Less,
    Be Sensible...

  • rahulkrishna 3h

    നോവിന്റെ തീരം നിശബ്ദമാണെന്ന് തോന്നുന്നത് നോവിനോട് അടുക്കും വരെ മാത്രമാണ്,
    നോവിനോട് അടുത്ത് കഴിയുമ്പോൾ ഓർമകളുടെ അലർച് ഉച്ചത്തിൽ കേൾക്കാനാവും

  • ashmita_sia 4h

    Mera sach
    Teri tabahi hogi
    Mera jhooth
    Teri umeed
    Ab tu bata kya chunnu mai?


  • i_faha 4h

    Megha felt a soft touch on her shoulder and turned to her left to see. For a minute, she gawked at this strange face standing next to her, while scanning the archives of her memory. Was it him, she pondered for a moment, with her mind still zoned out and her face, blank. But she was in no frame of mind to process anything complex, and refused to acknowledge the stranger.

    "It's me, Karan, you baby hippo", the man muttered under his breath.

    She knew it. She could never forget that face. It had to be him, all of her doubts now reassured. Nobody else in this world would dare call her a hippo. As the revelation slowly registered into her consciousness, her face began to bloom into a wide smile, petal by petal.

    At once, she threw her arms around his shoulders and squealed in absolute delight. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and lifted her two inches above the ground.
    "I can barely carry you anymore, hippo" he nudged, dropping her down with a whump.

    "And look at you billo, all buff and ripped. The docile house cat from our dingy streets has grown into a menacing city tiger, growwwwl." she giggled aloud.

    Karan chortled with the same peculiar neighing sound he made as a kid, whenever he laughed with all his heart, especially with Megha around.

    Suddenly he pulled himself back with a hard jolt, when he noticed the piercing stares of everyone in the crowd.

    Megha too, was thrust back into the present. She retracted all of her ill timed joy and solemnly stepped back to stand in solidarity with her grieving grandfather, with a stifled grin on her face.


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    (Day 5)

  • silent_thinker_23 4h

    Do you know that? What's Love?
    Please let me know your definition in comment section...

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    What's Love?

    Love is something no one could define properly.....so many people tried to write a correct and appropriate definition but everyone failed....that's the beauty of love... different for everyone and unique for everyone.....Love is something which is like his lips...when you try to touch it....the type of feeling which touches you like electricity in the whole body.....and you are ready to die with it.....you know you'll be going to drown in that deep sea and will never gonna come back....you know you'll lost yourself forever but....still you fall in it.....you are ready to be bankrupted.....you are ready to ruin your life....you are ready to lose everything....love is like falling from a Jet without a parachute still you are dying to do that....you know you'll be going to die but still you have ultimate satisfaction in it.....you know your heat will break many times...still you go for another chance....you let your heart break and still be in that pain.....Love is not one will tell you exactly what it is..... you'll also love the pain and you'll die for it too.... everything feels like pink and purple at the start but still you eagerly wait for it.... people don't know....people don't even value.... But still you are that good to give them one last chance.....so what's Love exactly? Do you know it?

  • anjalipillai 4h

    Rather than ending the pain feel it and consume the anger and grief .There will come a moment where it will make you win if you use it as fuel.

  • freindsforever 5h

    कुछ भी मन का

    अंधेरा कुछ इस कदर छाया है मेरी जिंदगी में
    कि उजाला होते हुए भी दिखना बंद हो गया है |
    छोटी बातों को बड़ा करना नहीं आता मूझे
    किसी से किसी के लिए लड़ना नहीं आता मूझे
    भूल जाता हूँ सब की गलती खूदको ही कोसता हूँ
    मैं खूद ही बहुत बूरा हूँ बस यही सोचता हूँ
    मेरी सच्चाई बस इतनी है
    कुछ बूरे लोगों मेरी भी गिनती है
    गलत ना समझों ये सोच है मेरी
    दिमाग में थोड़ी मोच है मेरे |


  • sazaidi_abr 5h

    Dhoop itni thi۔۔۔

    Dhoop itni thi k saye ko bhi jalty dekha
    Aik hi shakhs kai baar hai marty dekha

    Han ye chragh numa logo se keh do ha kr
    Meri in ankhon ne soraj ko bhi dhalty dekha

    Rat hoty hi sitaron ka nikalta hai din
    Subh hoty hi sitaron ko bhi soty dekha

    Tera ye nam tere sath hi bs zinda hai
    Hm ne aesy kai namon ko hai mitty dekha

    Ishq wo shah hi ajab jis mai hai waiz hmne
    Jan jaty kabhi na dam hai niklty dekha

    Tone chora tha jaha'n aj bhi tehra hai wahi
    Qafila tehra wahi hai nahi chalty dekha

    Us shakhs se koi gila hi nhi hai mujhko
    Jis ne sath hawaon k diya bujhty dekha

    Wo jo sb ko hi hasata rha din bhr jokar
    Rat mai chup k usy hm ne hai roty dekha

    Do kinaro ki trha se hi hain hm dono bhi
    Do kinaro ko kbhi tm ne hai milty dekha?

    Abr ye zaat e ilahi ka karshma hai ajab
    Sung k seny pe pholo'n ko hai khilty dekha!

  • sazaidi_abr 5h

    دھوپ اتنی تھی۔۔۔

    دھوپ اتنی تھی کے سائے کو بھی جلتے دیکھا
    ایک ہی شخص کئی بار ہے مرتے دیکھا

    ہاں یہ چراغ نما لوگوں سے کہہ دو جا کر
    میری ان آنکھوں نے سورج کو بھی ڈھلتے دیکھا

    رات ہوتے ہی ستاروں کا نکلتا ہے دن
    صبح ہوتے ہی ستاروں کو بھی سوتے دیکھا

    تیرا یہ نام ترے ساتھ ہی بس زندہ ہے
    ہم نے ایسے کئی ناموں کو ہے مِٹتے دیکھا

    عشق وہ شہ ہی عجب جس میں ہے وائظ ہم نے
    جان جاتے کبھی نا دم ہے نکلتے دیکھا

    تو نے چھوڑا تھا جہاں آج بھی ٹہرا ہے وہیں
    قافلہ ٹہرا وہیں ہے نہیں چلتے دیکھا

    مجھ کو اس شخص سے کوئی بھی گلہ ہے ہی نہیں
    ان ہواؤں میں چراغوں کو ہے بجھتے دیکھا

    وہ جو سب کو ہی ہنساتا رہا دن بھر جوکر
    رات میں چھپ کے اُسے ہم نے ہے روتے دیکھا

    دو کناروں کی طرح سے ہی ہیں ہم دونوں بھی
    دو کناروں کو کبھی تم نے ہے ملتے دیکھا

    آبر یہ ذاتِ الٰہی کا کرشمہ ہے عجب
    سنگ کے سینے پہ پھولوں کو ہے کھلتے دیکھا!