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  • perspektive 25w

    once upon a rebellious decision
    my life experienced a brief intermission
    based off uneducated decisions
    took that drink, smoked that blunt
    put death in a peezo, smoked away my existence
    for acceptance of the one whose skin i lived in couldn't come to terms with
    high created a being of selfish ambitions, producing a false reality and sense of accomplishment and confidence.
    living a lie that needed to die inside, plant a seed in new soil, to give birth to a tree that branches out into new life.
    one not bathed in acid rain, with leaves that rot, wither and decay
    one that produces enough spark for change
    beautiful calligraphy painted on a canvas expressing love and pain

  • bonitasarahbabu 47w


    Thank you for being my cheerleader. Thank you for being the light in my darkness. You pulled me away from stupid actions prompted by my scary thoughts. Thank you sweet baby girl, I absolutely love you and all you keep doing for me.
    To bathe puppy, who gives me hope, I love you. I am grateful for your presence.
    PC: My phone and my pup

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    Dear Precious Puppy


  • theorphicmind 47w

    Letters of Fading Winter

    19th February, 2021

    To: Oblivion

    Dear friend,

    I write to you with a heart so heavy
    and a mind of chaos
    Shards of memory
    and thoughts bestrewn
    some, memorable
    some that wound,
    some, of distress,
    and some that beget a wistful smile,
    All irrevocable nevertheless.
    Oh how I wish to take a deep draught
    from the Lethe, and fall into your arms
    untethered from all things daft
    You are my love's only fear
    But my heart's enticement,
    So take me, dear
    Expunge my woe
    I embrace you
    For I long to let go
    of all this burden
    And plunge into
    the sea of Oblivion...

    With love,
    A longing loner

    Cc: @writersbay
    Pc: Francesca Zama from Unsplash

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  • emptypen 47w

    Dear rose,
    I love how you live your short life for others,
    Being captured by the sharp thorns, unable to go to your favorite places,
    Let them pierce your heart only to be stamped under their feet,
    Letting the bugs fill their stomach with your blood,
    Feeling the pain of being plucked from your home,
    Yet you just keep on smiling without any tears or regrets..
    You seem so satisfied and happy with the way you are..
    Let's just learn from her life, rather than plucking her petals to do "He loves me, he loves me not".

  • erics_girl 47w

    Dear Paper & Pen..

    Dear Paper & Pen;
    My good old friends, I can't believe how long it's been. I was
    Thinking of you, & remembering when...
    Remember, when we first met,
    I surely do, I won't soon forget.
    I was only a child, around eight,
    when we first started to Create.
    In my childhood, we could not
    speak a word, we were told that
    Children were to be seen & not heard.
    I tried to talk about my feelings
    All I heard is, I was silly. I was
    bullied, in school & picked on by
    my siblings.
    I felt very lonely & insecure,
    What I suffered with, I had to
    endure. No one to talk to, my
    feelings forbidden, what else could I do but keep it all in &
    I felt in my brain like I was
    going insane Then I found you,
    & You got me through so much
    heartache & so much pain.
    Till one day, when my dad
    passed away, I couldn't udder a
    word, I had nothing to say, I was beyond sad & so uninspired, I put
    my paper & pen away I gave up, my writing days were retired.
    Now many years later, & we're
    Back here again, my partners in
    writing, my loyal friends.I missed
    You both so much my paper & pen.
    Love L.& M


  • bluepuppy01 47w

    Inspired by the pic below.. I'm not really sure if this even counts for writersbay's nonhuman prompt so I added in oblivion as well for insurance lol
    #sensible_nonsense #bluepup
    #bayentry #Ltnothumansc

    �� DEAR ME ��

    Dear Me,

    I figured if everything in the universe is me and vice versa, then writing to myself is like writing to an inanimate item, but which of the mes am I writing to? Am I writing to my favorite fork? Maybe my childhood tree house? What about the Eiffel Tower all the way in Paris or that one loaf of bread burning in an oven somewhere?

    What if I receive a letter in return from a faraway star in an undiscovered galaxy that begins with a “Dear Me” also? What if so many of us write back in response that all it does is cause chaos? We’re all me, but who are we? Does it matter more than I thought- each and every single one of us using a unique designation to call ourselves by? Should I no longer refer to who I see in the mirror as myself? Or does it only apply to the things I look at but don’t see a me identical to the form I’m currently using?

    What if the inner discussions I have with myself are truly all different points of view, just that they’re narrated with the voice of the body I inhabit? For all I know, the struggle I had with myself last night on whether I should drink soda or water was not the me I am now. I could have simply thought, “I’m thirsty,” and, unnoticeably, two other mes, somewhere else in this world of us, answered right away with their suggestions. One- an empty bottle still sitting in the factory waiting to be filled. The other- a fake, potted plant hoping that soaking up H2O like all the greenery outside will make it just as lush and bright. (P.s. the suggested soda was too tempting)

    If all we are is each other and each of us is me, then aren’t we all oblivious to the oblivion within us. There're many pieces of ourself we’ve forgotten and won’t ever find again. What if this letter is to one of the unremembered? What do I say when I can’t think of anything besides, “Sorry no one remembers you,” however, is an apology even necessary? Yeah, I might not recognize who you are but, in the end, my point is that we are all one which means you’re also me and I’m not the type to forget even myself.

    Maybe all the mes tossed into oblivion are now disguised as the mes in my dreams of alternate worlds made of someone else. Then, again, is there anything to say sorry for? I may not remember but knowing and remembering are two different things. Just because I don’t remember what I know doesn’t mean I no longer know at all. So just because you’ve been erased doesn’t mean you’ve never existed and just because you cease to exist here doesn't mean you can't exist elsewhere. If the absence of your existence was the truth, then where the heck would I deliver this letter to? Even something imaginary is considered real to the individual who dared to imagine, therefore, being that individual, we are real. And, though, all I’ve written here so far might be a compilation of fallacies- so what? All of the fallacies are me as well. We never end. We’re everywhere, everyone, and everything.

    Anyways, taking this theory into consideration, let me start the actual letter:

    Dear Me,
    You’re awesome!
    Yours truly, Me

    P.s. This doesn’t make me (us) a narcissist, does it? ��


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    Dear Me

  • friedliebend 47w

    Dear Pax,
    I know you must be thinking why am I writing to you out of nowhere. This isn't your birthday either as you know we've decided to celebrate your birthday on 11th of November. Do you know why I picked up that particular date? They say it's a special number and you got to make a wish when you see it. You know I wish for so many things right. You know for whom I make those wishes. And when I still have a few seconds left before the minute ends, I wish for some peace for myself. You never fail to bring that peace for my soul when I badly want it and I fail to ask for it from anyone else.

    It has been 8 years since we are together. You were resting for a few years in the cupboard and once in a while I used to see if your condition is fine. Did you want me take you out and make you breathe fresh air? I'm sorry I didn't. No one really gifted me you but I've always felt gifted. You belonged to my younger brother when he was too young and I always wanted you to be mine. He never let me touch you and eventually I left your thought. I never thought there will come a time when you'll be sleeping right beside me, hugging me the tightest. You are mine now and everyone at home knows how much I love you.

    You know, I sound so psychotic when I talk about you and how much you mean to me. When I scold them for even pushing you harshly and keep looking at you both when he takes you away. I ask him to be careful of you like you're my kid. They feel like I'm a lonely person when I consider you as my friend. But how am I supposed to explain them that you really are? That you bring peace to my soul and at times make me smile too? Helped me sleep for so many nights and after all this they don't feel me considering you as my friend is right. You don't really breathe na maybe that's why. But what happens when the ones who breathe doesn't have any way to help me out but you do? I often ask them if they are okay when I'm not and I feel better if they say they're fine. Most of the times when I caress your head and make your ears come back to their shape, I want someone to caress me too. There's never anyone around to do that and it's understandable. In the middle of the night, why will someone be by my bed?

    It makes you happy seeing the person you love being happy. Do you know how many times your smile has made me smile? That same smile which they don't notice is there and which is carved in my mind, forever. And everytime when I hugged you the tightest, you never failed to wipe my tears. I keep forcing you into hugs na? I know you understand when I tell you why. I don't force anyone to do anything once they deny and I come to you covered in so many denials. When they'll deny coming to places with me, I'll always carry you there holding your hand tight and try to miss them a little less. You don't talk at all but just listen, and this is always more than enough for me. After every stupid thing I've done to myself and every serious thing I've talked to you, you always try to be there and stayed for me like a good boy. You can hate me after all this but you don't and keep welcoming me with that welcoming smile. I know you'll never change and I'll try to stay the same too.

    I know you feel tired sitting all day so I hold you close and sing songs I love. I've bothered you for months now and I still believe that you'll stay no matter what. The stitches from your leg are broken and I've asked her to make you fine again. But I promise I'll learn how to sew soon and sew you a pair of nice and comfortable clothing.
    Till then, remember I love you and keep smiling like always.

    Love, smiles and peace,
    Your only friend who sees you as more than just an inanimate object.


    #Ltnothumansc #writersbay

    Bg: Pax and me.

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  • wordsfromcore 47w

    Dear Extraterrestrial Life,

    Greetings! I hope by the time this letter reaches you, you are well acquainted with human species because of the time capsule entitled "The Golden Record" sent in Voyager 1 n 2 spacecraft. Yes, that time capsule, that wanders in the vast universe to land on your ground so that you know about us humans.

    Considering the billions of years my letter will travel to find you, I assume our entire human species is wiped out by the time you read this letter. So, I am writing this letter to add more to your knowledge regarding us humans.

    You know, in our planet earth, we often believe that extraterrestrials whom we mostly refer to as aliens are more advanced and intelligent than us. Well, believing that I am writing this letter in English because it will not be difficult for you to crack any language or morse code, isn't it? And I am sure you are trying to imitate those earthly greetings in 55 languages we have sent to you in that golden disc.

    If you are wondering why us humans, included our stories in a golden disc to reach any intelligent life beyond earth then let me answer it.

    My species, I mean humans are born with this special quality of storytelling that gets enriched with each passing day. Us humans love reminiscing memories through storytelling. Even when someone close to our heart passes away we keep their existence alive through memories and storytelling. We fear fading away to absolute nothingness where no one knows about our very own existence. That is why we create memories, become memories, and leave memories to exist in those forever and ever.

    So, to keep a trace of us, to keep our existence alive even after extinction, to avoid amounting to nothingness in this vast universe, to spread our nostalgia, to be the bedtime stories to the extraterrestrials we have included our cultures and stories in that golden disc proposed by astronomer Carl Sagan and sent to space.

    Oh, I know, after getting that disc you might have researched something about us humans via your advanced optimised search engines and you feel being played by us humans? Because, in that golden disc we did not include all those events of wars and conflicts that we brought about to our own species from time to time. Please spare me a bit of your benefit of doubt so I can answer why we didn't include religions and politics over which most of the fights take place.

    Trust me, politics and religions are not at fault, these institutions are there to illuminate truth peace and discipline. But sometimes we humans forget to fight for what is right rather than fighting over who is right. Sometimes some of us forget to reach to the light of goodness that shines deep down our very own soul. And that is why some of my species get lost in the darkness and bring about chaos and wars. We at times fail to bring those lost souls back to light.

    But you know when the one half of our species fight for evil, the other half fight to restore peace again. At the end, the illuminated souls overshine the evilness and restore peace. We donot want you extraterrestrials to misconstrue human politics and religions. So, we didn't include these two subject matters pertinent to our existence on this planet earth. Even after our extinction we want to spread the rays of hope and positivity that did bind our human species together.

    At this point, the letter has become too serious and melancholic donot you think so? So for a change of topic, I hope that you really enjoyed those 116 images that we have sent to you via the golden record to explain our existence on earth more vividly. Yes, that's us humans, eating, dancing, singing, enjoying, living in this planet earth with all the colors life can ever offer.

    You know what's so special about my species? Even after all the differences, we try our best to stick together in one another's joys and sorrows. You might see us fighting over a cricket or football match, but at the end, we are there for each other. We share our joy, grief and most importantly foods too. No matter how far we wander or deviate but we get back to the bubble of humanity at times of calamities.

    Now, coming to the Art, that we have included in that disk to tell you about humans' shared love for different forms of art. Regardless of our gender and age, music is one thing that has the power to take us to a land of utopia. Even at times our souls dance to the music that is not even comprehensible to us in language.

    Even at our darker times we hold onto hope and keep telling stories of optimism, fairytales to one another to keep ourselves going through thick and thin. So Art, I mean Literature, music, sports, movies are the wind beneath our struggling wings to get us to the land of utopia even for a shorter span of time.

    You see in our planet earth we might got extinct by the time you are reading this letter. But our energy transformed into something else into the universe, keeping the trace alive that we humans existed on the Pale Blue Dot called Earth in all joys and sorrows.

    I told you earlier as well that we humans fear fading away into nothingness. So in an effort to keep our existence alive even after billions of years in this universe I have written this letter to you, representing my species and our brief tales. Now donot be sad that humans and mother earth donot physically exist anymore, just smile that this species lived and conquered and still exist through their tales.
    That's all I had to write dear Extraterrestrial life! I hope we humans have turned into great bedtime stories in your extraterrestrial lands!

    A human from Pale Blue Dot namely Earth



    (loooonggg post sorry if u got annoyed and thank you if u read the whole)����

    (Those of you donot know about The Golden Record, it is a gramophone record that contains images, sounds, infos of us humans and earth, and this record was sent to space in 1977. Till date, it is travelling far in the space so that any extraterrestrial life can know about us)

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    I hope we humans have turned into great bedtime stories in your Extraterrestrial lands..


  • castle_penllate 47w

    @writersbay #Ltnothumansc

    It's not 24hrs yet in Nigeria ����.

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    Dear wordless pen,
    I celebrate each day you pen,
    the enormous grudge I felt,
    even though you knew not why.

    Day by day, your blood I drained,
    You neither cry nor complained,
    For as long as you kissed the white,
    Your wish is forever fulfilled.

    Blame me not,
    I am just but a writer,
    Having pleasure with the words,
    that I couldn't sing in a lullaby,
    for the world to enjoy the melody.

    Your tip is my abode,
    To pour my excitement and sorrow,
    And I apologize for the morrow,
    When your struggle rests at home.


  • we_elude 47w

    To : Oblivion

    Hola oblivion!!

    It's so peculiar that I m writing to you

    Before even knowing your term 'oblivion'.....I obviously was melding my head around different perspective of doing the one permanent 'right' thing to be remembered for forever ......and soon I saw human progressing in this venture ....for example how beautifully we captured 'memory' in photographs to relive that 'memory' in future to kinda remind someone 500 years from now ...that ' I was here'.........

    Until one day in science class .....Rutherford
    overboarded himself from early twentieth century to tell me 'kiddo.....99% of atom is empty space ' back then it seemed to be as a commercial of antiseptic . But with time ....my pondering was pissed by this statement.

    'We are the carbon matter' My teacher said .... and soon we split ourselves into different elements of periodic table ......
    And it made me wonder who we are then ?
    Just few codes of DNA .....where extron was express and remembered and introns are Forgotten for far too long.

    And oblivion!! Why don't we know much about you
    We fear you so much .... there's lesser free speech on you .Then why all of us trying so hard to be remembered.....we highly distaste you oblivion..... sometimes.....but everything is presented as survival mechanism of this evolved being called humans.

    Forever is your opponent ... people too love it ...they too think they are here forever ....(maybe because they are not a fan of Ancient Aliens��)......they construct and fall and rebuild their forever fandom .

    But forever is such a trap
    Our very being is a trap
    So are we actually nothing
    Always trying to create something

    But knowing you ( I won't say completely ....maybe 0.9% of you) ....knowing about you.... knowing through you ....is a bit relief...for me .With the world around us running for being forever in many endless ways ...they forget to live for now ......and soon forgotten in vast and endless loops of you .

    So am I writing this letter to you ....to not to be oblivious ??

    Maybe truth is only you.....still we are scared of you

    You are the utter freedom .....

    From: The one that is finite part of infinite

    Thanks for reading !!!

    All letters at -------> #letteread

    #Ltnothumansc @writersbay #writersbay @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @fromwitchpen #letteread #oblivion

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    Maybe all 'forevers'
    existing since the big bang
    finally clones you 'oblivion'.....

  • sneha91 47w

    To My Wooden Frame Mirror

    My dear wooden frame Mirror,
    You are not only a mirror for me,
    You are a friend for me.
    I love to share all my happiness with you,
    I like to share all my sadness with you,
    When I feel pain for lost my grandmother,
    To whom I love the most I can't control myself,
    I cry in front of you,
    As you are given as a gift,
    By my grandmother to me.
    It brings me great solace,
    As if I feel the touch of my grandmother,
    By touching you,
    You capture our smiles in your reflection,
    Now somehow I am able to sketch it in my mind.
    As their is no left photograph of my grandmother,
    All are washed by our village river flood.

    My dear wooden frame Mirror,
    Can you predict the future exactly,
    Will I look beautiful,
    In the eyes of my future husband or not,
    Will he praise my beauty,
    As I am the only beautiful woman in his eyes,
    I stay in hope i will get answer of my question,
    If you give some time to think mindfully.

  • writerwithin 47w

    19.02.2021:Day 5: Write a letter to Oblivion.✉️
    #Ltnothumansc #lettersfromwithin
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Did i forget myself?

    Dear Oblivion Self,
    Greetings! I am so happy for you. Glad that I could write to you. I won't be there when you get this because I am your past. I am the person you are trying to remember. I am the reason you have become prisoner of your thoughts. Mine are the characteristics you have inbuilt in your nature.
    You might be a bit confused right now. But trust me, this state is the best you have ever been. I wish I could reach where you are as soon as possible. The memories which you have forgotten are both happy as well as sad. The funny problem with memories is happy moments make you miss them more therby making you sad and sad moments make you cheerful because they have passed. So, the best thing that has happened to you is this oblivion state. My purpose of writing this letter is don't torment yourself in order to remember things. Enjoy this state while it lasts.
    I would like you to tell you only one fact about the past you have forgotten.
    You had a very good support system in form of family and friends and they went through thick and thin for you. They would always love you wherever they are. Its impossible to search them now, but do think of them once in a while.
    Kisses and Love,

  • pooja17 47w

    Dear life
    Thankyou so much for Everything.
    You helped me everytime.
    You made me smile.
    You made me so strong after each fall.
    You appeared sometimes sweet and sometimes sour
    But it's quite interesting when we wish to climb the highest tower that time
    You are so motivating & supporting ..
    You give me hope when I live without any scope.
    You give me chance to explore my identity.
    You made me more refined ;defined ;well designed and so timed in Completion of my all time tasks.
    You give me chance to see the beauty around....
    You made me aware about so beautiful and unique shades of journey
    So called life... .
    One life one goal
    So Why can't we try to live it as a whole...
    Thankyou lord for this beautiful life..
    Where we met so many Beautiful relations
    And lovely memories which always stays in my heart till my last breath. ..

  • bellemoon99 47w

    Beloved Amaranta,

    You came in my darkest year, just after I lost my father and best friend. You brought light into our home, and life into our hearts.

    With your purring warm body you nudged me away from my demons, your fur stuck to my clothes and to my soul.

    Each time I see you my body feels lighter, you rub away the pain and meow back true happiness.

    My dear little one, I wish you could be eternal. You're getting old, I know.

    Just know that wherever you go? I'll always hold you close.

  • aphroditenow 47w

    #writersbay @writersnetwork
    I do acknowledge the phrase "bottomless bottom" has been taken from one of my favorite books. Hope this letter make some sense...

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    Dear Oblivion,

    I visited the attic today and it is on this visit that I learnt you are dear to me. To me, you have always sounded very esoteric, as if at the disposal of erudite scholars only. But today, I had an epiphany for you revealed the serene sweetness that you hid under the veil of your grim structure.

    I went to the attic, this time I was careful. I shredded off the worn out footsteps of all of my previous failed expeditions and started afresh. I climbed meditatively, taking one step at a time sensing the very presence of the swampy soft mosses under my feet. I was nervous indeed: going to the attic would mean awakening the past, drowned in deep slumber, to present. Going to the attic would mean enlivening the spirits I have always tried to tame. Going to the attic would mean to be bewitched by madness. I was not wrong in assumption. As I cracked open the door, a musty smell hit me strongly. The redolence of old books, hair oil, earth, dry leaves - all mixed up with the tangy odor of mango pickles. I knew the jars would be empty. But , you know, that didn't help. Olfaction triggers memories and memories are the demons I have been running away from. The smell of the attic once again evoked those memories.I was fighting hard, this time I was determined to come to terms with the haunting memories. But my knife was blunt and they were intangible like air, or perhaps, like absence of air. Soon I was overcome, drowning, suffocating. The harder I gasped for breath, the harder they clenched my throat. I was dying and Oblivion, you rushed in. You saved me. You are the spell that sang the ghosts to sleep. You swallowed them, poured them into bottomless bottoms. You chained the wrecking balls smashing my present. You silenced the screaming voices. You dragged me out, locked the attic and broke the key. You drove me back to my home, my promised life, my present.

    Oblivion, do you know you are a blessing? You engulf the haunting tales and bury them so deep that I forget those tales had ever existed.
    Oblivion, you keep me alive, you keep the known faces with forgotten name safe in your womb forever. No word can express my gratitude.

    With love,
    A brooding soul.

  • the_vacant_soul 47w

    #ltnothumansc #letter #mirakee #sevenvacantepistles #writersbay #air @writersbay @mirakee Pic credits: My decorative.com


    My kindest wind chime,

    Writing to you or for you is something that I'm eager to write about; So, I'm writing now. I'm seeing you since I was an infant, your delicate tunes still made our home to have her own melodies. You're here over two decades, as I know. The thing I like you about is your positivity. Well, everyone ties wind chimes to bring positivity and Goodluck in abodes as it is mentioned old Asian and Japenese cultures.
    You've been mostly my companion, when there's no one with me, though my favorite spot in home is balcony only, you were always there tinkling, spreading your vibes. I feel very 'safe' around you; yes you've read right 'safe'. As I have unforgettable memories with you. Your tinkling serene sounds are enough to heal me when I was depressed. There are many nights, when I only use to stare you for hours and enjoying your soft, subtle tunes they're just sweet.
    No matter what kind of mood our hommies have but whenever, you start tinkling everyone used to get refreshed. Your presence is very subtle and kind. You're there over decades but still you bring harmony in our home. Your presence have an unusual warmth I think, I do not know there's something special in you. Your appearance makes you more perfect. I wish you'll be with us all the time. Thank you for bringing delicacies in our home and thanks for being my companion.

    With warm regards,

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  • myrrhc 47w

    i don't have much time to write this. i'm just always running out of time, but i can't let this one pass.

    for @writersbay (and their kind hearts),
    to oblivion;

    i'm thinking of a pronoun that i can refer to it, a nothing, not-a-thing. which kind of interjects the purpose of this write-up, because i shouldn't be referring to anything at all. that's why it's oblivion. but in that case, there may not be any underlying interest for this. i mean, that should make sense because a letter is supposed to be "a direct or personal written or printed message addressed to a person," or a thing in another case, as merriam-webster dictionary dictates. but if your recipient doesn't end up reading it, will you still find the same essence in those words?

    there can't be anything i can accurately describe it. not even emptiness when there are gazillion micro-things in this adjacent void, swipe that out and you may have dark matter. i know, it's not something that is completely understood other than a zero being the midline between the positives and the negatives. can't multiply, can't divide; and against itself, it is stuck in an endless loop, over and over in repetitive thoughts.

    if you think about it, space is much more closely defined as infinity rather than absolutely nothing at all. there are times that i can use this word against and with myself. contradicting points to the lack of purpose, or any overpassed bias, because maybe nothing is only a figure of speech we obtain to define something we cannot afford to describe.

    there is a blank slate between you and the sky whom one calls nothing when it's dark, and the properties of people being subjected into dreams that may or may not simplify the concept of barely existing. ask the little child which flying kite she'd choose when the moon was learning to peek under the tree trunk's arch, and the light was preserving not a single string. she'd tell you she couldn't choose, because the night was sleep deprived.

    it's easy to fear oblivion, as if it is a choice to be afraid. perhaps it's just the same concept as to key holes and baggage counters, off to a limited phase that tells one your purpose isn't the definition of somebody else's things. you are ought to be remembered, cannot not be forgotten, all things as it shouldn't naught remaining in succession to a was, an is, as it will be.

    i tell myself often that perhaps i am nothing in this world, because i know not my grand importance. but the absence of a particularity doesn't magnify the concept of nothing. there might be no root in my words. no thing, no order, no interest, no matter, not-a-single-thing to be objected as anything. but it should, at least, be a collection of undefined words. any kind of worth you can divide right above this zero, will remain oblivious when always in an adjacent state.

    and to this oblivion, most people might end up fearing. it is, therefore, a gift. a pronoun you can use to write a letter to, when the rest of the explanatory matter doesn't make more sense.

    thank you, writersbay. truly.
    my unworthiness curtseys to you guys.

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  • zoya_charmz 47w

    I still gaze at you when I feel low in my weary
    days and you always assure me that
    everything's gonna be fine.
    I know I bother you every time but,
    you still keep smiling at me and
    always make me blush.
    Now, I painted myself in your hues
    and just can't wait to tell you that,
    ������'���� ���� ���� ❛�������� ��������������❜.

    19 Feb, 2021

    Letters Of Fading Winter

    1- Letter to Sky.

    #Ltnothumansc #selftalk #wod
    @writersbay @readers_novella

    Can't believe my fantasy got Editor's choice. ��
    Thank you @mirakee

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    Letter to the Infinite Sky (◔‿◔)

    Dear Love,

    Hope you're fine. I know you miss me
    and I too adore you 'cos you always
    painted my naked body in purple hue.
    You brought me up holding my wounded
    hands when I fell down from my orbit
    beneath the gravity. When some things
    got scattered in my life, no one but
    you saved me from those calamities.

    The nights when vagabond walks and
    knows no way, I know you keep guiding
    them with your hopeful mystic rays.
    I know you feel weak too when stormy
    nights injure you with thunder and
    lightning, you bleed and shower till
    your wretched soul stops bleeding.

    Infinity is what you describe yourself still
    no pride and spread the sanguine vibes.
    May be this is your aesthetic beauty that
    humans aren't aware of, still, you constantly
    blessed us gifting with vibrant sunset hues.

    You decorate our lives with your infinite blue
    waves and make us feel Heaven on Earth.
    But just want to remind you that no matter
    what I would be beside you, embracing
    your flaws listening to your gentle lullaby.

    Can't thank you enough for the love that
    you showered but I promise you'll
    forever be the euphoria of my life.

    Write to me soon, I'll be waiting for your replies.

    With love,
    Your better half


  • ablaze_writer 47w

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    The lyrics are from I'm a sunflower from Sierra Burges is a loser. But I changed them a little at end.

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    Dear Sunflower

    Pssst, pssst your biggest fan here. The first time i saw you in the fields under blue sky following sun like a high school girl I fell for your simplicity. For you were not fragile like other flowers you stood their firmly holding the grounds and looked like an inspiration to me.I demanded my father for one and he laughed admitting after some years I will change my mind that other's will be up on my demand line.
    But I am very proud to say neither you nor I have changed. For you still resemble the beauty's epitome. You make me stick to what I am in my bones,always kind and having a warm embrace. For the people laughed when I say you are my favourite part of this world they think being rose is much better. But I'd say again and again -

    " Stretching toward the sky like I don't care
    Wishing you could see me standing there
    But I'm a sunflower, a little funny
    If I was a rose, maybe you'd want me
    If I could, I'd change overnight(I won't)
    And turn into something you'd like(Nope not doing that)
    But I'm a sunflower, a little funny
    Yes a little funny and much more wise
    to let go of the things I don't want. "

    So, yes thank you for being that little joy to my soul and maybe we will meet again and I will ask my father again to pick one for me.
    Someone who loves you dearly.

  • doshimeghana7 47w

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    Day 5 Letter Challenge

    All Letters of letter writing series at #megzyme

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    Letter to Money

    Dear Money,

    You are the Honey of human life. Without you how would we do show-off in society. We can't live without you. Oh money, we are just finding ways on how we can garner more & more of you & make you our status quo. You too have started treating yourself like a king. You have started gaining full control over humans rather than it being the other way round. But i will give you a piece of advice. Better keep your ego to yourself. You don't know us humans yet. We will keep you as per our requirements and needs. We create a barrier of rich and poor and put the blame on you. If we have to save ourselves and you, the most obvious choice would be ourselves. You don't believe me? Okay i will give some examples. You decide then...

    You know i always believed that humans distinguished god's creation on the basis of colour only within its own breed. But i laugh to think that even you are not spared. You are also distinguished as black and white. Your white side is pure and walks on honest path. While your black side is a devil and treads on wrong path. Yet, we humans always love the black side of you and want more and more of the devil. We will lie, backstab and employ unethical means to protect your devilious side.

    Like i told you, humans will protect themselves first. You remember the dreaded 8th Nov, 2016? Well if you remember, then you realize how much respect humans gave you. Government wanted to put your black side in prison. Therefore, to protect their own name the common man threw you away in water though they knew you will die that way. They went to banks and deposited you there. They made their family members stand in line just to get rid of your higher denominations. They were afraid to save you because they were also at risk. Because every human has relations with your devil side.

    Answer me one thing. You can provide luxuries, but can you provide sound sleep and happiness by hovering around humans? Humans like you only till the time you are safe in lockers and bank accounts. They are not ready to keep you much with them. If your paper form gets torn even a bit, nobody accepts you. You are thrown away in dustbin or trampled upon

    Temples, Builders, Contractors, Filmmakers, Businessmen and all the so called rich people value only your devilious side. I don't think they value your purity. They value the benefits that your black side provides eventhough it may be by wrong ways. Sad to say that Doctors, a form of God on earth are also pampering your black side. Goddess Saraswati hangs her head in shame when Education is also in the clutches of your evil side.

    If you observe closely, you might be less in number in a poor's home. But they really respect and treasure the pure side of you. They value every penny of you and have no ties with your bad side eventhough you don't multiply much in their destiny. With whatever little they have of you, they give you away for some noble causes and try to help the needy. But you find more elegance in a rich person's home. You want to multiply ten times over there because they give you beautiful suitcases and lockers.

    Dear money, i don't understand. Till the time humans have less money they are happy and satisfied. But once the urge to accumulate more and more increases, they somehow change. They start disrespecting those who have less of you. I am sorry to say, but you are the prime reason. Why are you a part of such inequality?

    You know what? Humans will never grow up. But you atleast grow up. Don't make the rich more richer. Grow in places where people are willing to part with you only for right ways. Maybe charity, helping those in need or for overall improvement of our country. Don't give momentum to your black side by being with black hearted people...

    I respect you because you carry the Father of the Nation on you. But I don't want too much of you in my life. Only so much that can keep my senses sensible...

    Your's lovingly,

    Middle-class human